25 Education Apps You Must Have for the iPad

25 Education Apps You Must Have!
25 Education Apps You Must Have!

25 of the best apps for educators to use in their classrooms. They are all so good that this can't possibly be written by rank, so make sure to read to the end!

1. Aurasma Lite (Free): This app uses Augmented Reality (a blend of real images and superimposed data) to make your objects carry whatever meaning you like! Take a picture of any object you choose (let's say an Expo Marker to make this less confusing) Next, search through your Photo Album and select a picture of something (the answers to a quiz). You have now associated the two objects! Any time you show your Aurasma camera at an Expo Marker it superimposes the test answers over the marker! Imagine the possibilities!

2. iFontMaker ($6.99): A handy little tool for creating your own fonts! Each step consists of one upper or lowercase letter (as well as punctuation marks); you draw the letter the way you want it to look. Host it to the web and you can download your font to your computer, and so can anyone else (if you want them to)! Try using it to create student Christmas gifts for parents. Having your son's second-grade handwriting when he is fifty years old can be pretty nostalgic!

3. AR Player (Free): This is another Augmented Reality app. Point this camera at a special picture (go to the AR Player Website to download this picture) and whatever 3D image you choose will appear on your screen! You can turn the camera to see any angle you want! Have students examine a T-Rex in an unforgettable way! If you are able to create your own 3D images, you can host them to the website and see them on the iPad!

4. LogMeIn (Free): Forget something on your school computer? Need to access the grades database from home? Have a LONG walk between your classroom and your school's printer? This app is for you! After setting up an account on your iPad and your computer (yes, you must be able to download something to your computer) You can have FULL access to your computer THROUGH your iPad! Whatever you can do on your computer you can do right on your iPad.

5. Toontastic (Free): A cartoon creating app that helps teach writing skills. Students choose a Setup, Characters, Conflict, Challenge, Climax, and Resolution to create their own cartoon which they can watch after it is created!

6. Edmodo (Free): Set up an Edmodo account for yourself and your students and you can have a safe discussion board, quiz maker, assignment board, and much more! Edmodo let's students collaborate with each other publicly but never privately. They can only message you privately. After the year is over (or day to day) you can archive everything as read only until you are ready to use it again!

7. Star Walk ($4.99): A sort of Augmented Reality app that lets you become an instant astronomer! Point your camera at the sky (day or night) and see names of the stars you are looking at. Great for finding planets, constellations, and even celestial bodies on the opposite hemisphere!

8. Dropbox (Free): Dropbox is a free cloud storage system that you can put on your iPad, iPhone, laptop, and desktop all for free! Just drop whatever document you want into the little box and it is instantly shared across all of your devices! If you don't have the right application to edit the document (you don't have Microsoft Word on your iPad) you can still view it through Dropbox! Combine this tool with LogMeIn and you can have whatever you left on your school desktop instantly transferred to the computer you're on ready to edit!

9. AirSketch Free (Free): This app works as an internet whiteboard. Just open the app and the internet page, then whatever you draw on your iPad shows up on the webpage! Use your projector or Smart Board to show the class what you are drawing on your iPad! No need to even download anything to your computer!

10. Scan (Free): Scan is a bar code reading app. You can create your own QR codes online (try qrstuff.com) that link to whatever you want! Go on a scavenger hunt by scanning QR codes for clues; have the answers to problems, mathematical formulae, or help pages in QR codes beside each problem; Create a choose your own adventure using QR codes to link to the Google Doc that is the continuation of the story; let students write book reviews, link them to QR codes, and put them on the back of your classroom library books. This app has a lot of potential!

11. Educreations (Free): Want to record what you are drawing on your iPad screen? This is the app for you! Create a video of a lesson with your voice, text, and drawings, then share it with students who missed the class or parents who don't understand homework!

12. Calculator (Free): Okay, so not a flashy app, but the next time you are demonstrating functions on a calculator, put that tiny real version down and pick up your iPad! Includes scientific functions as well.

13. SignNow (Free): Need to get permission slips signed fast? Want to be sure your students didn't sign something? Try SignNow! You can pull up PDF Documents and send them out to be signed. As soon as they are signed (internet access is all that is needed to sign) they are sent back to you with a legally binding signature! Quick and secure!

14. PDF Expert ($9.99): Customize your PDFs. If you want to add text, drawings, pictures, or even signatures to your PDFs, get this is the app! import your parent conference forms and have parents sign on your iPad!

15. TapQuiz Maps (Free): Ready, set, go! Tap the correct state, country, or providence! Students who play this game regularly get REALLY good at identifying parts of the world. For the $0.99 upgrade you can include a learning feature where you can tap a state, country, or providence and it will identify it for you.

16. Google Earth (Free): Need to map out where something took place in the world? Try Google Earth. It has a beautiful interface that let's you pinpoint locations and look at existing buildings with satellite images. Quickly look around the world without leaving you seat!

17. Storia (Free): Scholastic Books just got better! When students download Storia books using their student account, YOU get the Scholastic points! Storia comes preloaded with five books and access to many more.

