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New to the HubPage Community!

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    JaneanOvermanposted 9 months ago

    I am Janean. I completed my first hub. I am working on completing another as I love to write. Any feedback would be appreciated. I am excited about moving forward and sharing on this site and impressed with how comprehensive it is. I love how detailed the guidelines are laid out for you so there is no confusion. I am looking forward to reading other hubs and sharing some of my own. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and now I'm on my way to see if there is a recipe for lasagna on here.

    1. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 9 months ago in reply to this

      Welcome to HubPages Janean! Feel free to use these forums if you have any questions. smile

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      PegCole17posted 9 months ago in reply to this

      Hello Janean,
      Welcome to HubPages and all the best in writing here. It's good to see that you have been reading the guidelines to get a good grasp on what is expected.

      If you are looking for a lasagna recipe, please check out mine. smile

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    JaneanOvermanposted 9 months ago