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Take the Misha Challenge - I am

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Inspired by fellow hubber Misha and his fabulous success - One hub = $100 a day - I've decided in a good natured way to see if I can get a hub of mine to do that.

    I usually go after long tail phrases and get a bit of money out of each of my hubs - and I do quite well with that! But change and growth is good.

    So (under a differnt name, don't try and find it under Nelle) I've just picked a phrase that has high volume and a high Click Value and lots of products available. I'm going to see if I can push the rate of return up high.

    This will probably take a while. I think it took Misha a bit of time. But I'll report back maybe once a month and let you know how it's going.

    Anyone else want to play? (RyanKett maybe? Thisisoli maybe?)

    1. Mark Knowles profile image61
      Mark Knowlesposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Already playing.

      Number 12 for one search term, number 24 for another. big_smile

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        Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        so are you near the $100/day mark. I am flabbergasted my that amount.

        1. Mark Knowles profile image61
          Mark Knowlesposted 6 years ago in reply to this

          Gawd no.

          # 12 position brings about 0.005% as much traffic as top 3.

          Get to 7 for about 1-5% 

          24? Might as well be 240. big_smile

    2. KeithTax profile image80
      KeithTaxposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Nelle, if you read the thresh by Misha, his average click is worth 8 cents. He focuses on keywords with lots of searches but a low payout. His thinking is to get lots of traffic and lots of clicks no one else is working on.

      1. starme77 profile image86
        starme77posted 6 years ago in reply to this

        though I haven't got rich yet , my average click is 2.25  just need a ton more of em smile

    3. netlexis profile image80
      netlexisposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I'd be happy with $1 a day on one of my hubs, but $100! Wow! But why not. Like you said, Nellie, we'll at least learn something from this. For me, it will be backlinking. I"m terrible at it, so I can only go up from here.

  2. habee profile image90
    habeeposted 6 years ago

    Nelle, we have faith in you!

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      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      So why don't you try it with a hub too? I'm not really sure what to do. I'm just going to do some experimenting!

  3. ThoughtfulSpot profile image83
    ThoughtfulSpotposted 6 years ago

    Not writing much right now because I'm taking some classes, but I'd love to see how this goes.  So, I'll participate, but only as a casual observer.  Trying to put a bunch of knowledge nuggets in my virtual pocket for when I can get back to it all. big_smile

    Good Luck Nelle! (or whoever you are. lol.)

    1. starme77 profile image86
      starme77posted 6 years ago in reply to this

      well,  just have some good hubs up - I havent written in months really , but when I looked at my google account I was surprised to find I made 50 more bucks just on my 19 hubs that are out there , keep em out there and don't let writers block get to ya smile

      1. ThoughtfulSpot profile image83
        ThoughtfulSpotposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        Thanks Starme! The support here is always so wonderful!
        Unfortunately, I was really just getting my feet wet when I had to "take my break."  So, I had just gotten to figuring out some higher performers. I have a few hubs with o.k. traffic (for me, not comparable to others), but they aren't earners.  But, I do intend to leave them up... what's the point in taking them down? smile And, I'll get back here eventually.  I miss it!

  4. Misha profile image75
    Mishaposted 6 years ago

    Good luck guys!

    And I believe SunSeven admitted to setting this record before me, albeit not on adsense. So we already have at least two people who did it - and you can, too smile

    1. pisean282311 profile image59
      pisean282311posted 6 years ago in reply to this

      sunseven did that with amazon..

    2. Wayne Orvisburg profile image78
      Wayne Orvisburgposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Misha, are we allowed to know which hub you are having this success with?

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Well I feel like I'm jumping in the deep end of the pool! But I know I'll learn lots from this.

  6. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 6 years ago

    I'm game smile

    What is it I'm doing exactly? Spell it out a little clearer please - I'm fick tongue

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    FD I love people who jump in without knowing what the pond is.

    There aren't many rules. Just write a hub or take an existing hub - and make at least $100 a day from it! Adsense or products.

