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You may get an idea about the cutoffs with this.

15 reasons why you get the best education at BITS Pilani....

"An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life --anoynomous"

**BITS Pilani is the only university in India based on the system of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which stands among the IITs and is even better than most of them in overall aspects which include infrastructure both physical and academic, Faculty research , consultancy,Curriculum ,delivery system, Placments, Industry interface,cost of education, happiness index,Projects, Patents and many other.Check out on the links given below and find out yourself.
Besides that, BITS has got accredited by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) with grade 'A'. According to the Asiaweek magazine's rankings of Science & Technology schools in the Asia-Pacific region BITS Pilani, was in the top 20 in Asia and Top 5, in the year 2000 in terms of Student Selectivity .
Many reputed sources, including the UNESCO Science Report 2005 (ISBN 92-3-103967-9) make use of Asiaweek magazine's latest rankings of science and technology schools in the Asia-Pacific region.As an icing on the cake, BITS Pilani was also the only Indian university to be ranked in the Top 20 Wired organisations of Asia by Business Today (January 18, 2004 issue).
You hear more about the IITs because over the years there have been 7 IITs (This is before the flood of 8 new IITs ) and just one BITS Pilani. So even you would agree that it is unfair to compare the strength of one campus with that of 7 campuses.It's tougher to get into BITS than into IITs.68 students compete for each seat at BITS whereas just 54 compete for IITs.

** BITS Pilani gives admission only on merit basis.The instance of KK Birla refusing admission for candidate referred by the all powerful Indira Gandhi and other ministers has been quoted time and again. Even when the nation was boiling with the implementation of reservation policy on caste lines by Arjun Singh, BITS had taken a bold stand and opposed it stating that merit can not be compromised under any circumstances.So if you want to study amongst the cream of the country, here is the reason for you.....and me to support my point of it being the best college.
**BITS Pilani has got collaboration with many foreign universities which means after studying say a year or two if you wish to study in those universities then you can do the same under the students exchange program.The Institute with the help of Ford Foundation grant during 1964 to 1970 had the advantage of having collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.
BITS presently is an Institutional member of International as well as National Associations & Bodies like Association of Commonwealth of Universities, London, World Association for Cooperative Education, Boston, USA, International Association of Universities, Paris, International Council for Open and Distance Education, Oslo.The Institute has collaborative arrangements with University of Oklahoma, Tulane University, Purdue University, George Washington University, University of Maryland,University of Southern California,Kansas State University,Arizona State University,University of Windsor to name a few.

** BITS Pilani is a brand name so if you want a tag with yourself after you pass out then this is what you need. If you wish to go abroad to pursue higher studies, then only BITS Pilani and IITs from India are considered at par with each other and hence under same category.

**BITS Pilani offers Direct Admission to Board Toppers of all state and central boards into the program of their choice at any of the Indian campuses. For boards with more than one zones/ regions [like CBSE, Maharashtra Board] the admit is offered to the topper from each zone/region. Again if you are at the top among lakhs then you deserve a seat here.

** It has Very strong alumni with most of them at leading positions in almost every field of life and believe me almost every field of life you can imagine.You don't believe me.....it doesn't matter, let the statistics speak.


** BITS Pilani is known for its academic flexibilites. You can pursue engineering with science. You can complete your engineering in 3.5 years if you have the calibre. You can study both computer scienece and Electrical if you have the potential in you. These are just few, there are innumerable combinations which you can choose from. More than 150 elective courses are offered each semester which you can choose from to study.Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch at BITS Pilani is supposed to be the best in Asia. The state of the art "O-Lab" or Oyster Laboratory which is supposedly worth 200 crore INR and is sponsored by Sun Microsystems enables students to do real time chip designing. The laboratory is present only at selected 3 colleges in India, namely IIT-Kanpur, BITS-Pilani and IISc Banglore.

**In case if cost of education is something which bothers you, then you needn't worry as BITS gives merit cum need scholarship to students whose family income is below certain limit and almost 25% students avail this from every batch. Moreover top 10 students from every batch get full fee waiver irrespective of family income.The atmosphere in the campus is the best you can get anywhwere. The so called dreaded "ragging" was never a part of BITS Pilani. You dont call a senior a boss or madam. You just call him or her by the name. Respect for senior doesn't come here by command but it comes on its own by the senior junior relationship tradition of past 50 years.

**BITS Pilani admissions are very unconventional given that you attempt the test on a computer, get your score online, enter your preference order online etc. Unlike scurrying to the godforsaken NIT Hamirpur for AIEEE counseling or to IIT Guwahati for IIT-JEE counseling, my whole application process and counseling for BITS Pilani was done from the comfort of my home.No wonder BITSAT is gaining popularity and other exams like CAT have replicated the online version....AIEEE exam conducted by CBSE has also implemented this partially from year 2011 onwards....

** Placements at BITS are among the topmost in India. Some of the highest paying jobs have been offered in this campus. If you have read the news , you would know it yourself and in case you haven,t then go and see it yourself.

**No crap rule about 75% attendence like in most of the IITs and NITs failing which you are barred from giving the end sems.Here you may not attend a single class if you wish but again there are tests almost every alternate day. It is the sincerity of students here which keeps them working hard and not the rules and regulations. BITS Pilani believes in giving freedom to students...right from the day a student enters the campus all decisions are taken by him or her. Students get to make their own timetable, they get to choose the teachers they want to study under , the time when they wish to study, the courses they wish to choose.

**You get personal chamber consultation hour when you can go and get your doubts cleared from the professors and faculty members personally. Where else in India do you get such privilege in colleges. Sizeable chunk of students go abroad for MS/MBA on Scholarship every year and yeah there are many who get into IIMs each year.
**It is also known to be one of the first Indian engineering colleges to require compulsory internship through its "Practice School" program wherein more than 400 companies/firms have collaboration with it, both in India and abroad. Students get to have hands on experience in industry for around 8 months of the 4 years they spend in the college.
There are two internships one after 2nd year and the other in 4th year for 2 and 6 months respectively. The best part being that the institute facilitates all this, unlike IITs where you need to contact the companies yourself and after umpteen attempts and one liner replies in mails saying "Thank you for your interest but....". you find just one company offering you the internship. Moreover many companies at BITS offer PPO after the internship, thus leaving the student with better options for job.The gap between bookish knowledge and industry work culture is minimised here.

