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  1. b4murray profile image60
    b4murrayposted 24 months ago

    Has anyone written on www.puckermob.com? A site that promises income for blogging similar to hubpages

  2. paradigm search profile image61
    paradigm searchposted 24 months ago

    Excepting for HubPages, my content site days are done.

  3. colorfulone profile image88
    colorfuloneposted 24 months ago

    Content sites are not doing so well these days.

  4. FatFreddysCat profile image93
    FatFreddysCatposted 24 months ago

    Never heard of it, so I took a quick look:

    ...twenty somethings? Shoot, then I'm too old for this site. Sigh.

    Sounds promising, right? Until you read some of their so-called "hard hitting editorials," like...

    "17 Things To Know Before Dating a Girl Who Drinks Beer"

    "11 Reasons to Listen to Country Music in the Summertime"

    "16 Reasons Why Sports Are the Worst"

    "10 Reasons You Should Try Having A Shower Beer Today"

    Ummm...wow. Deep.

    After skimming through four or five pages of that, I was reminded of the immortal words of Grampa Simpson:

    "I used to be 'with it.' Then they changed what "it" was. Now what I'm "with" isn't "it," and what's "it" seems weeeeiiiird and scary to me. It'll happen to you too!"

    So, in other words...mmm, nope. Won't be signing up for that one.