Need Feedback!

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    Cathy Xavierposted 17 months ago

    Why do you think my hub "" is not featured

    1. Linda Robinson60 profile image82
      Linda Robinson60posted 17 months ago in reply to this

      Good Morning Cathy nice chatting with you again.  But yes, I had a few rejected to in the beginning, but nothing since, but no from my experience the word count is not going to make a difference, it is more about the content. I hope that this helps.  But above all be patient Hub pages is an amazing company to be associated with and to work for. And you do have tremendous writing talent, you will go far here. Enjoy your weekend, Linda

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    Cathy Xavierposted 17 months ago

    Hello Linda,I will look into the things mentioned.So gentle you are to appreciate my efforts with lovely compliments! Happy Weekend to you too! -Cathy