7 Survivalist Foods Every Family Should Stock Up On

I dare say that the average American family doesn't give a second thought to emergency planning. They're either too busy watching some scripted reality show or they believe that the U.S. Government will come running to their rescue if a natural disaster or national emergency strikes.

After the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike debacles, they should know better.

Unfortunately a lot of people in coastal areas don't think about hurricane preparedness until one is right on them.

But for the families that are taking responsibility for their own welfare, here are some foods you should stock up on for short term emergencies. By short term, I mean emergencies that may last a month or less. You don't have to be a Survivalist to be smart enough to prepare for a natural disaster or economic hard times.

What is Survivalist Food? Let's just say for the sake of this article that Survivalist food is any food that can be stored safely for a long period of time. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that some food in your Pantry will store well for long periods. Everyone knows that canned goods store well, but they're heavy and bulky. I'm going to try to turn you on to some foods you may not have thought about.

#1 Baby Formula

Shortly after Hurricane Ike struck South Texas, Mothers were calling in to radio stations asking people to share baby formula. It seems that they never stocked up on any at all, even with all the warnings they had.

You can expect baby formula as well as other baby foods to go quick in an emergency or natural disaster. In case of a hurricane, expect it to go before the storm arrives as people scramble to stock up at the last minute.

#2 Dehydrated Milk

Fresh milk will be hard to come by right after a disaster. The milk you stock up on will either be gone, or spoiled quickly. You should have a good supply of dehydrated milk available. It will amaze you at what you'll find to use it for. Plus, if you have any Milk drinkers in your home, they'll thank you!

I suggest you think about getting at least a month's supply. More is better and be sure to get the better quality milk in good containers.

#3 Freeze Dried Meals

Companies like Mountain House produce a full line of freeze dried food and meals. These have been very popular with hikers for years. They produce single and double meals in packets which you can find in most places. In fact, I found a few of the more popular packages at my local Wal-Mart the other day.

Mountain House advertises that their food has a 25 year shelf life. That's nice to know if you buy some and forget it!

What you want for long term storage are the #10 cans. These have your choice of many meals including Chicken Ala King, Beef Stroganoff, Spaghetti and Sauce, Beef and Chicken Stew and many others.

To prepare these meals, all you do is bring 2 cups of water to a boil and add to the bag if you're using the packaged meals or add the food to boiling water if you're using the #10 cans. (you take out the amount you want from the can, normally 1 cup. Don't put the water in the can!)

#4 MRE's

MRE's, or Meals Ready To Eat, have been a staple of the Military for a long time. Basically all you do with these meals is tear open the package and dig in. They come in a wide variety of flavors to keep you from getting bored with the food selection.

The downside of MRE's is that they can be bulky and not as easily stored as freeze dried food. But if you have the space, MRE's are a good choice to add to your food preparedness plans. Just be sure to rotate old stock.

#5 Water

Funny, people sometimes forget how much water they actually use in their day to day life. I stock up on bottled water, water in 1 gallon containers, water in 5 gallon containers and water in juice box sizes.

In case of a Hurricane, where you have advanced notice, fill your bathtubs with water for flushing the toilet, cleaning dishes and washing yourself.

Also, the water that comes in those little juice boxes, are great for giving out to your friends and family who weren't smart enough to prepare. This way you look like a hero while saving the good stuff for yourself.

#6 Dry Staples

You should have staples like Beans, Rice, Peas and other staples in large enough quantities to last you a good while. I know some people who just buy large bags of Pinto beans and rice and so they're ready to wait anything out.

I like beans and rice as well as the next person. But after a week of eating beans and rice, you're going to be sick of it! Be sure to add as much variety of these dry staples as you can. This is another reason I stock up on a variety of food.

Life suck during an emergency. Don't make matters worse by limiting your diet!

#7 Powdered Drink Mixes

Sticking with the "Life sucks in a disaster" and keeping on hand a variety of food, having to drink nothing but water day in and day out is going to suck big time. After about a week of drinking water only, you'll give Gold bars for a teaspoon of Tang!

I store up a lot of different types of powdered drink mixes and instant drink mixes like Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Tang, Cocoa and others.

While I'm on drinks, don't forget to store up Coffee and Tea. Both instant and the brewed king. Also, make sure you store it in a waterproof and airtight container.

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