The Greatest Hoax Of The 21st Century: 2012 Armageddon

Reasons behind Dec 21 2012

Why have so many lies been told in order to create fear over this date. This is an open ended question that could be answered many many different ways. I think the reason that makes the most sense is to profit from it. Many people have websites on this subject which creates ad revenue, and sells their Ebooks. This date has been blown out of proportion for pure greed. Another reason is for recruiting religious groups. Any time there is the possibility of a world changing disaster people feel more inclined to convert to a religion for two reasons. The first being that maybe there devine being they worship may spare them from the catastrophe, and the second being that they will go to heaven or a similar place apposed to hell. In my opinion these are the reasons why some are spreading fear about this date.

Hurricane Katrina

Current Weather Theory

Some people attribute our changing climate to the fact that we are coming closer to Galactic Center.They say that we are experiencing more Natural Disasters because the magnetic field is disrupting the Earth. This is false because we are not going close to Galactic center, we are actually moving away from it (see my post on the Galactic Plane). Our climate is changing for several reasons:

1. Human Emissions and pollution, this is what is causing the majority of the climate change

2. The Earths orbit

3. Relationship between the Ocean and the Atmosphere

4. Volcanic Eruptions

5. Activity of the sun

The emissions you and I create enforce the greenhouse effect. Humans are causing the climate change not the Galactic plane, Nibiru, or anyone else. I know that we like to blame others for our mistakes, but it is us that is destroying our beautiful planet.



Some of these Dooms Day theories are derived from Nostradamus and the Bible. To both of these I give no weight to them scientifically. For Nostradamus his predictions are so vague that they are open for interpretation. I am not very familiar with the bible but again, both of these sources bear no weight in a scientific discussion.

Planets on December 21st 2012

Planetary Alignment

      The above is where the planets will be on December 21st 2012. They are not even close to being aligned. One storey is that all the planets will align on December 21st 2012 and it will also be aligned with the Galactic Plane. I have already debunked that we will not be going through the Plane in the year of 2012. There will be no planetary alignment on December 21st 2012 period. It amazes me that some people are still lying to you, trying to spread fear and sell there E books that all have to do with "Surviving 2012".

Earth's Magnetic Field

This shows Earth's magnetic field during a magnetic shifting of the poles.
This shows Earth's magnetic field during a magnetic shifting of the poles.

Pole Shifts and 2012

There are two different theories on the pole shift that will occur on December 21st 2012. The first I will talk about is a magnetic pole shift, which is a reversal between the North and South poles. The second pole shift I will be covering is a physical shift of the Earth's Crust.

Magnetic Pole shift: The above picture shows the Earth during a magnetic pole shift (which is currently happening).As you can see the Earth's magnetic field is not dormant during this pole shift, it just becomes more complicated. So as this pole shift occurs the Earth's South pole could travel up to Asia, or to Africa, until the poles have completely swapped spots. During this pole shift we are still protected against solar storms and space radiation. A Magnetic pole shift is a slow process, it takes hundreds even thousands of years. The biggest consequence of this pole shift will be changing our compasses in a few hundred years.

Physical Pole Shift:This occurs when the Earths crust shifts. We have had a few degree physical pole shift, but not a physical polar reversal. This would take a vast amount of energy that could not be linked to any increase in solar activity, or natural cycle. A physical polar reversal would be devastating to the Earth and its inhabitants, but you would not be able to pinpoint a day of this event or if it will even happen.

Galactic Plane

Galactic Plane Theory

What is the Galactic Plane? The Galactic plane is a gravitational field stretching out from the black hole in the center of the galaxy, that has a very high force of gravity. The black hole in our galaxy has an estimated mass of one trillion stars, which is what gives it such an enormously strong gravitational field. Because the black hole is so massive, it spins incredibly fast which causes the Galactic plane to be quite thin and it also causes our galaxy to have a spiral shape. In the picture above the Central Galactic Plane is the gravity field created by the black hole.

I am not denying the fact the this plain does exist, because it does. If we were passing through it in a few years it would lead to catastrophic disasters on our planet. Because the Earth moves in a sinusoidal curve back and forth over this Galactic plane we are heading towards it, but will not move through it for a long time.

So what would occur if we did move through this Galactic Plane? Large solar flares, like nothing we have seen before which could scorch the Earth. A pole shift, and many natural disasters. These natural disasters would be unlike current natural disasters they would be much larger and more intense.

Now I will try to show you why this will not occur any time soon. Right now we are not very close to Galactic center. And precession is such a slow process the position of Earth with respect to the galactic plane on Dec 21st 2009 will be very similar to the position of earth on Dec 21st 2012. It would make more sense in fifty to a hundred years time. Not the short period of time until December 21st 2012. However, from other sources this cycle occurs approximately ever 33 million years, and there is evidence we crossed it three million years ago which would indicate we would still be moving away from Galactic center and not towards it.


The galactic plane is a real thing, caused by the black hole in the middle of our galaxy. Passing through it could be catastrophic, but we will not be passing through it for another 30 million years. There is evidence showing the Earth passed through this plane three million years ago.

The Mayan's

First off a brief history of the Mayan's. They were an ancient civilization that were brilliant astronomers. There calendars were accurate enough to track every planet in its orbit and then show dates of astrological events such as a lunar eclipse. So where do the Mayans come into play in this hoax you might ask? Well they have a few calendars, one of them called the long count calendar. It has a period of 5,126 years, the end of this long count calender is set for December 21st 2012 (the long count calender on this day will be The Mayan's never predicted the destruction of the Earth on this day, instead they said great change would happen on this day. They never said what the great change was, it could be the destruction of the Earth, however, others speculate it to be a shift from our old ways, a kind of a spiritual evolution (I on the other hand believe no such spiritual evolution will occur). Also the calendar might be just reset from to Some say that on this day the Earth will align itself with the galactic plane, this is false though, it will not align with galactic center. Nowhere does it say the doomsday will occur on December 21st 2012. We tend to think beginning to end, which is completely different then how the Mayan's think, they thought in cycles, their calendar does not end it is just another cycle.

Do not live in fear because nothing will happen on this day, it will just be another day except the doomsayers will feel really foolish. However, it is always important to have a plan for natural disasters as these could occur at any time. It is important to have enough water and food to last you a month, as well as survival clothes. I urge you right now to make a survival kit for you and your family and always be prepared. Right now there is a lot more to worry about then 2012.

A Wong Translation

A Sumerian Stone Tablet
A Sumerian Stone Tablet

The Sumerian's part in the hoax

First off who were the Sumerians? They were an ancient civilization that existed from 2900-1800 BC, who lived in the area of mesopotamia. A large amount of evidence supporting 2012 is taken from the Sumerian's.

I will start by talking about the above picture. In the above picture it has been said that this shows every planet in our solar system, in the correct dimensions and distance away from the sun (Jupiter the largest, Earth the third planet etc etc.), but it also shows 12 planets. If you minus the sun and the moon (they thought these were both planets) that leaves us with 10 planets. This is where the myth of Nibiru comes from. Nibiru is a planet said to be four times the size of Earth and having a 3600 year orbit around the Sun, its orbit comes very close to Earth. The picture above was originally translated by Zecharia Sitchin. However, the symbol for sun in the Sumerian culture is not what is in the middle of this diagram, it closely resembles the symbol for the sun (below is a picture of the Sumerian symbol for the sun, now look back at the picture above and compare the symbols), but instead it is the symbol for a star. This is counter argument number one to Planet X (Nibiru).

The second argument being if it truly was only about four years away from close contact with the Earth we would be able to see it by now. In some reports it has four times the mass of earth. If it was coming at Earth it could not be more than a billion killometers away, therefore we would already be able to see it. For example Pluto would be both further away and smaller then the approaching Planet X. It is believed by some that on this Planet X is a race called the Anunnaki (meaning those from Heaven in Sumerian). They are an alien race that came to Earth on Planet X's last orbit into the inner solar system. There is talk of them being the creators of the human race, and giving the Sumerian's knowledge of the planets in the solar system. Which some use to explain the picture above because the Sumerians would be unable to see Pluto without a telescope, but I have already explained that the picture is not what is appears to be. And if these superior beings did give the Sumerians Knowledge of our solar system why would they tell them that both the moon and the sun are planets when they are not?

I believe the most concluding evidence is the lack of evidence of this Planet X. It is fantasy, nothing more.

Nibiru hoax Quotes

A picture of the Sumerian Symbol for the Sun

Good Brief Overview of 2012

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S.C. Vital Speed profile image

S.C. Vital Speed 7 years ago from NJ

I must say thi is a cool hub, but I respectfully disagree. Everything you said does indeed make it all sound like a hoax, but there is countless evidence that ranges from the Bible to modern astrononmy which all suggest that 2012 will be a year of unparalleled traumatic change. Nostradamus predicted that 2012 might be a year of apocalyptic proportions. There have been apocalyptic predictions throughout history, but this is the first time that they are actually coinciding with the real world. Nibiru may indeed be a hoax, but the planet is physically decaying and the sun is nearing it 24th cycle in which it will peak and there are a string of countless scientific theories about what could happen, none of which is pleasant. The Galactic alignment, is going to occur on 2012, and that only happens every 26,000 years. There are many scientists that believe superwaves from the center of the galaxy might at the very least wipe out all electronic communication or complete obliteration at most. .... must i go on?

Lastly, Nibiru is more than likely true but hidden from the public by the government. Planet X has been known for decades that it existed because of the effects its huge gravity has on the other planets in the solar system, and it was also known that we weren't able to see it due to its highly eliptical orbit which take 26,000 years to orbit the sun. The reason we aren't able to see it yet is because the first time it will be able to be seen in the northern hemisphere is in the second half of this year. Right now planet X is visible in the southern hemisphere will a telescope and naked eye in antarctica. I guess we'll find out for sure if its a hoax or not sometime around June. :)

By the way, I am too in my second year of college and majoring computer science. I look forward to your next hub.

Matts88 profile image

Matts88 7 years ago from Canada Author

Great point, there is a lot of evidence pointing towards this event, there is a lot of hype, which is getting people very very scared. However, most of it can be explained, most of it has been blown out of proportion. So here is my reaction to your argument: On the bible you got me, I am not very religious and do not have very much knowledge of this. But in the world of Science the Bible does not really hold up to well... As for Nostradamus I also give no validity to this source, his predictions are vague and he has predicted dooms day before. The galactic alignment and galactic plane I will be getting to this eventually, I have found software on the Internet which allows you to see the planets orbit on everyday of the year, even into the future. I will post a picture of my findings, you may disagree now but please keep an open mind. The people writing their findings want you to be scared, it creates hype. Check back often, I will be updating this hub soon, thanks for the comment Vital Speed you made some valid points.

Lissa 7 years ago

@Vital Speed you are misinformed there really is no such thing as galactic alignment the planets are never completely aligned.What occurs every 26,000 years is called precession and it will occur on 12/21/12 as it always has every 26,000 years all it basically means is completing a rotation and we will eventually pass through the galactic plane which some scientists fear will leave us open to more meteorites,asteroids,etc...But,their current calculations range anywhere from a few hundred to a few million years.As far as the bible goes I really don't know how it ties in the last time i heard the thumpers were saying 5/11.

Lissa 7 years ago

I would also be interested in knowing what scientist has said superwaves from the center of the galaxy could knock out eletronic communication.During solar peak which happens every 11 years a large enough flare could disable eletrical grids and communication I don't remember when but part of canadas electric grids were knocked out by a large solar flare once.Currently the sun is devoid of sunspots.Nostradamus his predictions were so vague you can really interpret them to mean what ever you want usual after the fact.I also don't know of any current modern astronomer that currently believes this rubbish astrologers sure,but,there is a huge difference between the two.

I'am a true lover of astronomy and always up to date on what is occuring in our universe as a matter of fact the only reason i'am up now is so that I can see comet lulin during its once and only approach to earth 38million miles is pretty darn close.

Matts88 profile image

Matts88 7 years ago from Canada Author

I have never heard of this solar peak which can knock out electrical grids. I will have to look into this. I am also an very interested in astronomy. Comet lulin was that the one that is flying tail first? I wanted to see that comet but it was overcast last night where I live. Thanks for the comments :)

Joe Gioielli 7 years ago

Oh well, I guess I better start making my credit card payments again.

Stupid Myans.

Matts88 profile image

Matts88 7 years ago from Canada Author

Haha yup that would be a good idea Joe :).

Lissa 7 years ago

The solar flare occurred on march 6th 1989 it tripped one or more power grids in quebec.Its not the solar maximum or minimum that does the damage its a large sunspot emitting a cme or solar flare. We usually reach maximum during the suns polar reversal last week a sunspot emerged that was still part of solar cycle 23 and a couple of days ago they found one part of cycle 24 but its already fading.Each solar cycle roughly last 11 years.If a large enough flare hit it could disable communications from our sattilites, would not actually physically kill anyone on earth.

Lissa 7 years ago

Yeah, Comet Lulin is actually moving the opposite direction of the planets.

Angela 7 years ago

My husband, sis in law, and I have been talking about 2012 for a while now. I go through cycles of saying, "ha! what hog wash!" and "oh hell, we're doomed!" As a rule I don't buy into doomsday prophesies, but 2012 stuff is everywhere. Thanks for boosting my rationality. Fear mongering is pervasive these days. I read a book in college about Mayans and modern folks who carry on their traditions called "Breath on the Mirror"--non-fiction. There is a great deal in it about naming the some people still do this. It's always occurred to me that the calendar would eventually reset. I don't figure the world will end when my desk calendar runs out of pages or that my bank account is empty because I run out of checks.

Tim 7 years ago

Thanks for putting my mind at ease!

Saristotle profile image

Saristotle 7 years ago from St.Louis

:) good to hear

Zero 7 years ago

I'm going to run down my steet naked on 12/21/12. Why? Because it'd be funny, just like it'd be funny if I did it tomorrow.

Hell yes.

John 7 years ago

If we are alive after this date. 01/01/2013 there is a huge party at my house!warm beer no electricity but beer none the less!

Kevin 7 years ago

One little point. People keep throwing in the Bible:

1. as if it had anything to do with this 2012 stuff, but then giving no support to that claim. The Bible is not a book of hidden codes, secret messages, or doomsday predictions, and no thoughtful respecter of the Bible reads any of this 2012 hype into it.

2. and then dismissing it with, "I don't really know anything about that." If you don't really know anything about it, then you have zero basis for either accepting or rejecting any bearing it may have on the subject.

japzlloyd profile image

japzlloyd 7 years ago

same here.. i don't really know anything about that!

doker 7 years ago

SC Vital Speed, just wanted to inform you that you're retarded. He basically debunked every single point you "made". Oh, and the massive planet X is more than likely to exist, and the govt knows about it due to its large gravitational influence on other planets? Well mr. retard, you might want to learn about this other planet, called Jupiter. It's over thousands of times the size of the earth. Oh yeah, there's also this other planet, "Saturn", which is also orders of magnitude larger than earth. So Planet X, if it existed, which it absolutely does not, would have a negligible gravitational effect on any planet, unless of course it passed RIGHT BY us... in which case the site creator noted, we'd be able to see it by now.

Thanks for showing us how stupid you are! It was good for a laugh or two.

John 7 years ago

I think something will happen in 2012 in it's not just another Y2K scare. There are so many things that our great ansestors have warned us about. We should really take this 2012 date as a warning. Crop circles are already showing up the size of 4 football fields mapping 3D images of our solar systems across england. 2012 is here and we should act now. Bee's are dieing, people are starving, and the aliens are coming. LOL!

Gman 7 years ago

You never know...everything here and around is theory anyway.

Nice to see some thinking outside of the box tho

Gupster 7 years ago

'Accept nothing without proof, Dismiss nothing without proof'

Open your mind to everything

DevRN 7 years ago

Doker: I think you really should respect others thought. Do you know about your own body?it's part!it's active cell!how nerves are connected on each part of the body.

It's all pre-design. Vital didn't say he discovered he was going thru some of the theory. You take science or Mythology both are based upon theory.

I don't know whether 2012 is true. If not then okay. But if it is then we should at least try something to save. Again it's different matter whether we can do it. But what's harm in trying.

Since last 1 year I am also seeking the great evidence and I have gone through so many books. But still I am unable to find the exact reason. Eventhough I'll not say it's hoax. I'll say I am not expert on astronomy so may be it is being difficult for me to believe all.

But fren I've one observation: people who are programmer, hacker or those who are in technology basically. They are believing it. I don't know why. I am also from technology Background. And somewhat I also believe this.