    We'll believe whatever you say your earnings are - no auditors. Let's just have some fun.

    There's no time limit, because I think this might take a while. Every so often I'll post my progress here, or others can as well.

  8. PrettyPanther profile image85
    PrettyPantherposted 6 years ago

    I will be studying Misha's techniques but my plan is to get serious in the fall, as I am too busy right now with a full-time job and planning and packing for a move across country.  I didn't originally join Hubpages to make money but I will be without a job for awhile after the move so I plan to use that time to study and learn.  I'm a total newbie at all of this so it will require some tenacity on my part to get up to speed but I'm going to give it a try.  smile

  9. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 6 years ago

    Ok Nelle ... so having just read Misha's thread - I go and find a highpaying k/word? Write a hub around it - inject longtails into it as I write, tag appropriately with said [main] keyword and associated longtails then promote it like demon. Like push push push, off-page SEO and all that?

    As for the return etc I will be candid, I won't fudge numbers, just share the truth smile

  10. englightenedsoul profile image60
    englightenedsoulposted 6 years ago

    I am in Nelle, though I am not a prolific marketer like you or Misha but as a newbie I am doing decently and moreover i am ambitious and love challenges.  Recently did the 60 day challenge under Sunforged and it was very successful and he taught some news way of promotion.  So I am definitely in and would really try to achieve $100 a day from a hub.  I would also keep everyone posted about my progress.

    I would really like more people to take part as there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Thanks Nelle for starting this thread!!

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Great Enlightenedsoul and FD!

    I really think that this is a great way to figure some stuff out! I'm sure that we'll all go about things differently and come up with different strategies.

    This is how I've taught myself to make money online. I just set a seemingly impossible goal and then work like a dog until I do it.

    I don't really know what I'm doing at this point, but I'm sure it will start to become clearer.

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Oh and Misha can let us know when he hits $200 a day. He just said in another thread that that's his new goal!

    1. Lifeallstar1 profile image60
      Lifeallstar1posted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I have no clue since I haven't even read the threads on how to do it but how do we know Misha doesn't need an auditor? Or maybe a lie detector test? Did he show you a copy of the payout? I need proof!!! JK JK (kinda)  :-)  I believe!  I believe!

      1. Milla Mahno profile image60
        Milla Mahnoposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        He-he, ask him personally, he loves to do one on one training sessions wink

  13. Research Analyst profile image78
    Research Analystposted 6 years ago

    Okay Nellie I am in, it would be such a great thing to achieve this goal, I am motivated. You and Misha are my inspiration.

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      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Good to have you aboard. Let Misha and Maddie be you're inspiration on this. I don't have a clue what I'm doing. But that's the point. We'll all have to learn new things and push ourselves. Company is good when life is stressful!

  14. Spacey Gracey profile image76
    Spacey Graceyposted 6 years ago

    I'd love to join in - I've learnt so much in the last 2 months, and this looks like a good way to learn even more.

    Just one question - can we track if a hub has made $100 from Amazon - I didn't think we could track that. And in my experience what your hub is about, isn't necessarily what people buy smile

    Its fine if its just AdSense - I am useless at making money from AdSense so all the more reason to get started learning about it.

    Thanks for the thread Nelle - its a great idea.

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      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Hi Spacey and welcome.

      Yeah, it really is about adsense. But I'll also be seeing if I can sell a specific item as well.

      Adsense is still my weak link in my earnings, so I'm trying to learn how to be better at it.

  15. Jule Romans profile image89
    Jule Romansposted 6 years ago

    I'm in.  I will either select or write one by the end of the evening sunday.

    I am wondering- are we going to share our article titles, etc.  here on the thread?

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Julie I would highly suggest that you not share this hub. A lot of people out there will very quickly jump on your keywords if you report this kind of success level. I'd start a new identity or not say which one of your hubs your pushing.

    And welcome to the Misha Challenge!

