What Does a Hub Score Say About Your Content

What does a Hub score really say about a writer?

Your hub score says a lot about you as a member of the hub. what does your hub score say about you?
Your hub score says a lot about you as a member of the hub. what does your hub score say about you? | Source

Amazon even touches Hubpages

Always work toward a perfect Hubscore of 100

A hub score is the little number next to a hub author’s picture. The highest score achievable is 100. Every author strives to achieve perfection, anything less is not acceptable for nearly all of the authors connected with the site. This little numeral has a unique link to how much potential a writer's work has to earn money.

Why get it?

To get this score prepare to work for it. It is generally an uphill journey with a few rough bumps along the way. Gaining it is part of pulling out all the stops climbing the ladder to writing success with the site. It has the ability to place an article in a position to gain thousands of views in a short amount of time. Both through fellow hubbers and online readers.

Any number lower than 100 leaves room for improvement. Effective writers discover ways to make it to the perfect score. Once the path is located the capability of maintaining it is just as challenging as getting there. Nevertheless, earnings increase the closer to the goal a writer gets.

The benefits of a higher number

Will a high Hub Score mean making more income for a writer's online content? Not necessarily. There is no guarantee it actually correlates to more money. Though, seeing that particular situation occur certainly increase as a writers Hubscore does. Simply check around the site and the money makers seem to be the writers with elevated numbers. Those capable of sustaining that coveted 100 appear to be making the dough on a consistent basis.

How to earn

Income from posted content is generated from affiliate programs as well as page views and impressions for ads. This type of income variation does leave lots of space between a prosperous flourishing writing income and no income at all.

Typically, the superior score means the more popular an author's material becomes with the general public and the community. Popular content means profitable writing efforts. More readers links to more page views, impressions, sales, etc. and things producing additional writing income. This is the ultimate goal for every author around the web. Making the most money with the least amount of work.

Hot writers own material outshining other articles on the site. Being in the spot light is a good thing on Hubpages. Items are showcased on the front page of the site which automatically gets any item a thousand times more exposure than other methods mentioned here. This sought after spot is not a one time stop. With each article posted more exposure and more money is realized for these special writers.

This little number also reflects where a writer stands among the Hub community. Remember, fellow authors read, promote and link personal articles to other content on the site. Numbers closer to 100 rate better attention from the community and are viewed more often which characteristically sees more back links.

Getting backlinks is a wonderful. Fellow authors and readers give more insight, comments and share experience. This type of expertise makes any form of content better.

How to get a better number

The capability to raise a Hub Score comes through a variety of avenues. Making changes to online content is usually always necessary. This is a continual activity to maintain current info for older content. Whether changes come in the form of publishing new stuff or adding material to older items, it all has an effect. Hopefully the input is a positive response for all of the Hubs. These are several strategies to follow to make and keep being an impressive competitor.

All hub author is capable of taking two very important factors into account, traffic and activity within the community. Combine both of these with a bit of karma from the site's fellow writers to discover what number is tied to an author's name or byline.

Interacting with members by reading other hubs, posting comments and participating in forums also gets a writer good points. It is easy to move around the site and the contact actually has positive outcomes in a variety of ways.

New writers gain experience and knowledge and even veterans learn a thing or two through these exchanges and dealings. Meeting new people and visiting with old friends is a good by-product as well. Collaborating with other writers in a constructive manner is always a win/win situation.

Follow some tips and advice to get some extra points.

The importance of traffic

What is it?

· Traffic is essential to succeed as an online writer. These are visits readers make to each article published or Hub on the site. It is a key component and vital for online income in any writing community around the web. Hubpages is not an exception.

The more visits a piece of written content gets the better. More attention from readers as a rule signifies more money. This type of activity brings dollars in the form of page views, impressions for advertisers and customers buying goods and services. Quite possibly traffic turns into a future audience for related content which is a more constant source of making money in this business.

How to get it

· Traffic resources come to Hubs from the web through search engines, links to other content published elsewhere on the web and from fellow authors. Quality writing and articles always draw more movement towards a desired piece of material. Great titles tied to an article as well as terrific SEO or search engine optimization make solid connections between readers and what authors offer. Always work to make use of these resources.

Nearly every source communicating how to make impressive articles reveals the need for skillfully crafted titles. Start out with a remarkable one for every unique piece published. Don’t mislead readers with titles not living up to the content. Create one to grab the attention of any person landing on the content. After getting noticed, ensure the quality from the title is incorporated inside of any info being shared.

How to keep it

One of the best resources to get and retain an audience is answer a question or offer knowledge and expertise. This is wonderful for anyone looking for it with an added souvenir. Individuals get what they want and what they need with a bit of something else thrown in. The "extra" is what keeps and makes a reader return.

Whether the extra is a link to another enchanting educational item or a different viewpoint which delivers something unexpected. Small gifts like these makes a distinction between writers and draws positive attention in the right direction.

Quality work is a must

Answers found and built in an attention grabbing, thought provoking and interesting manner with each Hub gets people moving in the right direction. Stamp work with excitement and use noteworthy devices. Working in this manner tends to keep people riveted and entertained. Information and entertainment is a wonderful combo. Make every one produced unique and attractive to assure a return customer.

Know how and expertise established again and again throughout a writer's material offers readers what they seek and need. Getting the desired outcome each time promotes connections between a reader and writer. Generally this dedication means a new audience member is created.

Peaking an interest and giving appeal while sharing knowledge is possible with the right article. Look at each unique one crafted to get the job done. In return for giving readers a peek at great ability with the written word, devotion is created.