**BITS Pilani comes at the top spot when it comes to extra curricular activities. OASIS(cultural), APOGEE(technical), BOSM(sports), INTERFACE(management), CONQUEST(b plan) are few of the Pilani campus festivals with budget over 11 million INR. OASIS is supposed to be the second best cultural festival in India after Mood-I of IIT-B........you ask any Delhi University Student and they will tell you why it is........WAVES (cultural), SPREE(sports), ,QUARK(technical) of GOA campus and PEARL(cultural), ATOMS(technical) and ARENA(sports) of Hyderabad Campus are top notch in their categories.
To add to the laurels, (APOGEE) the BITS Pilani technical festival is ISO 2009 certified which in layman language simply means it is up to the International standards. The thing to be noted here would be that all the festivals are mananged and handled by students....there is no interference from any of the professors from the institute side and hence proving that BITS Pilani not just produces engineers but good managers too.check out the sites yourself....
**Those of you who want to be entrepreneurs, have a whole lot to discover here.BITS, Pilani in association with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India has established a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in the area of Embedded Systems and VLSI Design. BITS has set up a Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) to give a specific boost and emphasis to entrepreneurship development. TBI jointly with CEL shall promote entrepreneurial leadership across all disciplines, facilitate entrepreneurial activity amongst students, and invite entrepreneurs to use TBI services so as to develop end products for commercialization.

No wonder the happiness quotient of BITS Pilani is the highest in India and the fact that there has been no suicide case in past 50 years is a testimony to this and on the contrary Many sharp brains at IITs ended up finishing their brilliant careers just because they couldn't handle the academic system. These are just to list a few........In nutshell you live your life's probably the best four years here..... :-) You are most welcome to comment and ask questions....Would be pleased to answer your queries if any.
For queries related to admissions you can go directly go to
and if these reasons make u feel like cracking bitsat and securing seat in this institute then go to the following hub :


Kunal Rahar

© 2010 Kunal Rahar

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Ashutosh Pandey 6 years ago

Nice one....... :) must read for engineering aspirants...

Rithesh Iyer 6 years ago

Could relive the last 3.5 years and feel proud of being a student of BITS-Pilani!! guys... every bit of it is true!

Great piece of work!!

Abhilash 6 years ago

Hey !

This is a really nice piece of work. You have put up the entire thing about the BITS in one single piece. Covered up a lot of things into one article. Must read.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 6 years ago from India Author

Guys I have added few more points regarding APOGEE and O-LAB......just check them out and yeah thanks a lot for your comments :)

Anuja 6 years ago

super like this :)

munirahmadmughal profile image

munirahmadmughal 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

"15 Reasons Why You get the best Education at BITS Pilani".

The hub is more of an advertisement yet has a food for thought in the quotation given at the top:

"An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life --anoynomous.

The basic facts are that death and life both are Creations of the Creator God Almighty. Both are to test hoaw a human being performs his role on this earth and proves his excellence.

Education includes both knowledge and its application.

Knowledge is unveiling of the truth. The truth is the same every where. Application is by way of doing what has been learnt, the skill is gained by practice and experience.

Many things that were told but not believed have come to light and people are convinced of their truth. Science and technology has brought the knowledge close to every person and the world has become a global village.

When individuals unite and organize a society comes into exisitence and when they work in a cooperative and consultative manner they advance forward. Knowledge is a continuous process and is to be gained from wherever it is possible within the capacity of a person. Thus it is a light and helps in all sorts of progress.

Main thing is dignity of mankind which must be maintained by every human being. To do that eachone is to regard for the human rights and practically show that no such right is injured in any manner. The role is not unbridled it has its limitations and those are that the knowledge gained should be used and not misused nor abused, nor non-used where ther is actual need of its use.

Education is being spread by noble persons and this deed is full of reward in both the worlds.

May God Bless all who follow the Guidance.

Nishank 6 years ago

Awesome bhaiya !!!

This post truly portrays BITS Pilani..

Amrit Pal 6 years ago

Naïve post. Same old propaganda and chauvinism you see on BITS360. There are better reasons to be a BITSian.

Amey 6 years ago

Hahahaha! "Deserve a place here"

Thanks dude, funniest thing I've read in a long time!

Anurag 6 years ago

Sizeable chunk of students go abroad for MS/MBA on Scholarship every year and yeah there are many who get into IIMs each year.

So basically you're saying BITS is good because it helps people get into other schools. Kinda sad, considering BITS offers both MS and MBA's.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 6 years ago from India Author

@Anurag: I guess there is some differnce between good better and the best.Although London School of Economics offers courses in Geography, Law , Media etc.( In case if you don't know which I am pretty much sure about then you can visit their website)........but it is not known in the world for them and certainly it is not the best institute for such courses.

LSE is the best at economics and realted courses and the world knows it.

Same way are good at Management and better at Higher degree courses(MS/ME)but we don't claim to be the best and therein lies the difference....

Mohseen 6 years ago

Sorry yaar, I am too biased...so very biased that probably I have not been able to appreciate the better things of BITS. I am sure if you hear the tales of Ragging that used to go on here, you will change your perspective. I do agree it was still less compared to the IIT's but I guess there is no comparison between such crimes where the child loses his innocence and his dignity.

It is good to see that ragging has almost stopped after the Supreme Court order.

I really love the freedom given here and I believe that I am a better person thanks to BITS which would not have been possible in other stressful atmospheres.