  17. Misha profile image75
    Mishaposted 6 years ago

    Cool, we are getting more people ready to make it! smile

    And yes, I totaly agree to Nelle - you don't share what exactly hub makes you that kind of money. At least I don't smile

    1. Andrew0208 profile image61
      Andrew0208posted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I'm in for this good Misha challenge. $100/hub/day on adsense is possible when working with the right information and tools. At least we've got Misha, SunSeven and a few yet unknown hubbers already on that track.

      Indeed a time for me to learn more of result oriented techniques and put them to work.

  18. Susana S profile image92
    Susana Sposted 6 years ago

    You are an inspiration Misha smile I'm definitely having a go at this. I do have some $100 days but they don't happen often enough! I've already got some high volume keywords with an ok CPC to go for. What level of volume do you suggest? The ones I have are around 50 - 70K per month, is that enough?

    1. Misha profile image75
      Mishaposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Susana, I definitely do not have a carved in stone number - but I always try to shoot for the highest traffic with a reasonable amount of competition that will allow me to rank well for it. 50-70K searches per month may look promising - or may not, depending on how easy it seems to rank for it. Hope this makes sense. smile

      1. Susana S profile image92
        Susana Sposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        Yes, I think I know what you mean smile I reckon I can rank for these, though the CPC is no where near astounding the high traffic should compensate. Was just wondering if 50K a month visitors would be anywhere near enough. Having just done some calculations, if I get at number one and get a CTR of 2% I could earn around $300 per month, so no where near $100 per day.

        1. andromida profile image75
          andromidaposted 6 years ago in reply to this

          Very good point Susana.Getting 100$ a day from a single hub is possible if you get some decent-paying ads on your hubs.And CTR is very important.In some of my hubs CTRs are as high as 14%.I guess Misha is either getting high value clicks along with good conversion rate or he is getting millions of visitors smile

      2. Wayne Orvisburg profile image78
        Wayne Orvisburgposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        So, is that the local search number or global? Do you have much luck finding one without a full green bar??

        1. sunforged profile image64
          sunforgedposted 6 years ago in reply to this

          wrong competition

          the green bar relates to advertiser competition, your interest should lie in search or publisher competition

  19. kerryg profile image86
    kerrygposted 6 years ago

    Man, I'd be happy to earn $100 a day off all my hubs put together! I'll add myself to the list, though. At the very least, it's a goal to aim for. smile

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Welcome aboard Kerryg and Susana S.

    I decided to write a hub just for this experiment, but by all means use an existing one.

    I'm shooting for $100 in adsense alone, to force myself to get into the adsense mode.

    So I've got the coffee brewing and I'm off to write my "Misha" Hub!

  21. bojanglesk8 profile image60
    bojanglesk8posted 6 years ago

    Dang, I wish I made 100 dollars a day from HubPages.

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      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Then join the Misha Challenge and figure out how with the rest of us!

  22. Jule Romans profile image89
    Jule Romansposted 6 years ago

    Okay, so one of my other identities publishes, and I keep it discreet here. Let's talk about what kind of information we should share here on the thread, okay? I need some guidelines.

  23. mrpopo profile image88
    mrpopoposted 6 years ago

    Good luck to you guys! If I have more time, I'll take on this challenge someday smile

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Basically there are no rules. Write a hub and try to make $100 a day from it. Share what you feel like sharing. There's no beginning or ending date.

    I'll probably share when it's written and how the traffic is building (or not) and when the money starts (or not). Or how the keywords are increasing in the SERPs - but not the actual keywords.

    I think it will be fun for some less experienced hubbers to see that everyone including people who've been in internet marketing for years, struggle to learn to things and to get to new levels.

    Adsense is always my weak earnings link, so $100 a day from it from one hub will be a huge thing for me.

  25. NaomiR profile image84
    NaomiRposted 6 years ago

    Count me in! I'm not the most savvy when it comes to picking commercial topics, but it's a great goal to aim for. Hopefully, I'll learn from you guys!

