10 Famous Mountains In Europe

Mountains are beautiful creation of nature. Most of the highest mountains are situated in the famous and mighty Himalayan range. Alongside Himalayas, is the Karakoram range and other ranges having many peaks rising up to 8000 metres. Surely that region is considered as a heaven for extreme mountaineers.

Asian mountains are no doubt at the roof of this world, but there are many majestic mountain ranges in other continents also. Specially the continent of Europe is home to some of the most famous mountains in the world, loved by both tourists and mountaineers.

Pyrenees and Alps are the most famous mountain ranges in Europe famous for their beauty and resorts, they also have a lot to offer for mountain climbers. 

Here in this list the top 10 mountains of Europe have been mentioned:

Mount Blanc
Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc rises about 15771 feet about the sea level which is approximately equals to some 4807 meters.

It is the highest mountain in Western Europe. The mountain lies in Alps on French-Italian border. In French it is called La Dame Blanche which means ‘The White Lady’.

This mountain is famous for snowboarding, skiing, and mountaineering and hiking.

Mount Elbrus
Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is located in Caucasus mountain range of Europe. This mount is located in Russia on the border of Europe and Asia. The mountain is a volcano with twin cones.

Scientists classify this volcano to be  inactive, but still from the eastern slope some sulfurous gases still emit.

Mount Elbrus is about 18510 feet, approximately 5642 meters high. In Caucasus range, Elbrus is main center of mountaineering.

Monte Rosa
Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa, second highest in Western Europe and Alps and the highest mountain is Switzerland. This mountain is nearly 15203 feet (approx. 4634 meters) higher than the sea level. Monte Rosa lies near Swiss - Italian frontier.

The name Monte Rosa is derived from the word roëse, means Glacier, as it is a round snow covered mountain. For many climbers, this mountain is ideal for climbing from the normal north side route in summers.



It is is one of the peaks of Alps. It lies in Pennine Alps on the border of Italy and Switzerland. Monte Rosa is the parent peak of Zumsteinspitze.

Zumsteinspitze mountain is almost 14,970 miles (4,564 meters approx.) higher than sea level. The mountain is named by Royal society of Science in Turin after the name of Joseph Zumstein, the first person to climb on this peak on August 01, 1820.

Monte Perdido
Monte Perdido

Monte Perdido

Monte Perdido is also known by its French name, Mont Perdu, both names mean 'the lost mountain'.

This top summit in Europe is about 3355 meters and it is located in Spain. Monte Perdido ranks third in highest mountains of Pyrenees. The mountain is a point of attraction in the Spanish Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.

This park has more than 171 species of birds, 1500 species of flowers, 32 different type of mammals and about 8 type of reptiles. 



Mountain Signalkuppe, is known in Italian by the name, Punta Gnifetti. It is one of the peaks of Pennine Alps. The majestic mountain is about 14,941 miles which makes it nearly 4,555 meter high in to the sea level.

The mountain is famous because of The Margherita Hut, the highest hut in Europe. The hut lies within peak of this mountain.

This hut is named after the name of Queen Margheita of Savoy and was opened by the Queen herself in 1893. 



Dykh-Tau is a mountain situated in Russia its peak is elevated with the border of Georgia from the north. The mountain is the highest in Caucasus Mountains after Mount Elbrus.

Dykh-Tau is nearly 17,077 feet (5,205 m) above the sea level.

This is one of the most breath taking peaks in the fascinating Caucasus range, that is in front of the beautiful Bezingi Wall. For climbing Dykh-Tau, Russia (north) is the access.

Mount Kazbek
Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek in located in Georgia, it is one the chief mountains of Caucasus Range at the Georgian side.

The mountain is basically a composite volcano. According to height, this mountain stands seventh in Caucasus Range and on third in Georgia.

It measures about 16,512 feet (5,033 m) above the sea level. In Georgia, this mountain is called Mkinvartsveri means an ice mountain or glacier. While, in Vainakh it is called Bashlam which means molten mountain. 



Lyskamm has a nick name ‘menschesfresser’ means the men-eater. It is given this nick name because of many frequent avalanches and cornices lying of its 5 kilometer long ridge.

This mountain lies on Italian-Swiss border and has two distinct peaks.

This men-eating mountain Lyskamm measures 14,852 feet (approx. 4,527 meters) above the sea level. It is one of the lower peaks of Mount Rosa.



Considerable peaks of Caucasus Mountain Range include the famous name of Ushba as well.

This mountain is 15,453 feet (4,710 meters) high with the above on sea level.

The mountain is located in Georgia and Russia.

Even though it is not one of highest ten peaks but it considerable because of its spire-shaped double summit. Ushba is also known as ‘Matterhorn of Caucasus’. 

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