Hubber Poll: The HubNuggets Team Has Found Another Gold Field

After last week`s HubNuggets gold panning one would think that there was no more golden HubNuggets around for us to find for this week contest.

But the HubNuggets Team has not given up and we found another great gold field where all Hubbers are invited to search for the biggest and more pure golden HubNuggets.

Photo by at
Photo by at

We have found a place where you will only find high quality gold HubNuggets

And that place it is just a few paragraphs ahead.

But before you start rushing for that gold let my tell you how to find the biggest and more pure golden HubNugget.

First you must read all of them because otherwise you might not find THE ONE.

After careful observation you must then select the one which in your opinion presents the best shape, color and of course, the best content.

Original photo by bryangeek at flickr
Original photo by bryangeek at flickr

HubNuggets Team

Ryan Hupfer - Communicator of Awesomeness and official HubPages employee who oversees the HubNuggets and newsletters (and much more).

ripplemaker - She is one of the most important pillars of this team, she is the glue that keep us all happy together and healed!

Shirley Anderson - She´s the writer behind all winning HubNuggets so far (OK, OK, I was joking, but if you ever want someone to ghostwrite for you then you just found the best freelance writer)!

ProCW - He is the newest addition to the HubNugget Team! And what an improver!!!

funride - That´s me, a simple Hubber just like you.

The Gold Rush - Charlie Chaplin (1925/1942)

You are now in front of the best Gold Field you will ever find. But do not rush, you have to look carefully for the best gold HubNugget.

  • Fibromyalgia and Sexuality

    People with fibromyalgia find soon get use to the fact that their daily activities can be disrupted the many and varied unpleasant symptoms of this syndrome. Certain symptoms such as pain, fatigue and...

  • Grandma, Your Busted!

    For those of you that followed the first Hub (It's Free---Take it!) and asked for more of my mothers everyday antics. Thanks--- I will continue. As you can tell our house never lacked for that thing...

  • Queen After Death

    The story that I am about to write is not one that has a happy ending and it didn’t came out of someone’s imagination. This story’s characters were real people, with real feelings and a love that was...

  • Domestic Science? Bring it!

    When I first saw the request "Should Domestic Science be brought back, I skimmed over it, then had to backtrack a page when I had a delayed reaction with my response, which was "hell yes." I was a...

  • Baseball Signs: The Game's Secret Underbelly

    "Strike One!” The umpire barks making the count two and one with one out, runners on the corners, in the bottom of the eighth inning with the home team trailing by a run. In the next fifteen seconds dozens...

  • What's Happening To Our Planet?

    According to many scientists, our planet is warming rapidly. Some studies show that the average surface temperature is 1 degree Fahrenheit warmer than it was in the year 1900. This did not seem like a big...

  • What you always wanted to know about living the expat lifestyle, in a place like China

    The ups and downs of the expat lifestyle in the People's Republic of China.

  • How to Make the Perfect Gift Photo Collage

    Is your spouse or sibling celebrating a special 40th or 50th birthday this year? Or are your parents celebrating a special anniversary? If you are searching for an original gift idea that’s unique,...

  • Ways to Save Money

    The news is so bad I almost hate turning on the televison or reading the paper. Between the war in the middle east, job losses, the bank failures, the threat of nuclear warfare and political bickering, it's...

  • Top 10: Best Car Interiors for 2009 (Under 15k)

    The following 10 cars fall into a price range of $15,000 or less and are graded in the following areas: Quality of Interior Materials Amount of Soft Touch Surfaces Basic Interior Features Available...

Do not forget that everyone can be a HubNuggets gold panner

Photo by cobalt123 at
Photo by cobalt123 at

Don`t be shy and pick the biggest Gold HubNugget you can find

Which out of this 10 HubNuggets do you consider the best one?

See results without voting

All votes will be counted until March 18, 2009

Then the top five gold HubNuggets will appear in the HubPages newsletter that Ryan sends out every Wednesday to thousands of Hubbers worldwide.

Oh, and don`t forget to share this hub with all your family and friends through the Share it button below so they can also vote. There you will find links to Facebook, Myspace, BlogThis, Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx and even a button to email all your friends at once.

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Comments are much appreciated, thanks 26 comments

C. C. Riter 7 years ago

I did it

WHoArtNow profile image

WHoArtNow 7 years ago from Leicester, UK

Voted - First!

DirexMD is there again! 3 in 2 weeks! Great start Mike!!

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

I have cast my vote , Oh Royal One!!! Lol:) Done:)

daveearley profile image

daveearley 7 years ago from Chicago, IL

Easy game!

Iphigenia 7 years ago

I voted - and I'm so excited to be a HubNugget nominee again - the second time in my two weeks here - it is so satisfying to be writing in a place where my work is read and appreciated. Also, this list of nominees has introduced me to 8 Hubbers whom I have not yet met - so I shall read there nominated hubs and contact them.

Thanks guys :)

BrianS profile image

BrianS 7 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

Anything to do with photography and I am sold.

Abhishek87 profile image

Abhishek87 7 years ago from India

Vo - ted :P

JLPeterson profile image

JLPeterson 7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the nomination!

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Hi everybody, thanks for reading and voting. Congrats to all the nominees, you have done a great job ;)

Now lets promote it and get everyone to vote :)

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

I voted, now leave me alone.

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

No way GT! Now you have to make all your friends come here and vote for their favorite HubNugget :p You didn´t think you were going to get rid of me that easy, did you!? Thanks for your vote ;)

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

Okay I will tell everyone to vote for Amy G.

C. C. Riter 7 years ago

Yeah Amy!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Hi funride, read, commented and voted too :-)

Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO


Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

Oh, and by the by, funride, this page looks great! LOVE the photos you found. Excellent.

Happy World profile image

Happy World 7 years ago from Slovenia, Europe

What a great team. Good job!

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

Wow, "53 people have voted in this poll."!!!

Thank you all, specially for such nice comments... yes, even GT`s comments were nice :D

OK, now it`s time for me to go for a ride - it´s a sunny day here :)

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California

It's 56 now! I have read them all and voted. You gave me some really tough choices!!! I had a extremely good time reading these!!! :)

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West By God

nope 57 now!

Elena. profile image

Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

A bit of a difficult call this time round, but voted! :-)

ProCW profile image

ProCW 7 years ago from South Carolina

68 votes! :)

funride profile image

funride 7 years ago from Portugal Author

73 now and counting :)

Thank you all!

ProCW profile image

ProCW 7 years ago from South Carolina

77 votes have now been placed.

23 more votes needed to make it to 100!!!! :)

Come on Hubbers. We can make this happen two weeks in a row!!!!!!

For those of you that have been nominated, don't forget to get your friends, your family, your dogs, your cats and even your pet goldfish to place votes!!! :) Put up a link to this page on your blogs, sites, hubs, etc. and encourage your people to vote for you!!!

Best of luck!


blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 7 years ago from australia

Yahooo mine is in. Good luck everyone there is some great writing in these stories.

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