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How do you feel about live chat on HP? It's been discussed before, but let's talk some more.

There are times, like right now as I am typing, when it would be nice to see if someone else from HP is online and would be willing to beta read my latest hub/flash fiction story. You see, I've scared off all my friends in the real world. They see me coming and think, Oh my gosh, another story? I'm sure we could think of other uses, like carrying over fights from the forum into live chat. You know, character assassination in real time. But really, I think we could use it more positively than that, don't you? So speak up, say what you think.

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John Hansen (Jodah) says

4 weeks ago
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    Chris Mills (cam8510) 4 weeks ago

    Hi John, I searched the topic and found this: "This is something the Team has talked about in the past, but our main concern is that we simply don't have the resources to monitor or moderate a live chat." 24hr monitoring wouldn't be necessary.

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MizBejabbers says

4 weeks ago
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    Ruby Jean Fuller (always exploring) 4 weeks ago

    Chris, I think it would be nice to chat on HP if people would leave politics out of it. I believe we could learn from each other...