100 internet tips and sites

100 hundred tips for the internet:

1. Use google as a search engine

2. Use google news and other news sites to keep in touch with local news no matter where you are in the world

3. Run at least 2 email accounts one "work" one and another "fun" one that you sign up to websites with

4. Only use secure websites with your credit card. They are usually indicated by a locked sign. Monitor your credit card transactions for dodgy payments

5. Use internet banking it is easy and can be accessed any where

6. Invest in a smart phone, iPad or tablet to keep in touch when traveling

7. if travelling start a blog to keep everyone upto date with where you are.

8. Never email what you would not say. Keep mean things to say to someones face.

9. Join a social networking site like facebook

10. Never post anything that reflects badly on you ie pictures of you drunk, nasty comments about people, they reflect badly on you and could cost you employment in the future

11. Read online newspapers and save money

12. Join a site for your interests eg thefreshloaf.com if you are interested in making and baking bread from scratch

13. Love writing? then join the site fanfiction.com and submitt some of your work for appraisal by the public

14. Interested in having a voice in issues join getup.com

15. Use gmail as an email provider.

16. Use Skype to keep in contact with family and friends

17. Use Flickr.com to show the world your pictures

18. Like to comment on a variety of things? join voicethread.com

19. Use travel forums to get updates on the conditions of your destination.

20. Use dfat.gov.au to keep up to date on travel warnings.

21. looking for cheap flights in asia use airasia.com to find them

22. Want to share your powerpoint presentation use slideshare.com

23. When forwarding emails delete the address information from the previous sender.

24. Keep a scan of your important documents in your email account. If they get stolen you have a colour copy of them.

25. Use BCC in email to keep your boss in the loop when you send emails

26. Use google apps

27. Down load free podcasts to keep you entertained on public transport. The BBC and the ABC are good providers.

28. Make sure the next mobile that you buy has WLAN so that you can use wireless networks to send your emails on the run.

29. Use REIWA.com to listen to internet radio

30. Cant find a book use amazon.com to buy it

31. Join digg.com to keep in touch with interesting information on the internet.

32. Only use the password remember function if the computer is yours or you have a profile on it.

33. Share a computer create a profile for each user.

34. Bookmark favourite sites.

35. Use firefox as a browser or if you are social networker. Flock

35. Want to meet someone join RSVP.com.au

36. If you are going to meet someone off the net then make sure it is a public place and that someone who care for you is aware of what you are doing.

37. Personalise your toolbar

38. Always clear your private data when you use a public computer

39. Have your browser on a safe setting.

40. Always scan downloaded files before you open them

41. Keep your browser updated

42. Have a viral scan plan and keep to it

43. Every so often clean up your temporary internet files and delete your cookies

44. Always use a spam filter in your email.

45. Use your computer to store the information from your mobile phone

46. Use google chat to keep up with your friends.

47. Dont pass on those warning emails unless you are sure they are not a host to check use http://www.hoax-slayer.com/

48. Make sure your fire walls are up to date

49. Only accept friendship invitations from people you know on social networking sites.

50. Be careful what you put in twitter and social networking sites eg dont as one bright spark did " too trashed to go to work" if your boss is one of your "friends" on the site

51. Use Linux as an operating system there are less viruses

52. Use skype to contact family and friends

53. Use VOIP to call people cheaply

54. Use http://www.bugmenot.com to evade compulsory registration to websites

55. Use http://www.urbandictionary.com to keep up with all the lingo in our changing world

56. Find out all you need to on wikipedia

57. Use http://www.qipit.com to turn photos of documents into PDF's with your mobile

58. Unsure of the message that yout document is sending use http://www.boodle.com to clear it up.

59. Sick of sitting in queues use nophonetrees.com to talk directly to a person in the company of your choice

60.http://www. bossbitching.com a place to share your thoughts anonomously about your boss

61. Want some cool short cuts to use go here http://www.keyxl.com/

62. Try http://www.youmail.com as a new way of using voice mail

63. http://www.hadtosay.com so you can always say what you mean even anonymously

64. Want to talk to someone new the use http://www.tworl.com

65. Like reading and making lists maybe you should visit http://www.onmylist.com

66. Like to know if the recipient received and read your email use http;//www.spypig.com

67.need an online alarm clock go to http://www.onlineclock.net

68. Like polls then go to http://pollicious.com/

69. Like audiobooks then look at http://www.podiobooks.com/

70. Use http://www.scribd.com to rate find and use documents

71. http://wordie.org/ for words you love, hate or want to share

72. A free way of managing your money http://www.mint.com/

73. Want to use your phone as an Ereader use http://www.booksinmyphone.com/

74. Want to call the future? do it here http://www.callthefuture.org/

75. Want to send an email in the future use http://www.lettermelater.com/

76. Get off mailing lists http://www.proquo.com/

77. Not sure which book to read next consult http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/search

78. Not sure how much the taxi should cost go to http://www.worldtaximeter.com/

79. Want someones address and only have their phone number use http://www.sullr.com/

80. Like checklists go to http://www.simplychecklists.com

81. Want to travel in the US and would like a guide go to http://www.travelguidesfree.com

83. Want to make a pdf into a word document use http://www.pdfundo.net

84. Stay up to date with new website with http://www.stumbleupon.com

85. Another nice website is http://www,makeuseof.com

86. If you are not reading emails you are receiving unsubscribe or block them

87 If using gmail use labels to organise your email

88. Use folders to keep your emails ordered

89. Use the outlook calendar to keep upto date

90. If using outlook use the colour buttons to rate importance of emails

91. Turn off your computer when not in use to save electricity

92. Make sure your passwords include numbers capitals and lowercase

93. Try to use different passwords for different things ie dont use the same password for your email and your internet banking

94. Change your passwords regularly

95. Dont share your passwords

96. Supervise your children on the net

97. Install wireless internet in your home

98. Lock your wireless network down

99. Don't allow children to have computers in their rooms

100. Dont spend too much time on the internet at the expense of realtime relationships

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RGraf 7 years ago from Wisconsin

Thank you for all the tips.

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