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Finding out what the best selling items on Ebay are is useful information to know. Whether you are interested in selling items directly on Ebay, promoting Ebay on your hubs or maybe you are a member of Ebay's Partner Network with your own websites, being able to figure out the top selling items on Ebay can help make you more money with the auction sit.

In fact, even if you aren't involved in Ebay's affiliate program, their best seller info can still help you if you are involved in any type of product niche. If an item is a big seller on Ebay's site, it probably does very well for other retailers as well, and that also means you should be able to look forward to a decent amount of search traffic if you target the correct product-based keywords.

Of course, Ebay doesn't exactly give this information away (although they used to!), but there are places you can go to check what Ebay's top sellers are. Here's how to find out.


Terapeak is currently the best tool available if you want accurate sales information for Ebay. Once upon a time, Ebay ran their own market data service, but they have since shut that down and they now refer users to Terapeak for that same data.

Terapeak offers a free and paid service. The free service provides 14 days worth of Ebay data. This may be enough to suit your needs. I find it generally works for me as a good way to confirm whether a particular niche is worth setting up a Hubpage for - or even its own website. It can also help me focus my niche, since I can figure out what types of items are selling well within a particular broad category.

To show you how I use it, let's take a look at some of the results using a Search of mine.

Terapeak Ebay Data
Terapeak Ebay Data

Search Terapeak's Data

Okay, so let's go ahead and search for a popular collectible on Ebay. How about Barbie? By searching for just Barbie, the data that pops up already looks fairly promising. If you click the photo so you can see it full-size you can see what I'm talking about.

As an affiliate the details I'm most interested in are average price and sell-thru, with an emphasis on sell-thru. "Barbie" has a sell-thru of 41.49%, which means that nearly 42% of the auctions for Barbie dolls and related items actually sell. That's not bad, but I like to look for sell thru of 50% or higher -- so I'll want to focus a bit further than Barbie. Besides, that's going to be a ridiculous search query to rank for anyway.

One thing to note on the left side of the data presented is you get a list of categories that the the auctions show up in. You would think you might find all the Barbie listings in Dolls & Bears, but that's not the case. So it might be interesting to see if Barbie has a better sell-thru in a particular category. First I tried "Collectibles" -- sadly, that dropped my sell-thru rate down to less than 27%. That's no good.

So then I decide to dig into Dolls & Bears. Barbie actually has two sub-categories of her own and I already know which one is going to have a higher sell-thru so I just click "Barbie Vintage". Now her sell-thru rate is over 60%. That is awesome. And in case you are wondering, the sell-thru rate for "Barbie Contemporary" actually drops to less than 40%.

Checking Listings Data

Now that I know Vintage Barbies are worth my time, I'll want to dig deeper, of course, because I want to narrow my niche. Competing on the phrase "vintage Barbies" would be nutty as it is hugely competitive.

But Terapeak gives you a lot more useful data -- for instance, if you scroll down to the bottom of the results page you can actually see all the winning listings -- and it tells you if the wins are from Bidding or Buy it Now. You'll note in this example that most of the winners came from actual auctions, so if I were setting up a niche site for Vintage Barbie auctions, I would want to make sure I had more than just Buy It Now listings in my results.

I'm pretty sure by digging into those listings I can find some interesting potential niche ideas.

Ebay Marketplace Data for Power Sellers

Of course, EPN affiliates aren't the only folks who will find Terapeak worthwhile. I don't sell directly on Ebay anymore, so I haven't really focused on the advantage to Ebay Power Sellers, but some of the additional data on Terapeak includes info about when auctions are listed and when bids end, etc. and that kind of information can help any power seller take advantage of the ebb & flow of activity that takes place on Ebay. You'll be able to get information about the best time to list and best time to sell. And it can help you decide whether you should list your items for auction or BIN.

The category information is very helpful too, since you can see that many items are found in a lot more categories than you might initially expect. Terapeak allows you to see which categories actually perform best for items sold, so that will help you decide on which categories you'll want to use yourself.

If you plan on making Ebay a big part of your business -- either because you want to become a Power Seller or because you are an Ebay affiliate, then it is well worth getting a Terepeak subscription. It's the only place to get verified accurate data about the best selling items on Ebay. Sure, Ebay's Pulse can give you an idea of what kinds of items are hot right now, and that is a good place to start to get some ideas to run into Terapeak, but if you really want to take your business to the next level, you'll want to mine a bit deeper for sales information.

whether you sign up for the free subscription that gives you access to 14 days worth of data, or sign up for a paid subscription that gives you access to 90 days worth of Ebay data, the choice really depends on how much you'll make use of Terapeak and what your needs are.

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lender3212000 profile image

lender3212000 6 years ago from Beverly Hills, CA

Great info! I had never even heard of that before reading your article. I may just have to give that a try.

Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

Great info.

DonnaWallace profile image

DonnaWallace 6 years ago from North Carolina

This is great advice, thank you. I know a lot of beginning sellers are looking for ideas, and a lot of experienced sellers are searching for new products, too.

Kerry43 3 years ago

These are great hubs about eBay, thank you for sharing. I am in the process of getting more involved with the EPN.

Rated & voted, have a great day :)


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quildon 3 years ago from Florida

Very helpful information. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful.

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