Top 5 teaching tips

5 Handy Hints for Teaching

There is a quote I once read that said "Those that can, do and those that can't, teach". I dont agree with this sentiment as I could be a Microbiologist however I have chosen to teach. I believe that it is a teachers role to help people become the most valuable members of society that they can. To this end here are 5 Tips for top teaching:

1. Make it relevant: Imagine that you have hooks inside your mind for holding knowledge. Now imagine that these hooks are categorized into the things that you are interested or already know. Now imagine that the information or skills that you are trying to teach are have rings attached to them. Now the ring can only hand onto a hook if the information and interest/knowledge is related. So students will only remember what they can relate to their prior knowledge or what they are already interested in.

2. Make it interesting: If you are dreading the next class that you have to teach... imagine what your students are thinking!!! I teach maths... a subject not known for the interest it engenders in students... So I try to make it more exciting by creating activities that fire students imaginations. using cooking for measurement and fractions, lollies for algebra... the only limit is your imagination.

3. Be passionate: Nothing is more lack lustre than a teacher that speaks in a monotone or couldn't care less about their subject. Using adjectives like exciting, amazing, fantastic... can start to spread the passionate and exciting vibe. Even if in your heart of hearts you don't find the information/skill that exciting, pretend for your kids.... you can trick your mind into making your heart feel the excitement.

4. Make it Practical: People remember the things that they do rather than the things that they are told. So if you can think of a physical activity that can be completed in your lesson then students are more likely to remember the lesson! In Mathematics I get students to measure things with metre rulers and trundle wheels for perimeter and area. In Maths I use m and m's for probability.

5. Know your stuff or know where to find the answer: Gone are the days when the teacher was the font of all knowledge in the classroom. The students in your class may be far more knowledgeable with computers than you could ever hope to be. Do not be afraid of this!! Use it to your advantage... Let them teach you how to create a website. The most important rule to remember with kids is that that are class A lie detectors they can detect when adults are not sure what they are talking about or if they have been told incorrect information. Be honest with your limitations and learn with the students. After all we tell our students that life long learning is the ultimate learning lets be practitioners as well as purveyors of this idea.

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