Daniel 7 years ago

I think that this whole thing is (excuse the langage) all shit!

Not a retard 7 years ago

Ok, if its true then we all mostly die. So what?? The planet is doomed with so many people anyways. I just hope I live. IF not, so be it. Rest of you can shove off. HA!!

420John 7 years ago

all i know is that the galatic alignment will happen there will be an eclipse causing 2 days of darkness. the magnetic poles are changing and there will be solar flares heading toward earth. who knows what will happen. just know on 12/20/12 and 11.59pm i will be enjoying myself a fat joint waiting to see how everything plays out.

GoToChurch79 7 years ago

Has anyone seen the hilarious commercial and website on the Institute for Human Continuity (IHC)? or watched the interesting videos on YouTube(2012 fact or fiction 1-8)? These scientists are doing a great job promoting their doomsday books. No man nows when that day will come.

420John 7 years ago

Ya with the lottery for survival and stuff. i went to the website and its a legit site. but on the commercial it says on the bottom this film has not been rated.....rofl

Nate 7 years ago

the fact of the matter is NO ONE KNOWS SHIT, so don't get all freaked out about 2012 just be prepared, just in case cause ill tell you what the government is getting prepared... maby you should take precautions as well.

Matts88 profile image

Matts88 7 years ago from Canada Author

No one really does know, I believe I have disproven the most common of the doomsday theories. You should always be prepared for natural disasters.

jiberish profile image

jiberish 7 years ago from florida

You covered a lot of ground, I'm hoping that things will take a smooth transition like from BC to AD. Great Hub!

I_will_still_be_here 7 years ago

All this blather is just to sell books. Nothing odd will happen on 12/21/2012 except all you ding-a-lings who believe this will be embarrassed, and probably DISAPPOINTED! Imagine that. "Rats, we're wrong and are all still alive."

Russell 7 years ago

I don't believe 2012 will happen, considering that it looks very ridiculous imagining a hell lot of natural disasters happening at once.

But if it does happen, it happens. But I think it would be because some of us, to be honest, are treating earth horribly.

Percy 7 years ago

I looked a lot of these sites on both ends of the spectrum and this is the only one that would back it up with evidence. How is it that several scientists (professionals in their respective fields) when asked what the significant event is going to be, no one knows. The closest response we have received is a polar shift and we don't know by how much, how long it will take and what effect it will have on our planet. But they can claim that they have enough evidence to come up with an exact date. Just check out a couple Youtube sites and see what I'm talking about.

Also, Earth has gone through many changes over hundreds of millions of years. It's never been a sudden change that takes place over days or even hours. Why would it suddenly start now?

lbtrader profile image

lbtrader 7 years ago from Canada

I agree with you on the hype aspect of 2012. We could blame the ease of publishing on the Internet for that. But on the same token we could say that the host of hubpages is nothing more than a parasite living off of the avails of the herd.

If you make a penny off of this hub does that make you a charlatan and a hoax.

I personally publish plenty of blog posts on 2012 issues and yes I make 2 bucks a day from the hundreds of hours that it took me to research the material. Does that make me a snake oil salesman.

One thing I never do is make claims about any of the 2012 scenarios. Society as it is today could use a good dose of higher consciousness and some 2012'ers state that the great year will be nothing more than a portal to a better world.

You are right there crooks who would say anything to make money from the subject. But did it ever occur to you that wherever there is talk of money or the exchange of money there is likely to be a thief in the near vicinity.

If earning money from talking smack on the net was a crime then likely half the blogs and websites would be shut down.

Maybe they should be?

Our world might be a better place then. But it would be an infringement on free speech.

2012 might be a total hoax as you claim but I will personally only say that when 2013 shows itself.

jcurrie 7 years ago

The Grand Planetary Alignment - Not 2007 or 30013 BUT 1982-1984. Back then the planets aligned, people predicted that it was the end of the earth, nothing happened but it looked great. Nice site to look up and see all the planets clearly. Not a straight line but a slight arc.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeee 7 years ago

You makea great point with this. I don't think the world will end on this day, but I must say I will be scared to death when it gets closer to 2012..LOLZ.

pussykat 7 years ago

I live with a bloke who eats, breathes, and dreams about this stuff and is making my life completely miserable saying we have to move to a 'safer place', learn combat, store enough food for 3 years, learn to make candles and bla bla bla! I got so depressed few months ago I did not even want to be here at all! Now, thankfully, I am at the point that I choose to live my life in the present, with love and joy, and bugger this stupid comet!! Let it come, I say, but its not going to destroy the life I choose to live each moment!!

mike 7 years ago

um september 15, 2014 is the actual date when things here will go major apetard. NOT 2012. We have an extra 2 years almost.

funkymonk 7 years ago

Well this is very interesting, I am into the 2012 whole idea, but I do not believe that anything bad would happen, you all talked about the bible , but did anyone think of the "Quran" which is the Islam religion book, I am not a religious person but based on Quran some facts deny that the end of the world would be 2012, I am not saying Quran is right, I will just state few of what has been mentioned there, and also by profit Mohammad and other profits:

Signs of the End of the world based on the Quran:

1. World War 3.

2. Palestine would be free from Israeli's and claimed back by Palestinians.

3. Return of Jesus Christ.

I honestly do not recall anymore, but many others things have been said, and again i say, I am not saying Quran is right or wrong, I am not against Israeli's, Palestinians or whoever the land belongs to in the first place, I am just saying in a way that, if 2012 is doomsday then Islam and Quran is wrong, one must be right, either 2012 or Quran.

I am just trying here to ease it off some people who are afraid of the 2012 world end, if you want to know more, take religion books in consideration, Christian, Muslim and Jewish, take what they say, compare it to science, compare it to media, get the best out of it, there must be conflicts and lies in the end.

Sorry I do not mean to offend anyone here, just trying to help :) peace to all!

funkymonk 7 years ago

alright, found this article here that is around the same subject of what I've mentioned above

Matts88 profile image

Matts88 7 years ago from Canada Author

mike says:

25 hours ago

um september 15, 2014 is the actual date when things here will go major apetard. NOT 2012. We have an extra 2 years almost.

And so it continues, new doomsday theories, every civlization of man thinks his time will be the last, every civlization of man thinks the era they live in is the most important (of course) none of us want to think that one day our current civilization will be considred ancient history and regarded as quite primitive.

tyler 7 years ago

the scariest part of this 2012 hype is the ignorance of the collective human mind. even if nothing happens in 2012 the events leading up to that one date will have dramatic impact on a global level. this doomsday theory is unique because it is being brought to life years before it will actually arrive. this time allows for more widespread panic

perpetuated by the ignorance of man. 3rd world countries would not have been affected by y2k even if it had been a disaster. 2012 will spread into the minds of every person on the planet. whether they believe or not doesn't matter. what matters is that collectivly all human consciousness will be focused on this event. the prospect of what happens when 9 billion plus people are focused on one event is more terrifying to me than any of the 2012 theories

N89 7 years ago

well I'm a bit worried...I try to be all brave saying that people r just trying to panick us...and reading people disproving this event has calmed me bt I kno tht I will be terrified come tht day

tpott 7 years ago

Quick question who do you believe when everyone contradicts themselves?

Q: What is the polar shift theory? Is it true that the earth’s crust does a 180-degree rotation around the core in a matter of days if not hours?

A: A reversal in the rotation of Earth is impossible. There are slow movements of the continents (for example Antarctica was near the equator hundreds of millions of years ago), but that is irrelevant to claims of reversal of the rotational poles. However, many of the disaster websites pull a bait-and-shift to fool people. They claim a relationship between the rotation and the magnetic polarity of Earth, which does change irregularly, with a magnetic reversal taking place every 400,000 years on average. As far as we know, such a magnetic reversal doesn’t cause any harm to life on Earth. A magnetic reversal is very unlikely to happen in the next few millennia, anyway.

Are we in a magnetic shift or not? are the physical poles shifting or not? hypothetically the energy needed to cause this major shift that everyone says there is no evidence of is present everywhere solar flares will increase 2012 -2014, sucks during a magnetic shift! But who needs to worry about solar energy messing with magnetism, gravity, or our weather when you have the brillian scientists at NASA to do it for you. I don't know lets show all these skeptics how much faith we have in science by proving we can do anything and not cause 2012 to come about. Perhaps we should fire a rocket at the moon, mess with its gravitational relationship with the earth, tides, and weather so we can find water for our space geeks to drink. Lets spend billions to prove we can inhabit a rock that isn't going to save anyone when shit does hit the fan. Did any of these geniuses think, hum, I wonder if we do find water, and even if there is a .000000099% chance it is linked with the symbiotic relationship between the moon and earth, should we risk our planet, even if the risk is .000000099% especially during this HOAX 2012 period? Nah, its Nasa THEY'RE USED TO WALKING ON WORLDS, I'm sure no species destroys itself.

Once the scientist, specialist and elite in there field, learn how to prove a theory hoax by offering scientific data and proof sufficient in even the least respect to discount all these possibilities. I think let the theorists have their theories and let the scientists earn their wages.

Divyanshu 7 years ago

Might be , a quite significant change would occur bcoz how far earth and/or our civilization(as a whole) would go in a monotonous way

If anyone knows these lines : "Day out n day in, same news with a permanent repeat . . . dis world is Rotting"

It's from Death Note (A wonderful anime series with Excellent beginning n English dubbing too . .. )

Devon Buy profile image

Devon Buy 7 years ago from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

doker, your language sure doesn't help. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and if yours differs, kindly express it respectfully. No one likes having a bigot around, especially a rude one. This topic is something that has not been carved in stone or proven scientifically, everything is still in speculation - you could be right, but you could also be wrong. And if the latter, the words you used - "retard" and "stupid" would just fall flat in your face.

Imagine a few hundred years ago prior to the discovery of Uranus with a telescope in 1781, when you stumbled upon the Sumerian Tablets that tell of all the planets, and you considered these tablets and the Sumerians retarded and stupid, talking about planets that don't exist, just because your powerful telescope couldn't spot it, something as "big" as Ur-anus...(haha! sorry, pun intended! don't mean to be rude myself)

Enjoy HubPages! ;-)

joebob 7 years ago

just because some old civilizations thought the world might end doesn't mean it will. there is no real proof that i found that will make the world end on 2012. if someone could please show me PROOF i might be convinced. and weren't we supposed to die in 1982, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000? what's so special about 2012 when there were HUNDREDS of wrong predictions?

oh and the bible says nothing about 2012 being the end of the world, just says NOBODY KNOWS WHEN IT WILL END. :)

Messenger 7 years ago

I agree all of this 2012 stuff is realy a bunch of hype and a shamless plug to sell books and movie tickets. If 2012 was the end of the world; what could you do about it? Run outside throw your hands up and try to keep the sky from falling? I am also a Christian and everyone keeps saying that the Bible also claims 2012 is the end of the world.

All I have to say to them is to read it again; it says that no man knows the day or the hour. The only good thing about all of this is to remind people that life is a gift and it is short; so make everyday count. Okay that is the end of my rant.

Alex W 7 years ago

Here's a fun thought:

What if, in our panic for 2012, we ended up destroying humanity ourselves before December 21, 2012 even happened?

The irony. Honestly, I'm more scared of the months leading up to the date than the actual date.

Gov 7 years ago



Media has shocking control over many peoples mixed opinions of what is actually happening or what is going to happen...

and some people are still holding on to this planet because they are simply "enjoying there lives".

But what I can say is this...there are tons of info pointing out that 2012 will be a doom year.

And most or I can go as far as so none of the people that gave out these facts are even vaguely interested in MONEY!

We're talking about the whole planet dying "being destroyed" here. Why would they care about money. A human manufactured control mechanism.

The Mayan civilizations calender points out 2012 is the end of their calender.

Nostradamus Predicted it.

The Bible clearly states it.

Jesus spoke of it.

Buddha spoke of it.

NASA has put out the facts that the Ice Caps have melted more than 70% GONE!

And without the Ice caps there is nothing reflecting the Suns heat back into space.

NASA has also picked up planet X (Nibiru) heading straight for our region in space which will effect gravity as we know it.

NASA - Earth is moving towards the galactic centre which is filled with space debris.

and the 7 years of suffering the bible speaks of NASA has also identified that earth will be traveling through the galactic centre for 7 years.(Between 2008 - 2015) And 2012 is the year it will be the most in the centre.

People do not want to change there ways and there is a thing called karma which most people still do not understand.

Astralogicaly it is the end of the Piscean age.. and the beginning of the Aquarian age...

There are tons of facts which I have failed to mention due to being upset at some peoples miss information and confusion.

When I said karma... I meant the way people live...Everybody still eats meat and meat has to come from killing animals...

And meat eating is the No1 cause of Global Warming.

For those who still don't know.

So at the end of the day people have to wake up..

Find an enlightened LIVING master e.g. Master Ching Hai.

To gain a better understanding of your true self...

Not your physical..but your spiritual self ...for earth

is just a place for us to experience God we all have

God within...and all living beings have god within and to kill animals is like killing your own animals are just the position you as a human being are put into when you haven't lived your life right previously.

So because of a lack of Love and Understanding the world has gone into complete chaos and people still don't realize what is actually happening.

And with all the debates ...Leaders are just waisting time and doing nothing in the meantime to change the world to make it a better place..

Many people believe in there religion and have found no real living master...E.g.

Jesus is a master but was only transmitting (the light, heaven) when he was alive. Now that he is dead the world slanders is name and created christianity or the way of christ. But there are not many vegetarian christians at all which Jesus was.

Buddha was also the same and they created a religion after him.

Muhammad the same and they created a religion after him.

They predicted the end as well ...but only as a warning for people to change.

Not as a Prediction of DOOM and GLOOM!

And not for people to follow bad doctrines.

The only advice I can give is to follow your intuition and don't let the system control your thoughts and thinking...Free your minds and open it up to the greater good and possibilities. Do not let media dictate to you what is happening.

Go to "Mythology" section in your library or book store and read books. Not the Bullshit media feeds you. Don't listen to puppet world leaders like Obama etc.

I'm also a surfer and I can tell right now that the oceans water is way hotter than it was 3 years ago...and this is significant as it is not reverseable... We are at a point of no return & the only thing I will & can Promote here is Vegetarianism ...I make not profit from this ...we all make profit as One Energy.

I can only say: Love and Peace to all you wonderful beings out there lets hope we can change.

tyler 6 years ago

hey gov u are full of crap

anybody who looks around can see that we are on the brink

of a massive clensing of life on this planet.

your little surfer chants do little in the face of the horrible wonders that await our gluttonous society.

2012 is crap that's what this hub is about

a stupid made up event to insight fear and increase consumption. consumption will be our downfall that is why the ocean is warming. Soon the earth will fight back as it is also a living organism capible of fighting diseases like the human race.

tyler 6 years ago

a couple more things gov

1. Nasa's official stand is that all the astrological events predicted for 2012 are made up. No rogue planet, no eclipsing the milky way, no major sun storm. The sun does go through cycles, but nothing catastrophic.

2.The number 1 cause for consumption of fossil fuels is the production of concrete and cement, not eating animals. Why don't u just tell people to stop growing hair. Eating meat is not escapable. You cant escape natures design. You can adapt to it and reach a plain of spiritual enlightenment that holds the secrets of the universe. But as a poker player I must say that it is not in the cards for everyone.

Wubbahduckie 6 years ago

Christ was a vegan??? Not hardly. Christ was a Jew, and as a Jew, kept the laws of Passover. The laws concerning Passover ( given by Jesus ) was to follow the old laws of Passover, in fact, he was so adamant about this that every detail of Passover had to be kept. I'm not sure where you got your information from, probably the same person that claimed that Jesus was a Capricorn ( also false lol), but facts remain within the human physionomy. We were created with teeth of omnivores. GOD himself made us in his image, and guess what? Yeah, we have the same tooth pattern type as other omnivorous animals: bears, raccoons, monkeys, etc. No animal has this type of teeth except those designed to eat a wide variety of foods. Canine incisors to eat flesh weren't a mistake...or are you wise enough not to say that God was faulty in his design, and that Jesus broke his own laws and was a hippocrite?

tyler 6 years ago

to gov

I think we agree on some key points

So lets begin fellowship. Spiritual enlightenment goes beyond earthly notions of heaven and hell. Spirits of man and animals and all living things lyes in infiniti. Which means that I have typed these words an infinite amount of times. The ice caps have melted an infinite amount of times. The earth has been created and destroyed an infinite amount of times. After a given amount of time every thing repeats. Since time is infinte and cyclical the very atoms in my body will assemble and disperse an infinite number of times.

