What is a Capsule?

Metaphorically speaking, they are the tools in your toolbox. They are building blocks. You pick and choose the ones you need to build the hub you want.

There are two types of capsules:

Content Capsules

  • Text Capsule
  • Photo Capsule
  • Video Capsule
  • Links Capsule
  • News Capsule
  • Comments Capsule

Revenue Capsules

  • Amazon Capsule
  • Ebay Capsule

We'll be having a close a look at each one so you can be familiar and confident with using them.


You can not add HTML, any form of HTML, into a hub capsule.

No affiliate code, no HTML code that Amazon gives you... nothing.

It will not work in a hub.

HubPages does not allow HTML to be used.

The same goes for javascript.

Toggle Width

I was going to save this for last to explain it fully... but to better explain how some of the features for each Capsule works I must give you a brief overview of what it does. Later I will explain how to do it.

Toggle Width changes the size of the capsule. If you Toggle Width on a normal sized capsule it will reduce it to half it's size. If you Toggle Width on a half size capsule it will snap it back to full size.

This allows Text Capsules to be put side by side. Or put an Amazon Capsule next to a Text Capsule.

That's all you need to know for now. At the end of this tutorial we'll explore and demonstrate and experience its power.

Text Capsule

This is the heavy lifter of the Capsule family. The hardest working. Or at least it should be if you intend on making a Hub that's up to standard.

You publish text... words... sentences... paragraphs... content!

There is no character limit. Though using several Text Capsules and giving each one a chapter heading would break up your content nicely.

Accompanying it with Photo Capsules whether inset (achieved by use of Toggle Width) or between each Text Capsule would prevent the reader being confronted with a large and daunting slab of text.

You can place Text Capsules side by side (again with Toggle Width).

Here is an example.

This works well to compare one list to another, in this case the difference between two words.

Photo Capsule Demonstration 1
Photo Capsule Demonstration 1

Add To Batch List

“Add to batch list” is a means of queuing images you want to upload. You can quickly find all the ones you want, and rather than upload each one and have to wait before you do the next one, you just Add To Batch List and after you've got them all, upload! Depending on your internet connection and how many and how big the file sizes are, you may have time to go make yourself a coffee before it's done and you can continue on with your work whilst sipping on the sweet taste of caffeine.

Photo Capsule

The Photo Capsule which is anything but humble. It adds spark and pizzaz to your hub. It can be can be used as an inset with a Text Capsule (using Toggle Width it can be floated to the top right) and the text will wrap around looking very neat and tidy. As a matter of fact we'll demonstrate that right now.

Experiment with Full Width, Half Width and Quarter Width (this is done under the Photo Data tab when in Edit Mode for the Photo Capsule).

For Toggled Width Photo Capsule there seems to be no difference between Full and Half Width. And Quarter Width will make the image smaller but still leave a footprint of half the width of the page (of the content column). So it will extra whitespace around the sides of the image.

You can give the Photo Capsule a Title whether the Toggle Width is set on Full Width or Float Right. You can also give the image a caption.

When not using the image as an inset you can upload and display as many as you want in the one Photo Capsule. See Photo Capsule Demonstration 2.

In Photo Capsule Demonstration 3 we have set it to Thumbnail under Display Style in the Display Settings tab. See the diffence between Photo Capsule Demonstration 2 and Photo Capsule Demonstration 3? This is merely by changing one setting.

Change it to Slideshow and you'll see the results like Photo Capsule Demonstration 4.

Play around and experiment. Try different dimensions. Always be sure that you're using images of the right size or larger (as it will resize down). However if you use small images and try and display them at Full Width they will look pixelly.

The Thumbnail and Slideshow functions also work with an image when it's been made into an inset when you Toggle Width.

Photo Capsule Demonstration 2

Photo Capsule Demonstration 3 - Thumbnails

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Photo Capsule Demonstration 4 - Slideshow

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Video Capsule

HubPages supports Youtube AND Google Videos.

Just get the URL from say Youtube, it'll look like this and copy and paste it in.

You can also Toggle Width on Video Capsules (so they too can be used as an inset with text wrapping around it).

Video Capsule Demonstration

Links Capsule

The Links Capsule is an easy way to present a list of links. You (copy and) paste or type in the Link URL and Link Title. You can also add a Link Description, but that is optional.

The News Capsule is a special tool only to be used for a specific purpose. Don't pull it out of the toolbox unless it's justified and it enhances your hub.

