how do i turn off adverts

  1. Curtain Expert profile image60
    Curtain Expertposted 9 years ago

    I've just created my first hub and i don't want adsense or google ads appearing on my hub at the moment.
    The 'settings' box for adverts has 'none' and 'low' grayed out!
    Any ideas?

  2. Jason Menayan profile image59
    Jason Menayanposted 9 years ago

    Curtain Expert -

    Since your Hub does promote your own Website, you have a few options:

    1) Take out that link (or any other link) and then, while in Edit mode, check the Hub is not commercial in nature checkbox, which will allow you to set your Ad Level to None.


    2) Unpublish your Hub and don't republish it until you're ready to show AdSense ads on it (for example, if you're waiting for your account to be activated)

    - Jason