Our biggest debate gov is that you think people should change. Stop eating meat, untite for common good,etc. I'm not saying you are wrong for thinking that. My research has been done by observing my environment. The conclusion that I have come to is that nature is not force to be changed. Believe me as a father this hurts to type, It is mans collective destiny to consume. Consume until our demise. Please try to change this Gov. But do not forget that the finish on your surfboard was brought through consumption. The sex wax you use for traction is consumption. Everyone consumes even in the face of future disasters that we can only speculate about.

Last Legend 6 years ago

what's more annoying is how people still dicuss this false prophecy. the world should of eneded eons ago with all this prophet stuff. lets see, i predict,oh the year 2666, the world is done for sure!

tyler 6 years ago

To Gov

I'm still curious. do you beleive 2012 is the year of doomsday, or do you think it is a hoax. Is this hype or is it real? No random tangents. Yes or No.I would like to know.

Also I would like to say that I have grown gardens and I have killed animals field dressed them and processed their flesh for future consumption. Both growing and killing were deeply moving spiritual experiences. Have you had either of these experiences. If so share. I read your article. Not bad. Alot like thousands of other nameless propaganda special interest articles on the web. Not to discredit this or any other article, I'm just very skeptical about everything I read online. I did like wubbaduckies reply. I'm curious as to what didn't make the page. Peace

Newlogics 6 years ago

Wow.... Gov, you should really cut down on acid and pot...I know this whole "surfer dude" image mandates thst, but damn boy, you can't type a single coherent sentence. I'm just happy I'm a good two hours away from Santa Cruz (as far as I know, it's the only place that can produce such specimen as you, so I assume that's where you're from)

of course 2012 scare is a hoax. Our society craves sensations, so when there is a lack of real ones, we produce them. nothing new here. I do, however, hope that enough idiots join some sort of cult that calls for a group suicide on that day. Our planet ia a bit overcrowded.

Newlogics 6 years ago

on a side note, I think I'll take advice of mr Maddox and sponsor a vegetarian. I's easy: simply pick a crazy vegan, and for every animal he doesn't eat, you eat three. Exotic ones are especially good.

Everyone should try it.

Sam MAiden 6 years ago

I am not sure what is going to happen but we will see.

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Follow the money! Just like Y2K, the year 2012 will come and go without so much as a whimper. All the hype is about MONEY! Don't buy into it.

There are plenty of other things that you should be worrying about, like the economy. We have more than enough problems without creating more yet.

sagewriter 6 years ago

The educators of the world have failed mankind if the poor reasoning ability of their students would fall for this. Maybe 2012 will be a rallying call for universal science education since the panic that ignorance causes in that year will be stunning. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself..."

But then again- tourism will be up a thousand fold in the next three years since we will all spend our savings

(which are worthless come 12/21/2012) to travel and see this beautiful planet one last time... 2013 will be another baby boom since , hell why use birth control on 12/20 ! So sell your condom stock, invest in the travel industry, and liquor stock since there is going to be a whole lot of binging going on.

By the way, did any seasoned investigative journalist look into the investment portfolios of the biggest 2012 zealots?

If they still have one they obviously don't believe their own hype.

Aidan James profile image

Aidan James 6 years ago from Sydney

Its just another Y2K all over again.

Lots of apparently educated folk 'taking precautions' but not a jot of real science anywhere... meanwhile the astronomers are laughing at the whole idea.

I won't be stocking up on beans and water unless a real scientist tells me I need to...

and they won't be doing that.

btw - as the Mayans could not predict their own civilisation ending, what make anyone think they could predict the end of the world?

Truthseeker 6 years ago

I have been following all the hype concerning 2012 for many years now, it started with a VHS tape put out by Time Life regarding the Mayan Calander and it peaked my curiosity to date.

Here is my take. People are spreading fear for personal gain, there is no argument there. If people are in a state of fear they are more vulnerable, pliable and easy to lead. I am though concerned about solar flares the chaos that would ensue due to no electricity, internet, phone ect. would definitely push people to the edge. Look at what's starting to happen in Haiti, people are freaking out and these are people that have lived for generations with little to nothing. If something of that magnitude or higher was to happen here in the US or another large populated country the chaos woutld be worse than the situation. As the original poster said. Be prepared for any kind of disaster, one could happen anytime. Also if you're reading this blog, then you too have the resources to check out for yourself what is or is not going to happen. Stop being "sheeple" and believing blindly what others are saying. Do your own research.

Umesh 6 years ago

There have always been earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos..etc, that's just how the earth operates; not to deny that there is a spiritual significance to both good and bad. Intelligent civilazations have thrived for over 2500 years...per the english literature; but according to hindu literature humans are atleast 1300*1000 years old. Is it not easy to think end will NOT happen in a day? Its got to be a slow will not go in to an ice age in an hour, earth will not boil in a will come but not precisely on 2012.

Gov 6 years ago

I will post again what I tried to post a few weeks ago and it did not make it to this page...Unfortunately. I have to rewrite tons of research and truth. Which takes quite a long time...should have kept a word doc. on what I wrote.

But lets hope the Author of this site lets me Post it up again. For now I'll say this "For lack of Knowledge my people will Perish".

To Newlogics:

Its unfortunate that Media has made u believe that surfers smoke pot and take acid. Surfing has never been an IMAGE but a Legitimate Sporting field my friend. Try it some time you might have some fun.

To Tyler: Every Experience is a spiritual Experience - Since we are Spirits in Bodies not bodies. Making every single act a spiritual act! correct me if I'm wrong.

This is exactly what the world needs. People to defend the "Status Quo" and -Ostracize- those who do try to make a difference. Continue, and everyone that is against me on this site will eat there words in a few years time ...its unfortunate..even then I will not be able to say...I told you so..coz it will be too late!

Remember Jesus' last act was an act of Animal Liberation - Hence He was Murdered. Its unfortunate that so many people can be Blinded to the truth. Watch this space for my post AGAIN.

But that post might be taken off as well ...Just like my last two.

Oh well that is how evil works I guess ... Bias works for some...

tyler 6 years ago

to gov once again

you are full of crap

you have again lost all credit with me

Jello 6 years ago

Once it was fun to worry

About who was in control

Could look into the future

But now it don't seem right

Passion is filling the air

Profits are better than life

And things are harder to bear

Oh, well, things crumble to an end

Hell, we all die in the end

Die in the end

Jazz 6 years ago

As a computer scientist who has dabbled with a lot of physics in my time, it is impossible to tell when something of such an unreliable and macroscopic nature can be predicted to a single point.

To this extent I believe that the world will not end; I also believe that religious texts hold a mass of moral standards that should be adhered to. However I don't believe that what is written in them will happen or has happened.

All creative works of writing are set up in a way to make them more interesting to read; otherwise a book would be a list of facts and much less desirable.


To Gov: eating meat is part of who we are and if everything living had a spirit then we should not be allowed to eat at all. Also anything made was at some point living. From my keyboard to my shirt, from my plastic water bottle to a metallic water tanker and from every piece of gravel to every single building, they all came from something living originally.

In fact the vegetables you eat probably grew from some dead creatures’ carcass rotting in the ground not just manure and hard work.

It's weird to think that alot of the rocks and minerals we see and use are actually compressed dead animals.

Mozzer 6 years ago

A death for no reason

And death for no reason is MURDER

And the flesh you so fancifully fry

Is not succulent, tasty or kind

It's death for no reason

And death for no reason is MURDER

And the calf that you carve with a smile


And the turkey you festively slice


Do you know how animals die ?

Kitchen aromas aren't very homely

It's not "comforting", cheery or kind

It's sizzling blood and the unholy stench


It's not "natural", "normal" or kind

The flesh you so fancifully fry

The meat in your mouth

As you savour the flavour




Oh ... and who hears when animals cry?

uLtraSix 6 years ago

yes this is looking like it is going to be an interesting read... before i go any further please run your article through a spell check you need a question mark in your first statement and you misspelled divine as devine... I think that's a name... Divine Being.... Please correct so at least some people may have the fair chance of placing value to what your saying.... Thanks man

uLtraSix 6 years ago

1. Human Emissions and pollution, this is what is causing the majority of the climate change...

I do not agree when you say Humans... if you were to say major corporations and large number of like-minded arrogant humans are causing climate change I will agree but I am a human and we(our group) does not contribute to carbon emissions or pollution to where it would effect global statistics... You need to do more research than you already have Mr Know it all... Reword it accurately or take it down, else you are a terrorist unit!

uLtraSix 6 years ago

dude u suck you misspelled too many words to keep my attention you obviously do not know anything about this if you cant even spell simple words like story... "storey" and you published this on the web? What the hell are you a disInfo agent of lies? You think you are so smart I challenge your knowledge any day sir... Please forward me to your sources for my own investigation.

Gov 6 years ago

Part 1: My comment just strangely seems to be blocked from this site!

To Tyler:

No probs...I'm sorry for your anger.

I don't yearn for credit. I'm only attempting to open peoples eyes... to the truth about the world for the greater good...shoot me!

Your reaction is one of the traits of eating meat.

I don't believe I ever called you "full of crap" or any kind of derogatory word.

Why don't you spend some time to open up your wisdom eye

search on the net for "why people must be vegetarian"

Peace my friend lets hope eyes open one day...

I unfortunately do not have the pleasure of being able to ARGUE with people, its simply a waist of time.

But I will always do my utmost to present them with plain and simple clear facts.

There is a difference between a Belief and a Fact...correct me if I'm wrong.

Secondly, I'm yet to be corrected where I'm wrong...Not told that I'm full of Crap...Maybe "Crap" means "Knowledge" in you language...

Then I would say I am FULL OF CRAP.

Thanks you too

Also to answer your question whether I believe 2012 to be doomsday or not. My answer is: It's up to humankind to change for the better and respect the living planet and its animals, life, environment etc. or to continue to trash the planet, and then it might very well happen...

Meat eating is responsible for 80% of Global Warming!

And never in the history of this planets existence has there EVER been such a thing like Global Warming.

David 6 years ago

the human race as been evolving for 100's of 1000'S OF YEARS AND LOW AND BEHOLD THAT'S COUNTLESS 26'000 YEARS we survived, this is just a money maker for doom mongers and film makers

Donavan W. 6 years ago

Great ideas all...although

It seems that the longer (and longer and longer) the discussion or blog (on any thought/event on the net) continues, only proves that everyone involved do not have all the, or enough facts so to cause/create a simple ending to any discussion as would a book written by a researcher having tediously collected facts. Thus only creating uncertainty, confusion and even panic and you we all know what that leads to. Many mechanisms for this so-called doomsday are being proposed providing our wonderful media with more and more variations for creating ingenious crap/entertainment. We are fueling the hogwash that's being put out in the world back into our own minds.

So be it. Talk about things. Discuss and share facts, but until we have all of it and the reign of speculation is over..I'll put my money on not spending all my money before 2012.

OMG 6 years ago

The cause for the 2012 Doomsday fabrication is the same thing that caused the degeneration of this site into near incoherent ramblings about whether eating meat is acceptable for humans or not.

Humans, for some inexplicable reason, seem have an innate need to prove themselves masters of nature. We mistakenly trade formula for mother’s milk, resist our biological convergence to eat meat and deny that we are just part of nature’s intended path. Sadly, this seems to be all in hopes we ascend to some mystical level of enlightenment and power.

I really enjoyed this site and the work that went into it, until it decayed into trivial debate. It just goes to show that entropy still rules. But remember it does so regardless of contrived dates, false prophets or people who think they are smarter than what brought us here in the first place.

Thank you to the people who posted and actually did the research…and to those who just expressed their unsupported beliefs as truth, please go forth and find others just like you and confine your time enlightening them.

drbrahms 6 years ago

The 2012 phenomenon is fun and educational, and therefore not a bad thing as long as the participant has his/her feet on solid ground. There are loonies in every faith and discipline but they don't discredit the thing they think they represent. Look at the Fundamentalists, for example. Since looking into all of these theories, I've learned quite a bit about history, geography, ancient cultures, astronomy and psychology. So I think the debunkers, too, overdo it in their scathing criticisms. Truly I don't think the world will end on 12/21/12 or that some magical transformation will take place! But I marvel at much of what Terrence McKenna had to say - he was more poet than scientist and as such opens new insights even as he makes you laugh. There are others we can learn from, and "2012" is simply a giddy point of departure from our work-filled materialistic lives. Don't let the crazies with their farfetched prophecies or the scientists with their insistence on measurable evidence spoil the fun.

And besides, who REALLY KNOWS? NOBODY!!!!!!!

Kayla 6 years ago

If a polar shift is supposed to happen every 25,000 or 400,000 years, and if it's supposedly so devastating to life on the planet, why is there still life on the planet today? If a polar shift is supposed to mess up everything, I don't see what could be so harmful about it considering that the last major extinction was 65 million years ago and not 400,000 or even 25,000 years ago.

rc8148 6 years ago

This has been a great hub with many intellegent arguments. Fact is for the past 5 years I've been out here in the world trying to make a difference with reforestation, sustainable energy, etc. anything I can do to be part of the solution, not the problem of this planets' demise. Finally I'm back in civilization (more or less) and researching possible events on 2012, Mainly Planet X theories because they seem the most reasonable. I actually believed 2012 to be hope for the planet, not doomsday, and I'm actually a little disappointed that it's all just a hoax. So....Thanks to all for the info. I would like to leave you with this thought;

Accepting the evolution of life as a truth, it is safe to say that life wants to keep on living. With every new generation of every species a message is passed along genetically in the DNA for improvements and adaptations to the surrounding environment. This has been happening for millions of years, and countless "doomsdays" until now. Evolution has created us, beings well aware of our surroundings with the curious nature to learn, research, and be aware that there really is a threat out there that could end life as we know it, weather it be an asteroid, Planet X or the galaxy center. What amazes me is the fact that we have the intelligence to actually do something about it, an advantage no known living creature has ever had, and we're turning a blind eye. Amazing. I hate to say it but in my opinion evolution f***ed up this time around. Almost everything we do is against nature, against the laws of evolution. I personally welcome any 2012 events, but until then I'm continuing with what I can to save this planet.

lad 6 years ago

Mayans never say and never thing end world id 2012 its only end cycle calandar and start new cycle

Alex Alcyone 6 years ago

Great article. What's not commonly discussed is that decoding the Mayan calendars is extremely difficult. The conquistadores destroyed most of their writings. From what's left, scholars disagreed vigorously about when the end date of the current cycle should be. One scholar states that it was actually in 1546!! That's how wide the discrepancies are. Here's his work. Take a look, it's interesting.

Steven 6 years ago

The world will not end

Steven age: 11 6 years ago

The world will not end scientests just made up 2012 just to make money and only God knows when the world will end and most scientests don't belive in God or think he is not real. I do not belive in 2012 at all. I am not offending scienctests I am just saying nobody knows when the world will end. Just pray and hope for the best. I will stay up until 12:00 a.m. on December 21 2012 and nothing will happen so just treat every day as if it were your last. And in 2012 the movie there is no possible way there can be a wave 28,ooo feet tall or a 10.9 earthquake or California falling into the ocean. So I am 100 percent sure nothing bad will happen on December 21 2012. If you agree with me please write to me here. So just be happy with your life and don't worry nothing will happen in 2012 or for a very long time. God will give us a warning if the world is coming to an end. so be good and don't belive in 2012

Dan 6 years ago

I hate to burst your bubble but unless you have been alive for thousands of years and you are looking at the solar system yourself and tracking it, how do you not know that these sources where you are getting your info is not lying to you or just wrong. Anybody with common sense in their head would realize nothing on this planet always goes the way it is supposed to. How do you know that once we get so close to the galactic plane that it will not pull us in at a faster rate then we are moving now. Just don't think you are right with your hoax theory because you don't know just as well as noone else does. That is why it is a theory!

rob edwards 6 years ago

there is some good info on video google type in project camelot interveiws valery uvarov and download save in documents then just watch very intresting please watch and let me know what you think my email address is at the bottom of the page but is possible watch all of project camelot interviews i promise you that you will be amazed project camelot interveiw scientists and ex government officals all over the globe.

robert edwards 6 years ago

oh i forgot project camelot is about planet x and other very intresting things aswel all good

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Hey Dan I don't want the world to end in 2012 but you do Dan. I just think it 's not going to end everyone has a different opinion.I bet you don't belive in God. Anyone who agrees about the world not ending in 2012 write back to me.

ss sneh profile image

ss sneh 6 years ago from the Incredible India!

