Consistent Traffic Change - Is this Because of the Changes?

  1. Coffee-Break profile image91
    Coffee-Breakposted 13 months ago

    Hey All,

    Just wanted to share a few thoughts on the new changes on HP.
    Traffic has consistently rose for me after the domain changes, and I can see now some earnings increase. Just a big THANK YOU! to the HubPages team for continuously trying to fix the traffic issue.
    The niche sites is another great initiative, I wish they would have done it sooner... (That sounds like "I told you so", but I can't help it.) I don't have any hubs that fit into the announced niches, but maybe in the future...

    I have read complaints about traffic drops. Interesting...

    What is your experience with the latest changes?
    Do you have any featured hubs on the niche sites? How's the traffic on your hubs?


    1. sallybea profile image96
      sallybeaposted 13 months ago in reply to this

      Traffic continues to rise but I have no pages on the niche sites.

    2. paradigmsearch profile image89
      paradigmsearchposted 13 months ago in reply to this

      My results have been the opposite of yours. I've fired off a note to my medical insurer asking if they cover therapy.