You should have added a point about the Biology Labs. They are simply awesome.

v.sridhar36 profile image

v.sridhar36 6 years ago from Chennai, India

It is good for a hub! But in my opinion why do people cry for freedom?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 6 years ago from India Author

@v.sridhar: Man is a social animal. It has been his animal instinct to be free, to do whatever he needs to or feels like to. Students in India are often under parental guidance and vigilance till 12th standard. So they have a lot of expectations when they come to college. They want to experience the freedom which till now they had only heard of and never experienced practically. This is why the crave for it so much. Freedom does not consist in the dream of independence from natural laws, but in the knowledge of these laws, and in the possibility this gives of systematically making them work towards definite ends.This well guided freedom leads them towards the path of development and progress.

diya 6 years ago


Bobby 6 years ago

This article is the perfect answer for the question

What is BITS-Pilani in 15 points?

Arun 6 years ago

Hi can u please tell me about the placements for mtech(M.E)

Waiting fo your reply

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 6 years ago from India Author

Hey Arun, Placements for M.E are not segregated from that of B.E....

Companies which come for B.E. also take M.E. students....

As like B.E. placements of(computer science) M.E. placements are best in Software Systems.....

anup 6 years ago

simply superb...!!!

sameer 6 years ago

excellent article... a dream place to study :)

krishnateja 5 years ago

its really a must article for students who are in iit mental or fever i know bits is best for ever

dipu 5 years ago

awesome article...........

i want to know that

gayatri 5 years ago


I am really inspired after reading this article and has decided to work hard to get admission in this esteemed institute.

Aditya Parihar 5 years ago

Dear Rahat,first of all I wish to congratulate you for this excellent article!My son has qualified Bitsat with a score of 320. Hopefully,he'll get a fairly good branch in BITS.But I'm afraid that the fees of BITS is pretty high and not affordable. So I wish to ask whether BITS offers scholarships like the IITs and NITs?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@Aditya Parihar Sir: First of all heartiest congratulations.The fact that your son scored 320 ensures that he will get a good branch.

Moreover, I agree to the fact that fees at BITS is more than IITs and NITs.

But for your pleasant surprise BITS offers scholarships more than what IITs and NITs offer.

A cgpa of more than 7 makes you eligible for 50% scholarship a cgpa of more than 6 makes you eligible for 25% scholarship. Almost 27% students in each batch get these scholarships.

Moreover there are many scholarships by Alumni for students who are not financially sound.

Apart from that there is Students Aid Fund for students who are financially very weak even after such scholarships.

Plus there are various scholarships by state govts. in BITS like Pratibha scholarship for students of Andhra Pradesh etc.

Above all there is 100% scholarship for top 10 students from each batch irrespective of family income.

And lastly there are banks which offer loans without any collateral to students who get admission in BITS.

I am sure sir that now you would agree that opportunities are plenty all it needs is dedication from the student.

you would also agree with me for that fact that college life gives direction to your life and these are the most important years which make or break your career.

Jikku 5 years ago

I like it.I am preparing for bitsat.

somay jain 5 years ago

Superb article!

I got a score of 333. Can i get EEE or electronics and instrumentation at pilani.

And are there any possibilities of branch changes after 1st year?

Also, people around me are saying that mechanical at pilani and infact, mechanical as a branch is not that good. Please give me your opinion on this.

Thank You

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@somay: You have chances to get instrumentation at pilani....yeah there are possibilites to get a branch transfer...

No I would not agree with the fact that Mechanical is not a good branch...during the recession Mechites had the best placment at BITS.

Moreover it being a core discipline.....so you would know the importance. Moreover making grades is relatively easier in mechanical.

Rajat Sharma 5 years ago

i got 298 in BITSAT can i get Duals in Pilani?


surya 5 years ago

Are all the BITS PILANI campuses equivalent?

How do BITS PILANI, GOA and BITS PILANI, HYDERABAD fare when compared to top NITs?

ABHISHEK 5 years ago

does this article apply for the goa campus as well

Sanjeed 5 years ago

awsm post man

1st iterition results have come and i have been alloted Msc Eco at Goa(got 292)

hopefully i might get Msc Chem at pilani by 2nd iterition

But i am worried abt the cost of education at BITS,my dad has a salary of 10000 per month so the fees is really worrying,

i have been allotted EEE at NIT-SURATHKAL but i personally prefer Pilani but the fees is the only obstacle in front of me. :( could u suggest the appropriate steps i could take,i have to pay 79000 by 9th

Could u tell me how much does the cost come upto per annum,if it crosses 1 lakh pa its worriesome...

stryder22 5 years ago

awesum truths abt bits pilani.... BITS ROX

BITSAT 5 years ago

bits pilani is top class institute it is comparable to iits.. and they have been on top since bits pilani was founded

ushasee 5 years ago

I am longing for to be a BITSIAN.Suggest me some books on physics, chemistry and maths. that will be of real help to me.

A BITSian forever 5 years ago

Awesome work! Congrats and thanks! For all the BITS Pilani aspirants: Just go there!!!!!!!

Vamsi 5 years ago

This is a really wonderful piece of work. everyhin about BITS in jus one single place.

Once a BITSian...Always a BITSian !!


Bitsian 5 years ago

Forget about the IITs ,my friends.Since the day we got admitted we have been looking for arguments that we are at par with IITs.Its unfair to compare two different institutes..people should rather divert their energy in something worthwhile..

Mallika 5 years ago

Good job panditji......hope people will be beneficiary of this blog......

KN 5 years ago

No ragging in BITS Pilani! Thats just a big joke

akash modani 5 years ago

bits pilani hyderabad campus rocks!!!!its cutoff is gonna be higher than bits goa dis time.got excellent placements dis year ..! however evry campus of bits rocks!!!

2009AXPSXXX 5 years ago

^At ragging comment, if you're in BITS Pilani campus and you got ragged, you're a moron of the highest order. How many seniors do you call 'sir'?

Srikanth 5 years ago

Missed one more Point..Practise School

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@srikanth : It has been mentioned in one of the above points.

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 5 years ago from India Author

@srikanth : It has been mentioned in one of the above points.

Surojit 5 years ago

Congratz for u xcellent articles ! I love every bit of it ! I just had a small query... Do d students organize picnics every year ?

