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 Ideas, ideas, ideas ! It seems like I have a million lined up throught out the day. Before I go to sleep, when I am in the shower, all these ideas about what my next hub should be about flood my mind. Good ideas too! But when I actually get to it, all I can write is crap like this!

Who am I kidding, I can write, it is just what to write about. My life! Who wants to read that? Get rich quick scams! Don't know any! Shoot if anyone does please tell me ! Also, what do you want me to right? Huh What is it ?

Spill the beans I wanna know what to write. Beauty, fashion, california? Love, boys, work, life, celebrities, songs? Do the tell please. Im rambling, i'm rambling. I know get of off hubpages! Start a freaking blog already! No! this is what I want to do. Watch, one day millions will be reading this.

Let me quote Kid Cudi " I told you so"


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