Hi! Useful info! Big thumps up for creating this hub based on a hot topic!

I totally agree with you. The 2012 Dec 21 will be just another fine day without any historical significance... Sure that day will not be the end of human history! -- Thanks

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Thanks for the good comment about the world not ending in 2012. Write back.

robert edwards 6 years ago

well i don't belive the world will end on 2012 but something will happen nothing terrible tho just maybe a few floods and bad storms who knows? Its not going to be like the movie 2012 but remember there will be a polor shift someday and we will have to deal with it but it will not happen as fast as they say i think it takes many years for a polor shift to complete its cycle. I know about the maya calender and it does not say the world will end i think it says there is going to be somekind of new age. The hopi legend about the blue star reminds me of the holy bible saying all the good people will be protected they come from south of north america near the mexico border i think well any ways about the blue star the hpoi say wen the blue star is in the sky over are planet that the end is here but there was a blue star which could of benn seen a few years ago it was there check it up well any way nothing happened. Now about planet x it is there they is a tele scope near the south pole tracking it nasa and civilian astronemers have found it but it does not mean the world will end i left a post about a russian scientist called valery uvarov its a must watch now i am not saying its true what he says but intresting its a must watch go on to google video and type in project camelot.

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Yeah there might be a couple of storms and floods, but otherwise a nice day:)

Steven age 11 6 years ago


robert edwards 6 years ago

has anybody watched project camelot yet.

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Avatar best movie ever

Farhan 6 years ago

Mat88 has really busted 2012. In the start it was treat to read this hub. But now it's really 360 degree opposite from it's topic. I have studied in detail about world economy as it's my business too.. And it really helped me to understand 2012, her I would like to share my conclusions

Farhan 6 years ago

In past people were exchanging their goods or services as there were no currency concept. But later pepople acknowledged gold and silver as currency and the metals became precious metals. But after some time people started using reciepts of gold as they were having faster life so reciept was easy to carry. Jewelrs realized the fact that people r not returning to get gold. So they started to print reciept of the gold what they never owned. And it was successful business and no one doubted them. This was base of fractional reserve banking. Later same jewlers became bankers and they started printing money. That's why til 18th century bankers printed 10times or more currency to the actual value of the gold they had. The world gave same worth to the reciepts of gold as gold actually because these reciepts were in cashable into gold. Bankers have got almost all the discovered gold by giving people their paper reciepts. But things were still in control, but greed of banker made them enforce the new law over world that there is no gold on back of their paper. Here comes the twist! In the days of gold backed currency they were controlling the inflation by increaing and decreasing the supply of paper currency. For this purpose they used interest rates as tool to make currency popular or in popular. System was fine to some extent. Gold became parameter of inflation. ThAt's why for 100 years in USA gold per ounce moved between 19 to 21 as 20 usd was backed by 1 ounce of gold. But now when there is no backing of gold or anything else. Infact currency not is just paper. Banks have printed trillions and gave it to the world on small interest rate so no one can deny the paper but for the same resources of world there are more buyers with a lot of paper in their accounts. This paper is loosing value as growing population needs resources not paper so every one is ready to pay more to get their needs fulfiled. Now when banks decreasing the rates they get complain of inflation as their currency loose more worth and when they increase rates no one gets interested in buying paper by pledging their resources and assets. This is reason of this world economic crisis. That's why within 100 years 1 ounce gold reached price of1300 us dollars from just 20 dollars 100 year ago. Now big bankers have only two soloitions. No1 is : they should not print money for some time. Which will create demand of paper currency but if they won't meet the demand of business people their system will collapse and world will look for alternative ways. No. 2 soloution is to decrease the demand of world resources so currency would have more buying power and same time their would not be obligation of not printing the currency. To control the demand of resources they are supporting life kill and funding birth control and influencing cultures and programming people through media for not having children for joy of life. But these techniques are not that help as they were so now they are using HAARP and BLUE BEAM to modify weather and create catastrohies in the world. Now they can create earth quakes using haarp. Weather control is possible. And bluebeam helps to use the sky as a screen for projector. The world will consider them UFO and it would just be an image. This 2012 hoax is created to justify mass murder planned by these evil forces

just me 6 years ago

Will 12/21/2012 Happen? You bet. Why you might ask? Simple. It's the next day after 12/20/2012. Outside of that hype all hype. Grab your bible and keep your faith.

Steven age 11 6 years ago

That doesn't make sense just me

dantheone 6 years ago

People not doing shit with climate u fool

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo immmmmmmmmmmm here

tim 6 years ago

thank you for clearing that up i am releived to hear all of this

Steven age 11 6 years ago


unsure 6 years ago

I have a hard time trusting someone who can't spell 'story'.

Tom 6 years ago

Doomsday 2012 is just a big hoax for people to make money, fact. The idea of a planet X hitting us and all these natural disasters happening is so far-fetched if you do believe in it your a genuine retard. NASA have cleary stated 2012 is a hoax, they've been studying the theory for a few years now and have come to a conclusion it's all crap so don't be worried about it and live your life normally. The bible is a book that Christians read, it's not something that predicts the future, it has no signs in it or codes so it doesn't predict the end of the world. The Mayan calender ending on 21st December doesn't mean anything, it's just like our calenders it will start again. What we really need to be worrying about is global warming and the environment, humans treat this world so badly it's bound to die at some point in the next few billion years, and also the sun will eventually die which will wipe out the whole solar system. So all you religious morons out there who believe in this 2012 crap just shut the hell up and stop trying to scare people, it's all a big hoax, money-making scam end of. If you don't believe my go onto the NASA website and they'll tell you the exact same thing but with more detail because I don't know much about the galatic alignment and the solar storms etc, I'm only 16 and still studying science at school. All you need is common sense and a brain to know that doomsdays aren't real without any REAL evidence not religious bullcrap. I'll believe it when the astronomers who study all this stuff for their whole life tell us it's going to happen.

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Cedar point got a new ride! It is called windseeker it is 301 feet tall and you go 30 miles an hour at the top in a circle

James 6 years ago

The government has been lying to us for 100 years look into Denver airport and the illuminati agenda. We are going to evolve to a new level of consciousness on the 21 of december 2012 and there's nothing the elite of the world can do to stop it.

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kephrira 6 years ago from Birmingham

OMG, are you really saying that I might have to change my compass in a few centuries time? It's worse than I thought! Run for the hills everyone!

God 6 years ago

Hehe! Hehe! Hehe!

MARS 6 years ago


Dave 6 years ago

Scare tactics to make us buy their shit, as opposed to scare tactics employed by everyone to make us buy other shit. Yeah that argument is going stand up. You will notice that a lot of people offer advice and insight without expecting anything in return. Of course they try to sell it, they have to earn a living after all and exist within the realms of this 'wonderful society' [sarcasm] we have fashioned for ourselves. They also need to get the information out. People are used to having to pay for things so it perhaps makes them feel more comfortable if the information is an a 'good old' book that they buy from the book store. Much easier to trust it, after all someone has published it right?

The world may not end but the world as you know it will, be ready.

Look you don't have to buy any books or anything, most of the info is freely available. Educate yourselves, be informed make informed decisions, decide for yourselves

Tom says it is all a hoax to instil fear, why be afraid, any way the society you live in is all based on fear, to manipulate you into 'playing the game' get the mortgage, make the investments, look after yourself, survival of the fittest.It ALL centers around fear! Am I wrong?

Why can't we all learn to live together for the good of everyone. All the visionaries talk about this and a resource led society rather than a monetary one based around self interest and greed.

They may be simplisitic and often mis-interpreted or mis-represented but many religions do indeed have a great deal of wisdom

Anyway I've said my bit. Peace. Don't fear the journey ahead, embrace it

JUPITER 6 years ago


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bubbleboy2233 6 years ago from Whitstable

I am feeling that all this fear is only for one reason, that is to make people wake up and smell the coffee, we are so caught up in our material world that we are destroying the dream and the best way to wake people up is to tell them or show them they are about to die, works for every living creature! Once enough people wake up and see that we create our environment, we can start to rebuild the dream and make this heaven again. That's my take on this 2012 date, that it is when we learn our real purpose on this planet... To bring the idea of heaven to earth. love life live long

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bubbleboy2233 6 years ago from Whitstable

Simply keep your focus on your idea of heaven and live it. Stop looking and surrounding your mind with the fear's in life, and start loving the life and body you have.

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bubbleboy2233 6 years ago from Whitstable

oh and on the meat eating topic, we only ate meat because we needed to survive the extreme weather which struck the earth 10,000 years ago, we lost most of life on the planet and didn't have much vegetation or land. We have eaten meat since, due to lack of knowledge of our past life-style. So you cannot blame most for sticking to the inherent habit of cooking flesh to survive, its just now we can survive without this need and slowly but surely people will learn this.

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Hmmmmm? The world could end from all out nuclear war, world war 3, Jesus returning, or solar flares, but that is up to God

Steven age 11 6 years ago

Sigh :( no one is writing any more

Bishop Amat High Schooler 6 years ago

Seriously, all you people CUT THE CRAP! ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Don't blame the Mayans or ANY of the historic tribes! ITs just another cycle! NOTHING ELSE! IN the Bible of the book Genesis, the story of Noah and his great Ark. Did anyone remember what God had said? Let me verify, "I will make a covenant and not end human kind with floods." and he casts a rainbow to PROVE the covenant as OFFICIAL!

I swear, the world will not end. Its all a hoax. People just want money these days because of bad economic times so they tend to frighten people into buying all that piece of crap. I, for instence, am a very religious Catholic. No one can EVER predict when the world will ever end. Only God knows. In the Bible, book of Revealation, there are 4 phases we go through before the very end.

It is predicted that the omen, 666, indeed is real. THAT will be the end. When the devil comes in and tries to brainwash you into believing that you will NOT be saved. He shall mark your forehead with the number of the devil, 666, and God will not forgive you. He, 666, will kill anyone who does not follow him and convert right away. After that, that's when Jesus comes in for the Final Judgement. He will realize that the people who believed in him but converted to 666 were never believers of his. Those who were man-slaughtered by 666 will be raised up and living with God, the heavenly father. Always remain strong in your faith in NO MATTER case. It is better to just believe in God in order to be saved.

The whole plant X thing may be true, but we do not no for sure. What I believe is when they said Pluto wasn't a planet, just a moon, what if Pluto IS Plant X?

There are alot of good predictions about December 21, 2012 but if you are smart and use "C-O-M-M-O-N S-E-N-S-E" you would realize the facts they are giving you and know that its all FAKE!

If you morons (people who BELIEVE this crap) think its real, then, I feel for you. CAUSE WHOEVER YOU TOLD WAS REAL WILL BE LAUGHING AT YOUR FACE ON DECEMBER 22nd!

If you believe in God and heaven, then, you should never be afraid for the end. Just live life to the fullest and when the time comes it comes but God will save you.

NASA and scientists do indeed work under the gov't. You know that the Gov't is usually, ALWAYS, filled with lies and bullshit.

Think about it. What if the gov't is paying double the salary to NASA and scientists for faking the whole Doomsday on 12/21/12?

Lets go back a few years from now shall we?

2000 There's something about those three zeroes that makes 2000 a favorite year among doomsday prophets. But now that mysterious year, anticipated and wondered about for centuries, has slipped into realm of history. There are far too many doomsday predictions to list for 2000, but here are some of the more notable ones:

Hal Lindsey, whose 1988 prediction failed, suggests the end in his recently published book, entitled Planet Earth - 2000 A.D. However, he leaves himself a face-saving outlet: "Could I be wrong? Of course. The Rapture may not occur between now and the year 2000." (Lindsey p.306)

The beginning of Christ's Millennium according to some Mormon literature, such as the publication Watch and Be Ready: Preparing for the Second Coming of the Lord. The New Jerusalem will descend from the heavens in 2000, landing in Independence, Missouri. (McIver #3377, Skinner p.100)

19th century mystic Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, foresaw the end of the world in 2000. (Shaw p.83)

Even Sir Isaac Newton was bitten by the millennium bug. He predicted that Christ's Millennium would begin in the year 2000 in his book Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John. (Schwartz p.96)

Ruth Montgomery predicts Earth's axis will shift and the Antichrist will reveal himself in 2000. (Kyle p.156, 195)

The establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven, according to Rev. Sun Myung Moon. (Kyle p.148)

The Second Coming, followed by a New Age, according to famed psychic Edgar Cayce. (Hanna p.219)

The Second Coming, as forecasted in Ed Dobson's book The End: Why Jesus Could Return by A.D. 2000.

The end of the world according to Lester Sumrall in his book I Predict 2000. (Abanes p.99, 341)

The tribulation is to occur before the year 2000, said Gordon Lindsay, founder of the Christ for the Nations Ministry. (Abanes p.280)

According to a series of lectures given by Shoko Asahara in 1992, 90% of the world's population would be annihilated by nuclear, biological and chemical weapons by the year 2000. (Thompson p.262)

One of the earliest predictions for the year 2000 was made by Petrus Olivi in 1297. He wrote that the Antichrist would come to power between 1300 and 1340, and the Last Judgement would take place around 2000. (Weber p.54)

According to American Indian spiritual leader Sun Bear, the end of the world would come in the year 2000 if the human race didn't shape up. (Abanes p.307)

18th century fire-and-brimstone preacher Jonathan Edwards concluded that Christ's thousand-year reign would begin in 2000. (Weber p.171)

The world will be devastated by AIDS in the year 2000, according to Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Afterwards, the world will be rebuilt by a peaceful matriarchal society. (Robbins p.164)

William Kamm, aka Little Pebble, is the leader of the Australian doomsday cult Order of St. Charbel, predicts that a comet will destroy the Earth before the dawn of the new millennium.

Fundamentalist conspiracy advocate Texe Marrs stated that the last days could "wrap up by the year 2000." (Abanes p.311)

Members of the Stella Maris Gnostic Church, a Colombian doomsday cult, went into Colombia's Sierra Nevada mountains over the weekend of July 3-4, 1999, weekend to be picked up by a UFO that would save them from the end of the world, which is to take place at the turn of the millennium. The cult members have disappeared. Perhaps they were picked up by aliens! (Source: BBC News).

A radical apocalyptic sect emerged in early 18th century France: the Convulsionaries. One of the members, Jacques-Joseph Duguet, anticipated the Parousia in 2000. (Kyle p.192)

Timothy Dwight (1752-1817), President of Yale University, foresaw the Millennium starting by 2000. (Kyle p.81)

Martin Luther looked at 2000 as a possible end-time date, before finally settling on 1600. (Kyle p.192)

Sukyo Mahikari, a Japanese cult, preaches that the world might be destroyed in a "baptism of fire" by 2000. (Source: ABC News)

A Vietnamese cult headed by Ca Van Lieng predicted an apocalyptic flood for 2000. But doomsday came much earlier for the cult members: he and his followers committed mass suicide in October 1993. (Source: Cult Observer archives)

Before the end of 1999, Hon-Ming Chen of the 30-member cult Chen Tao began backpedalling on his prediction of a nuclear holocaust and UFO rescue by December 31. Now Doomsday has been rescheduled to sometime "in the next year," according to cult spokesman Richard Liu. (St. Cloud Times, Dec. 26, 1999)

Sometime in 2000 ("either a few days or a few months away," according to this Sep. 12, 2000 CNN article) the End of Days will take place, say members of a Mormon-based cult near the Utah-Arizona border. Hundreds of memmbers of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have pulled their kids out of school' in preparation for the Big Day.

Jan 1, 2000 January 1, 2000. Jesus did not descend from the heavens. President Clinton did not declare himself dictator-for-life. The Antichrist did not rise to power. Nuclear missiles were not launched. Aircraft did not fall out of the sky. The global economy did not collapse. Terrorist bombs did not explode. The power did not go out. My computer still works.

What we did have were some huge parties, spectacular fireworks displays, a Barry Manilow concert, head-splitting hangovers, lots of confetti to clean up, and some embarrassed survivalists who had spent their New Years holed up in armed fortresses when they could have been partying in Times Square.

Y2K!! Compounding people's apocalyptic hopes and fears for 2000 was a technological

ThompsonPen profile image

ThompsonPen 6 years ago from Bellingham, WA

I believe there will be a change, and i always look forward to change. but i agree with the above, nothing happened with Y2K. If things do change, i like to believe it will be for the better. but i hardly think it will be the end of the world. thanks for this, i enjoyed reading it. later i'll come back and read all the comments as i'm sure there's a fairly interesting discussion on the go there, however, for the moment, i don't have the concetration.