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      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I bet you'll do fine! We'll each tinker and experiment and see what works.

  26. lakeerieartists profile image79
    lakeerieartistsposted 6 years ago

    I am already playing, decided to this also after reading Misha's tale.  Picked one term and will most likely experiment with others.

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      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Why am I not surprised! So is your hub already up? I've got another batch already written for adsense, but I thought it would be fun to just create one hub for that specific purpose and see if it's possible to push it up the SERPs.

      I had to reassure my husband that I wasn't going to spend ALL my time on just one hub. He was starting to worry about our cash flow, because I pretty much s*@k at adsense.

      I make payout each month and then some, but it's not a strong point.

  27. Bill Manning profile image70
    Bill Manningposted 6 years ago

    Picking a great key word is the most important part. I have many blogs and rank #1 to #3 for many words on Google.

    Yet because they are not great key words I don't get much traffic from them. My weakness is not knowing what most people search for.

    Because I'm single with no kids and don't follow most fads I fail to grasp what most people search for. Hell I don't even own a TV, never watch it!

    I guess I need to study what the masses look for these days. Pick a great key word and your already half way home. smile

  28. shazwellyn profile image84
    shazwellynposted 6 years ago

    I am always want a learning experience - so count me in - it might be just in a passive way smile

  29. blondepoet profile image79
    blondepoetposted 6 years ago

    I am so in.
    Nelle and Mish are my inspirations for some time.
    Maybe I do not know a lot at the moment. But I am going to study it all up hard, find out the info I need to know and am going to sock my hub to the world lol.
    Look out 100 dollars here I come. smile

  30. Arthur Fontes profile image91
    Arthur Fontesposted 6 years ago

    I would like to take part in the challenge.  Not knowing very much about keywords or SEO this could be a good learning opportunity.  I am going to have to read Misha's hub again to get me on the right track.

    I do not even have a clue what subject hub could earn this kind of money.  LOL

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      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I feel a little bit like that. But the only way to start to learn about stuff like that, is to take a stab at it and see where it goes!

      I usually go for the unpopular keywords, not the big popular ones. So I do feel like a fish out of water.

  31. wrenfrost56 profile image81
    wrenfrost56posted 6 years ago

    A $100 a day, I can't even manage a $100 a year. lol
    However, I always enjoy a challenge so why not? Wish me luck, thanks for the mission and I have great faith that you will acheive it Nelle!  smile

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Hey, look at all you guys. Welcome aboard!

  33. SunSeven profile image62
    SunSevenposted 6 years ago

    My more realistic target is to make 10,000 dollars from adsense alone in six months ending on December 31st. smile

  34. Research Analyst profile image78
    Research Analystposted 6 years ago

    Wow SunSeven that is really ambitious but I know you will do it and even exceed your goal. You are a role model for all us hubbers.

  35. waynet profile image46
    waynetposted 6 years ago

    I'm up for this too, as I am going to probably use one of my well trafficked hubpages or create another one, I don't know!

    Misha has done well with that $100+ hubpage, tis an inspiration to us all...so cheers!

  36. wychic profile image78
    wychicposted 6 years ago

    I'm in! My life will be undergoing some drastic changes in the next 5-6 months, so it's finally time to buckle down and learn. I know with my diverse interests and even the numbers of articles I have floating around I could be making pretty decent money if I'd just take the time and do it, but I keep putting off the learning in favor of client projects or an article that I just HAVE to write. My strong point is reviews, so maybe I can find some promising keywords to work into one of those, or a promising product.

  37. jenblacksheep profile image85
    jenblacksheepposted 6 years ago

    I want to make $100 at all. I don't think I'm really ready for this, but I will keep up with everyone's progress and use and tips that are given.

  38. Eileen Hughes profile image83
    Eileen Hughesposted 6 years ago

    Well i might a s well follow the others too i'm in like one sheep following the other.  good luck  Can you use your husbands name and use the same adsense account

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    ryankettposted 6 years ago

    Sure why not, I will have a go Nelle.

