15 April : Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday


Historical Background

Leonardo da Vinci is short for Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. The “da” actually stands for “from”. That’s right, da Vinci means from the town of Vinci. “di ser” is actually stands for “son/daughter of sir” (similar to “bin” in middle east.) So Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci actually stands for “Leonardo son of Sir Piero from Vinci.” So his name is actually short. He is born in (well Vinci of course) small town in Florence. He was born on 15 April 1452 (same day and reason why this hub is created). He became Andrea del Verrocchio’s apprentice when he visited Andrea’s workshop in Florence.  There are lots of technical skills from arts such as painting, drawing, modelling and sculpting. However, that’s not all he learnt about chemistry, metallurgy, metal working, leather working, mechanics and carpentry. Thanks to Andrea del Verrocchio,  Leonardo became one of greatest inventor, artist, scientist, engineer.


The Uffizi Annunciation

With help of his master, Leonardo da vinci manage to paint one of his first masterpieces which is called The Uffizi Annunciation. This painting is a symbol of Mary Virgin and city of Florence.  The angel kneeling in front of her to tell her that she will soon become the Mother of Christ. However, there’s few debate regarding the authenticity between this artwork and Annunciation from the Louvre, Paris.


The Last Supper

The painting was painted on 1498 . This paint is about the last supper Jesus had with his disciples. he mentioned that one of his disciples would betray him . The painting represents the story very clear. It took him 3 years to create this painting (1495 - 1498). However, the painting is falling apart due the dry plaster he used on the material instead of wet (fresco technique)


Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa or La Gioconda was painted initially on 1504 in Italy. However, due to his procrastination, (common among artist though). His painting is about seated woman name Lisa del Gionconda. For having ambiguity of her expression in the painting, causing the viewer to have such attraction toward his painting. Most people would actually say this is the most famous painting in the world. This is the last paint before Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519.

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rajanrayhan profile image

rajanrayhan 5 years ago from Bangladesh

Great Collection and funny gift for hubbers. Thanks.

AmrilRadzman profile image

AmrilRadzman 5 years ago Author

Just made solely for remembering him :D

zanin profile image

zanin 5 years ago from London, England

With all due respect to Mr Da Vinci -may he rest in peace, Mona Lisa seems like an ordinary painting of a plain woman to me. What is all the fuss about? Please enlighten me? Very informative hub by the way. Learned lots. Thanks

DrewCaveney profile image

DrewCaveney 5 years ago from United Kingdom

nice hub, thanks

AmrilRadzman profile image

AmrilRadzman 5 years ago Author

Well, the painting became famous because of Leonardo himself. Being in Renaissance time for being knowledge seeker, inventor,artist,heroic make mona lisa the last piece of art by the great man. What make it famous are also the research done on the painting. Some people assume that mona lisa is self potrait of Leonardo himself by looking at the mirror. Left is right, right is left. One mystery is Shroud of Turin which commonly associated with wrapping Jesus's body. There's a picture on the shroud and by doing facial reconstruction, both mona lisa and the face in shroud have the same face width at same point. Some people say that the smile, face of expression which somehow doesn't reconnect with her face. Since Mona Lisa is actually positioned as seated, People thought on how she was seated. Is it kneeling position or sit on a chair due to her weird hand gesture. One other possibilities is that Mona Lisa is pregnant.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

I recently read a bit of history about Da Vinci. He evidently understood from whence his giftedness came. He prepared himself to paint the Christ in his last supper by fasting and praying, yet when he lifted his brush to paint the face his hand trembled--he may have been even wiser than most people think.

Thanks for the quick look at Leo's work. :)

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