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rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

Very good hub. I speculate about some of these things in my hubs. I do think you may like to read Maya, the link to aliens. I would appreciate your thoughts on it.

Duderoni 6 years ago

If the 2012 hoax is so true, then why is BMW already coming out with a new line, the 2-series, in 2015? :P

Lweinberg profile image

Lweinberg 6 years ago

AWESOME hub! The 2012 doomsday is all media. I have this somewhere in a hub of mine, it's simply the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar. The Mayans never had any doomsday prophecy. It is total greed!

Mr Mayan 6 years ago

However, from other sources this cycle occurs approximately ever 33 million years, and there is evidence we crossed it three million years ago which would indicate we would still be moving away from Galactic center and not towards it.

This sentence doesn't make sense. Each cycle is the same period of time, so how can one cycle be 33 million years and another cycle only 3 million years. Why is there so many differing figures for the Galactic plane, some say 3,000 years some say 5500 years some say 6,000, 11,000 and so on plus yourself with a figure of 33 million years. What is the correct period of time for one cycle, does anybody know?

Lweinberg profile image

Lweinberg 5 years ago

I don't think anyone can say for certain. In areas like that so many people do their own research for their own ends. That's why things like 2012 started, check the NASA website. They're my go to people!

Mr Mayan 5 years ago

Go to NASA, I don't think so. How can anyone trust that organisation when they tell such blatant lies?

Lweinberg profile image

Lweinberg 5 years ago

How does NASA lie? Or more accurately, how does NASA lie any more than other government agencies?

PS It's spelled organization. Spelling helps your case more than you =)

slice4444 5 years ago

If you believe the Mayans predicted the end of mankind in the distant future, how come they couldn't predict the demise of their own culture in the near future? These are all conspiracy theories for the gullible. If you believe them so readily, I just made up a new one for you. NASA actually stands for "Niburu Arriving in South America" Take cover.

Lweinberg profile image

Lweinberg 5 years ago

I stated the same thing, Slice! Mayan culture never had any beliefs about future doomsdays. Their long count Calendar could reach 40 octillion years in the future- I just saw that fact today ironically- if you were to ask a Mayan about the doomsday prophecy they would tell you it's only in the movies. Conspiracy addicts are in the same league as those who deny dinosaurs didn't exist, or the sky is really red and NASA is making us believe it's blue!

Gov 5 years ago

bubbleboy2233 is absolutely right and I hope that people can wake up to smell the coffee as the pace seems a bit slow. And many people are still in denial and fighting with others. This is a waste of time. I'm glad that the meat eating topic is still going on as I got fed up with this hub quite a while back because of negative people fighting with me with no real solid theories or anything contributing for that matter.

I hope this world can change for the better!


tugbo200-5 5 years ago

Who cares if someone misspelled a word,if you can't figure it out move to next post,2012 will destroy us ,but that is the big one,2011 is the year of many problems.

sista x 5 years ago

Let's see what happens. Just have enough food and water and help protect the senior citizens be safe. And just embrace the new knowledge, nothing will happen; just go to sleep and wake up to go to work or school again. I do not trust no one, because they lies all the time and if some things happens! Just know it is life and deal with. Peace from 11:11 12-21-12

sista x 5 years ago

Let's see what happens. Just have enough food and water and help protect the senior citizens be safe. And just embrace the new knowledge, nothing will happen; just go to sleep and wake up to go to work or school again. I do not trust no one, because they lies all the time and if some things happens! Just know it is life and deal with. Peace from 11:11 12-21-12

endingoftheworld2012 5 years ago

The ending of the world in 2012 it may or may not be. But there is far more to the 2012 predictions than meets the eye. Its not as simple as will it or wont it happen. Think about the effect of millions of believers when the day finally arrives.

The Father The Son The Holy Spirit 5 years ago

If this 2012 thing was for real and NASA and all other astronomers believe it, then wouldn't they be going crazy to do something about it? I mean, NASA is still doing projects, investing millions into technology for years to come. Why would NASA waste their resources, time and money if 2012 was indeed the end? The answer is easy... because 2012 will be a year like 2010, we will go on to another year.

And please stop saying the bible predicted 2012. No, it did not. Live for God. Confess Christ as your Lord and Savior before your physical life is over. Repent of your sins and live a godly life. Satan down/God up!

tugbo200-5 5 years ago

"So, You See, As Nibiru Orbits" a quote from a report in the scientific journal Nature.

that is what the conclusion is of a study by six astronomers (including one from a NASA institute) published in the Journal's July 16, 2009 issue.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

Great hub! I love God and will strive for the truth. Jesus is definitely NOT coming in 2012. I'll take all bets from every Christian. It ain't going to happen in 2012. If Christians are looking for our savior to come soon- NO! The climate for Jesus is so hostile, what would be the point. Most of the world is brainwashed to smithereens. American Christians speak of Armageddon and such and they vote for lawyers to rule America, ergo the world. Lawyers cannot/will not run a judicial system- there will NEVER be a savior from Harvard or Yale. 1% own most of the world and perpetuate the misery around the world. Everybody will have their own Armageddon.

Jello 5 years ago

Yeah, that's it. Just relax.

Have another drink, few more pretzels, little more MSG.

Turn on those Dallas Cowboys on your TV.

Lock your doors. Close your mind.

It's time for the two-minute warning.

Welcome to 2012

Are you ready for the third world war?!?

You too will meet the secret police

They'll draft you and they'll jail your niece

You'll go quitely to boot camp

They'll shoot you dead, make you a man

Don't you worry, it's for a cause

Feeding global corporations' claws

Dave 5 years ago

I just worry that so many people are in a state of panic and even organizing suicide pacts on facebook.

If there in no scientific foundation for any of this the government scientist should be telling us why it is a load of hogwash and stopping this flood of anxiety. What worries me most is that there seem to be very few experts out there mocking these predictions! 5 years ago

Firstly i just want to say that all of these theories are great except for a few big errors, one the earth is going ruined not my a cosmic catastrophe but the human race exploiting our planets natural resources and causing an imbalance. This impact is what is causing weather changes. Two this planet x thing is rubbish, you don't think we would have seen this planet that's 4x the size of earth. A telescope that can be used in the home can see the planets on clear nights. If it's a government cover up how are the covering a whole planet! Be realistic! A planet that size would create a gravitational pull and scientists would be able to see it just but that. This Mayan calendar is based on cycles, yes they could actually predict eclipses and lunar movement accurately that doesn't mean anyone can predict doomsday, and there calendars don't even portray it like a doomsday that just metrics thinking in current negative conditions. I could bang on for ages but I wont. Honestly I just think we should treat the planet well and this will sustain our race for a long time. And as for 2012 it's a overhyped mistake of a calendar that was used to make a film and cause some controversy.

(any grammatical errors are due to it being late when I write this on my iPhone)

Lourens 5 years ago

Science has been proven wrong many times by being incomplete - and of course we humans know everything, funny part is we don't even know ourselves, and we pretend to know the universe!

Anything and everything is possible!

DGS Choudhury profile image

DGS Choudhury 5 years ago

I see where you are coming from but after analysing some quranic codes, 2012 seems to add up on a particular surah!!!! This might not seem believable but the Quran has many miracles in it. There is a surah in the Quran named the most merciful, in that surah there is a verse which repeats itself 31 times. Amazingly, if you add the VERSE NUMBERS of each repetition, it totals to the number 1433 which could signify the actual year 1433 in the islamic year WHICH IS 2012 in the solar calender!!!!!

The surah itself has a total of 355 verses and a normal islamic year has 354 days. 2012 is a leap year so there would be 355 days in 2012. Do you see another connection there...

If you added random verse numbers then it wouldn't be believable. But because this REPETITIVE verse adds to 1433 is begenning to worry me further.

Search on google 'quran 2012 surah rahman'. You will find results. Please read them further to understand the meaning of this important year.

Blibber Bulbber 5 years ago

LMAO you people really are nuts !!

Lindsey Lohan 5 years ago

Well this won't affect me because I am planning on stealing a new watch and buying some cocaine and finding me a cute bi-chick then hole up in a motel 6 out on 101 for a while till it all passes.I know Paris told me she will come along and bring her new girl Dolly Parton.

Tech 5 years ago

Well NASA and the National Science Foundation DO warn about a possible CME event like the one back in 1859-the Carington Event which they say could affect at least 130 million in the USA. Now if this happened we wouldn't die the power would! Toilets and water would stop, natural gas could stop, communications could stop and because if the huge Transformers for the Grid blew we don't have any in the USA-they are made in China now. So after a couple of days without power? Things would get crazy maybe. Could take months or even years to fix an event like that and Walmart would be devasted, looted and burned by then or people would simply quietly die off of starvation, freeze, etc.? Until then we have the Springer Show!

Bezel Brilliant 5 years ago

As A Human Race We Are All Allowed Our Own Opinions. But Y'all Is Stupid. how About Instead Of Fighting Over This Topic, Y'all Just Believe What Y'all Want, Separately. Stupid People In The World Keep Breeding And Making More Stupid People. When Y'all Gonna Learn You Can't Trust No Religion Document, No Scientist Word, No Government Sayings And Sure As Hell No Other Fuckin retards That Posted Anything On Google, Bing, Youtube Or Any Other Site. Y'all Is Stupid. If It Happens, I Hope Y'all Die. Rid The Earth Of Stupid People. Anything Is Possible Or Not. Surely, Ill Be Spending Time With My Loved Ones The Day Before Because If It Does Happen That's How I Wanna Go Out And If It Doesn't Oh The Fuck Well. Now Quit Fighting Like A Bunch Of Stupid People And Use That Effort To Fight All World Government. Perhaps If We Got These Fools Out Of Power We Could See All The Evidence. Perhaps Aliens Were Here Before, Perhaps The Dead Sea Scrolls Are Just Old Ass Men's Opium Memoirs, Fuck All This Bullshit. Stupid Fucks Need To Die. And That Includes You, Do Humanity A Favor, Build A 10"x10" Cellar And Gas Yourself Now.

Gottabewv 5 years ago

You know the strange thing is... everybody seems to focus on either nothing happening on 12/21/12 or the world ending. Total destruction! Did anyone ever think about something happening that is so catastrophic it will send the world into total disorder, and actually living through it? Imagine the total breakdown of society as we know it. The total loss of control… No police! No fire departments! No EMS! No government! No food on the shelves or electricity in the wire. Has anybody seen the way people act when they begin to starve? Try to imagine hundreds of thousands of people, all fighting over the same slice of bread!

Cassie 5 years ago

"QUOTE" Now I will try to show you why this will not occur any time soon. Right now we are not very close to Galactic center. And precession is such a slow process the position of Earth with respect to the galactic plane on Dec 21st 2009 will be very similar to the position of earth on Dec 21st 2012. It would make more sense in fifty to a hundred years time. Not the short period of time until December 21st 2012. However, from other sources this cycle occurs approximately ever 33 million years, and there is evidence we crossed it three million years ago which would indicate we would still be moving away from Galactic center and not towards it.


The galactic plane is a real thing, caused by the black hole in the middle of our galaxy. Passing through it could be catastrophic, but we will not be passing through it for another 30 million years. There is evidence showing the Earth passed through this plane three million years ago.

If this is so then it happened only three years before this was written if we still have another 30 million til the next one please rewrite........

CJDP 5 years ago

Crazy , crazy , crazy ....All this talk about something .It just makes the topic so much more interesting ( even if it is just a bunch of bS) Science , ancients , bible . Wow . Cant believe the world is this vulnerable to attack .Attack of the mind that is .

It is an important subject , however , we all have our opinions and discussing it merely takes time , does not solve any problems .What can we do about it .How are we going to protect our species from extinction .Will we be extinct in a year or two ?

Come on people ! Get your acts together . This date should and certainly is causing the World to take a united stand to prevent th total extinction of humanity on this planet ?

Are we able to survive this ? Presently it looks like nuclear carnage Especially in Japan .We need help or we need to fight to survive .Not fight about words ????

Nichole 5 years ago

Alot of u need to read the bible and get GOD in yalls hearts.There r a lot of things the government knows but is not telling us.Everyone needs to be prepared for anything.Yall need to read more and stop being blind

Ric 5 years ago

people must act now.its not the matter if this is a hoax or truth.its simply reminding us all to be prepared, a change is a must for a good life that's it.

zZJoennZz 5 years ago

You know, everyday is end of the world, but for other peoples die not all. :D This 2012 hoaxes is just a money, just continue the life and protect the environment and keep safe.

tim 5 years ago

Well here I am reading this and I don't know why. I guess It's because I'm bored everyone knows the planet goes through changes just like everything else, the real question is are we going to survive it probably we might not like the new changes but we will have to adapt to them because we can't control the universal laws of evalution and change. So for all of you out there that want to argue right and wrong you are really only left with the inevitalble you are a speck a dust in a huge plane of existance that doesn't really care for your opinion at all.

cyril 5 years ago

I too am at a loss as to why I read this hub + comments, just a thought though.

I see the planet as very much a mechanical engine, it spins on 2 bearings, 1 at each end, made of a perfectly lubricated material(ice).

What happens in the case of bearings over heating is usually a catastrophic failure of said engine as it thrown off its balance

Jello 5 years ago

The moral of the story is, don't be a dick, Dick.

shareena 5 years ago



If you looking for doomsday then you will have to wait till after 2073

However, if its 2012 that is giving the scares guess what the Mayans didn't say was that 2012 humankind will see the start of great wars. It is also the coming to power of the Mahdi. And don't let the anti-christ system fool you to believe the Mahdi is the anti-christ. The Anti-christ is a Jinn just like Satan who used superpower nations to create his mischief on earth devouring little nations. Mahdi will save these little nations from slaughter. But guess who the superpower nations are today. The Mahdi coming is in 2013. As for Nostradamus I want say ' he's as bad a translator as his grandfather was after stealing a book housed in Jerusalem's Library about Prophet Muhammads (saas)prophecies of the end times. His father worked there. No wonder many could not follow on with this predictions. They were vague because he did not under what our Propeht was talking about. He did not study Islam to be precise or any of the true monotheistic faiths whose roots can be traced to Prophet Abraham (as)

follow me here:


grace 5 years ago

2012 is another year like others. anyone trying to scares you 'like you need to flee because time is here' , i live amongst rich societies but to flee it's not possible because i also got a job. also believe that only GOD knows what is in store in future, it possibly won't happen in's good to live in remote areas like the wilderness when the area of the tribulation begins, you save yourself from being slauthered because not accepting the mark is a final destiny of those who live in society because society do not want to mix with the believers but probably that's too far don't worry and relax.

plasticmold 5 years ago

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how to survive in 2012 5 years ago

2012 can be troubling but I think it's better for us to find a trusted information about it. Be prepared can be a good thing, but don't be troubled.

jguardia 5 years ago

too tired of 2012 doomsday hype. que sera sera

Xtrillion 5 years ago

Well, if they said great changes would happen.

They where right, we are making these changes now, our bedroom will be painted in white, our livingroom in champaign color, the stones of our gardens will be swapped for nice green grass, and my wife has a new haircut.

Ok no the serious stuff :)

Change, what is change? Change is nothing more than an endless ongoing process that started since the begin of time, the changes that the mayan are reffering to might be right, if you look at the earth, earthquakes everywhere, typhoons, huricanes, these are the changes we are undergoing right now. It is not because they say a date like 21/12/2012 that it will be that particular date, if you go to visit your friend you wont park your car in his living room right, the mayans had also to choose a date.

Or maybe it whas because they didn't had any space left on the stone to continue counting.

It is indeed an act to retrieve a huge amount of moneyn just like the 2000 hoax when they said all computers will be shutting down, and wasn't that also Nostradamus who said the end whas going to happen once a million time again?

What ever they try to tell you, just let it pass, sure the governement is hiding stuff from us, but what really cares for me is that i know that i love people, and if the whole world would think the same, and leave our differences aside and come along with each other, what an apotheose this would be, no more war, the governments giving order to soldiers to take their weapons to go to war, and instead they just leave the weapons where they are and all go to their familiy's and friends, to have a nice day enjoying life as it is.

What a simple tought, but a great achievement. IF, humankind succeed in doing that, instead of killing each other.

The end of world and days will happen, but believe me, this will happen in a few billions of years from now, we only need to adapt to our new system of life, the system we create's, there are limitless evidences that humandkind existed thousands of years ago up to 15000 years ago, immagine if al they said whas true, why would jesus christ waited for so many thousands of years to finaly come to earth, wouldn't it be easier if god and jesus came down and made themselves known to us, wouldn't that make thing soo much easier? I believe there is something out there, but also believe that humankind has been really missinformed for a few millenia.

