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Can you actually make money.

  1. J.T. profile image61
    J.T.posted 9 years ago

    I´m just curious is it actually possible to make some money on your hubs and if it is, then, how much, i mean, are we talking 5$ or 500$ a month
    I was just wondering!!
    let me hear some good answers like always.

  2. Paul Edmondson profile image
    Paul Edmondsonposted 9 years ago

    There are people making good money (More than $2K per month), but it does take work.  The key to making money is to write on a commercial topic like travel, business, finance.

    Make the Hubs informative, rich with information, and very useful.

    For each Hub you publish to get a few other sites to link to your page from pages with related content.

    If you follow this recipe, you'll be very successful with earning money.

    However, there are lots of other reasons to publish Hubs as well.  Like improving your reputation as an expert and helping others by providing information.

    1. darkside profile image79
      darksideposted 9 years ago in reply to this

      The key to being attractive And writing about things you know and are passionate about.

      I don't think it needs to particularly commercial. People are after information on specific niche topics too. So long as there are Amazon and Ebay products to complement it and Adwords Advertisers paying for Adsense ads there'll be money for people willing to use their time and talent to create original content.

  3. carpesomediem profile image61
    carpesomediemposted 9 years ago

    I've made money via Adsense using HubPages, and while it may not be up in their thousands of dollars range, it's enough to pay a few bills every month.  Each month is a little different, but I've noticed a steady increase in the amount of clicks the longer my hubs have appeared.

  4. J.T. profile image61
    J.T.posted 9 years ago

    I can´t tell you all how happy i am with this forum, just ask and you shall recieve an answer, and good answers, they have all been helpfull
    so a great thanks to my fellow hubbers,
    it´s always a pleasure

  5. SunSeven profile image64
    SunSevenposted 9 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages J.T. smile

  6. J.T. profile image61
    J.T.posted 9 years ago

    Damn I love this place!!!

  7. Stacie Naczelnik profile image88
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 9 years ago

    Thanks for asking the question J.T.--I've appreciated reading the answers.

  8. J.T. profile image61
    J.T.posted 9 years ago

    Allways a pleasure

  9. spuds profile image20
    spudsposted 9 years ago

    Yes you can make money. I not making anywhere near the 2k but gees I wish I was.

  10. Meme40 profile image60
    Meme40posted 9 years ago

    Hi J.T. I just joined this Hub tonight and found this place to be very easy to figure out and fun! I want to share this info with you and everyone else who wants some free advise about how to blog for money. I'm a newbie myself, but my kids tell me as much as I love to talk and love helping people, I should be a millionaire some day soon! I wish! The site that is helping me learn is:www.johnchow.com. Good Luck J.T. and let me know how it goes for you, ok? (Everyone) Let's help each other!

  11. JazLive profile image59
    JazLiveposted 9 years ago

    Yes, but I am not going to "quite" my day job yet wink

  12. ripplemaker profile image90
    ripplemakerposted 9 years ago

    Hi JT, thank you for asking the question.  I too asked!  As I read through the answers from fellow hubbers who are already earning... I am GLAD that there is indeed the chance/opportunity to earn!  Hahaha  YES!!! Hmmm... but this made me reflect that it shouldn't be the first and only reason.  Writing or doing any other task/work with passion and joy and wanting to share and help others should be the reasons.  It would be the motivation for us to keep on writing....especially when the going gets tough.  Otherwise, we'd find ourselves giving up too soon. And what a waste it would be.

  13. J.T. profile image61
    J.T.posted 9 years ago

    you´re all right, the money isn´t the main reason, i was just curious, but thanks to all the great answers, all of you
    yours J.T

    1. darkside profile image79
      darksideposted 9 years ago in reply to this

      Money is an excellent reason.

      So long as you don't set yourself unrealistic goals or get desperate when it's not flowing in the short term.

