12 Steps for Workaholics


  • If you stay up late to finish a job just because you want to, not because you need to, and yet you show up late for a family dinner, then you can be a workaholic.
  • If you go on vacation and you can not enjoy the sun without always seeing your PDA, then you can be a workaholic.
  • If you check your email while you are watching TV, in the middle of the night or during meals, then you can be a workaholic.
  • If during the holidays you can not leave out your mobile phone, laptop, PDA, then you can be a workaholic.
  • If you replace all your hobbies with work, then you can be a workaholic.
  • If you think that people who do not work more than 60 hours per week are sloppy, then you can be a workaholic.
  • If you don't take a time for you, or eat on the desk where you work just so you can work more, then you can be a workaholic.
  • If your work habits begin to harm your health and your relationships and you are not doing anything about it, then you are a workaholic.

Here are 12 steps that can help you free yourself.

  • Step 1 - Make a written list of what is most important to you, by their order of importance. Keep this list visible, it will help you focus up for what is really important.
  • Step 2 - Set a time to leave work aside. If you work at home or even outside, you must have a time to stop work, for example 18.00. Let the computer, e-mails and any call-related work. This will help you not only focus at work but helps you to find other thing to do with YOUR time.
  • Step 3 - Lunch every day and leave work, or tasks related to work. You, like anyone else, need time to let your mind rest. You can create a bad habit of eating bad food or to eat at work without even realizing it. Take a walk, take a nap or just sit and dream a little.
  • Step 4 - Do you have a hobby. Find something you like to do after work. Fishing, bowling, doing puzzles, bungy jumping, hiking, climbing, soccer, whatever it is. There are thousands of things you can do that will expand your experience and bring more excitement and joy to your day-to-day.
  • Step 5 - Take at least one day a week for not doing anything related to work. No more phone calls from work, computer, e-mails, letters, nothing. Use this day to doings things of greater priority on your list (Step 1).
  • Step 6 - Find someone to keep you busy. It is very difficult not to check e-mail, leave the laptop at home or not answer calls at work and drop them in voice mail. I know from personal experience how hard it is if it's part of some work habits. At first you begin to justify your actions by saying things like: "But it's important", "It's just a call" and my favorite, "but I like to work, I prefer that to watching television".

  • Step 7 - Learn to manage your time. Always do in first place the most important tasks, if you finish this ones the chance you stay work late is lower.
  • Step 8 - Say no more often. Remember that you can not be in two places at once, so when you say yes to a customer you have to say no to your wife, girlfriend, friend, relative, etc.
  • Step 9 - Learn when you should say "It is enough". Stop being such a perfectionist. Ask yourself more often "Why all this?" And "So?". Get to work late can even make a good impression to the customer, and even can give the impression that you are a great professional, but can also mean you lose a friendship, girlfriend, wife, family. Worth?
  • Step 10 - Take care of your health. Eat well, exercise and rest the time required. You will surprise yourself to see how your day goes better and achieve better return on your time when you have the mind and body are both to work effectively.
  • Step 11 - Be sociable. Relationships are important to our health and well being. Makes it to extend your social network, inviting friends, going out to dinner, go to public places and crowded.
  • Step 12 - One that should not even be necessary to mention. Get 1 month of vacation! If you were working in a company you had 1 month of vacation, as Freelancer no need to be different.

If you have any more idea of how to avoid becoming a workaholic share with us.
Work a lot but... Enjoy life and the family even more.

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