Is adsense approved before 6 months for users from India or not?

Hello friend, as I am also an Indian, I can feel your pain as how you feel when you work hard to create an account at online revenue sharing sites and then apply for adsense which gets rejected within a day or two. Actually, I have always thought those days should return back when adsense used to approve all accounts from India within a day to a week. My own adsense account got approved by google within 24 hours at that time but that was all 4 years ago. Now the times have changed and google has made it policy and rules stricter for users from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. The main reason for this strictness is that adsense publishers after getting their accounts approved from google start clicking on their own ads or start taking favors from friends and family to click on ads. This has created a lot of chaos among the advertisers who have lost their money displaying ads via the google adwords program.


This is the main problem with people. They think that they will do some type of corruption like the politicians in India do and then will go away without getting penalized as it happens in India but they forget that google is not ruled by India. So cutting short, there were a lot of complaints from advertisers about click fraud that they were able to monitor through their adwords accounts. For them, that meant more money spent on ads and very few potential buyers for their products making adwords completely useless for them.

Even today, a few of my friends have faced rejections after they applied for adsense creating an account at or It is not that if you will create an account at some other site, adsense will approve your account immediately. Even Indian sites like cannot provide this type of platform. Two of my Indian friends who have been writing blogs at blogger and hubpages for one year and eight months, respectively have also faced rejections, so it is not a guarantee that you will be able to get through adsense if you have maintained an online article writing account for six months.

Now the next question coming to your mind will be that if there is very less possibility of getting an adsense account approved by google, why not buy an adsense account online or offline but for your information those accounts get rejected within 10 to 20 days of approval. Here only the scammers get the money, some charge you 500 INR and some 1000 INR for single adsense account approval. This is more disheartening than getting an account rejected by google. It is same like starting to love someone wholeheartedly and he/she leaves you within 10 to 20 days.

Now it is all on luck. If you have been selected for the adsense program and you are from India, then you are lucky man. I know this is hilarious but that’s all I can say at this point in time. Even one of my seniors at the office has got an account at HP for last 9 months and he has written more than 10 hubs and he is insisting me to get himself approved for adsense but what I can do, nothing. It is not in our hands. It is not a corrupted government department of India where you can bribe and get your work approved. It is google and google is very smart, smarter than people can ever think. So my humble advice to you and other people who are trying to get their adsense account approved is to write good quality content, especially of your own. No copying and pasting from other’s articles. Read the google’s TOS and be within its rules and apply for adsense after 6 months. If somehow you have been selected, please contact me via directly on my email ID and I will create a survey hub sharing various anonymous views about adsense approvals.

At last, if you are not able to get your account approved via adsense, then you can apply for an adsense alternative. This is an Indian website from Hyderabad that pays in Indian rupees every month. I have earned 6700 rupees from this site in three months and also received a T-shirt for being a best performer in that period of time. This site pays money on the basis of how many words you have written. Minimum payout is 1500 INR. Best of luck.

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ashish04joshi profile image

ashish04joshi 4 years ago from India

Thanks a lot for so much information, soni2006...I'm really hoping I get approved. I'm expecting too much I guess but I don't think there's any other way I can earn anything here.

This answer was really useful and shall be useful to many Indians out here.

The reason for my hope is they disapproved me for unacceptable site content. So i took down all the images I had taken from Google though I had properly sourced them, but didn't want to take any kind of risk. That's why I hope i get approved this time.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 4 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Best of luck for your adsense approval Ashish. Hope it will happen as soon as possible and you start earning money from your hard work.

ashish04joshi profile image

ashish04joshi 4 years ago from India

Thanks Mr. Soni...I hope so.

In the meanwhile, I'll check out the Indian AdSense as well. Might be of some help.

Thanks a lot for your response.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 4 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks not an Indian Adsense. That's a article writing site based in Hyderabad, India which pays in INR cheques delivered at your residential address directly. It is very different from hubpages as at this site, you are selling your articles immediately and getting the money just like you write articles as a freelance writer. Here is the link for joining this site:

Lipnancy profile image

Lipnancy 4 years ago from Hamburg, New York

This is a constant struggle for an indian man in my downline. It does not seem fair to punish everyone for the indiscretions of a few.

psbhatt profile image

psbhatt 4 years ago from HYDERABAD

Soni sir, I have 3 websites and and reasons for ad sense rejection are either the content is too insufficient or the site do not conform to ad sense policies (co bloggers posted dirty content and were terminated). I have yet to apply for the 3rd site which is a video blogging site! But my youtube channel is doing very well with thousands of views every month (approved for partnership but unable to monetise due to absence of ad sense account)! I have 4 gmail accounts with adsense disproved on all the 4. How to get my hubpages account adsense account get approved? Kindly give suggestions.

Techtree profile image

Techtree 4 years ago from India

yeah, its very hard to have adsense account for indian users. Well, thanks for the alternative.

psbhatt profile image

psbhatt 4 years ago from HYDERABAD

Google should stop looking down on Indians and Chinese, the most prosperous civilizations once upon a time! Both after centuries of subjugation, are busy claiming/getting their rightful place in world economy! India has a middle class population (with yearly earnings more than US $ 10000) of the size of 500 million. Helping quick ad sense approvals will popularize google ads more! High time Google followed world economy trends and welcome Indians and Chinese ad sense applicants with open arms, based on their google profile!

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