All parents from all walks of life have financial, moral and spiritual obligations to their children. Parenting is more than simply raising a child. And, providing them education is not just bringing them to school and picking them up everyday. Involvement of parents in their children’s education shapes the future of their child.

School is the place for learning, fun and socialization for children. But, building the character and strong foundation of a child starts and happens at home. As parents, we must help our children develop the right attitude towards learning .And once achieved, teach them the way towards excellence.

Here are 8 ways to help your child excel in school.

1. Develop your child’s positive attitude towards learning. Each child has his own natural inclinations. The character building of a child happens at the early age. Communicate with your child the importance of studies at a level where he can understand the importance of education.

2. Provide your child an environment conducive for learning. A home where there would be some educational toys, reading materials and space comfortable for learning. Learning may not only be through text books. There are other methods you can use to inculcate the interest of a child to learn new things like watching educational videos, playing with your child and watching educational programs on television.

3. Manage and balance your child’s time. Do understand that they are kids. They have their moods. There should be time to play, proper time for meals, time for rest and time for study. Any kid with enough rest and have taken proper meal when attending his class functions well in school than those who sleep late at night. Balanced meal, is as well, very important. Too much sugar and junk foods can cause children to be hyper active thus waste energy for unnecessary activities and lose focus.

4. Build your child’s self confidence. Nobody is perfect. Everybody commits mistakes.     

Allow your child to commit mistakes because this is where he will learn. Encourage him to try new things and guide him along the way. Don’t compare your child with other children. This is one big mistake that some parents commit .This will affect self confidence and self esteem of your child. Each one of us is unique and has his own love and interests.    

5. Be a model to your child. Children look up to their parents for guidance and assistance. Show your child your drive to excel in everything you do and encourage him to have the same mindset and attitude. Show your interests in learning. Share your beliefs about personal development and continuous learning. Encourage your child to dream big and walk with him in every phase of the way to achieve it.

6. Reward your child for his achievement. This may not be material rewards. A simple hug or words of appreciation will drive your kid’s motivation big time to aim to excel again the next time around.     

7. Enroll your child in a learning center to supplement his regular studies. One good learning center is KUMON. It is an Educational Institution with different approach for individual learning.

What is KUMON Method of Teaching? The Kumon Method is an individualized learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually. Students start with the level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own.
The worksheets have been designed in a way that allows students to figure out how to solve problems on their own. If students continue to study at their own pace, they will catch up with their school grade level and eventually advance far beyond it.

What are the Benefits of KUMON ?

1) Starting at an appropriate level fosters a love for learning. It is essential to foster confidence.

2) Progress at your own pace. This is where a child experience joy and satisfaction.

3) Develop good study habits and self learning activities.

4) Advance beyond school grade level.

5 Parents play an important role. It is important to develop the child’s daily study habit.

6) Continuous KUMON Method of study is beneficial in developing the future of the child in his quest for higher level of learning.

8. Parent’s love, support, patience and time. Above all these things, the most important is the love, patience, support and time of the parents to their children’s studies. Based on real experience, those parents who personally attend to their kids requirements in school, join the school activities, support extra curricular activities of their children produce topnotch kids. 

Be reminded of what the bible says...

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

"No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it" (Hebrews 12:11)

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