New Hubber who rips apart Bad Movies

  1. Tommy Bay profile image82
    Tommy Bayposted 6 months ago

    Hi there everybody, my name is Brad and I'm an aspiring film critic. I love the movies but I have a special love (or hate depending on the movies I watch) for terrible films. I look at the worst of the worst in al of cinema.

    I would love to get your guys' feedback on my Hubs, I have only written two so far. I know they run a little long and in future I do promise to shorten up the reviews I write. However if there's anything else that needs work, please feel free to let me know. Just be gentle... please lol

    Thank you so much.

    1. lobobrandon profile image81
      lobobrandonposted 6 months ago in reply to this

      I didn't read since I don't know both those movies. But since you said they were long I wanted to check them out. They are not long. Any good review would be long, so I don't see why you would say you would reduce the length.

      Not direct feedback, but something to think about smile

  2. Tommy Bay profile image82
    Tommy Bayposted 6 months ago

    Thank you so much lobo smile