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Signed up for Hub pages because I have other sites, and literally thought one used hubs for hubs ?

Was I mistaken ? Hub pages isn't for writing pages to serve as hubs between other blogs on the web ? I.e. I have an art blog, but find writing environment stuff there clashes, I'm also in a web news site, and a fiction writing site, and I get told "how is that news" and "your fiction is too complicated" so I found here and thought, " cool maybe this will work". And hug pages prints DUPLICATE on my post in big red letters :( ? (there is only one post 'BYOM', that is in all three places, but it still seem very un-hub-like some how.

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Whitney (Whitney05) says

6 years ago
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Uva Be Dolezal (Uva) says

6 years ago
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ArtAsLife says

5 years ago
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