Thief at Work

  1. Sue Adams profile image93
    Sue Adamsposted 16 months ago

    copies articles from HubPages.
    Looks like an HP member who has set up a WordPress site full of copied content from HubPages.

    Here are just a few of the copied hubs.

    How to Wet Felt a Hat on a Ball

    About Stanley Spencer – English Painter

    DIY Rugs, Floor Mats & Painting Projects | Fun Home Decor Tutorials

    Sewing Instructions For Women Waistcoats / Tops / Vests

    How to Use Photographic Rear-Curtain Flash Sync

    Drawing of A Cat With The Moon And The Stars As A Backdrop.

    How To Make A Christmas Wreath Like The Professionals

    How to Revamp a Vintage Suitcase | DIY Upcycling Ideas for Old Luggage & Trunks

    How to Make Fast Money Online with HubPages and Google AdSense Ads (that's my hub!)

    How To Build An Empire On Hubpages – The Write Way

    How I Earn a Passive Income on Hubpages

    Hubpages Income – The Real Story

    How to Get Readers for Your Hubs

    How Do I Add “Engagement” to a Hub to Make It Featured?

    Be Your Own Private Investigator | No Cheating Spouses Allowed

    And the list goes on...

    1. Barbara Kay profile image86
      Barbara Kayposted 16 months ago in reply to this

      Sue, Put a space or something in that link, so he doesn't get credit for a link to his site. He is such a thief!

  2. clivewilliams profile image79
    clivewilliamsposted 16 months ago

    i just placed a X on him