We are all energy, part of this grid that is called the universe, if our energy is set in negatieve ways, then negatieve events will happen, think more positieve and you'll see that more positieve things will occure.

As end of this post as the Thai's can say it so well "Chock Dee".

exceler8 5 years ago

Well who don't think anything bad is gonna happen in 2012....go to work(have fun getting robbed,by the people who are in panic)!! We cant run from death i do agree! Im going to be home with my kids!

reality check 5 years ago

look people 2012 is a number like any other number...this whole sucked into the blackhole, planet x hiting or passing by, earth poles shifting, mayans all retarded ...people need to grow up and not take stock into the lastest scifi flicks....i agree people have a right to their own beliefs....but cmon ..really ..a planet that is 4 times that or earth that is suppose to pass by with out being seen by now ...or effecting other planets....really! what a load of garbage ..least make up a good line passig through a black hole line????? if its a trillion stars as a mass it would be a field not a line .....and we have the same orbit every year ..why haven't we passed this line before???? exactly.....oh ever thought the mayan calender ended because disease wiped them out before they could write more or that just ment their calender ended???? why people need to grab a hobby honestly

bappan 5 years ago

IF at all- all you have to do is paint the other end of your compass red. Trust me the paint companies are not banking on the day after to come out of the recession. They want a better and utilisation of their product where you start painting....

maza higgie 5 years ago

well im not shure way what to believe with this 2012 doomsday?? as you're reading hearing so much on this, im not going to lie and say that this hasent scared me, coz it shure has, and sort of still is even now!!!! im just hoping this never happens??? and that were all still here on this earth come 2013?? (fingers n toes fully crossed)

hyderali 5 years ago

Disaster to the Universe - 2012 A.D.

A message from the Almighty:

Please check it to save our Humanity irrespective of Caste,Creed,color and religion- profile image 5 years ago

Interesting article with a unique point of view. Always good to hear other people's point of view, agree or not.

joe 5 years ago

I think it's sad that even with all the knowledge we have today, we still believe in doomsday. All of the evidence to back up doomsday for 2012, is based on nonsense. The mayan calender? really? these people made human sacrifices, and were more or less a stone age society. They don't seem like a creditable source to me. nostradomus? clearly was either mentally unstable or on drugs. I think it's funny how people who follow his predictions can make them fit to any situation they choose. People need to realize nuts have been making doomsday predictions for thousands of years and they have been wrong over and over. The world will end not in a one day bang, but in a sad pollution filled wimper. Hopefully well after im dead.

jysyryt 5 years ago

Buy physical gold or silver, mining stocks or stocks like Campbells Soup as they will all rise in price prior to December 21 2012! Don't forget to sell and take profits!

dfe 5 years ago

For all you people saying that 2012 will happen because of the bible states it. Also remember the bible states the ONLY GOD will know when the world is going to end.

JG 5 years ago

As another poster already said, we have heard this several times, like 1996 and the "6/6/6" day of the antichrist and 2000's computer breakdown and jesus milennium crap. Heck, even authentic mayan indigenous people say that nowhere in their folklore it is mentioned the end of the long count represents a literal cataclysm. Also i don't remember the Bible saying or even slightly refer to an exact date of the Apocalypse (the ones who claim it are the same nutcases that hyped 2000).

Everything up to now is, like it has been in previous "doomsdays", a load of conjectures, most of them blown out proportion by the media and radical groups.

Some days ago I saw a documentary on Discovery about this topic and laughed my ass off as the footage shown included a bunch of youtube videos of people saying "we're all dead!" to their cellphone cameras, i'm surprised they didn't put some anime music video of 2012 with Linkin Park's "in the end" blaring in the background.

2012 is just a little goldmine for documentary media and new age writers.

Carrie 5 years ago

I live in Canada and everyday I see a giant bright star in the sky. Since 2010 it has been increasingly brighter and brighter, bigger and bigger month after month. Explain that guy.

Dipa Nugraha 4 years ago

May I copy and translate your writing on my blog [and add some comments]? Im Indonesian. Id be waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

There are so many typos, inconsistencies and out right mistakes I don't know where to begin. Nibiru is four times the mass of Earth not size. NASA has already confirmed in 2003 that the Poles are shifting at a rate of 40 miles a year, the Earth has had many Poles Shifts no one is disputing that and yet you are . . . did you just wing it or did you do any research, at all?

Kaka 4 years ago

Just hope for the best and expect the worste

punisher 4 years ago

It's just for money.... =)

slifer13 4 years ago

i've been doing a lot a research, debating, long in depth conversations with various people and personal theorizing in the past few months but i've had an open mind pratically my whole life. In respect to everyone's comments throughout this entire blog, one thing that isn't asked is 'where does it leave us'? Apocalypse or not, we as a species need to change something which is happening on this planet. Whether there be a natural change (predicted or not), a natural disaster, a planet not fully understood changing our solour system entirely, we as a species polluting the earth destroying ourselves, illuminati controlling everything through money, power, royalty, governments, leading us down a path of fear keeping control, ascension to the fifth dimension and beyond,....none of this at all will matter if we can't change ourselves. Only by changing can we unite as a species to protect our futures. ie in regards to uniting, we together can take it all down, extinguishing the fear and control allowing us to help each other. Leading into the posibilty of an apocalypse, we together can get prepared for any posibility...helping each other to ensure that our species somewhere survives to continue and begin again, begin a fresh. Uniting also would prepare us for any posibilty of ascension also, whether it be now or later. Leaving only the the apocalypse not occurring, then we, united as a species with no fear can change other asects of our lives to live a better life come 2013 and further in the future.

It's all about our futures!

If anyone would like to make comment or go into more details with anything mentioned above, i would gladly respond either on here or by email. (

Thank you for reading.

slifer13 4 years ago

Carrie that bright star is sirius, known fact and has been around for a long time :)

Mr Wayne 4 years ago

Just my view,

I agree with the article. The earth has already survived for a number of billion years. Most humans are just sheep. They believe any bedtime story. If it's our time to go, then we will go. If not, we will be here. But with or without humans, the Universe will remain. Just ask the dinosaurs. They ruled the earth for millions of years. They are gone and the Universe remains. And if the Universe ever does colapse, it will again spark a new Universe of Life. I have faith there is a great unseen force behind it all. For lack of a better name I like to label it God...

LillyPoo 4 years ago

I'm not commenting about 2012 either way, although I personally think there may eventually be a massive extinction on this planet but it won't happen on a predicted date,and unfortunately not anytime soon. What boggles my mind is that we have a clear explanation on WHY the Maya calendar ended the way it did, which I believe was them routing down the astrological change every 26,000 years. I DON'T believe, however, that well experience anything on Earth as a result. It was part of their mythology, nothing more. Anyway, my point in commenting was really just to say that we DO have geological evidence of extreme climate change happening over a very short period of time. (Geologically speaking) I'm not saying its going to happen in 2012 or anywhere in the next billion years but it HAS happened, and this was before man's extreme effect on the natural resources and environment of the planet.

Joyce 4 years ago

If 2012 is supposto happen or not, the people who are saying be ready are scaring the heck out of people...if it's really not going to happen, people are going to get all hyped up and cause major thing to happen themselves...god is the only one who knows when the earth will end, and frankly I'm tired of people telling me I'm going to die 12/21/12...people need to stop scaring people and just live life to it's fullest

maryzan 4 years ago

Oh how I hate 24 hour news! If we didn't have cable TV and news around the clock this wouldn't even be an issue. Although I belive it's a hoax it still worries me, especially when my husband constantly watches this kind of stuff. Between doomsday and the aliens he is driving me crazy. He thinks we should start stockpiling food, weapons, etc - someone please put my mind at ease.

Me V. Ignorance. 4 years ago

Okay, first of all, when did we all become scientists all of a sudden? Secondly, no matter how much technology we have, people don't know anything. In fact, unless you have seen it with your own two eyes, I wouldn't believe a thing. If something happens and the world ends, who cares? There's nothing you can do to stop it anyways? Why fear something you have no control over? I'm just sayin'...

Angela Kane profile image

Angela Kane 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Very good hub, I agree that this 2012 thing has been blown way out of proportion. I have read many books and saw almost every show concerning 2012, the Mayan prophecies and Nostradamus and I am not convinced. Any information can be misinterpreted to make it what you want it to be.

Frank 4 years ago

The best information I have read about 12-21-12 stated that since the earth's rotation accounts for about a 1000 mph speed (therefore so does ocean water) any catastrophic disruption that occurs will occur on the coastlines of the world. Because about half of the world's population lives within 60km of the coastline (many in substandard housing) the results may be devastating. This may be a good day to take a vacation inland.

george 4 years ago

why did you put a pic mockin my religion saying jesus was a zombie, don't insults peoples beliefs.

Eyeson 4 years ago

It may not happen on the predicted date But very soon.

Paul 4 years ago

Check out 2012engineers.... No ads just facts.

This douche rails against ads and he then puts them all over his site?

Our science knows nothing about our universe.

daniel 4 years ago

Guys I have read and read. I have talked with people all over the world.because of my job.I as a child watched the sky all my life.henced I'm called skywise. First has any1 noticed the atmosphere change? 2nd. Our planet array has changed. Been lookin @ it since a kid now 40. Something is up. May not be the end ,but heads up!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Nibiru is here and has caused many of the closest planets to us and the Moon to vary their orbits, this is obvious.

The continuing Polar Shift is increasing as is the erratic weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity.

NASA and the 'scientific community' can't keep up with the excuses, lies and fabrication and has simple stopped trying . . . this too is obvious.

All anyone need do is go outside at sunset or twilight and look up, wonders abound!

keith 4 years ago

I really don't think this debunks much nibiru has always been a joke and not only would planetary alignment do nothing but they are not going to be aligned on that day anyways or any other day for that matter. This still leaves a lot of question marks though about the future I think its as ignorant to believe something can't happen as it is to believe something has to happen. The earth goes through changes and the galaxy is far from static so its not a question of will something devastating happen to our earth it is when. something could happen tommorow or not for millions of years, but if people whose lives revolved around astronomy has a calender that goes for thousands of years and ends on a specific day I would say it's something to at least consider.

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

What are your rambling about . . . how does the Mayan calendar relate to Nibiru?

What planetary alignment are you talking about?

Here's some Sense. 4 years ago

OKAY GUY'S LISTEN, When the world end's, it end's, we are all supposed to die anyway's ... right?! and beside's ... all those theories are true, nothing is heading towards us and we ARE the ones killing our own planet with all the pollution. JUST WAIT AND SEE, if it end we can't do anything about it, it happens. But if it doesn't then, hurray? In my theory, i think it won't end ... We have been predicting these things that were going to happen for YEARS now, and it has not happened yet. And all the people out there that say THE WORLD IS ENDING, HOW DO YOU KNOW?! you'r a person just like us. Just wait and see ;)

Joy trewyn 4 years ago

Look at all the strange things that have happened since the first part of January with the sounds heard in the sky all over the world plus the most mildest winter I have seen in my entire lifetime living in the north, and now hear it is March and it is like summer outside with temps in the eighties.At the same timethe southern hemisphere is getting winter in the summer. Something is defenetly happening and a fews years back when my daughter toldme that the worl was going to end in 2012 I was scetical as I was in other times when simular predictions was made and nothing happened. But now things are becoming to eerie and I'm scared.

dennis 4 years ago

i agree with that ..the strange sounds that were and till now that vibrational noise that heard all overe the world..

and that wasn't a hoax..i researched it and it was on the news ,and sience have 2 theories about it...and all the vulcano activity that is not a normal thing but you can research it also with sientific facts..than the earth queackes,, the same , its more intensive, we have the the extreme weather in america .and more places....and now we have the booming mystery, also not fiction. the solar activity is more active some have to stop with ooo justnormall. and fearmonger excuses....and i don't know what is the case ..but this is every thing but ormal

dennis 4 years ago

if they say that it can be solar flares ..but think that it has to do something with the core ..and that is in the earth core because of Intensification of the energy processes in the Earth's feel free and believe what you whant

dennis 4 years ago

poleshift.ning dot com


and see for yourself and what is your conclusion..decide for yourself

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Hell I have written over a dozen articles on the continuing Pole Shift for the last six months, what you guys have mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg, erratic weather, Earth Sounds, over 200 earthquakes daily, 5,000 active Volcanoes on the Ocean floors, Earth Wobble, Moons orbit, Albino's on the rise.

Nibiru is in our our Solar System and the many web photos prove it, just Google Zeta Talk and begin reading . . . or go to

Randolph 4 years ago

well you remember the year Y2K and the Rapture both were the end of the world.yet these events didn't take place,there are far too many that love to sell FEAR.Without any real proofs,and as for the Bible as having any real truths........Perhaps many should know Judiasm was borrwed its religion from Sumerian sources ....example Moses vs Sargon the Great some 3000 years before Moses..... and christianity......Jesus and John the baptist vs Horus and Anup the Baptizer some 4500 years before christianity....then we come to Mohhammed vs Zoroaster...........people are quite used to being duped into beleiving the MYTHICAL rather than the fact......Isn't about time the world woke up .And why do you suppose that the stories of Jesus's own words contradict himself,because they came from a borrowed source

bristocks 4 years ago

Somethgblue, sorry to bust your ego but there is NO such thing as planet x or nibiru! I have friends in the government with deep ties, and I have a buddy that studies the planets and stars at a university. None of these people can find this Nibiru anywhere! It doesn't exist. All the crap you are reading are internet hoaxes and lies!

Quit spreading the lies! There is NO planet X...end of story! These guys have been searching for it for a couple years now. They see all the planets and their moons, but no planet X. They see tons of asteriods and meteors, but no planet X. I wish you douches would stop scaring the public for your entertainment and monetary gains!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee


If wishes were fishes it would be a crowded Ocean, I wish the naïve sheep on this Planet would wake up and smell the deception, but alas one must learn the truth for themselves and stop relying on others to tell them what to think.

If I listened to my 'friends' I would still be mired in deception and conditioning that promotes the deception that you are currently a part of. The mainstream media and government lies to the public all the time, simple turn on your TV for all the proof you need.

The US Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that TV News Stations are NOT required by law to tell the public the truth, period end of story!

I don't need a buddy to study the stars for me, as I am perfectly capable of doing this on my own and have seen Nibiru with my own eyes. I have been tracking it's movement for the last ten years, it is in our solar system make no mistake.

If you are scared that is your problem, go hide behind Mommas skirt. The reality of our World is not for the timid and meek.

I was studying Nibiru twenty years before the internet even existed, the government found it in 1984 and even made an announcement to that affect however it is not their job to enlighten the masses, that is up to you!

If you choose to remain ignorant and believe what other people tell you feel free no one is stopping you.

My question to you is How exactly do you think the Government should inform you? It is their job to keep the infrastructure of this country and Planet running smoothly.

What do you think would happen if they suddenly told everyone on this Planet the truth? Do you think anybody would go to work the next day?

So don't be a naïve fool and think they don't know of it's existence . . . why do you think Obama has passed all the recent legislation having to do with FEMA and Emergency Relief, Marshall Law . . . get real, wake up and do your own research!

They want you to ask them and rely on them for answers, so they can keep feeding you BS, so you go to work, pay your taxes, keep feeding the system.

boss 4 years ago

Something is not right - you may find the ones you trusted have lied to you.

Mary 4 years ago

I'm at the time of my life where my future is key. My postive energy, family, friends.. All very important. It makes sense that the earth will not end over night and who knows really if the 21st of December is the day. How can they calculate that close? It is hard to focus on being all that you can be when you hear and see every day that the end of the world is around the corner. I am more on the scientific approach understanding that yes, our climate has been changing for over 20 years. And yes, I have studied all about the planets and solar affects. The toughest thing about all of this is how can we really be ready. What should I be doing. If all of us are saying different things, what is the public to do? I'm now sure if I should be saving up for my retirement or buying a water truck water.. moving to the hills with my parents or looking at beach property to invest. This whole thing bites. I feel the public needs to have a real answer and what we should really do upon this event heading our way or better yet, what can we do as the climate keeps changing and all of us may experience bigger storms and events closer to home than ever before- that makes more sense to me.. Teach us how to protect ourselves now and for the future, assuming we can.