· Writing quality articles generates a steady flow of readers or even increases how many are already drawn to content. Readers finding a link to great content like to follow a Facebook page or other link to the author of excellent work. Tons of writers eventually build an audience dedicated to the proficiency found with first rate content routinely published.

Things to avoid

· Don’t post two lonely hubs and expect terrific traffic. There are exceptions to the rule but gaining traffic takes work and tons of quality content. There are situations where one goes viral, but these are one in a million circumstances and rarely found. Along the way of putting loads of material around the site and the web, be careful.

Don’t ever substitute quantity for quality. However, find a nice medium for both. Pull out the stops with production while mastering brilliant words giving a reader what they are hunting for plus a little something extra. It is a difficult balance to work toward, but achievable.

Lots of Hubbers have the score of 100 and maintain it through some sort of routine or standard combining one or all of these tips. Try it out and see if increasing that simple little number alters pages views, readers and ultimately writing income.

There are more than a few tries before it gets to the right place
There are more than a few tries before it gets to the right place | Source

Make money online with HubPages

Search engine optimization

SEO or search engine optimization generates great sources of traffic. SEO ranks articles among search engines and links readers with material. Using the right words and phrases assures a combination to a writer's advantage. One article appearing higher than another or more attractive with a wonderful eyecatching title of interest.

These are resources to use for increasing traffic to your online content.


· Take part in the Hub community. The Hubpages community includes other services besides writing. Find out what hubbers are saying in the community by contacting the site a minimum of 4 times a week and working on new and old content to make things better. There is always room for improvement. Keep a finger on the pulse of the community and what happenings are taking place within the profession.

In Conclusion

Having a score less than 100 leaves a writer with a goal to achieve or work harder at Hub Pages. These are strategies and a plan of action to help any writer to get to the 100 mark at Hubpages. There is always something to write about.


Some easy ways to connect in a positive manner with the Hubpages community of writers;

· Leave insightful comments. Remember comments are also a resource to discover ideas for new Hubs. This is a great resource for article titles as well as contents.

· Answer questions. Questions reflect more than a few issues and concerns fellow writers have on their mind. Even a reply to an inquiry is an opportunity again for a hot article. This is especially true for questions with lots of activity. Even the question promotes this attention then a Hub sharing education will do well.

· Set aside time each week to write for the community. You may have plenty of hubs already posted, but more content could be added after moving around the site. Seeing and learning new things to share with readers is a positive thing. A great deal of wonderful articles have been built from questions and forum interacting

If you have 8 out of every 10 hubs you write with a score of over 80, you are doing great. If you don’t, you have room for improvement. Tweak your hubs and make necessary changes. With Google's changes to search engine optimization a number of writers are looking at older articles and content and updating the information they have online

The more time you spend in between publishing a hub, the lower your score will crawl. There are times when you must devote yourself to other sources and are taken away from focusing on your hub pages community and content. Don’t allow this to discourage you, work toward a hub score of 100.

The longer article contents seem to achieve higher scores. Content published with less than 500 words achieve lower scores. The average article content is close to 700 words. Many readers don’t enjoy longer articles unless the content is broken with subheadings or bulleting. Even then your content must be very interesting and engaging.

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Comments 13 comments

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 5 years ago from I'm outta here

My score is less than 100 and I work my bum off, I don't get involved in much activity and my score suffers for it.

I will say this, I like to write, do just that, enjoy the people and make money from both Adsense and Amazon, more from Amazon currently and the earnings are on the constant rise. So it's worth my effort and the money does come.

I guess I should follow your advice to up my score...

Thanks, Katie

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 5 years ago

I guess we all work pretty Hard here on Hub Pages...I love writing, so I do want to entertain my readers...Smcopywrite, you've give some good advise...I look forward to following you, and thanks for following me as well!

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web Author

thank you for your comments. i hope this has helped a lot of our hubpage fans out there searching for ways to increase their hubscore

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web Author

if your goal is to increase your income and your hubs are doing that, you are working your hubs correctly. a great hub would be if the higher scorers actually see more income than those with a lower score

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 5 years ago from Minnesota

That 100 score must be difficult to achieve. I don't see many of them here and wonder if those with a high score are on-line more often. Do you know, do leaving comments and reading hubs get reflected in the score?

Thanks for the great information.

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web Author

i don't see many of them here either. it must be a complicated formula used. i have seen some hubbers with only a few hubs and hardly any views with 100. that being said, i believe participating in the hub community may count for quite a bit on the score.

i signed up and didn't put my first hub out there for six months and started with a score of null.

well i am on board now and will try to achieve that 100 asap.

thanks for stopping by minnetonka twin

Muhammad Akram 5 years ago

good informative article

celeBritys4africA profile image

celeBritys4africA 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

The proper use of the keywords is the key to an awesome hub like yours :)

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice, smcopywrite. I'm working on it.

Jennie Demario profile image

Jennie Demario 5 years ago from Floating in the clouds

Thank you for taking the time to share your advice. I agree that the article score will suffer in hubs with lower word counts. I believe I can improve in this area and it will probably give my score a boost. With almost five hundred followers it looks like you are well on your way to Hubpages stardom!

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Some excellent advice on increasing your hub score, we all want to reach that magic 100!

Thank you for the information. Best wishes MM

gabgirl12 profile image

gabgirl12 5 years ago

My hubscore went down two points, but on one of my hubs I saw a red triangle saying that traffic was increasing on one of my hubs. I don't know if that is a warning or not. It's a bit confusing. I have to appreciate this hub on scoring. I didn't know posting on the community would increase your score. Thanks a bunch!

Nakia Deon profile image

Nakia Deon 3 years ago

As a hub pages newbie I have been looking at that number and wondering what it was for weeks. Thank you so much for clearing that up.

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