    Is there a deadline? Say an existing hub within 3 months? I have one which currently makes about $15-$20 a day, I suspect that I could manage at least $50....

  40. KeithTax profile image80
    KeithTaxposted 6 years ago

    Misha has a nice hub on backlinks worth reading/bookmarking. To achieve this goal will require lotsa high PR links.

    So, with no experience or talent in this arena, the arrogant accountant says, "I'm in."

    1. SunSeven profile image62
      SunSevenposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Best of luck! (just to spur you on) smile

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Ryan there's no rules - no deadlines - not much of anything. Just take 1 hub and make $100 in a day. Report back in 3 months or one year. We're in this for the long haul right?

    This is different from other challenges where the goal was to get up content. This is about making a certain amount of $$$. Could take a while to learn how to convert a hub to do that!

    I'm really using this to learn more about optimizing for adsense and backlinking strategies.

    KeithTax, welcome aboard. You know Maddie Ruud got a hub to make $200 a day just out of the blue when she hit a topic just right. So you never know.

    We'll celebrate $5 a day on a hub if someone posts that, because I think that's an accomplishment too!

    1. Lifeallstar1 profile image60
      Lifeallstar1posted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I'm still having trouble setting up amazon and all of that. This is so out of my league. I set up Adsense and have no clue what helps and what doesn't since I haven't looked into it much. Half of the things google talks about on there gives me a headache, I don't even know what it means. I haven't thought about it because I still do not have many hubs. I only have two and it's not like they are masterpieces but I will read the threads and see what it's all about and maybe i won't have to read into all the Adsense stuff on the google site.

  42. kephrira profile image60
    kephriraposted 6 years ago

    I think $100 per month would be a more realistic target for me. I'm not even aiming as high as $100/day from all of my hubs, but I'll be interested to check back and see how you guys do.

  43. Lily Rose profile image83
    Lily Roseposted 6 years ago

    I kinda-sorta started this after reading Misha's thread as it was truly inspiring.  I'd like to try more, but probably not until after summer - too many distractions with my kids out of school.  I've only now managed to make the $100+ mark a month for AdSense; would love to make that per day!

    Good luck to everyone and thanks for bringing up the challenge, Nelle!  Can't wait to hear updates...

  44. 61
    564626posted 6 years ago

    It is impossible...

    1. Misha profile image75
      Mishaposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      With hot and sexy wallpapers? Surely it is. smile

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    Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago

    Hi Lily Rose - jump in whenever you want. Sounds like you already have your little toe in the water. As I've said before this isn't at all like a 30 day challenge. I really think this is going to take some time - unless one of us gets very lucky!

  46. ns1209 profile image35
    ns1209posted 6 years ago

    I might as well try but I don't really understand.  If I could make $100 a month from all my hubs I would be happy though!  I am in - just don't expect anything.  I will follow all your tips though.

    Just out of interest how much traffic roughly do you think you need each day 50K? 100K?

    1. Susana S profile image92
      Susana Sposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I was laying in bed last night working this out (much to the disappointment of my husband, lol lol) For 50k traffic a month the click value would need to be $4+, working on a CTR of 1.5% (15 clicks per 1000 visitors).

      So for 100K traffic per month the click value would need to be $2 to earn $100 per day.

      Of course the higher the click value, the less traffic one would need to target.

      1. KeithTax profile image80
        KeithTaxposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        Susana, a higher CTR works better. A 1.5% CTR is really low. Misha pushed over 22% in May. I fall between 5 and 8 percent every month and I am in the early stages of learning.

        Misha stated in the thread he started that he averages 8 cents per click. He gets a lot of traffic and converts that traffic to CTR.

        I will personally work to increase my CTR to over 10% in this challenge and will focus links to a small number of hubs. It appears other successful hubbers use a similar method.