Dr. IYLN Murthy 4 years ago

If India has to prosper in education of all kinds (Charted accountancy, medicine, engineering or scientific etc.) selection through merit is the only criteria irrespective of caste,creed,region and religion.

manjula baijal 4 years ago

excellent....admission process

Neethu 4 years ago

Great article.

@Author,could you please provide me some insight on civil engg in BITS pilani?

Nitin Markan 4 years ago

what is the ideal score to get mechanical in bits pilani?

sk 4 years ago

this article made me love bits.. and it motivated me :)

vb 4 years ago

an eye opener....really it was :)

Harish 4 years ago

Sir,the information given by u is very useful.i loved it a lot. My doubt is ours is a poor family.is there any fee concession in bitsat..please help me sir

SP 4 years ago

Hi Rahar,

I am an NRI in the US, who might move to India. If I do I will be doing 11th and 12th there. I really want to get into BITS. It sounds so much fun and I like the freedom idea (that is how America is)! Anyways what board would you say is best for me to study 11th and 12th in? Also, if I do stay in the US can I still apply for BITS? Do I just take the BSAT? Please answer my questions...by the way great, clear, and concise article.

Jishnu 4 years ago

How is mechanical in BITS Hyderabad compared to BITS Pilani.Is it worth leaving Hyd for Pilani...or is the curriculum same in both the campuses?I ask this 'cos I stay in Hyd.

Jishnu 4 years ago

And does the concession scheme for the top 10 students apply for all the 3 campuses?

Soubhik 4 years ago

Dear Rahar

I have appeared this year (2012), scored 362 by God's grace and now preparing for admission. Pl suggest which branch I will get and what to take as I am slightly confused. I am good at Maths, logical reasoning, and also enjoy Physics very much. I am told Comp Science is the branch to study in BITS, Pilani, has good labs, have high salary placements, is that really true? I have the ambition to go for higher studies in USA, so that is also a point to consider.

Kindly advise

surya 4 years ago

I appeared in BITS HD 2012 and got a score of 143 marks...got seat in bits goa for masters in embedded systems...How will be masters in embedded systems in bits goa campus.....please give me related info abt placements stats....if u knw kindly..... please reply.....thanks in advance :)

Madhuri 4 years ago


I have got an admit in ME Software systems in Bits- Pilani, Can I know the placements for the same

Shalini 4 years ago

Hi ,

I have got MSC mathematics in Pilani . I want to do research / MS in mathematics going further. I have a clarification here.

Will I be able to take up PHD in MIT university , as they look out for graduate degree.

Will the MSC degree stand a constraint?




bhavya 4 years ago

Is bits pilani- hyderabad campua as recognised as at pilani

satyajit 4 years ago

Students from MS(SS) [off campus] can get any chance for placement along with on campus student?

rahul 4 years ago


i am currently studying in pune university, (cse),1st year.

i wanted to know if i could get a transfer to bits after 1st year.

pune university supports such transfers but i dont know abt bits...be very kind of you to help me out here.

ashish shukla 4 years ago

Guys HELP ! I just wanna know if the eligibility criteria of BITSAT is changed to 75% aggregate or not ? cuz when I see it on website - bits-pilani.ac.in then they show the 80% aggregate in PCM required but when i see on this new website - bitsadmission.com they show it 75% , so just wanna know which one is correct ?

and worst thing is that I have filled up the form of it and my aggregate is just 78% :(

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 4 years ago from India Author

Its 75%.

Dont worry

rahul 4 years ago


i am currently studying in pune university, (cse),1st year.

i wanted to know if i could get a transfer to bits after 1st year.

pune university supports such transfers but i dont know abt bits...be very kind of you to help me out here.

please do reply sir..i am a bit too concerned about it..

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 4 years ago from India Author

Hey Rahul unfortunately BITS doesn't have suh provision of horizontal transfers. However if you could give BITSAT this time and score well then you can get admission but you would have to study your first year again.

Shashank 4 years ago


What is the admission procedure for M.E.-Embedded Systems in BITS, Pillani ?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 4 years ago from India Author

@shashank : You can refer to the following link


Shashank 4 years ago

@ Rahar : Thanx but it seems the section is not updated.

It will be of great help if you can inform me about the entrance exam required & the tentative date when the forms are released

Rahul 3 years ago

Pl tell if Engg. is better or to join Merchant Navy..

Raj 3 years ago

Hi, I have passed 12th wid 92 % (cbse board) in 2011 & joined local Engg. college...Now I am not satisfied, Pl tell wat should i do..or can i join BITS Pilani now or sugest something so that i may not loose this year also....thnx ( or to go for sumthing else like merchant navy as rahul asked above)

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Rahul and @Raj : Merchant navy pays good money. But would you want to live that kind of life? Would you be happy staying away from your home, family, kids for months together?

If yes, then Merchant navy is a good option too.

@Raj; If you have to join BITS then unfortunately you have to start from first year onwards only. But it is worth giving away one year if you get to study at BITS Pilani. Take my words.

BHARAT VASHIST 3 years ago

plz tell if the above said 15 points are equally true for mtech(m.e.) course?

plz tell about m.e. courses in electronics and electrical dept

pranjal 3 years ago

thanx sir..that was very useful...

please tell me that which college should i give preference to..bits goa or hyedrabad??

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Bharat : Well most of them are true for both B.E and M.E. courses.

@Pranjal: depends on the course you want to enroll in. Few courses have better faculty at Hyd campus too.

Aman 3 years ago

Thanks Rahar, i am preparing for BITSAT'13, you know this gave me a boost, i am even more motivated now, my JEE exam was just fine and i am not expecting an IIT, but I am preparing with all my might for BITSAT... wish me luck ;)

Thanks again...

MSANATH 3 years ago

hello sir, i got in 10th class 98.5% marks.in 12 class expected 97% marks

so i want to join in ECE group in hyderabad.can i eligible to join.

Deep 3 years ago

How are the sports facilities at bits??

Deep 3 years ago

How are the sports facilities at bits??

