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What day and time is best to submit hubs to social sites?

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    kelleywardposted 4 years ago

    I've been researching online and found that Friday from 3-6 is a good time to submit hubs to Twitter and Facebook is better on Saturday. What have you found to the best time to submit your hubs to social sites?

    1. web-tools profile image57
      web-toolsposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Specially at weekends

  2. billybuc profile image84
    billybucposted 4 years ago

    I truly don't know but I have been curious as well. I know that most of my hub activity occurs in the morning and late evening, so if I post one in the afternoon it sits there unnoticed until everyone gets home.  As far as Facebook is concerned most of my friends evidently are night owls because the most activity from them occurs after nine or ten at night.

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      kelleywardposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Thanks billybuc!!

  3. Glenn Stok profile image96
    Glenn Stokposted 4 years ago

    I never tried a scientific experiment however to see how accurate this is. But I have noticed that when I tweet about a new Hub on a weekend, those tweets are usually ignored, and when I do it on weekdays, I get traffic from those tweets.

    I suspect this might be due to people being busy doing other things on weekends. By the time they review their twitter feed on a Monday, my tweets are buried under a ton of other tweets.

    I am sure my results will vary based on what kind of followers you have in Twitter and where else your twitter feeds are posted.  Results may be different for other social networks too. I can only speak for twitter since that's what I use.

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      kelleywardposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Thanks Glenn! That helps!

  4. Melis Ann profile image96
    Melis Annposted 4 years ago

    The only thing I've noticed is that Facebook activity is low on weekends. People are not posting their own status as much on weekends and I don't get many hits from hub postings either. It's interesting to note how much personal email you receive from retailers on different days of the week as I'm sure they have done the research to figure out when people are online. I get the most of those emails in the early morning, especially Mondays. There is probably something we can learn from them.

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      kelleywardposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Melis Ann good point.

  5. randomcreative profile image93
    randomcreativeposted 4 years ago

    I do almost all of my social media/bookmarking posting on the weekdays.  Traffic is way down across all of the sites that I use regularly on the weekends: blog, Etsy, HubPages.  I schedule posts for 7:30/8:00AM, 3:30PM, 8:30/9:30PM, and then maybe one more late night (10/10:30PM).  I haven't closely tracked my HubPages views/times, but these times are when most people are visiting my blog and Etsy shop.

    1. sholland10 profile image92
      sholland10posted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Is there a way to schedule your hubs to be posted from HP's to social media/bookmarking sites?

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      kelleywardposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Thanks for the info randomcreative that helps me schedule my posts. Traffic on my sites are way down also on the weekends.  Sholland10 that's a great question but I'm not sure if there is. That would be great if we could just set a time to post.

      1. sholland10 profile image92
        sholland10posted 4 years ago in reply to this

        Well, drats!  I was hoping there was a way of doing that.  smile  I know some sites are set up with that option - none I am on and that is only "talk."  Thanks!

  6. Bills Place profile image82
    Bills Placeposted 4 years ago

    Unlike eBay (which new listings are best done on Sunday), I think social media sites depend on the user. Who see's posts or tweets the most, people on your direct friends list (and possibly their friends second). So you have to figure out who the majority of your list is.

    Are most your friends on a social network site local friends or friends/family that live in another time zone? Do you have a bunch of internet friends from other countries? What type of people are they, working adults, teens who go to school, etc.

    Depending on the persona of your friends list, it may be best to post only late afternoons after school or work. Weekends are always going to be best as most people who work or go to school get online then. But, if your like me and socialize with people worldwide you have to consider they may be a day ahead of us.

    Hopefully this helps. smile

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      kelleywardposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      That is true! Hadn't thought this out completely. Thanks that does help!

  7. Greekgeek profile image97
    Greekgeekposted 4 years ago

    In general, web usage drops on the weekends. You can see it for yourself -- here's Hubpages traffic measured by Quantcast.

    Unfortunately, social media sites aren't measured by Quantcast, so we can't verify this pattern for them, but I'd be surprised if it held true for every kind of website BUT social media.

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      kelleywardposted 4 years ago in reply to this


  8. Galaxies profile image61
    Galaxiesposted 4 years ago

    ALLLLL the time kids!! smile