News Capsules

Automatically-refreshed news on your Hubs

The News Capsule is something that's easily added to your Hub -it takes about 20 seconds to add and customize-that will add value in search engines' eyes to your Hubs.

When in Edit mode, you can add a News Capsule by clicking the link in the "Add More Stuff" box to the upper-right. Then click on the EDIT button and pare down the "News keywords" to just those words that you want to find related to your topic. Press the Preview button and any news items with that topic will show up.

What's the value? In Google's eyes:

  • You have more content on the page; i.e. it has more informational value. There is value in the link to relevant information, and in the short excerpt that often accompanies the link.
  • You've included important keywords and related keywords (in the link and excerpt) that can broaden the scope of what your Hub covers.
  • The news will be continually refreshed, so that when Google visits your site to see if there are changes, most likely there will be. Google rewards continually-refreshed pages over stale ones. (Another reason to encourage comments from visitors)

What happens when you get irrelevant news items?

You can add a "negative keyword" by adding a hyphen, without a space, and the word you want to exclude, if you don't want your news results "polluted" with irrelevant results. If, for example, you want news items about the city of Paris, but don't want results about Paris Hilton, you should type as your news keywords: paris -hilton

RSS Capsule

The RSS Capsule no longer exists. But I'm leaving this here as part of a history lesson.

An RSS feed is similar to a News Capsule, except that it shows most recent entries of a specific blog instead of news articles related to a specific topic. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is a standard used to present a summary of a site's most recent entries on other sites.

So, for example, if you create a Hub all about algae-based biofuels, you could include an automatically-updating feed of blog entries from a blog like this one - Oilgae Blog.

How to add an RSS feed to a Hub

  1. On the blog, look for "Syndication", "RSS", "RSS Feed" or "Subscribe to Posts". You can also look for the RSS symbol, which looks like the logos to the right . Click on the link. It will take you to a pared-down version of the blog (called an XML version).
  2. For the Oilgae blog example above, in the right-hand column, I see a link called Oilgae blog RSS Feed. Clicking on it takes me to this XML version. The feed page of the blog you're working with should look very similar to... LINK NO LONGER EXISTS.
  3. Copy the link.
  4. In your Hub, click the RSS link in the Add More Stuff box to the upper-right while in EDIT mode.
  5. Edit the RSS Capsule.
  6. Paste your RSS link into the Feed URL field, choose how many entries you'd like to have displayed, and test the feed by pressing the Preview RSS button.
  7. Click the SAVE button in the RSS Capsule.

Just a few caveats here:

  • Keep in mind that blogs come and go, and some go stale after a while. Be sure to only provide feeds for active blogs in your Hubs.
  • Try to choose a blog that most closely matches your topic. Otherwise, if most of the blog entries are off-topic, they might dilute the targeted keywords you want to focus on in your Hubs.
  • You can find relevant blogs by going to Technorati, searching on a relevant term, and clicking on the Blogs tab in the search results. Check to see if the blogs are still fresh-if they've had some entries lately.

Comments Capsule

The Comments Capsule is best saved 'til last. Right at the bottom of the page.If people are going to leave feedback it's best to wait until AFTER they've read the entire hub before expecting them to comment.

There is no character limit.

Benefits: visitors of course can leave feedback, but what it really means is they are contributing content.

Capsule Settings

You can choose to switch any of these off or on...

  • Comments must be approved before they appear
  • Email me when new comments are posted
  • Only signed-in users may post comments.

Revenue Capsules at a Glance

If you want to make money from your hubs, instead of relying solely on Adsense revenue, then this is a good way to start.

Both have an incredible range of products so you won't ever find yourself short on finding something appropriate.

Choose products that complement your content.

It is extremely important that you do. You've got a real opportunity to present laser targeted products to a potential customer.

Amazon Capsule

For a start, if you want to be earning revenue from Amazon, you need to be signed up as an Associate (you join their Affiliate program).

The commission rate varies depending on the product range, but books will get you around 4.25% (not including postage)

Choosing products can be done one of two ways: selecting a specific item, or allowing the system to choose for you, by letting it know one or more keywords that describes the product.

If you're going to add a specific item (with the Amazon ASIN) be sure to change the 'keyword' default in "Type of search to use to gather results" to 'ASIN'. If you don't the products you have selected will not show in the capsule when you exit from edit mode.

