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You published a few hubs on making 1000 bucks in 5 weeks with hubpages. Now i took a look..

i took a look at your hubs, and i checked their pageranks, and found that not a single hub has a good pagerank with green filled in. It's found in the google toolbar, and backward links are only in hubpages. Is the money coming in from people from the 100's of social bookmarking sites, that click on ads, becuase it dosn't seem like it's coming from google, since it dosen't have a good pagerank? And i plan to try this, and i hope i make 1000 bucks, good luck on money making, and thnaks for ansering my question when you do,.

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Tony Lawrence (Pcunix) says

6 years ago
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Tyler Norwood (howtoguru) says

6 years ago

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