18. Pic Stitch (Free): Seen those fancy pictures on the internet that have multiple photographs stitched together to create one image? Wanted to know how to do it but too afraid to ask? Try Pic Stitch and you can have your own nifty image in under a minute! Have students respond to literature by creating a Pic Stitch complete with picture captions!

19. Pixellent Pro ($6.99): Tired of plain old Google Image searching? Pixellent Pro takes it to the next level by finding beautiful images across multiple search engines. It just seems to find what you want when you want it!

20. Google (Free): If you haven't tried the Google Goggles feature on this app (not the website, the app) then do it right now! You can search anything by scanning it! Let students scan items you want them to search to make it more interesting and to avoid searching for things they shouldn't. Check with your school system policy before downloading Google or Pixellent Pro!

21. GarageBand ($4.99): This is essential if you are planning on creating electronic student portfolios. Students as young as preschool can use the recording device. The sound clip can then be edited if needed and transferred to your computer to integrate into the electronic portfolio. If you get tired of recording your voice, there are oodles of instruments to play with to create your own songs!

22. iMovie ($4.99): iMovie let's you create and edit film right from your iPad! Choose your own themes and transitions, give the film a title and a few more scenes, and you have a movie! Students can create their own documentary, short film, or movie using this app alone. No video cameras or computer labs needed!

23. iBooks (Free): iBooks lets you download textbooks to your iPad. This is absolutely necessary if you are buying textbooks for the iPad. Even better, you can CREATE your own textbooks using iBooks Author on a computer! Create the exact content you want delivered to your students and then send it to iBooks and each student can have it on their iPad free of charge!

24. Remote (Free): If you use iTunes to play music from your computer, get this free app to control your computer over the wireless network! Turn down the volume from across the room, pick a song while working with a small group, or control a playlist for an assembly. Put Remote on your iPhone, too, for control wherever you are!

25. Numbers ($9.99): If you like to create your own grade books using spreadsheets, you need this app! Access to hundreds of functions; use practically any function that you can use on your desktop version! Create spreadsheets with grading functions, graphs, and charts; create a reading inventory that instantly grades itself and never turns into a jumbled paper mess! Having all this data where you want it allows you to make notes and grade on the spot—like a clipboard—with the power of a computer to sort through the data!

That's it! 25 GREAT apps. Yes, there are more, many more! I even thought of some while writing this article, perhaps a "part two" will be in the future. Have a favorite app? Leave it in the comments below, I would love to hear about it! Have a question about an app? You can leave those below, too!

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Comments 10 comments

Ardie profile image

Ardie 4 years ago from Neverland

Ooooh, these all look like apps IM going to play =) Seriously though - my daughters love the iPad and Im all about having them learn something while they play games. I havent heard of many of these apps so it looks like I will be trying them out the next few days. Thanks!!

EDU 101 profile image

EDU 101 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Glad you enjoyed, have fun playing!

iefox5 profile image

iefox5 4 years ago

Do these apps work on Android devices such as Ainol Novo 7 android tablets and Meizu MX phone?

EDU 101 profile image

EDU 101 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Good question! Although I only use the iPad, I am sure that Google, Google Earth, Dropbox, Scan, Edmodo, Storia, and Star Walk would work or have equivilants. I am not sure about the rest. If anyone finds out and wants to leave a list, feel free!

nenytridiana profile image

nenytridiana 4 years ago from Probolinggo - Jawa Timur - Indonesia

Bookmark this hub! an useful information. Good work EDU 101.

EDU 101 profile image

EDU 101 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Thank you! You reminded me of another app: Pocket will let you archive web articles to read when you don't have web access!

RobinGrosswirth23 profile image

RobinGrosswirth23 3 years ago from New York

I am a firm believer in using toys (tech) as learning tools. We teach a native digital nation and must always be relevant to the students we teach. Bravo again!

An idea: Use the iPAD Airsketch to do a SKETCH to STRETCH lit strategy. See if students can bring their iPADs in or if you have enormous resources in your schoolhouse, see if each student or each team (group) can use one. Read a story-read aloud and have the students do a sketch to stretch using this technology.

Love these apps!

iguidenetwork profile image

iguidenetwork 3 years ago from Austin, TX

I like all those apps, even the calculator, it's really an essential thing. Most especially liked is the iFontMaker and iBook. Really useful information. Voted up and shared. :)

Joe 3 years ago

Nice post! will surely check them out.. Have you tried Jot!? it's a very functional whiteboard app. It has a Live Sharing feature where you can do collaborative work and share ideas together. Hope you'll try it and include it on your list. Thanks!

EDU 101 profile image

EDU 101 3 years ago from Georgia Author

Thank you for the positive feedback!

RobinGrosswirth23: Great idea! That would be a great use of Airsketch!

iguidenetwork: Thanks! I find the large calculator really does come in handy for teaching calculator skills! iFontMaker is one of my all time favorites!

Joe: I need to give Jot a try! I have looked into several apps with live sharing functionality but have failed to find one that meets my needs; it would certainly be useful in the classroom! Maybe I can feature Jot in my next apps article!

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