7 Tips in Preparing for the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exams

I have been there. The Philippine Nursing licensure exams jitters came on me. But after everything, I did make it. After long months of waiting for the results, on January 31, 2010, I found my name included in the list of passers.

For those who are taking the July or December Nursing board exams, fear not, for you have within you the success you deserve.

Think these tips through and God bless you as you prepare.

  1. Master the basic concepts. May it be for Medical-Surgical, Community, Psych, Funda, you have the time to study these. Take the time to really understand them by heart. Know your learning style and go with it. If you enjoy mnemonics (like SeSeMoMoMiMoMiSeMiMiMoMo for the 12 Cranial Nerve uses), then go for it. It’s your game so you have the ball in your hands. On the other hand, if you prefer reading aloud, playing quiz bees with friends never hinder yourself from doing these techniques.
  2. Make use of available resources. You’ll never know, some questions may come from previous Nursing board exams some years before. As for my experience, a lot of the questions came from a mixture of 2002 – 2008. Since I bought some reviewers from National Bookstore and answered the reviewers from Sia, Balita, and Gapuz, I got my hands on the possible questions.

They helped a lot as I tested myself as to how I fared so far with the exams. I used the time I have (which was from April to November) to read, answer, and check the answer keys). Though be careful, for some reviewers may have inappropriate answers in the keys. It is still suggested to rationalize using other textbooks at hand to double-check the answers.

3. Search the Net for freebies. You have a lot of choices when it comes to reviewers. Online hubs such as filipinonurse.blogspot.com, nursenotes.org, nursingcrib.com, nursesnotes.org, and many others can aid as you discover the journey towards a successful board exam.

4. Be as creative as you can be. Learning doesn’t have to be as boring as the monotonous lecture. Incorporate the lesson with your own experiences. If for example you know someone who has diabetes, try to research about it and share what you’ve learned to that person. In this way you will have a first-hand experience of the subject matter and readily remember that as you take the exam.

5. Share what you can to a buddy. Like it or not, you are not an island. Everything in this world, whether you still like it or not, will have to be let known to others. The same goes with learning. As you try to share what you know, the more others feel like they want to share what they know with you. Who knows, they may have discovered a better way to understand the differences between the different ECG traces and will be eager to tell them to you.

6. Know when to relax and when to study. Yes, even nursing graduates like you need to the time to watch a movie, play a sport, or go on a nature hike – and not just to read, read, and read.

As you may already know, the mind doesn’t have to be stressed for it to function optimally. All you have to do is to balance your time. Remember, management is key. Spend your time wisely.

7. Trust in yourself. Trust in God. Before taking the tests, take your time to thank God for giving you the chance to undertake such exam and do your very best. You’ll never know, you just might ace the test and make it to the top 10!


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from http://farm1.static.flickr.com/183/391713643_2dc4012d7b.jpg

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hazeline  6 years ago


pj lapar 6 years ago

thank you..

Sheila 6 years ago

been there also,,,but unfortunately i was June 2006 nursing board passer..currently working in Canada as nurse.. wished to retake the exam in the Pinas in case wanted to stay in our amazing island. Now i have the same feeling as before...need a really good review.

starr 6 years ago

thank you so much.. =) ill be taking this coming decmeber 2010.. di pa ko msyadong prepared.. hay.. kinakabahan ako...

coeline profile image

coeline 6 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

@starr: you're welcome! Good luck ha.. Relax-relax ka na lang some days before the test. para di masyado mastress ang mind. God bless!

FritzRN 5 years ago

Kinakabhan na ako, tom na ang board. Slamat sa tips mu, god bless. .

coeline profile image

coeline 5 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

@FritzRN: God bless you! :)

NLE Results December 2010 5 years ago

WOW! Always be prepared especially the Phil nursing board exam where sometimes the questions is really out of nowhere.

ymmah 5 years ago

thanks for some tips

chardzki 5 years ago

hi celine. im happy to see u in the net and i admire ur advocacy in lifting the sipirits of board test takers.... Richard Sagasag

coeline profile image

coeline 5 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

@ymmah: you're welcome! ",)

coeline profile image

coeline 5 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

@sir richard: thanks po! it's really nice to share ideas, especially when they're based on experience. how are you na po? I hope you're doing well. God bless you always!

jong 5 years ago

thank you ha..

anzen 5 years ago

wow! very well said.

may i ask which is better? Taking the board exam on July or December?

coeline profile image

coeline 5 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

@jong: you're welcome! Good luck and God bless!

@anzen: It actually depends on your preparation. If you feel like you're already prepared to take this July, go for it! Meanwhile, if you believe you still need some time to prepare, perhaps taking by December would fit. It's still up to you. :)

Dexter,RN 5 years ago

salamat..:)..ng dhil sa tips mo nwala ang kaba ko....wish we luck for this coming board exam dec batch 2011....GODS SPEED..AMEN

coeline profile image

coeline 5 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

@Dexter, RN: Wow, thanks so much! I do hope that you'll make it.. Believe, study hard, and pray.. :)

P.S. Relax lang a few days before the exams. Concentrate din nang mabuti para recharged ang body and mind. :)

aiza 4 years ago

..uhmmm I'm going to take the board this coming july but I think Im not yet prepared,,, what should I do?

coeline profile image

coeline 4 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

If you feel like you're not yet prepared, perhaps you can still assess yourself further to determine how ready you really are. In a scale of 1 to 100, how ready are you? Would you like to risk the chance or do you think that with some more pushing, you'll be able to make it? There are times when you feel like you're not yet prepared, but when you come to think of it, you're already prepared. :) Weigh it out a bit more and decide if you're willing to risk it or if you'd want to give yourself more time to study. :)

kris 4 years ago

Hi. Can you help me out? Me and my groupmates were doing a thesis. It's about the used of group study in passing the nsg board exam. Wanna know if u used it too as one of ur learning strategy while ur rviewng for the exam? Thanks.kris

pinky 4 years ago

thank u for your tips ms. Coelin.. I know I can make it this time.. God bless po..

john 3 years ago

thank you..

coeline profile image

coeline 3 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

You're very much welcome, Pinky..

No prob, John. :) My pleasure to help future nurses!

Kris, so sorry for the late, late reply, but I do hope your thesis went well. Anyways, if I was able to answer at once, this would have been my reply: Group studying is effective, provided that your groupmates are great influences to your studies. If they help you learn more effectively, then go for it. :) Otherwise, you might just want to study alone. :)

kid 3 years ago

thank you very much to your fruitful advice and your advocacy to help us as we fight the battle and challenges of future....i will be taking the nle this Dec...thanks for the encouragement...pls pray for us to become one your colleague... may god bless you and your family for your effort and god bless us all...

Dhale 2 years ago

Salamat sa tips, super nakaka kaba talaga pero lahat naman siguro kinabahan sa pagtake ng board. Kaya kapit na din lang mabuti kay GOD. Salamat ulit... :)

coeline profile image

coeline 2 years ago from Lipa, Batangas Author

good luck and God bless to all the graduating Nursing students this year! May you find your calling as you start another journey after graduation (towards your career)..

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