        1. Susana S profile image92
          Susana Sposted 6 years ago in reply to this

          Of course a high CTR is great but the average is 1- 2% which is what I was working on, (though of course depending on the topic one can get more). I have a few hubs that get around 8% but most are in the region of 1-3% which fits in with the average. You've also got to take into account the 60/40 split of impressions with HP, so I still reckon as an average you need at least 50K unique visitors to a page per month, with a click value in excess of $3 to get $100 per day, which means the total search traffic per month needs to be well in excess of 100K.

          Here's an example. I have a hub that is number one on google for a search term that gets 74,000 searches per month. Of those I get around 20K visits and 11,000 page impressions(which is my 60%)and the hub averages around $40 in adsense revenue per month.

          I've just tweaked the page description to try and pull in more of those 74,000 people, but I don't think this hub is ever going to make me $100 per day, because even though 74,000 sounds a lot - it ain't. Even with a 10% CTR it would still not be close.

          Now I'm definitely not saying it can't be done - Misha's doing it, but we really do need very high volume/epcm to reach that magic number of $100 per day.

          1. kephrira profile image60
            kephriraposted 6 years ago in reply to this

            I don't know how you would rank well enough for a search term that gets that much traffic and high value clicks as well. One or the other, but if you go for both your never going to find anything that doesn't have seriously major competition. Personally I'd go for something with much lower traffic but the potential for high value affiliate sales. But then I don't think I could get $100/ day, so you probably shouldn't listen to my opinions anyway.

            1. Susana S profile image92
              Susana Sposted 6 years ago in reply to this

              Well that's what you'd think - and that's what I thought too, so I never went for very high volume search terms. What Misha has inspired in me and from doing lots of keyword research this week, is a belief that actually there are some very high volume searches that don't have too much competition at all. Previously I would have completely ignored them, because I was too blinkered thinking I can only rank for terms getting smaller amounts of traffic. It's time to aim a bit higher!

      2. Lifeallstar1 profile image60
        Lifeallstar1posted 6 years ago in reply to this

        My question is if you get a high click value, who is clicking it? it is very hard to get people to click on the ads....is this a dirty little secret? Or are real people clicking?

        1. Susana S profile image92
          Susana Sposted 6 years ago in reply to this

          Hi - Yes real people clicking smile I haven't mastered the art of getting a high click through. Mine's usually somewhere between 1-8%, though mostly towards the lower end. So for every 1000 page views I average somewhere between 10 - 80 clicks. From what I understand it tends to be non tech/internet savvy people that click the most ads. Also Misha has advised looking for a topic that people are going to want more info on.

          1. Lifeallstar1 profile image60
            Lifeallstar1posted 6 years ago in reply to this

            Thanks for the help!!! Now I have to find me real people that like to click!!

  47. thisisoli profile image62
    thisisoliposted 6 years ago

    This is pretty interesting, I might have to take it up.  I alraedy have a top position for a highly paying word, but that hub is not at the $100 a day value yet.

    I migh tcompete but I will hae to think long and hard about which keyword I would dedicate so much time to!

    1. 0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      I don't think that it will take up that much time! At least I hope not. I'm budgeting 1/2 hour a day to that hub - every day though.

      I'm hoping that I'll learn stuff to pick up my adsense across the board!

      1. thisisoli profile image62
        thisisoliposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        I will look in to it after this weekend, we have friends over at the moment so I am pretty occupied!

        To be honest I don't head for any hugely competitive markets at the moment, but i am always up for a bit of experimentation!

  48. LeanMan profile image81
    LeanManposted 6 years ago

    I would love to achieve this, but at the moment even $1 per day would be great lol... Oh well, I am sure with some hard work and a little luck I can get there eventually....

  49. katiem2 profile image60
    katiem2posted 6 years ago

    I make a lot of money from click bank and affiliate products.  Don't forget about these money making tools as you can emplement them on hubpages.  I enjoy a check from clickbank every month. 

    Do more than just hubbing and expand your money making potential. 


  50. pakpub profile image21
    pakpubposted 6 years ago

    I would love to be a part of this challenge. Count me in!