Jash 3 years ago

What is the minimum marks required to get admission in computer science in pilani campus

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author


Hey can refer this to know about the cutoff marks.

Suvendu Biswas 3 years ago

Hello sir,I am a physics major student.BITS pilani,hyd is offering Integrated M.E. in Computer science with specializzation in Information Security.I want to know should I get into the course? How is the placement scenario?

Sarvesh Mishra 3 years ago

Apart from pilani campus, are the other 2 campuses equal good?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Suvendu: It's difficult to analyse this in isolation. If you can tell what other options you have, then I may help in evaluating rationally. Otherwise comp. science as a branch in M.E. would certainly guarantee you the best placement among all the M.E. branches.

@Sarvesh: For the other two campuses I can say Hyd campus is establishing itself just like the New IITs. and system in Goa has set itself and has matured.

Bhaskar jyoti Bhuyan 3 years ago

Its really great

i like and i fell a well establised private institute is far better thn Nit's

its greats BITS. MY. FAVOURITE

chandan singh 3 years ago

wah kya likhe hai aap salute u

3 years ago

thank you!

raj 3 years ago

I got 345 in this year's bitsat. What are my chances of getting computer science or electronics in the Pilani campus? If not, should i prefer Hyderabad or goa? If i get that is...

Ranadheer 3 years ago

I got 290in bitsat-2013,can I get chemical or civil engineering in goa or hyderabad campus. Reply please.

varsha.. 3 years ago

i have my bitsat scheduled on may 25! I hav checked out de prev years papers..chemistry is totally RANDOM! examples of trisaachrides..dyes..all memeory based questions :( i gotta reckon my memory in four days! please help me put!

Anshuman Singh 3 years ago

Sir , I have got 341 marks in BITSAT this year . Can I get mechanical in pilani campus ?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Anshuman: Yes, you will get Mechanical in Pilani campus for your score. You may have to wait till the second iteration although.

@Randheer: Yes, you will get it at that score , But you will have to wait till the last iteration.

@Raj: It's is tough at that score to expect comp. sci at pilani but you can expect electronics.

Pradeep 3 years ago


What is the chance of getting CS or Electrical & Electronics with 353 (BITSAT 2013) score in Pilani Campus. How do rate Electrical and Electronics Depts of Pilani campus with other institutions. Further,What about BITS Pilani, pilani CS dept vs IIIT Hyderabad. Which is better ?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

CS cutoff would be very close. Either you would miss the mark by a number or two or would be in the safe zone with the same margin. You can just hope for the best.You would certainly get EEE.

I have explicitly mentioned about EEE branch in my writeup, so you can get some idea from there.

BITS Pilani CS vs. IIIT Hyd : I should say, you are comparing a brand name with a degree. You may learn more academically being at IIIT but when it comes to living life at the campus, there is no way you can compare both of them.

If you want to look beyond the books in the next 4 years, then it's BITS .

asdf 3 years ago

Sir please do reply

I got 307 marks this year ,can u please approximately tell from your experience about the likely cutoff..and branch that i may get,is bits hyderabad good

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PriyankK 3 years ago

Hello Rahar :)

I got 299 in BITSAT this year,is there a chance that I get Physics at BITS Pilani?

And,if given a choice what would you chose for a BTech in Mech between DTU and BITS Goa/Hyderabad?

DHRUVARAJ 3 years ago

Hello sir,

For ME Embedded systems and microelectronics how the placements are there in Hydrabad and Goa..,Which one is good for placements..,and which cource ,Embedded or Microelectronics

santosh 3 years ago

Hello rahar

What about placements for ME Embedded systems and microelectronics at hydrabad and goa? Replay me soon .please

Rahul 3 years ago

I got 380 in BITSAT 2013 . Is there any chance to get CS in first round at BITS pilani?

Namra Saheba 3 years ago

Hello Rahar,

I got combined score of 150 in Test 1 and Test 2 of BITS-HD 2013.

What are my chances of getting into BITS Pilani M.E. Computer Science.

And I got 65 score in Test 3 of Software Systems So what are my chances there?

And some say that 140 was the cutoff last year for M.E. Computer Science so is it the passing criteria for all students or is it the score of the last seat filled?

Please reply. Please sir.

Abhinav 3 years ago

i got 319 in bitsat this year. i am interested in mechanical but have a slight chance for it at pilani. but i can get CS at goa. So should i opt for CS or Mech. at goa?

nd also i have heard that there is going to be joint placement across the 3 campuses in some time, is it true? coz if its so then all the courses will become somewhat equivalent in the 3 campuses.

great article :)


Kalyan 3 years ago

How much should we secure in inter 2nd year?

Kalyan 3 years ago

How much should we secure in inter 2nd year?

Rajat 3 years ago

Hi Rahar,

Can u please tell if placements opportunities are good for ME in Manufacturing systems in Bits Pilani campus. Does automobile companies also come for this branch?

annapurna 3 years ago

i got 346 in bitsat 2013,can i get eee in pilani ?

deepak mishra 3 years ago

sir i have scored 360 at bitsat this year...... i am interested in robotics ...... which branch should i choose ?.. can i get cs.? what packages can a eee student expect if he works hard.? sir please do cure my curiosity!


GOVIND 3 years ago

How are placement for ME chemical engineering at bits pilani, pilani campus ??

reply soon .

sneha 3 years ago

i got 92% in cbse board and a bitsat score of 262...can i expect to get any dual course in bits pilani?????

yashasri 3 years ago

what was last to rank get in EEE department in pillani in bits pillani according to last counselling"dd Your Comment...

amitabh 3 years ago

Hii , can u plzz tell me about placements for ME -MECHANICAL students . If u have some names of the company who's coming for the ME students then plzzz tell me .

ashrith 3 years ago

can i get any b.tech course in bits hyd or goa campus. reply please

my bitsat score is 304

ayushi 3 years ago

whatever u've said about BITS Pilani applies to all 3 campuses or only Pilani?I have a score of 301.What can I expect.Is BITS Goa campus also good?

shivani 3 years ago

Hii..i have a score of 283 this year.i got selected for msc. biological sciences at Hydrabad campus in 2nd iteration.can i expect msc. physics or chemistry in 3rd n 4th iterations?

if not should i go with biology expecting BE courses next year as per dual degree programme?

varun 3 years ago

i have got msc phy at goa. (299)can i get phy at pilani?I wanted to go for research and higher education so how do u compare DCE engineering physics vs mcs phy goa.

archit 3 years ago

what all do we have to bring to pilani

ranadheer 3 years ago

sir,i got m.sc mathematics at bits hyd with a score of 290.i'm interested in chemical.can i go for 4th round?if we register for 4th round there will be no refund of total fee.so what should i do?go for next round or drop now.reply please ...

pandiyan 3 years ago

BITS pilani instution was different for other instution,new model for education system,they are give good education and student will be get bright future,student get good job.


