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Whats wrong with my hubs? Why is my traffic falling?

I've spent a few days recently going over my hubs, reorganising them according to all the advice I have read here on hubpages. I've linked to other hubs; to my own hubs, etc. I've even put the comments capsule below everything else. I haven't done RSS because I don't understand it but I have posted to twitter and facebook. I've asked questions, posted on forums, hub-hopped, sent fan mail, etc., I don't use my blogger account because quite frankly I have a clue what to write about on there. Any ideas what I've done wrong and why my traffic has fallen to practical nothing...

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Best Answer DeafAndy says

6 years ago
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Lasantha Wijesekera (LasanthaW) says

6 years ago
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Wayne Brown says

6 years ago
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drbillfannin says

6 years ago
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weholdthesetruths says

6 years ago
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manmade76 says

6 years ago
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keanxy says

6 years ago
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Catalin79 says

6 years ago
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Kumar R Chitnis says

6 years ago
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nikmaya62 says

6 years ago

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