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Comment section Peeve!

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    cookingdivaposted 6 years ago

    I generally like comment section and leave appropriate and relative comment. If I do not have anything much worthwhile to say, I do not.

    I am seeing short and generic comments like;

    Great hub!

    Like it!

    Or, commenter leaves comment for his/her site (not hub but from outside) which is fine

    But they leave unrelated comment
    or suggest to add something in hub for improvement which is already written on hub.

    Which makes me wonder how many truly are reading the content, we have worked hard to write.

    I guess that my pet peeve on my blog too, but it is present on HP as well. Phew, that rant felt good.

  2. Uninvited Writer profile image83
    Uninvited Writerposted 6 years ago

    If a commentator places a link to an unrelated site and irrelevant comments I don't publish them. I allow the "great hub" comments but if someone did it on all my hubs then I wouldn't.

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      cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Uninvited Writer,

      I have not tried un-approving comment before, I guess it makes sense. I do not want the commentator's score being down because of it.

      I also allow great hubs etc, but some tried to leave links to their site too.

  3. b. Malin profile image59
    b. Malinposted 6 years ago

    I think I try to be fair when leaving comments, but I sometimes feel "Hubbers" become overwhelmed trying to say on top of reading their favorite authors, so short comments come to be.  I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying this, to shed another light on the subject of why.

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      cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this


      I can understand really as I have been in the same shoes. I want sometimes to support my favorite hubbers and I am short on words and I might have done this too.

      I am talking generally about someone who does once or never comes again, or some do it always.

  4. richtwf profile image60
    richtwfposted 6 years ago

    Yeah I had one commenter who didn't say anything about my hub but just tried to redirect me to his hub. His hub was relevant to mine but I thought it was a bit impolite to just use my hub as a posting board for his without commenting on my hub!

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      cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this


      Yes, I guess some people mean well but they want to promote their hub and traffic but I have learned (1.5 year of blogging and 3 weeks of hubpages) that spamming others in comment does not work. Providing true value to reader will win over readers in long term.

      1. richtwf profile image60
        richtwfposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        Absolutely - I mean it would have been very easy of that person to just leave a short and polite comment and then draw my attention to his relevant hub. But by doing what they did they've already stepped off on the wrong foot and still expect the reader to follow in their direction! I don't understand how these people think!

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          cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this


          I hope they will eventually learn. At least I hope so. I am not so keen on people to leave their links and ask you to buy things from their site.

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    Website Examinerposted 6 years ago

    People comment on someone else's hub at their peril. Your hub is your domain, absolutely. But you can create an atmosphere by the manner in which you respond to comments. Commenters are influenced by what others have got to say. Which makes it all the more prudent to unaprove rude or spammy comments.

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      cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this


      Comment are not necessarily spammy but like HP says it overly promotional to their hubs or their site.

      You see I am having another issue, HP anapprove one of these comment of such a person, please see my new thread and see if you have give suggestions. Thanks.

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        Website Examinerposted 6 years ago in reply to this

        Cookingdiva, I do not distinguish between spammy and overly promotional. When reporting forum posts, both are reported as "spam." To me, almost all comments with self-serving links are spam, and I will routinely deny them. However, the key part of my previous post is that your hub is your exclusive domain, you set the rules there. But by being lenient, you run the risk of your hubs becoming a fertile ground for self-serving links.

        I did respond on your other thread as well.

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          cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this


          Thank you. I just checked. I agree with you it is spam and should be treated as such, even though I may sort of know the hubber.

  6. IzzyM profile image86
    IzzyMposted 6 years ago

    I had a fellow hubber leave a comment on one my my hubs recently. The comment was Ok, but the links to his SIX hubs around the same keywords weren't. Denied.

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      cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this


      Oh my! I think with 6 hubs, he might overdid himself. I do not blame you. There are other ways to promote your hubs, like within your hubs, why not use it? many of them are do-follow for them.

      It boggles my mind.

  7. imatellmuva profile image82
    imatellmuvaposted 6 years ago

    I'd prefer a short comment, than no comment. While the stats give me a general idea of traffic to my hub. The comments allow me to feel connected.

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      cookingdivaposted 6 years ago in reply to this


      I guess, in a way you are right, but when someone leaves comment like "great hub", I wonder if they really read the hub or just making a generic comment can fit in most hubs.

      I like your hub name, very unique,!