1. Beaddoodler profile image80
    Beaddoodlerposted 21 months ago

    I've been on HubPages since last September (I'm a Squidoo transplant) and have wondered off and on about how to group hubs.  I've searched in the learning center numerous times, but haven't found what I was looking for.
    Thank you Hub staff for the email this week explaining how to group hubs.  It still took me a while to find the proper tabs, but I finally did and got my related hubs grouped.  It has seems to have boosted traffic some to have the related hubs listed on each individual hub.

  2. psycheskinner profile image80
    psycheskinnerposted 21 months ago

    For the info of those with lots of hubs. If you go here:  you can create groups and drag hubs into them with your mouse