Sir Laughs alot. 4 years ago

Those "mysterious sounds" were cuts from a movie. The sound at the baseballs stadium was lightning hitting the top of the dome. These posts remind me why I teach my children doing drugs included marij is bad for you.

jason 4 years ago

first the supposed nibiru is app 4 times the size of jupitor but the thing is nibiru is just and acient name for jupitor which yep i see it u can too look up any time not just on dec 21 2012 its up there every night. 2 when it comes to nosterdomus the only date he ever used was 1999 and that has come and gone in fact before 2000 the doomsdayers claimed that 2000 had to be the end cuz well he doesn't talk about a date past 1999 well that came and past now they say he pridicted 2012 to be the last days give me a break. 3 the only alianment that is happening on dec 21 2012 is an illussion only from the perspective of earth and that same illusion has been happening on dec 21 for the last 50 years come on give me a break. i make sure i have 6 month water and food put away not for 2012 i do it cuz things may happen like super volcanos and metiors or somethingbut i don't expect that on any date. also when i hear micheo kaku talk about a possible solar storm in the next 3 or 4 years yes i prepare for those kind of events not events made up by someone who claimed to be a prophet in the 70 and had alian talk to her abot 2003 oppps i mean 2012

jason 4 years ago

also if u want to talk about the bible there is one passige that makes sense to me "U will not know the time or date but the season" ppl come on don't BUY into the the fear of sci fi imaginations for profit cuz that's all it is they are trying to make money from u these doomsdayers are just capitalizum at its worst



JPMAGGIO 4 years ago

Dude may be right. We might not be facing dead down world gone for good like most of us believe. But, just see what's turning, it ain't hooking you where you want it...!!! JPM fm VE

Futurian 4 years ago

You are right, but what if the Mayan civilization actually existed before the last ice age and the Mayan astronomers were trying to understand the climate changes that led to the end of their civilization?

The Cause and Effect of Global Warming

The process of global warming is driven by the radiation produced by the Sun. The heat energy from the Sun is absorbed by the Earth which slowly causes the ice caps to melt which causes less heat to be reflected into space and more heat to be absorbed by the planet.

This leads to receding ice caps which over time puts less pressure on the tectonic plates which reduces the friction between the plates and allows the tectonic plates to move with less resistance.

This opens the door to an increasing number of small Earthquakes that are caused by the motion of convection currents inside the Earth which can be seen in the data when you compare the increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with the increasing number of small Earthquakes around the planet which suggests that the trend is not a coincidence.

This also opens the door to an increasing magnitude of large Earthquakes which are caused by the changing gravitational stress caused by the orbit of the moon. When the orbit of the moon changes from circular in approximation to elliptical at its inflection point, the gravitational stress caused by the gravitational interaction changes from a minimum to a maximum which leads to very large magnitude Earthquakes. This can be seen in the data when you compare the orbital radius of the moon with the large Earthquakes that have occurred in Earth's history.

Based on this trend, we should see another large magnitude Earthquake somewhere around the Ring of Fire with the highest probability of occurrence on May 6, 2012 and the range of probability of occurrence roughly fifteen days before and after May 6, 2012.

The increasing number of small Earthquakes and the increasing magnitude of large Earthquakes will eventually lead to the eruption of volcanoes and super volcanoes around the Ring of Fire which will lead to an increasing amount of ash and dust in the atmosphere causing an increasing amount of heat to be reflected into space leading to a period of global cooling.

The tipping point for the existence of human civilization will occur at the threshold when a sufficient amount of ash and dust is ejected into the atmosphere causing an expansion of the ice caps to the point where the size of the ice sheet is entirely sufficient to continue the process of global cooling which will lead to the beginning of a new ice age and the beginning of the end of human civilization.

One possible solution to the problem is to regulate the heat absorbed by the planet by distributing biodegradable ash in the upper atmosphere to reduce the heat absorbed by the Earth.

?? 4 years ago

Sounds like a fairy tale.... funny

ttlove 4 years ago

Well can someone remind me to go get some toilet paper on December 22 that's when everything is still on sale

bddoug 4 years ago

I predict that real estate will become very affordable right before December 21, 2012.

Montezuma 4 years ago

Look at the bright side, it will be 12/21/12 in Japan before the U.S.

BarkusWolfgang 4 years ago

Okay, so this is my first time posting... even first time reading this article. I started at the beginning from a few years back... Read a lot, skimmed over some. My recent interest in a lot of this is fresh, but with good reason. I've got a streak of conspiracy theorist in me, but I'm

generally a firm critical thinker. I've appreciated (most of) what I've read... Kinda helped catch me up to speed with what I've generally been just laughing off... Interesting stuff.

My reason for even feeling compelled to post, relies on the simple fact that I desire answers and insight. Im merely just 28 year old guy living in Memphis, TN from PA trying to make ends meat to pay the bills. And for the past couple months, I've been having these skin sensations (usually when I'm in

bed trying to go to sleep). For awhile I was thinking we had a severe flea infestation, as my roommate has two little long haired dogs which I spotted a couple fleas here and there... but it felt like they were crawling all over me at times. I started researching, and came to a guess that I might have picked up scabies or some other skin mite somewhere... From someone's home, sofa, a friend's jacket... It was a weird sensation... Like static running over my body, or like microscopic insects crawling all over. I would feel little prics here and there... Under my clothes, beneath my socks, in my beard and scalp.. I decided to go to the doctor, which I went into full detail from my sex life, habits, & my lack of using dryer sheets when doing laundry. I'm kind of a hairy guy and static electricity from clothes & bedding seem totally legit. My doctor gave me a prescription for a topical cream in the event in was scabies, and I went about my daily life taking precautions & wading everything & spraying for potential bedbugs..

Last night I was laying in bed, and I couldn't go to sleep. I was experiencing the same skin sensations as before, which started freaking me out.. Thinking it might all be in my head or something. Just tonight I brought it up to my co-worker, who proceeded to tell me it sounded like similar cases in respect to magnetic energy & fluxuations in the earth's magnetic energy. Apparently, some people are experiencing this same bodily phenomena.. Pulses of electricity from the Earth's magnetic field, in regards to recent galactic activity & whatnot. I'm by no means an astronomer or scientist, but I am very in tune with my surroundings most of the time. I currently live in Memphis, TN where we're already notorious for having off-kilter weather due to the delta.

Things seem strange though... Flowers are blossoming prematurely or late, the birds are going ape-shit not knowing what season it is. I've been picking up on these subtle things for awhile now, and it's progressively getting worse. I've even heard in conversations from people born and raised here that "this is unusual, even for Memphis" or "This is the most awkward I've seen the drastic jumps in temperature here." ...Truth be told, it kinda has me a little freaked out.

Ive got too much on my plate right now to even entertain thoughts like I've been having concerning 2012, but I feel like it's in my face in a personal way.

Am I just more susceptible to experiencing repercussions from energy outside myself? I've been exposed to high voltage shock in years past... Does that make me more prone to experience our current shifts in magnetic pull or galactic whatever?

I'm not a scholar, but please take this seriously, and give a guy some feedback!

Bubbles 4 years ago

Liked the article, I understand NASA say planetary alignment will not occur as the planets are no where near one another, but all the planets, the Sun & the Moon are all on the earth's elliptical plane. That's to say all the planets (apart from Jupiter), the Sun & the moon are all in a ring around the equator of Earth. That is all but Jupiter (that's the fly in the ointment). I know there all different distances to Earth, but they are forming a ring around the Earth, sort of.

If you've got "google sky" & a GPS enabled device (ie. your phone) goto google earth & left click. Choose time travel & enter 21st December 2012 12midday.

Your should notice on the eclipse line all the planets, Sun & Moon.

Maybe this happens all the time, but normally the planets are all over the place. If you sit on a swivel stool you can hold phone straight out in front of yourself, spin & see our entire solar system in a single 360° turn!

Jupiter is a bit lower

Reality Cheque 4 years ago

Wow...this would make for a great Hollywood movie! What a great doomsday fantasy! Oh wait...they already DID make a Hollywood movie...I can say truthfully, that I have not, nor will I, 'buy' into the sh*t the media has been selling. The people who truly believe this complete nonsense are lost souls looking for anything to cling to. To you I say this: Get off your lazy ass and do something with your life!

unknown 4 years ago

thank you for telling us that you are such a truthful person

John Kevin Norman profile image

John Kevin Norman 4 years ago

read Isaiah 24 and tell me our 2nd sun is a hoax. wake up, they doing what they do at this time. the movies? conditioning for what we will experience.

JD 4 years ago

It doesnt hurt to prepare anyways (IE bought a generator, protein powders). Unless your a time-travelers, then who really knows. Hopefully nothing major comes about.

Cillver 4 years ago

LOved it. loved the comments too... i agree. always have an open mind!

Roberto 4 years ago

I suggest you learn to write, or at least proofread before posting anything. I wanted to read this, but how true can anything written by someone with your obvious level of culture (See "maybe there devine being" "as apposed" and other jewels) be?

Too much of this trash coursing around, anyway...

ANONYMOUS 4 years ago

You sound like a debunker who is missing some important facts. It amazes me reading the comments how little people really know.

1) AGENDA 21 Globalist have forged a New World Order (Review your Nazi history) or one World Government and unleashed a collective destruction force that is literally reshaping our planet and destroying our ionosphere, water supply and sustainability, they claim we the people, cannot be trusted with. In order to stop us form resisting, they have bought out the very Constitution that allows you to blog. Yes, our solar system has reduced the magnetic field because of the alignment of our planet but these globalist are planning to take advantage of this factor.

While you were sleeping over the past 25 years these Globalist Bankers pulled off the greatest heist the universe has ever seen since the S&L scandals of the 80's-90's. Today's bank robbers don't intimidate and threaten with guns, they use fiduciary badges to steal our rights to property and even the right to unfettered access to whole foods. You wouldn't get that though, you probably eat at Mac Donald's twice a day.

2) Research HAARP before you have your next BIG MAC... it may already be too late! You will certainly probably want to get one last drive through in... and supersize it, cause it may be your last. Chemtrails and wholes in our ionosphere, along with heating up the the earth and polar regions, makes for not only a terrible cancerous day at the beach, but when you think that theses power freaks are out of control and looking to reduce the populace, using catch phrases like sustainability and global warming, scare tactics (Al Gore is such an idiot) caused by their HAARP Star Wars technology. Do your research Haiti, Japan, Peru Earthquakes, AIDS, 911, Vietnam war, Pearl Harbor, every war we have ever been in, have all been well-orchestrated frauds on society... Bobby and John Kennedy? These are not conspiracy theories!

It's about time we march Globally against HAARP! WE ARE THE WORLD AND WE ARE MAD AS HELL! These mad scientist are looking to unearth the polar caps and use the untapped polar regions at the expense of millions of lives and possibly our atmosphere. What's stupid is they did not know what would happen when they set off the first Atom bomb. And you cannot tell po-po what they are doing to out planet with this new weapon of mass destruction? Research Russian polar land grab and sign my petition at robinsoncrusoesgetaway(dot)com.

Jess Mac 4 years ago

Seriously people need to get a life. Some of you watch too much tv and some of you read to much crap. I have just finished my diploma and everything that I no and have learnt and studied about, nothing will happen in 2012... It's one of those stupid scams to make money as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not really worried about it due to my wedding being planned out for next feb and my daughters 1st birthday so I am very excited to celebrate those two things in 2013... As I no nothing will happen.

My 4 year old cousin came up to me the other day and said to me Jess why don't we just die now if the world is going to end in December, now this is my main course of concern! What the hell is a 4 year old coming up to me and asking me a question like that. Children are meant to be having a child hood not thinking about what happens when they die or how they are going to die.

And about this bible crap. I have been through hell and back with my future mother inlaw and I think she is completely insane. She rams is down my throat like I have to eat it, I don't see any evidence to support the bibles theory and remember I am a scientist now and most scientists I know HATE religion, it puts everything that we no and love to do as a big way of trying to explain something that we don't have any clue about and how god has an explanation for everything. I have read the bible due to my future mother inlaw and I laughed at every page I read. It was like being in a theatre watching poetry being read. I know most of you might have a different approach to it but this is how I feel as a scientist..

I can't put myself to believe that this prophecy is actually going to happen because over my years at college reading up about all these other prophecys they all end being the same, some crazy nut job who has nothing better to do with his time then make up false information which is illegall I might add.

I'm going to say one thing I am very excited to live my life the way I want it and to grow up with a beautiful baby girl and my life in happiness not worrying about some stupid theory people have on the world ending.......


Cause it ain't going to happen, along with every other theory people have on this prophecy.. It's been DEBUNKED


jamdak 4 years ago

does anyone know what happened to all the previous advance civilizations? why? ,how did they just vanish from the earth? ie; Mayans, Egyptians, Atlantis. any one??

jamdak 4 years ago

how does flourishing civilizations just disappear? these civilizations are said to be so advance and yet they just vanished. its evident that nothing will happen to mother earth but we as the human species may be reduced or totally be wiped out, it has happen before. earth will continue as she always does.

frank 4 years ago

the bible is a compilation of different 'BS' religions,in otherwords it is a great big book of fabricated lies!anyone who believes that 2012 will end in a doomsday prediction should have themselves admitted to a mental institution!

jennifer stewart 4 years ago

this proves one thing too me human's are dumb will believe anything told too them shown too them by the media and the internet think for yourself if there is a rouge planet whatever i don't care let it rain down upon us and finish us off your all pussies so deal with it already end already god people are sad

jennifer stewart 4 years ago

if people spent half there time worrying about the end of the world we could do some real good but no all you sorry asshole's care about is the world ending please fucking end so there retard's can be full filled and gloat about how they'll survive with out your freaking internet you'd be reduced too holding sign's on the side of the road i'm british and too me worrying about the end of the world seem's too be a western problem you american's live in a freaking bubble you have nothing too do and you worry worry worry worry about shit that doesn't exist grow up america your more likely too lose freedom's than some rouge planet or some bull shit from hollywood hell we all are at the current rate we can just as easily lose oil too and how will you run your internet then god i hope the fucking world end's so you sorry asshole's can shut the fuck up about it bye and that is how i fucking feel end please so these sorry a hole's can get what they so want

Jonathan 4 years ago

Woah, this has been going on for 3 years?

Right let me start off here,

Religious groups are saying that that ancient civilization had predicted the end of the word?

But I didn't think one religion could combine with another - Doesn't that contradict religion all together?

secondly, What the fuck?

Are you all seriously going to buy into the whole: "Its the end of the world."?

I mean seriously, I know four year oldes who laugh at this joke/hoax.

No I don't have a PhD in science, but I have a PhD in not believing in stupid bullshit that is made to spread fear.

Thirdly, Okay, okay so maybe I was being a little rude calling you guys stupid.

Lets say this end of the world is happening - What are you guys doing to make it better? Praying to Jesus for your sins and begging not to go to hell. Sounds great I mean brilliant, sounds like the whole family can get involved.

But seriously, If you buy into this - your just as retarded as believing Scientology!

Please, Enjoy the rest of your meaningful life on Earth.


x2y2equalsz2 4 years ago

Wow .... When any of you wrote something in this blog , did you wonder who else has written here ? Humans seriously lost sense of "worldwide" average or "worldwide" democracy . Based on w/e is being written here , you assume some "strength" of the signal that your brain is being made to pattern out as you read this blog , bloody fools .... wow ... I mean ... anyone know math here ? anyone wondered ? if every human in the planet was taught correct English , the money system , etc etc, and then made aware of the problem as it stands , and then made to vote on a yes/no for "Do we require a change in systems ?" , then u can democratically find out if the world wants a change or not . Oh but wait , there is something called "rich" and "poor" blah blah, people have to "stay quiet" , "accept things" and do their fucking work so other fuckers in the planet can eat and fuck . No , this blog and NO blog can arrive at any sort of conclusion for the simple fact that you have left a lot of people out . Oh wait that just might be the rest 99% of us humans .....

x2y2equalsz2 4 years ago

My previous allegation was for the ignorant ones , my friends , I meant you no disrespect . Peace .

JOSEPH 4 years ago

I want to start off by dealing with the prophet believers. I'm not saying that no one has the right to believe in what they choose. But if you think hard enough, you will remember that it was said when we hit the year 2000 all technology was gonna shut down, the world was going to go black and the world was going to end....then it was "oh the Chinese calander shows 2004 as their year of 2000". 2004 came and went and here we are...surprised? I think not! That's just one example of many.

