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I'd like feedback on my Hub: Top ten gift ideas on the occasion of Thanksgiving

  1. Shuchi12 profile image39
    Shuchi12posted 20 months ago

    Hi Hubbers,

    I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my Hub Top ten gift ideas on the occasion of Thanksgiving. What can I do to improve? Thanks!

    1. theraggededge profile image95
      theraggededgeposted 20 months ago in reply to this

      Clean up your punctuation and a few grammatical errors. Make sure you credit the images and that *you have permission to use them*.

      The title is a bit wordy - why not 'Top 10 Gifts for Thanksgiving'.

      You may have too many sections which are considered to be duplicate content. Try to cut down on the quotes OR you can include edited screenshots of popular poems (that are in the Public Domain) and upload them into a photo capsule.

      Those 'surprise visits' - ugh... I hate them! big_smile

      You have a module entitled: 'Volunteer at an Animal Shelter'. Right underneath you have a photo of a children's party - it looks extremely inappropriate! Move it around or something.

      The actual hub content isn't too bad, it just needs cleaning up.

      1. Shuchi12 profile image39
        Shuchi12posted 20 months ago in reply to this

        I have made changes in this hub. I have also ended it with "Black Friday" sale . Removed unnecessary sections. Still its not published. sad

        1. gerimcclym profile image87
          gerimcclymposted 20 months ago in reply to this

          Interesting and fun ideas for gift-giving for Thanksgiving!
          I suggest you shorten your article, as I feel that the length may cause the reader to lose interest.
          Also, I see quite a few grammar errors throughout the article.
          Section titled,"Thanksgiving Food Recipes": it looks like you may have cut and pasted this section from another source? If so, I believe you need to credit the source. Please forgive me if it is there and I overlooked it.
          I hope these suggestions are helpful.

          1. Shuchi12 profile image39
            Shuchi12posted 19 months ago in reply to this

            Thanks for the feedback. Now I have changed all section's information, Added pictures legally.Worked on grammar errors. Its still not published. I don't think length has anything to do with featuring.Please guide further to make it a featured article.