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Did you know this can get you banned from HubPages?

Did you know that copying and pasting answers from other sites can not only get you banned from HubPages, but it also hurts the site as a whole. Please respond to this question with a yes or no. Doing so will popularize this question so we can get the message out there. There are too many people copying and pasting answers and it hurts YOU, the asker, when this happens.

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Kenneth Avery says

5 days ago
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    Melanie Shebel (melbel) 2 days ago

    True this, but it happens a lot and hurts the integrity of the site.

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Kiss andTales says

9 days ago
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    Melanie Shebel (melbel) 8 days ago

    I'm not talking about copying and pasting from Microsoft Word, I mean stealing from other websites. You're fine as long as you're not stealing others' work.