To find the specific products you want to promote do a search at Amazon and on the product page you'll find the ASIN on the page (do a Find in the browser window with "ASIN" as the search term if you have trouble finding where it is).

Strangely I've found that not all Amazon products work. Not nearly as effective as Squidoo which works 100% of the time. Maybe the API is limited. Hubpages can't access products through a third party seller on Amazon. Or certain third party sellers. Nevertheless it's only limited me with products outside of the book, DVD and CD categories.

Speaking of books... if you can't find the ASIN on an Amazon page it'll be because you're after the ISBN. So do a search for that.

You can also do a search by keyword. It's quick and easy but not always appropriate. You can narrow down the search according to product category or you can set it for "All".

Below is a series of screenshots with accompanying captions that I hope explains it better.

And below that is a demonstration of an Amazon Capsule. I'm going to use "coffee" as the keyword. Because I imagine a lot of coffee is consumed while making or reading hubs and who knows, I may even make a sale! :-D

(By typing in coffee -filter it removes all items with the word "filter" in it. The same could be done to remove coffee machines eg: coffee -machine. This is handy when trying to narrow down items so the keyword search works better for you. However most of the time specifically select items and don't often leave it up to Amazon and the keyword filter).

Here's an example of a text capsule with an image AND an Amazon ad blended with it.

Setting up an Amazon Capsule screenshots

Click thumbnail to view full-size
When your hub is in edit mode and you click on the edit button for your Amazon Capsule, this is what you see.Here you choose whether you want to choose by Keyword or by ASIN (which is also ISBN).If you choose Keyword then you type in the keyword/s that you want the search to go off. The more specific your keywords the tighter the focus.You can further narrow down the selection by choosing which Amazon category from wish you get the results. There are advantages to doing this, for instance if you wanted items that relate to clothing with the Ford logl you'd choose Apparel.If you want to choose a specific item you must copy and paste the ASIN (or in the case of books ISBN) from Amazon into the field provided.
When your hub is in edit mode and you click on the edit button for your Amazon Capsule, this is what you see.
When your hub is in edit mode and you click on the edit button for your Amazon Capsule, this is what you see.
Here you choose whether you want to choose by Keyword or by ASIN (which is also ISBN).
Here you choose whether you want to choose by Keyword or by ASIN (which is also ISBN).
If you choose Keyword then you type in the keyword/s that you want the search to go off. The more specific your keywords the tighter the focus.
If you choose Keyword then you type in the keyword/s that you want the search to go off. The more specific your keywords the tighter the focus.
You can further narrow down the selection by choosing which Amazon category from wish you get the results. There are advantages to doing this, for instance if you wanted items that relate to clothing with the Ford logl you'd choose Apparel.
You can further narrow down the selection by choosing which Amazon category from wish you get the results. There are advantages to doing this, for instance if you wanted items that relate to clothing with the Ford logl you'd choose Apparel.
If you want to choose a specific item you must copy and paste the ASIN (or in the case of books ISBN) from Amazon into the field provided.
If you want to choose a specific item you must copy and paste the ASIN (or in the case of books ISBN) from Amazon into the field provided.

Ebay Capsule

Ebay can be used to fill in the gaps of discontinued lines or objects that are rare, antique or hard to find. Or in some cases for items that are cheaper second hand then what you'd find brand new.

Particularly useful for hub authors who are avid Ebay Sellers.

You can have the capsule serve results by keyword. As an optional feature you can select a specific Ebayer Seller by entering their Seller ID.

You make a commission on the sale. It is a small percentage of the total final bid (not including postage).

For instructions on how to sign up to the Ebay Partner Network and how to implement your EPN Campaign ID into HubPages, read this FAQ.


Adsense is not a capsule, it is automatically placed on your hub unless your ads frequency is set to "None".

You must be an Adsense Publisher and insert the Publisher ID in your Affiliate Settings.

If you're not already an Adsense Publisher you can apply through HubPages after you've registered your HubPages account.

Your Amazon and Ebay ID's are also updated in that page as well.

The Add More Stuff palette
The Add More Stuff palette

Adding Capsules

Assuming you are in edit mode...

With HubPages there is a palette on right called "Add More Stuff". Just click on the ones you want and it will add them in the order in which you click.

Reordering Capsules

Method 1) Two palettes down from "Add More Stuff" is one called "Capsule Ordering". You can "Drag and Drop" to organize the order. Just in case you think you've decided on a better order in which to place them.

