5 of the weirdest animals ever

5. The Blob fish


This world is full of strange wonders and many stange creatures, of course these creatures would probably call us weird but never the less here are my top five strangest animal picks..

The first well is kind of gross looking, The Blob Fish, even the name sounds gross.... The BlobFish Or (Psychrolutes marcidus) is a fish that lives deep in heart of the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. The habitat in basicaly inaccessible by humans so the Blobfish is rarely seen. The Blob fish lives where the pressure is serveral dozen times higher then at sea level.

To remain buoyant, the flesh of the blobfish is primarily a gelatinous mass with a density slightly less than water; this allows the fish to float above the sea floor without expending energy on swimming. The relative lack of muscle is not a disadvantage as it primarily swallows edible matter that floats by in front it.

Blob fish
Blob fish

4. The Angora Rabbit

Thsi is a stange creature but very cute..this variety of rabbit is known for it's long soft hair. This rabbit is one of the oldest type of domestic rabbit, originating in Turkey along with the Angora goat and cat. These Rabbits were popular pets with the french royalty in the mid 1700's. They first appeared in the USA by the early 1900's. They are usually bread for their long wool, which is eily removed by plucking or shearing.

Angora Rabbit
Angora Rabbit

3. Kokondorok Dog

This is the neatest dog I have ever seen, not that i'm going to run out and buy one or anything,but still it's cool. Just by looking at the dog you can see it is unique. It's hair is long, thick and cord like, resembling a mop or dreadlocks. The puppies coats are soft and fluffy, as they mature it turns wavey and curls. Grooming for this animal is essencial or the hair will get matted and hurt the animal. These dogs are only born with a white coat, but may get discoloured by the elements. One good thing is shedding is minimal with this breed.

Komondor Dog
Komondor Dog

2. The Star-nosed Mole

When I came across this animal I knew it was very unusual looking and had to make my top five. This small mole is found in North America living eastern Canada and northern US. It lives in lowland areas andeats small inverteebrates, aquatic insects and worms. This creature is a great swimmer and can forag along the bottom of streams and ponds. Like other moles, this animal diggs shallow surface tunnels for foraging, often these tunnels exit underwater. The Star nosed mole has been known to be quite lively in the winter months, digging in the snow and swimming in icy waters.

The Star-nosed Mole is covered in thick blackish brown water-repellent fur and has large scaled feet and a long thick tail, which appears to function as a fat storage reserve for the spring breeding season. Adults are 15 to 20 cm in length, weigh about 55 g, and have 44 teeth. The mole's most distinctive feature is a circle of 22 mobile, pink, fleshy tentacles at the end of the snout. These are used to identify food by touch, such as worms, insects and crustaceans.

The Star nosed mole
The Star nosed mole

1. The leafy Sea dragon

I love this creature it is so pretty, it almost does't look alive, it's like seeing a flower swimming through the water or a peice of sea weed.

Named after the dragons of Chinese mythology, The Leafy sea dragon with green, orange and gold hues along its body, is covered with leaf-like appendages, making it remarkably camouflaged. Only the fluttering of tiny fins or the moving of an independently swivelling eye, reveals its presence.

Like the seahorse, the male sea dragon carries as many as 150-200 eggs. After being deposited by the female, the eggs are carried in the honeycomb-shaped area (known as the brood patch) under the male's tail for approximately eight weeks. Sea dragons have no teeth or stomach and feed exclusively on mysidopsis shrimp. Known as "Australian seahorses" in Australia, they are found in calm, cold water that is approximately 50-54° F (10-12° C). Leafy sea dragons have been protected by the South Australian government since 1982.

Leafy sea dragon
Leafy sea dragon

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Veronica Bright profile image

Veronica Bright 8 years ago from Nebraska

The ARE wierd, aren't they?

raguett profile image

raguett 8 years ago Author

Thats for sure....R

Health Conscious profile image

Health Conscious 8 years ago from South Florida - USA

Are you sure the blob fish in the picture isn't just hung over. I have looked like that on some mornings.

Great hub, There are so many cool looking and interesting animals.

raguett profile image

raguett 8 years ago Author

Thats funny I think Ive had a few mornings looking like that too..LOL

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

I think the angorra rabbit would make a cute cartoon character. Thanks for introducing me to these unique animals.

Constant Walker profile image

Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

Ew! Blob fish!

epictruth profile image

epictruth 8 years ago from Frisco

Incredible hub! That blob fish is beautiful. :)

-your newest fan!

starrkissed profile image

starrkissed 8 years ago from Arizona

WHOA! I have never seen such odd creatures lol. I think I've seen that type of dog before [only in pictures], but that's it. That blob fish looks a little disgusting, lol. The rabbit looks mean! But I'd still like to pet one lol.

poop- 7 years ago


ashley 7 years ago

were do i get more info i doing a project on the blob fish

raguett profile image

raguett 7 years ago Author

Try britanca or discovery.com....you should find info there...

chASE MILLER 7 years ago

who that is very werid

DINGO 7 years ago


achmed 7 years ago

that blob fish looked weird

Israel Carson profile image

Israel Carson 6 years ago

That's a very interesting fish...

Samantha Perez 6 years ago

just weird i thougt some animals didn't exist but now i've seen all now i need to pick one for my school assiment i need to pick one before MONDAY ummm i pick leafy sea dragon i bet no one has this

your mother 6 years ago


your other mom  6 years ago


His Baby 6 years ago

haha The blob fish looks like my frannn Danny Ewing haha :)

Brittany 6 years ago

Blob fish is weird so I am showing My science teacher Mr Mutchnick. He likes weird things... The rabbit looks like he puppy thingy on The Dark Crystal

jack 6 years ago

blob fishes are not weird there disgusting deep sea creatures.

jack 6 years ago

blob fishes are not weird there disgusting deep sea creatures.

levi 4 years ago


CraftytotheCore profile image

CraftytotheCore 3 years ago

This is so amazing. I never knew the blob fish existed.

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