eBay Selling Tips

eBay Selling Tips

Here are some of my Top Tips for ebay traders / sellers.

1. I recommend that an auction should finish on Sunday evening when most people are relaxing at home. You should list your item on Sunday evening and let it run for 7 days. If you star the auction on a Thursday and place it on for 10 days this will ensure that it finishes on a Sunday and it also incorporates 2 weekends which gives the buyers a chance to see the item. Place it on at around 9 p.m. or 10 p.m as this also gives the USA bidders a chance.

2. Picture is everything when it comes to describe an item and it is the largest part of ebay selling process. Without a picture there won't be any or much success and your item may end without any bids. Put many pictures as you can with a good description. I recommend 2 to 3 pictures for each item and better if more. Invest in a high quality digital camera and a good photo editing software this will make your job much easier. You should use a camera with a resolution of 5.0 and above mega pixel. I use a samsung camera with 12.0 mega pixel resolution. When taking pictures use plenty of lightings and white or black bacground. Avoid using multicoloured or patterned background as it will hide your products features and look. Remember a picture tells a thousand words.

3. Sign-up with a free image hosting sites such as photobucket (www.photobucket.com) or pixos and then link your pictures using html code. This way you don't have to pay eBay a fee to have extra images. (ebay allows only 1 free picture and then charges to have more).

4. Make sure you are honest and sure about how you describe your item. Do not withold any relevant information as buyers will simply want refund after they recieve their items. Describe any faults or defects on your item and be honest as you can.

5. Auction title - Make sure your title tells people what your item is. Include good keywords and factual information such as model no, manufacturer, year made, item condition (new, Used, refurbished, 100 years old, in box, etc). Remember these informations are what people uses to search for an item on eBay.

6. Use FREE listing days to get rid of unwanted items that has been hanging around for long time or item that has not sold. It is a great way to clear unsold stuffs that may end up in the bin or scrap yard. If you don't make any money atleast you can have a good feedback on your eBay profile which is very important when you are doing business on eBay.

7. Consider investing in a good set of scales so you can calculate accurately the weight of the item and charge the correct postage fee.  If you don't have on take you item to the post office to be properly weighed before listing the item.  This will avoid you loosing mone on postage or over charging your customers.  Be fare with postage and packaging cost and avoid getting into trouble with customers which may lead to a negative feedback on your Account.

8. Save money on packaging by asking your local supermarket.  They will only be happy to save boxes for you if you ask.

9. Always answer your emails and messages and never ignore them.  If any problem arises deal with these quickly and professionaly.  Approach annoying customers with friendly manner and avoid getting into argument.  Try to resolve it without getting eBay or Paypal involved as this may lead to ebay or paypal restricting or suspending your account.

10. Always be prepared to try different items on eBay until you find a particular area that proves successful.

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