Be sure to click on Reorder Now to execute the changes.

Method 2) You can also use the green arrows on the actual capsules to rearrange the order. The up green arrow to move it up and the down green arrow to move it down.

Reordering Capsules Method 1

Reordering Capsules Method 2

Deleting Capsules

On the far right of each capsule (in edit mode) there is a red cross. Click on that to delete the capsule. Be sure you double check which one you are deleting because it can not be undone.

Deleting Capsule Illustration

Toggle Width

This technique can be used to put Text Capsules side by side. Or Amazon next to a Text Capsule.

Done properly this opens up a WORLD of fantastic amazon ad blending.

You can incorporate several Comment Capsules (feedback forms, guestbooks, call it what you will) with your Text

Capsules. So anything you say can be directly commented on.

There are two ways to resize (aka "toggle width") a capsule.

To the right of your hub in edit mode there is a "Capsule Ordering" palette (you'll see it in the Reordering Capsules Method 1 illustration).

The instructions are right there.

* Drag and Drop: reorder

* Double Click: toggle width

* "Reorder Now": save changes

Double Click to make say the Photo Capsule half size and you can click, drag and drop it onto a Text Capsule which ill give you an image beside text or the wrap around effect. The same technique can be used for Amazon, Ebay and few other Capsules.

The other way to to Toggle Width

In each of the capsules there is a green arrow button pointing right. When you mouseover it says "float right". That will resize the capsule.

If you need to "untoggle" the width you click on the button which shows green arrows point left and right. When you mouseover it it will say "full width".

Use the down and up green arrows to move the capsule to the right place.

Toggle Width Illustration

What else you can do with a Capsule

There is an invisible feature: "Don't display this capsule".

Each Capsule has a check box inside in edit mode to allow that Capsule to become invisible to the public.

What you can't do with a Capsule

You can't make an image into a link.

You can't copy and paste HTML tags.

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In everything you do, do it in such a way that it'd impress you if you were not the author/owner.

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Cagsil 7 years ago from USA or America

Hey Darkside, that was an excellent read. Hindsight is 20-20, should have read here first, instead of figuring out on my own. :) I guess, I was in a rush to get started. :) Thank you.

David Alan Carter profile image

David Alan Carter 7 years ago

Darkside, Spanking new here, and you just shaved hours/days off my learning curve. Can't thank you enough! -David

lyricsingray 7 years ago

AWESOME! Thank you

fitman profile image

fitman 6 years ago from Ankara,Turkey

Great work ,thank you .

dragonbear profile image

dragonbear 6 years ago from Essex UK

WOW! It's a hit! Thanks Darkside. Just starting out and bookmarking hubbers that inspire me as I go; you're on the list! Wordplay mentioned you in his hub How to make money writing on Hubpages, really glad I came across it!

SheaW profile image

SheaW 6 years ago from Minnesota

You rock Glen!

Deborah-Lynn profile image

Deborah-Lynn 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

Thanks Darkside, I hope this will help me, almost gave up!

dragonbear profile image

dragonbear 6 years ago from Essex UK

And number 4! A great set of 4 lessons! I came across them in Lesson 2 - How to Hub. Thanks darkside.

Petra Vlah profile image

Petra Vlah 6 years ago from Los Angeles

Best hub ever for the ones like me who can't get around "thecnology" You made it clear and almost easy (if I can remember, but I think I will)

After more than 2 months on HP, I just learned how to make a link (that works!) and I qam soooo very proud of myself.

So go ahead, laugh, i am kind of slow...but I do thank you!

DixieMockingbird profile image

DixieMockingbird 6 years ago from East Tennessee

You just gave me about 345 new ideas. Thank you so much!

Polly C profile image

Polly C 6 years ago from UK

Thank you for this information, I came across your hub when trying to find out how to get amazon products displayed at the side of the text. Very helpful, I have it just how I want it now!

Trish_M profile image

Trish_M 6 years ago from The English Midlands

Very good & helpful! :)

suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

there is a whole world hidden here,for a huber that be.great full.

Aiden Roberts profile image

Aiden Roberts 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Thank you for this hub; it has just saved me hours of pulling my hair out.

