May-in history(First half)

 Maharashtra state
Maharashtra state
 A procession on labourer's Day
A procession on labourer's Day
  Satyajit Ray
Satyajit Ray
 Rabindranath tagore-the poet who sung to the soul of India
Rabindranath tagore-the poet who sung to the soul of India
 Dr.Zakir Hussein
Dr.Zakir Hussein
  Nepolean Bonaparte
Nepolean Bonaparte
Motilal Nehru
Motilal Nehru
  Labourers in a coal mine
Labourers in a coal mine
 Late Dadasaheb Phalke
Late Dadasaheb Phalke

What happened in May?

In this article I venture to give some events that occured in the month of May


* Observed as 'World Labours Day' throughout the world, to hounour labourers.

1960-Formation of "Maharashtra state ' In India, as a result of reorganisation of states.Hence it is observed as-"Maharashtra Day' .


1921- Birth of Sathyajit Ray, famous film maker .


1969-death of Dr. Zakir Hussain, the 3rd president of India, who was an educationist and founder of Jamia milia University in New-Delhi.

*Observed as -Press Freedom Day.

*observed as-World ASthma Day'.


1854- First Indian postage stamp released.

*Observed as 'Coal Miners' Day'


1821- Napolean Bonaparte, dies.

1984- Phu Dorji of India, cilmbs Mount Everest, without Oxygen.


1861-Birth of Motilal Nehru, whose son(Jawaharlal Neru), grand daughter(Indira Gandhi), and great grand son(Rajiv Gandhi) became priministers of India.


1861- Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Laurette of India, was born


1962- Establishment of Ravindra Bharathi University

*World REd cRoss Day


1874- For the first time, horse drawn tram car runs on Mumbai streets

* Observed as' World Thalasmsaemia Day'.

May 10

1981- First day and night cricket match was played in Mumbai


1895- Birth of J. KrishnaMurthy,great philosopher from India.

*Observed as 'National Technology Day' In India


1876- birth of Florence nintingele,the 'Lady with the lamp'

who introduced valued reforms in nursing the patients.

*Observed as 'World Nurses Day'-

May -13

1913-Birth of DAdasaheb Phalke, father of Indian Cinema.In his honour, 'Phalke Award is being given to an Indian actor/actress/director-for outastanding contribution to Indian cinema


1973- Launching of First space station, 'Skylab' .


*observed as 'International Day of the Family'


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SunSeven profile image

SunSeven 8 years ago from Singapore / India

Nothing happened after 15th?! :) LOL

Just having fun

Best Regards

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prasadjain 8 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Sister,

Perhaps you are born after that date! LOL

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

Guess what is common between me and Maduri Dixit? There is lot in common.And one such similarity is that we both are born on the same day! May 15..

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 8 years ago from Tumkur Author

It's so nice Anamika,let this point be apart of this article.I actually wanted to publish a note on the hubber's forum to my fans to indicate their dateir date of birth,so that I could include them in these articles.

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prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

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