2012 - The Apocalyptic Disappointment

Nibiru colliding with Earth?
Nibiru colliding with Earth?

Why the Theories are Wrong

This is an original draft by David Mayes. Not meant for citation.

Throughout the course of the Apocalypticism, Study of the End of Time, course (which I completed in college) the class learned of many different ways the world is supposed to end. There have been topics ranging from Tim Lehaye’s Left Behind series to the story of Planet X, from fifth dimensions to natural disasters, from massive destruction to no damages, and from people being saved by religion to everyone being doomed no matter their religion. The one subject that was not talked about much in class is the arguments against all of these radical ideas.

Recently there have been more and more people who have fallen into the clutches of main stream natural disaster/horror films. As more and more people become paranoid they do not realize that they may be making a non-existent problem into a real one. This paper will look at three apocalypse predictions; first the prediction or backstory will be given for each subject, then the facts that have disproved many of these ludicrous predictions is given. The three predictions that will be disproved are: the Mayan long count calendar, the return of Planet X, and the Bible code apocalypse prediction.

Mayan Long Count Calendar

The Prediction

The Mayan calendar that is used by many to predict the end of time is a combination of a couple different calenders used in tandem. This calendar consists of three pieces connected together in a locking gear-type formation. The first piece is the solar calendar, the Haab, which is a 365 day calendar, split into 18 months consisting of 20 days with five extra days that are considered to be extremely unlucky. The second piece of the calendar is the ceremonial Tzolkin calendar, which contains 260 days. After putting the Haab and the Tzolkin together a larger gear was formed. This larger piece rotates based on a 52 year cycle, called the calendar round.

The long count was another form of these same mechanics. Using the long count it is possible to go back in time using astrology, and many other cycles, to correlate Mayan predictions with actual events in history. Numerous events were supposedly predicted. Some of the events that are predicted are: the plague, the Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. According to this same form of predictions, on December 21, 2012 the supreme deity will return to earth. Upon his arrival, he will start the new era of earth. Many people have assumed that the end of the cycle means the utter destruction of the human race.

Disproving Facts

This sort of doomsday prophecy has continuously been considered lunacy by historians studying the Mayan calender, and the Mayans themselves. The fact is that the Mayan calendar shows cycles. What many people have considered to be the telling of the apocalypse is actually just the beginning of the fifth cycle. The Mayans made general assumptions that could be correlated to numerous events but people take this as an absolute fortune telling prophecy. When it comes to the end of the calendar many people are too distraught about dying that they do not realize they are completely reading the ancient pieces wrong. The ignorance on the part of modern day people has led to mass hysteria all because people are unwilling to do their own research.

Along with such facts is that many writings were destroyed by the Spanish in their conquest of the Native Americans. The ancient writings were nearly completely burned and destroyed with only four codices surviving. This type of annihilation of sources makes reading and understanding the ancient Mayans ways even more tough. Though the Mayans may not have had much of a sense of humor it’s possible that the only surviving codices were written by a prankster. On a serious note though, none of the codices or calendars claim that the end of the cycle will be the end of the world. For someone to find an ancient Rolex with strange markings on it, claiming it predicts the apocalypse is just like someone finding a comic book of The Hulk in 1200 years and assuming that all people were green and of a mammoth size.

The Return of Planet X

The Prediction

In 1906, a scientist named Percival Lowell sought out to explain why Uranus’s orbit is oddly shaped, egg-shaped instead of circular. He determined that there were extra planets beyond Neptune that were causing a shift in the outer planets’ orbits. Later in time other scientists decided that Lowell’s research was credible and delved into the hunt for Planet X. After many years of research the scientists came up with what they believed would be the apocalypse of earth.

The scientists concluded that Planet X was actually a brown dwarf star. The size of a brown dwarf star is roughly the same size of Jupiter. The scientist also concluded that this same brown dwarf star has an elliptical orbit allowing the star to travel from distant space to the inner solar system. An entire cycle would last 13,000 years, according to these same scientists. Every time this cycle is completed the earth would be in great pain because of the great gravitational pull from the passing brown dwarf star.

Such a happening is predicted to cause chaos on the tiny planet of earth. With the strong gravitational pull of a brown dwarf star the earth would experience natural disasters of epic proportion. The first happening would be an exponential increase of tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes caused mostly by the effect gravity have on the tides of the ocean. The next occurrence would be solar flares greater than any ever seen, which would scorch many places while causing a rapid increase in temperature worldwide. Lastly, the super volcano, under Yosemite, would build up enough pressure to violently erupt. This final stage would send enough ash into the sky to block out the sun in most of the world, leading to a new ice age. With all this destruction it is approximated that 95% of the world’s population would die. In essence this catastrophe would end up restarting the world at point zero, back to Genesis.