Thank you

abidareacode profile image

abidareacode 6 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

Also my time was saved on reading this hub.Thanks

TinasTreasures profile image

TinasTreasures 6 years ago from California

I hope you don't mind me asking, but at the top of the comment section is a forward arrow and backward arrow leading to two of your hubs. How do you do that?

darkside profile image

darkside 6 years ago from Australia Author

Tina, that is what you get if you make a Group. It links each hub in the group to the next one.

RunAbstract profile image

RunAbstract 6 years ago from USA

What about "code capsules"? HELP!

raisingme profile image

raisingme 6 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

There is no button for brilliant so I had to vote up n' awesome n' helpful instead. THANK YOU!

Dorothee-Gy profile image

Dorothee-Gy 6 years ago from near Frankfurt/M., Germany

Thank you for this great article, very helpful!

JulieBMack profile image

JulieBMack 6 years ago from Colorado

Your Hub tutorials are helpful - thanks for helping others out!

LillyGrillzit profile image

LillyGrillzit 6 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

Darkside, thanks for the tips. I have been very lucky to have successful and involved Hubbers help along the way. Again, your style of writing is crisp and to the point. "Like" :0)

WryLilt profile image

WryLilt 6 years ago from Toowoomba, Australia

Ever considered adding table/poll/quiz capsules to this hub? :D I'm sure they weren't around when this was written, however they've been bugging me since not many people appear to know all their uses.

darkside profile image

darkside 6 years ago from Australia Author

Yes, I shall have to add them. I'm very fond of the table capsule.

Romerican Peasant profile image

Romerican Peasant 6 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

Excellent page, thank you for the help.

netCommandosH 6 years ago from Australia

This is great dude! Helps a lot of hubbers

aneesharyan profile image

aneesharyan 6 years ago

Wow this is a fountain of information

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 5 years ago from United States Of America

This hub on how to use capsules is rare. There are plenty of hubs about hubscores and promoting traffic and other hub related topics. But hubs on using capsules ar rare. I am going to refer to this hub again. It is full of very useful information. Thank you this is one of the most helpful hubs I have come across.

WannaB Writer profile image

WannaB Writer 5 years ago from Templeton, CA

Thanks once again for explaining the basis hub building blocks. I'm curious, though. Why would one want to make an invisible capsule?

wendi_w profile image

wendi_w 5 years ago from Midwest

Fabulous hub, but then they always are. There is so much information about hubs I feel completely lost thank you for clearing a few things up

njsdms profile image

njsdms 5 years ago

Thanks for all the detailed instructions on building hubs.

This is a great tutorial for both the new hubber and veteran alike.

Keep up the good work.

Don Stone @ njsdms

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas

Great information. I had this one bookmarked, along with over 100 others, that I am trying to slowly make my way thru. although I have read it, there are still some things that I'm a little fuzzy on, such as the RSS feed, and blogfeed and newsfeed capsules. So I will leave you to visit again in the future, and hopefully it will make more sense then. Things are coming to me slowly. My husband says I'm getting to old to learn easily, but I don't want it to be true, so I just keep plugging away. And sometimes I even amaze him with what I do know!

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York

I think my brain hurts....what a tremendous amount of useful information. Truly a helpful hub to all hubbers. Thanks so much Darkside for sharing your knowledge!

mary615 profile image

mary615 5 years ago from Florida

I am SO glad I found this Hub. I really learned a lot from it, especially about photos. Thanks a bunch.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 4 years ago from North Texas

This hub was so helpful on reordering capsules and toggle width! I've been wondering how to do it for a long time and haven't had the time to check it out sooner. Thank you for your help!!

Voted up, useful, and awesome!

iluvceleb profile image

iluvceleb 3 years ago

Thanks for the nice info but I can only have one product in my amazon ad since I haven't seen any display options.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

This one is definitely worth a "resurrecting" to spotlight it again. Having perused it, I know why you get such good Hubscores (something also covered here and which has a good satirical Photo added!)

Lee Hansen profile image

Lee Hansen 2 years ago from Vermont

This is so full of helpful information. Thank you!

ecogranny profile image

ecogranny 2 years ago from San Francisco

I've only built one hub so far, but the capsules were so easy and so intuitive, that it was a breeze. Excellent tutorial. Thank you!

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Toggle width. I have only used the arrows but not really the reorder tip you mentioned. I had been wondering how those ads appear on other hubs so you've made this clear. Thanks.

Joyette  Fabien profile image

Joyette Fabien 9 months ago from Dominica

A great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing this useful information. Hope I can see an improvement in my earnings soon.

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