  14. Maddie Ruud profile image84
    Maddie Ruudposted 9 years ago

    Just to give you an idea, I've been with HubPages 4 1/2 months, and I make an average of $10 a day from Adsense, plus a couple hundred every month from Ebay/Amazon...  It's been increasing steadily over the time I've been here, and I expect that to continue as I get more content up and published!

  15. grantsforwomen profile image61
    grantsforwomenposted 9 years ago

    I'm somewhat new here, so I'm obviously coming in late on this conversation. But I'm also interested in making money with my hubs... thanks for all your input it was really informative...

  16. sminut13 profile image78
    sminut13posted 9 years ago

    i'm glad to know that there;s a chance but of course i must do things right for that too. i hope i learn as i go along the way cos it's still confusing for me. might even take me years to finally be satisfied with the financial aspect of the hub. hehehe thanks for questions and answers. really helps out ppl like me who's really illiterate on these kinda stuff

  17. J.T. profile image61
    J.T.posted 9 years ago

    Hi sminut13, don´t worry it´s confusing for me to, but if we all help each other, we might figure it out

  18. jimmythejock profile image82
    jimmythejockposted 9 years ago

    Hi J.T.
    I published a hub recently about my personal experience of money making on hubpages,
    I think it may have some of the information you require...........jimmy

  19. Lissie profile image88
    Lissieposted 9 years ago

    I just made $2.32 from Amazon - first from them ever!

    1. Rudra profile image63
      Rudraposted 9 years ago in reply to this

      wow, good job Liss.

  20. Stacie Naczelnik profile image88
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 9 years ago

    Lissie, isn't it fun when you finally make something there?

  21. sminut13 profile image78
    sminut13posted 9 years ago

    thanks jt. from reading hubber's posts, comments and all, i'm beginning to realise i might have gone wrong with my trackers, referrals and all also. hehe and saw your link jimmy was really helpful thanks lots

  22. Jerrico Usher profile image60
    Jerrico Usherposted 9 years ago

    JT a secret.. those who do make the 2k a month+ are the ones who arent bragging or saying "I dont make near that" *wink* truth is I'm new too and I'm truly amazed at this group.. never have I see such a communal effort in a money making arena that you'd suspect was highly compeditive but truthfully its not, theirs plenty of info seekers to go around we could all potentially make 2k+ a month its all in contining to listen, ask questions and document good advice.. learn from it and continue to learn, apply, test, apply test and so on.. keep figuring out ways to drive traffic, one good way to learn is to talk to the high end writers who are there, from what I've seen their very willing to share information which is amazing..

    Also focus is important. Don't think can I make alot of money.. think wow I CAn make a fortune here! this keeps your mind in the excited state of ambition, dont ask can I ask HOW can I.. I know it sounds so anthony robbins but its absolutely the truth, your attitude is everything.. the people not yet at 2k a month are going to get there, I know it, their just like you learning, everyone learns differently and based on how busy their lives are they may progress faster or slower relative to the big "K's" but none the less they will get there and yes they will eventually be able to quit their day job..

    Personally I plan to surpass 2K a month with in the first year.. this drives me to want to learn, I wouldnt want to let myself fail now would I? think of it not so much as a game as a mission, have fun, thats important its a component in your ambition, but also maintain a serious disposition to learn and share what you learn freely, competition is what causes bad feelings and chokes the "law of money" something I'll be writing on later.. the law of money states that you must give away, spend, and be charitable to surge the flow more.. this doesnt have to be in money but in where your income comes from too.. as you share they share and we all win in the end.. and its so much fun isnt it guys/girls??

    I love this forum.


    1. J.T. profile image61
      J.T.posted 9 years ago in reply to this

      This was a great answer, thanks jerrico

  23. makemoneyonline profile image60
    makemoneyonlineposted 9 years ago

    I post my adsense earnings every month on my hub from all my blogs (not only hubpages), it's about 40$ per month, probably 50$ next month. I'm total newbie so I'm very pleased with that !