I'd like feedback on my article: President Duterte

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    Sugar Faithposted 3 weeks ago

    Hi Hubbers,

    I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my article President Duterte "The Punisher". What can I do to improve? Thanks!

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    Rupert Taylorposted 3 weeks ago

    You can only use images that are free of copyright restrictions. You can't just lift images from the Internet.

    Your English language skills need improvement. Here are some examples from your bullet list, corrections in brackets:

    "He (his) support for LGBT rights to allowed guy (gay) candidates along with muslim (Muslims) and disabled (people) in his tickets.
    He encourage (encouraged) drug users and drug pushers ti (to) surrender by giving them cash and (a) livelihood.
    Duterte have (has) 3 (three) children in (with) his first wife and one child in (with) his domestic partner.
    He diclined (declined) several awards like (the) American Cancer Society and Anti-Smoking Awards in Singapore."

    I fail to see what a map of San Francisco Bay has to do with your article.

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      Sugar Faithposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

      Thank you so much....