R.pranay 3 years ago

In the middle of the integrated mba course there is any placements or internships

rama krishna 3 years ago

i have already attempted bitsat 2013 i ve got 271 marks ,i was poor in chemistry this yr again i have strong will of getting more than 330 i lost the counselling because i donot know admission procedure after exam so could u plz explain me the procedure after exam and also the cutoff of 2013 bitsat

srav 3 years ago

What is the placement record for microelectronics at Bits Hyd?or is it better at any other BITS? Does the scholarship u mentioned apply for ME as well?? please reply...thankyou :)

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nil1989 3 years ago

hi..i am planning to do ms in manufacturing technology from bits, WILP program.I have 2 years of work-ex, but problem is i have an aggregate of 54 in my engg. and in final year i got first class. As my degree certificate says first class & so is demanded by bits, can i get admission for the same?

kindly reply

vajju 3 years ago

Passing any scholarship tests like NTSE has any special privilages inadmissions?? plz help me with dis....

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 3 years ago from India Author

@Vajju: Unfortunately there is no such special privilege given to NTSE scholars. You need to clear BITSAT to get admission.

vajju 3 years ago

thank you very much.....which engineering colleges hav special privilage in getting seat by passing ntse.....I noe dis is not ur job but can plz tel dat..?

Rekha 3 years ago

nice. Thank u so much.

Akhil Pramod Emani 3 years ago

Tech fest of bits hyderabad is ATMOS and not ATOM please do correct it

vsunny 3 years ago

Can anyone tell me what is the package offered to students after completing m.tech(Computer Science)? I am really confused about it.

2012XXPSXXX:P 3 years ago

I am STUNNED!!! great job.. although there are some losers in every batch who think they got ragged and if so by their own sense-not at all common- there sorry heads should take a bow and get slapped like a donkey for the rest of their lives.. Apart from that one point I would like to regarding all the fest: they are not funded by the institution or the government but by sponsors which are very hard to get in a place like Pilani.. Also can challenge any day to match our preparations to that of any of the IITs- not that they do a bad job, their funds and sponsors make it relatively easy..

Pratheek 2 years ago

My obsession with bits is justified after all... :P

what about the R&D centres...

How many undergrad students get to work/study at the centre for robotics and intelligent systems?

ram 2 years ago

Really thnaks Mrs.rahar....a great job hatsoff

akshika 2 years ago

Sir I am sure dat I would get above 320 in bitsat as d sample papers dat m doing ..m getting more around 320..1 month is left in dat I cn prepare more..bt m even sure dat I wont get 75% aggregate in pcm..is der a way off improvin in one subject??I mean some exam in june or July??

shivani jha 2 years ago

sir i want to know whether i could get admission on basis of bitsat score or its compulsory to get 75% aggregate as i haven't done with my boards well so i am really tensed pls clear it........

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 2 years ago from India Author

@shivani : It is mandatory to score 75% in PCM no matter how good you do your BITSAT .

Amar Soni 2 years ago

first of all THANK YOU :) and Congrats for such a good information.

I have appeared in GATE this year didn't got a good rank. I have decided to go for mtech entrance test for BITS pilani. I just wanted to know how is the placements for mtech in CSE? And what is the name of exam for MTECH admission?? And what is the difference between M.E in CSE and SOFTWARE SYSTEMS? Thanks in advance :)

advaith 2 years ago

Rahar sir,I did 10th in vijayawada, andhra pradesh,, my sole aim has never been IIT.I always thought of bits pilani,, now I have written jee mains and really focusing on bitsat.here are sum doubts,,

1.are bits colleges lyk bits pilani, bits goa, bits hyderabad,, have equal importance..

2.how much score should I achieve to get computer science.

3.what is the difficulty range of bitsat exam,, like AIEEE level or IIT level,,

siddharth 2 years ago

sir plzz suggest some good books for bitsat preparation. I have heard ARIHANT BITSAT is a good book .. n can I get cs in pilani campus or it is beyond my reach considering my bad performance in jee mains 150/360

vvr 2 years ago

bits is the best

shubhi 2 years ago

how can we prepare for bitsat....can u provide some direct links which cd provide sample papers in ample nos.

vivek 2 years ago

Hi , I you have mentioned that a student whose is currently studying in bits can move to the above mentioned universities during his four years of stay at bits

shubham 2 years ago

sir how much score need for computer science in pilani ?

Bhagwat Poul 2 years ago

Dear sir, my son is studying in bits eee in first year. Now he will get vacation for 8 or more than 8 weeks. Is their any internship or any course available for bits students that will useful for his career. Please inform me thank you


chirag jain 2 years ago

sir if i got 400 + in BITSAT but my percentage is not soo good . so is there any chance of getting admission in BITS . your post had generated affection for BIT in me . what if i talk to any higher FACULTY/OFFICER

Shabir 2 years ago

Are those scholarships available at all campuses of BITS or just at Pilani?

gajanan 2 years ago

Is there really no ragging in pilani

Bhaskar 2 years ago

Really great , and inspiring for engineering aspirants. Heartfelt thanks to you Rahar bhaiya.

sahil 2 years ago

Can it give me admission with donation because i m not so intelligent

Amartya 2 years ago

Can you please tell me the "Annual" fees of BITS In all its campuses in indian rupee ????