Disproving Facts

The way this theory was proved wrong seems rather simple. NASA sent a deep space probe out past Neptune on a voyage to gain knowledge of our solar system. If the theory of Planet X pulling Uranus’s orbit into an odd shape was true then the probe would be easily knocked off course and would show immediate signs of a stronger gravitational pull. Once the probe reached the outer part of our solar system, there was an immediate lack of a drama-filled climax. The probe stayed directly on it course and showed no sign at all that a large body, or bodies, was pulling it in any direction.

Though there could be many ways of proving this one probe was unaffected because of certain attributes, it is important to be a realist. Do not go looking for something that may not exist because you may help create that terrible event. This event will most likely not happen and the earthlings will be hanging out waiting for the next hair-brained idea.

The Apocalyptic Bible Code

The Prediction

Over numerous years, many historians have been convinced that the bible has secret messages hidden within its text. These secret messages are able to predict events that are going to happen. Many biblical scholars have found phrases such as Shlomo Yitzhaki, 1105; Moshe ben Maimonmaimonides, 1024; Avraham, son of Rambam, 1287; Hitler, Berlin, Nazi and Enemy, Slaughter, Oven, Extermination, Aushwitz; etc. This type of evidence seems great. The Bible codes are considered divine by many of its evaluators. Many scholars who study this code claim that messages were sent through the code, telling of events like the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

There is evidence that this type of text manipulation can bring relevant words and present them in a relatively convincing manner. The main argument now is who would create such a code and why? It appears to be the consensus that the messages are straight from God. The encoder is somewhat up for debate. Scholars have strangely turned to thoughts that men from the future came back in time to warn people. Another idea that was thrown around is that a super intelligent alien race may have come to earth in hopes to save a failing race.

While many scholars are still set on proving the code is real by correlating it to the 2012 apocalypse, there is some other scholars who found the codes ‘FOR EVERYONE, THE GREAT TERROR: FIRE, EARTHQUAKE,’ ‘DESOLATED, EMPTY, DEPOPULATED,’ and ‘2113’ in one grid. This is thought to be the apocalypse for those biblical scholars that believe in the bible code.

Disproving Facts

The evidence against this apocalyptic scripture is strong though. There are great scholars on both sides of the ‘Is the Bible code real’ argument. One of the biggest blows to the theory of a bible code comes from when multiple scholars used books like Moby Dick and War and Peace to ‘predict’ events that have already happened. In the study of the War and Peace code alone there were statements related to the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Countless other similar grids were found showing similar results to the Bible code.

The other major point that one must look at when showing the invalidity of the Bible code is that when scholars are ‘searching for hidden messages’ they can rearrange the texts to coerce the Bible to give them the code they want. While it is completely nonsense it is awesome that all these scholars are willing to do the research in attempts to predict the future. The last problem I have with this type of code is that the code is used to predict the past, not the future. It is fairly simple to predict what will happen yesterday. When the code can legitimately predict what will happen tomorrow, the code will become valid. If the code is found to say that Osama bin Laden will be shot on May 1, 2011; it is worthless. If the code can tell scholars what our next energy source will be when oil runs out then it will be legitimate. Until this code gets to this point it will be nothing more than a rearview mirror.

Concluding Statements

While it is not possible for anyone to predict the future, at least not any better than the sources above, there is still little credibility in most arguments for the world ending in 2012. With many sources, especially the last one (on the Bible code), the scholars are already starting to throw in a backup plan by saying that the apocalypse may not happen until the 22nd century. While it is great to always be prepared, like the Boyscouts taught us, it is imperative that people do not get so caught up that the apocalyptic events are created in their attempt to avoid it.

‘One often meets his destiny on the path he takes to avoid it.’


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stars439 profile image

stars439 4 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Fantastic hub, and so well written. GBY

qlcoach profile image

qlcoach 4 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

Very interesting Hub. Excellent writing. Here's to the power of living in the now rather than worrying about what might come to an end. Peace and Light...Gary.

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dwayne1240 4 years ago Author

Thank you ql and thank you again stars. I do like to live in the now. I prepare for the future but I do not fear the past or the future. Thanks again.


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