Then there are the ones who wanna talk about poor or rich, upper class lower class....YOU are the only one who decides if your one or the other. You cloud be a millionaire but choose to live on a $30,000 or even $50,000 a year budget. What you own or buy gives you the social appearance of being upper or lower class....those who drive a Ferrari do so in order to gain the upper class appeal and access, guess what....the big money hungry businesses and government won because they put the right images and perceptions in your head to cause you to hand over your cash. And if you question that theory, read into the family "the Rothschilds" and you'll see the kinds of supposed tragedies and wars and economic downfalls, they have been telling countries for centuries, are going to happen. All just to cause mass panic and loss of faith so the countries governments would ask the Rothschilds "International Bank" for a loan...and it worked like a charm every time. And the loan would purposely have an interest so high, it would guarantee they wouldn't be able to repay so the "Bank" could just demand to take ownership of whatever they choose. And this is what is happening now...our government has this huge debt they keep getting farther into, and they see their chance to get a lot of money to put towards that debt. Enough people start calling 2012 the "new doomsday" and government says...hey, lets feed as much into this as possible and cause people to spend as much money as they can in any way possible. Think about it, SERIOUSLY, the economy has been crap for a while so people fear spending their hard earned money until it gets better. And the government keeps spending tax money and money they borrow from "the International Banks" on stupid crap that doesn't benefit its citizens in any way shape or form. So the ONLY easy solution for the government is to create mass fear in us so we buy what we are lead to believe we will need...thus creating a bogus "boost" in the economy so the government can have money to relieve THEIR debt, not giving a dam what affect it has on American citizens' finances. So go ahead and read into the history of the Rothschilds family line...its centuries of deceit, how else would they have a current day estimated worth of $500 Trillion(approximately the wealth of more than half the world).

So weather it be our calendar, or the Chinese calendar or the Mayan calendar that "SUPPOSEDLY" lines up with "the end of the world prophecies" thing is for CERTAIN with evidence to back it up....the last 12 years of so called prophesied cataclysmic events have been wrong. We need to open our minds and close our eyes and ears and think....what do we stand to gain from all the mumbo jumbo...and what does the government and big corporations stand to gain from it?

Go ahead and give up your money if you feel the need to...its your right. But DONT give up your mind to global interpretation...keep your mind and use it wisely, that is your right more importantly.

J-Man the Creator 4 years ago

Calm down Earth!

Let me introduce myself and explain all this.

I am Noah -Creator of the Mayans and King of The Nibiru Zoo.

Sorry I haven't been in touch, I've been really busy on a Galactic Cruiseliner for about 2000 years.

You're reading backwards, I finally found my Mayan Bible under my bed in the cave. God (Creator of Nibiru) gave this book to me on my 1000th birthday.

I've just double checked and on page 21,569,699 it says Doomsday will occur on the date 12/21/2102. I'm sorry, there was a typo.

There was also a page stuck on the next page (it wasn't stuck because of what you are thinking you dirty minded Humans) I didn't see it before but it states that when the Galactic Plain hits Earth in the year 2102, it will send what is known as a 'Magical Sparkle' and all the fossils of Dinosaurs will come back to life.

I just thought everyone needed to know this.

Flip a Brother an email if you wanna chat more

Peace Biatches!

jennifer 4 years ago

i hope the world end's that way all these whinny asshole's can get there come upping's i hope it does so we can finally see all these internet tough guy's crumble in the sight of a much stronger man shove a gun in there face bye just end already

J-Man the Creator 4 years ago

Sounds like you need some lovin Jennifer?

Come to Daddy Noah, I will look after you and save you from the end of the World.

You can live with me and my Animals at Nibiru Zoo.

I have two of Every Animal you could imagine.

hnrast 4 years ago

The greatest hoax of all times is being perpetrated on the American people every 4 years by the International Bankers that installed every single Presidential Puppet in the White House since President Woodrow Wilson, who in 1913 sold Americans down the river by allowing the International Bankers to secure the creation of the Federal Reserve System. The only exception was President John F. Kennedy who said, "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the Americans freedom and before I leave office I must inform the Citizen of his plight" just ten days before he was murdered for signing Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963, stripping the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. The issued of money reverted to the Federal Reserve System immediately after Kennedy’s assassination even though Executive Order 11110 was never repealed, and to this day the International Bankers continue to have absolute control over the “Two Party System,” the Top Echelon of the US Government, the Top Brass of the US Armed Forces, the Moguls of the Mainstream News Media, Presidents of Colleges and Universities, Heads of Corporations, Pastor, Priests, Bishops, and Elders of Organized Religion, the Goons of Law Enforcement, the Lords, Barons and Kingpins of the International Illegal Drug Trade, and the Ringleaders of the International Human Trafficking Rings.

Jimmy 4 years ago

Now then Now Then

selva 4 years ago

No body knows when or how man made his appearence on planet earth all that we hear from the oldest scriptures like Hinduism,Buddhism,etc cannot prove it in a scientific or a way in which the common mad can understand so we should stop wasting our time on this & go back to the basic & that is the supernatural power is the SUN this creates others.

The way the west has explained like come this date all will end like how the pharmaceutical companes have brained washed all to say that after the expiry date if you take this medication it is harmful common sense will say that there is no such thing like that it is A MARKETING PLOY SO THAT MORE DRUGS WILL BE PURCHASED 7 they can milk huge profits.

J. Shoy 4 years ago

Hi, I created a free tool to help people anxious about dec 21st 2012 to calm down its a self help hypnotic audio: 4 years ago

We have been misinformed from birth, anything that has been told to to us is a hoax, the best is not pay attention to anything that i s not from the heart, your analysis is based on what you have research but again we fall in the same category that we know nothing. However I applaud your intentions of making people less fearful, fear is an illness that kills, is is a deadly weapon. Thank you..

wazman 4 years ago

Well its now November 2012, have just witnessed one hell of a storm hit the east coast of the United States, i can just imagine people are looking through Nostrodamus quatrains trying to see if he predicted this event. Pretty soon we will have the internet buzzing with people claiming that the ancient mayans, aztecs, summerians etc all predicted that this was going to happen. Hell i bet people will try to blame Nibiru for this and they will find some obscure text or picture from somewhere and claim that it was forseen...............i wonder if they will make all those people who made those documentry's about 2012 come back on TV and explain themselves when nothing happens.

Sandra 4 years ago

The fact that this author openly says he knows nothing of the Bible and it holds no scientific weight shows his ignorance, many scientists have provent he Bible to be true as has archeology the fact that he does nto acknowledge the Most High God, Creator of all things cancels him out as a viable contributor, not balanced in the least. BOOOOO to you! gets a minus for this article !

Globespy 4 years ago

Sandra.....please show me these scientific findings you speak of. And for every so called 'scientific' finding, I'll show you 20 that scientifically show the opposite. Religion is 'faith'. There's very little science when people believe in immaculate conceptions, walking on water, rising from the dead and all the other cool stuff that JC apparently did. Funny that the bible fails to mention anything to do with JC's wife and kids. Let's face it, he was a man with manly needs. A wonderful spiritual teacher, but a man nonetheless. And Scientology is wacky right? I mean, who could believe in aliens and spaceships! Sheesh, Nutty! But walking on water....yeah that's fine.

You believe in God right? HE is all powerful and true, right?

Guess what....HE didn't write the bible. A bunch of human dudes did, and whilst I believe that there is probably some truth to some of it, anything that is the work of man ultimately is tampered with....ya know, to control folks through fear. I'm Roman Catholic by birth and went to church for many years until I one day decided that most of the time I was being kept in a state of fear and control - "do this or this will happen to you!", "don't do this and this will happen to you". Etc. Yet we all do bad stuff and we go to confession and walk out feeling like a clean slate, so we can do it all again and go back for a spiritual car-wash next month. Puhleeeeez....

I imagine the supreme being of our existence to be a caring, loving and passionate force. Look at all the beauty that surrounds us on this planet of ours. Yet we keep shitting on everything, basically turning a paradise into hell. Some folks are scared about going to are already here, and most people don't realize that they created their own hell.

If everything is going to end, then it's going to end. Does a date matter? I'd rather not know....what's the productive aspect of a life lived in fear? It limits and stunts our potential to change, to do better...

Anyway....less than a month to find out if filling your basement full of pasta, rice, canned goods and ammunition was worthwhile. It's like Christmas coming twice this year! ;)

scratch67 4 years ago

I feel that the pole shift has started the regrowth of my fore skin. I know that sounds medically impossible but it is happening.

Red sand 4 years ago

Doesn't anyone find it odd that there is zero coverage by the media on this subject. The only obvious conclusion is its gonna happen and they don't want to induce panic. I say this because when Y2K was approaching every channel covered it 2 months in advance. The thing that makes me worry The most about this is that there is zero talk about it on visual media and verrry little on radio. If there were nothing to this they would use it as a diversion for other political tactics, meaning it would be like Y2K covered to divert your attention. Think about it..... Would the gov. Tell you that there were massive impending disasters and no one is safe? Lawlessness, murders, rapes all kinds of ridiculous crimes would happen. It would be Black Friday riots at every store over a single bottle of H2O...

wazmannz 4 years ago

Maybe there is no new coverage because there are more important and real things going on in this world of ours. The only people who would be unhappy that there is no media coverage would be the people who started it all. I have even noticed on the web that where there once were web pages devoted to this myth suddenly they no longer exist. I do blame people like the History Channel who have been showing these different doco's helping to spread this myth and they should be made to explain themselves once nothing happens.

Tikiperson 4 years ago

This article lost all credibility when I saw the misuse of the apostrophes in "Mayans." Really???? COME ON NOW

skizzy 4 years ago

its just gonna be another day. i agree with waz. cuz it aint no thing. light ya blunts up! go to work, go home, and sleep

dr garrison 4 years ago

its only a few days away.. its gonna be bad..blood from the sky..dogs and cats living together..TOTAL

im having a party on the 22nd to celebrate all the idiots who helped our economy by spending there life savings on bomb shelters..

i love stupid wheres that palnet thats suposed to hit would look bigger than the moon by now...just sayn

Wayne 4 years ago

Well I am terrified, I cant sleep because of all this

Father Ted Crilly 4 years ago

Down with this sort of thing!

Stinkums 4 years ago

I believe in this artical 100 percent. Just cuz the mayans enterd the 21 of december 2012 as the last day in their calender doesnt mean the end of the world. Maybe they just got bored or tired and was like well I think those are enough days and we can finish it later but never got around to it. YES!!!! People could have been lazy back then just as they are in todays society as well!!!

JEANNE 3 years ago

This summer of 2013...I'll be on the beach...writing letters to every jerk that scared us...NO MORE more Nostradamus!... or the natives who ripped out their kids heart to give to the GODS! That was disgraceful and we are fools to bite their hooks! Everybody write .

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

The recently concluded UN Climate Summit said that sea levels may rise as much as twenty-five (25) feet in the next year, so when your writing those letters make sure you bring your flotation device!

Hope you can hold your breath for a loooonnnng time, glub, glub!

needsyourmoney 3 years ago

If we're all gonna die on the 21st can I have everyone's life savings on the 20th? It would be cool to be rich for a day. If we're still here on the 22nd though, there is no chance I give it back!

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 3 years ago

Can't any of you people spell!!!!!!!!

dondon 3 years ago

It's crazy in Vietnam right now. Just last night, a KFC store was stripped down closed. Maybe the franchisee thought about the end of the world. Heck, the chickens are very happy indeed!

mat s 3 years ago

In Malaysia now 11.20am 21.12.2012...still alive & kicking..

Awesome Guy 3 years ago

I'm an Australian living in Melbourne. It's now 2:44pm and nothing has happened! Hip hip hooray! Soon I can celebrate that those people gullible to believe this rubbish are feeling bad and spent lots of money on 'survival supplies'. How can anyone believe this junk? Sure it's the end of the Mayan calandar, but who cares! If they were not extinct today they just would have made a new calandar. They probably just said: 'Well the end of our calandar is 500 years off, so what's the point in writing it now.' There is always gonna be someone claiming the world is gonna end. I am 100% certain that by next summer solstice (remember I live in Southern Hemisphere) some crackpot will be claiming the world's gonna end. It's Harold Camping all over again.

Look at it like this 3 years ago

I worry about a lot of things. More worried about that hamburger I ate, I feel like I'm really in trouble, it's horrible. Gotta run.

sinenceman2012 3 years ago

i am in the U.S.A. it is 12:50 you probably saved myself a potentially massive heart attack. THANK YOU

Kay 3 years ago

The world isn't going to end on any date that anyone predicts in the world! Only 2% of Americans and other people in this world believe the world is going to end today. Yeah, I said it, TODAY! Only god knows when world is going to end. Oh yeah and mike, shut your ass up, you're getting on my nerves. The world will not end on 9/15/14. Everyone on this has their whole life ahead oft them, ok?

Lisa 3 years ago

And the moral of the story folks? Don't believe everything you read!

Mirk 3 years ago

I'm so sorry that I didn't believe! That red ball in the sky is our end. I'm so sorry! Go to your loved ones! WHY DIDN'T WE BELIEVE?! WHY DIDN'T I BUY SOME SHADES?! SUN SCREEN! MY LIFE SAVINGS FOR SOME SUN SCREEEEN! WHO NEEDS THESE THINGS IN WINTER?! WHOOOOOO!!

Dave 3 years ago

We need not believe all things. But we must trust in God as well as in ourselves. Dec. 21st came and we're still here, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared for a disaster. Just look at what happened with Super Sandy on the east coast. I'll bet some of those people wished they had been prepared better.

Roy 3 years ago

Now that the date has come and gone, it's time to seek out these hoaxers who perpetuate this garbage and at minimum ridicule them publicly and relentlessly, and for some (particularly those who have made money selling this crap) we should be bringing them up on criminal charges. Why criminal charges? Because there were suicides in which the people actually cited the 2012 doomsday as there reason for committing suicide. That is criminal incitement, and these people must pay for the harm they have caused. There were also documented cases of children so scared they were contacting NASA and asking about it, and asking why they shouldn't just kill themselves to avoid the supposed holocaust. To me that makes these hoaxers terrorists. That's criminal. I'll be contacting whatever justice department officials I can, and demanding that they seek out and prosecute these people. They are despicable trash, and must be held to account!

Shawn 3 years ago

Roy - c'mon man, you can't be serious? I read your post several times trying to understand why you'd be so angry over 2012 - the only conclusion I can come to is that you were one of the schlubs who got scammed and this is your way of venting your frustration.

Criminal charges, eh? I laughed a bit when I read that. Then I cringed, then I laughed again, then I created an account just to leave this comment. Who are you gonna hang for 2012, Roy? You do realize that the 2012 prediction has been around forever and that it can't be sourced to any specific individuals? Sure there were people who wrote books and created documentaries and television shows and made financial gains... so what? Guess what Einstein, people have a choice of what they read or watch - nobody held a gun to anyone's head and forced them to watch doomsday documentaries or read some wackjob author's book or visit some weird cult website. They did that on their own and if they did that and bought into the nonsense, then their own stupidity is to blame.

Next - I also heard that people committed suicide over the 2012 doomsday myth. So long, suckers! Sorry to sound cold but... uh... a little research goes a long way, you know? I can't feel bad for people who offed themselves over something that has been shown over and over to be bogus. You know who is to blame for their deaths? THEM. Maybe they'd be alive today had they used their brains.

Next, you point out that there are documented cases of children contacting NASA because they were scared of 2012. To that I say GOOD. A little fear builds character and humility. I also say that parents need to start using common sense and not let their children watch movies about doomsday before they are old enough to separate fact and fiction.

Finally - labeling anyone a terrorist over the 2012 myth is just silly. As I write this, I am picturing in my mind some middle aged guy in an orange jumpsuit sitting next to another guy in Guantanamo Bay where the first guy asks the other guy what he's in for and he says "I told people the world was gonna end on the 21st and they believed me lol". Now that I think of it... someone should turn that into an SNL sketch.

Seriously though Roy, please post back after you've stormed the walls of the DoJ with your little crusade of justice for the stupid - I wanna know how hard they laughed in your face before they threw you out. Feel free to post pictures to make your story more compelling.

ken 3 years ago

Jane Holmes 3 years ago

What a great hub! And, you did stir up some conversation. I didn't have time to read all of the comments, but will return to do so. I do enjoy reading everyone different theories on this. I agree that many of the dooms day people are out to make a buck. Some of the scientific theory I agree with - some of it I don't. I always return to the Bible where it tells us "no one will know the time. . .". It isn't meant for us to know.

troy passmore 2 years ago

how much of this do u realy think is real or all buull087656453643w

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