Yash Vardhan Srivastava 2 years ago

Isn't that amazing or what!

I read your article and it has described the atmosphere so lively like no other article has. I aspire to be in BITS. Hopefully I'll get there :) Moreover it has given me the much needed inspiration for bits which i didn't have earlier.. Kudos for such an excelleent article :

Araindh 2 years ago

yeah it is good, but can any one clarify me that does it offer B.tech Mechatronics in hyderabad

MANU 2 years ago

sIR IVE SCORED ONLY 180 in BITSAT ....by freak chance can i get into BITS-Goa...i heard about this....

please help me sir

meghraj 2 years ago

sir, I've scored 350 in bitsat 2014, can I get EEE at pilani campus.

siddhu pushu 2 years ago

i have scored 499 in bitsat

krishna kant 2 years ago

is there any scholorship program for ME students for cse

ashish chauhan 2 years ago

Dear Rahar.

My son has scored 328 in BISAT. He is interested in electronics.

Could you please guide on Electronics and communications at Hyderabad vs Electrical and electronics at Goa vs Electronics and instrumentation at Pilani (if he gets very lucky).

Should he consider Chemical or Civil Engineering at BITS Pilani vs Electronics at Hyderabad or Goa campus?

I shall be grateful for the guidance.

profile image

mishrasanjay2 2 years ago

my daughter has got bitsat score of 344. Based on last year's cutoff, she is likely to get electrical & electronics in pilani campus. She would also most likely get comp. science in goa.

Which of these options should she prefer ..purely from placement & career point of view.( She doesn't hv overriding preference for any of these two)

Rishabh J 2 years ago

The only BIG problem with BITS Pilani campus is that they DONT offer ECE... only EEE.

Krish 2 years ago

Sir I have scored scored 354 in BITSAT. From what I know this was exactly the cutt off for cs in pilani. Due you think that it might be a tad bit lower this year. Because I would really love to study cs.

VINAY 2 years ago


S. Chhetry 2 years ago

My son scored 297 in BITSAT, 2014 and 94.4% in ISC. Is there any posibility of getting a chance in Electrical and Electronics, Chemical or Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus this year?

arnav 2 years ago

With score of 343 in 2014whether the coices in order of pref ok f:






Gautham 2 years ago

Bhaiyya I got 397 in this year's BITSAT, with a 485/500 in the CBSE board exam. Is it possible for me to take up Elecricals at BITS, Pilani campus?

h.m.kansal 2 years ago

This is great piece of work..congratulations! This shows happyness index and how much you love your BITS..I am an invited faculty to various engg colleges..I have decided to motivate my son for BITS..In yrs to come, it will be top university in Asia, specially after massive infrastructure development in BITS Pilani..

Mahantesh 2 years ago

Hi Rahar,

What's the Cut off marks for M.E Software Systems last year? Could you Please reply at the earliest.

saranya 2 years ago

i have got 118 in bits hd 2014...What is the expected cutoff for hyd campus in eee?

nisha 2 years ago

Well ....I just wanted to know that doing ME in mechanical from bits pilani is better than that doing from nit warangal. ME from pilani will foster placements or wat is the real scene of placements for higher degree students.

Do reply please as it is urgent.

maitri 2 years ago

grtarticle i hv got 307 .what shud be myorder for preferences. also how much should we pay at beginning of admission procedure and how much will be refunded back if we dont seek admission .is msc physics a better option or nit surathkal computersc a gud option plz do reply

esha singh 2 years ago

i sat for bitsat this year and scored 319. according to last cutoffs its probable that i may not get pilani campus but shall get hyderabad and goa campus . which should i prefer hyderabad or goa campus ?

i am much confused .plz do rply.

profile image

UTKARSH SABOO 2 years ago

HI bhaiya,

first off I would like to congratulate you on this amazing article.....truly an eye opener....

I have scored 319 marks in this year's Bitsat and I am now confused

Whether to join the Pilani campus with Dual degree or civil(maybe) OR go to the Goa campus with CS or EEE.


RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 2 years ago from India Author

@Utkarsh Saboo : Pilani campus with Dual Degree, preferably Economics.

Charul Jain 2 years ago

Hello Rahar,

Thankyou for the post!!

My brother has got 390 marks in Bitsat with 93% marks in board and expecting some 700 rank in JEE. Pl suggest what is better either to join Pilani Computer science or go with IIT's electrical mechanical.

chandan pandey 2 years ago

Dear rahar sir! I hav scored 275 in bitsat 2014 ! I hav interest in mech and ec and can also join for msc physics! Sir pls give me reply where should I go! Sir pls I hav only a limited time to decide! Pls sir reply me ! Pls pls pls

chandan pandey 2 years ago

Bhaiya pls reply me as speedy as possible! I hav a very limited time left to decide! Pls reply me

SARVAGYA 2 years ago




and will it be better to take m.sc eco at goa than m.sc chem at pilani

also pls compare goa and hyderabad for CS

Nilesh 2 years ago

I seriously need to know the procedure to change branch in BITS, Pilani .

How tough is it to get required CGPA and how many total seats are there ??

Vijay Kishore 2 years ago

I have been a bits aspirant since my 11th grade.I recently came to know that Bits (Pilani Campus) is getting flooded by North Indians and I'm afraid if south Indians get ragged/bullied there.Is this true?(I hope it isn't.

khushal 2 years ago

i have got 3248 rank in jee advanced 2014 and bits 358 marks.what should i do

CHHAYANK KUMAR 2 years ago

I scored 310 in BITSAT-2014. Can I get M.Sc. (Hons) Maths or Physics at BITS Pilani? If I will get BE Civil at BITS Pilani, then should I join it?

Kindly guide me.

Probably I will get NIT Allahabad/Jaipur or Kurukshetra with CS/ECE. Which institute I should prefer among BITS Pilani (M.Sc Maths/Physics or BE Civil) and NITs?

Sarthak 2 years ago

"..You can study both computer scienece and Electrical if you have the potential in you.."

Does the dual degree scheme provides for two engineering degrees too ?

varshith 2 years ago

dear @Rahar!! Ipe weightage for bitsat

Aanya 2 years ago

Dear Rahar,

thanks for the amazing article.....

i have scored 286 marks in bitsat 2014, can i get msc physics in goa/hyderabad?

pls reply.....

profile image

UTKARSH SABOO 2 years ago

Hi bhaiya,

The cutoffs this year have defied all logics ,predictions and shattered many hopes.

Anyway bhaiya at 317 I've got Goa E&I so I have to report there.

The current cutoff for EEE Goa is 324 so is there any chance of cutoff going down by 8 marks in the 4th iter.?????

*or should I go for M.sc. physics pilani(current cutoff is about 318)


RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 2 years ago from India Author

@utkarsh: It is highly unlikly that the cutoff would go down by 8 marks.

BIBHUTI 2 years ago

at 295 can physics (m.sc) is possible in BpHc in 4th iteration.

Arnav 2 years ago

hi Rahar Bhaiya,

the cutoffs this year have indeed skyrocketed........i am very very tensed with the present scenario......i stand at 287....are there any chances of getting msc bio in BPHC, in the 4th iteration????

please please please reply....ASAP!!!!:(

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 2 years ago from India Author

Hi Arnav. Can you tell me the current cut off for your course. Don't expect the cutoffs to fall much in the 4th iteration though.

Rahul 2 years ago

Hi Rahar, I have got admission at BITS for Work Integrated Learning Programme of M TECH in Automotive Engg , where in I will be attending online lectures and attending exams . Just wanted to know the recognition of the course in the market

Arnav 2 years ago

Hi Rahar Bhaiya.....thanks for your reply.

I think the cutoffs for msc bio might be hovering around 290....

madster... 2 years ago

Hi bhaiya! I am in 11 and want to crack bitsat with a good score! How to study for it? Your article was amazing, and now I have become a bitspilani aspirant...please help me. Eagerly waiting for your message..

Ahdilarum profile image

Ahdilarum 2 years ago

I am still searching for those 15 reasons in this hub.

Santhim 2 years ago

Is Bits Dubai as good as others?

Would it be advisable to opt for Bits dubai?

Andy 2 years ago

What will be the actual entry level JEE Mains rank for a BITS Pilani student? I know many of the top students take both exams, but most of them would actually join some of the IITs if they get both IIT and BITS. Pl do not give me the BITS cutoff as you have already shared that with us.

Ahdilarum profile image

Ahdilarum 2 years ago

There is separate exam conducted named BITSAT. Seats will be given based only on BITSAT a scores. BITSAT will be easy compared to JEE exams.

Nayan kumar jain 2 years ago

Hi fellas,

plx gimme tips to crack higher degree entrance test in ME ?? Is gate mandatory even aftr getting qualifying marks in entrance test ?


tithi 2 years ago

is btech in electrical engineering 2013 eligible for me in microelectronics in pilani campus?

RAHAR profile image

RAHAR 2 years ago from India Author

Yes tithi, they are.

tithi 2 years ago

please let me know the placement scenario for microelectronics in bits pilani as well and thanx a ton for replying to my previous query..

vinamra rathi 24 months ago


Could anyone give me some suggestion for where I should go for software engineering IIT, NIIT or BITS. I am currently in 10th standard.

Email me at : vinamrarathi771@gmail.com

G.BALA 22 months ago

As far as placements at BITS Pilani for higher degree are considered, the actual placements are a mere 50%, with several streams having zero % placements as well. For B.Tech it may be 80-85% placements though. good placements exist in Pilani Campus, and hardly any multinational / consultancy companies visit Goa/ Hyderabad. Dubai campus has no quality placements at all.

Sagar 22 months ago

what are the placement scenario for ME in mechanical

vips 22 months ago

hello.. RAHAR ,

please tell me which campus is better for computer science?

Sharon 22 months ago

Dear rahar sir I am prepaRed my mostlY syllabUs but want to know how is the biggest key I should remember giving the bitsaT exam and follow some tips my bits exam is after 1 months

Prashant 22 months ago

I m science graduate working in industry...my company is offering us work integrated btech programme from bits pilani.,,,,is this helpful to join other companies as engineer..

raj 21 months ago

How is B Pharma in BITS Pilani

Max 20 months ago

You have listed a good points here. Thanks for sharing.


yash 20 months ago

I got 358 score can I getting chance in CD in pilani campus


himrider 20 months ago

u are tellin everything except, telling the mtech placement of bits pilani

sudhansu 20 months ago

i got 150 marks in bits higher degree , plz telll me which branch to choose [placemnt wise for HD in bits pilani from DESIGN OR ME MECHANCIAL or manufacturing or thermal engineering

aakashshah11 20 months ago

Hi Rahar,I have secured 347 in Bitsat.I am aspiring for Mechnical branch.Mechanical Engg. is good in which campus (pilani or goa)?I am living at Mumbai.Goa campus is easily accecible than pilani and hence my parents wish to opt for that so that i can often come home .But I need to get into the best campus.

Your suggestion will be very helpful in deciding.

dhansu 20 months ago

hello friend mech package is less go for cs for this score, although mech is good at both campus

Anuj 20 months ago

Is it good to opt for M.E in Transportation engineering from BITS PILANI campus or not.

arun 20 months ago

hi im arun i got 338 in bitsat 2015 iwant do only cs can you tell me which campus is better are goa and hyd equivalent to pilani

yash 19 months ago

I got 338 in bits 2015,can I get cse in bits Hyderabad

sparsh 17 months ago

how can one complete b tech in 3.5 years plz elaborate

Vaibhav 9 months ago


Its a wonderful article with lots of insight!!

Wanted to know why BITS would be a great option for pursuing BPharmacy and why I should select BITS over ICT,Mumbai.

I would be most thankful if you could answer these questions.

Best Wishes!!

Johnk260 4 months ago

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miqclass 2 weeks ago

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