A Bad Omen for the Gulf of Mexico: Dead Dolphins

Flipper is Dying

One can look at the latest news flash as a thing to be expected, which will recover, or view it as one of many signs that one of the trumpets mentioned in the Book of Revelations and the End times has been blown.

Scientists are urgently concerned about the discovery of 47 dead dolphins on the beaches that ring the Gulf of Mexico. The alarm is that dolphins are at the top of the ocean food chain and fear is that these animals have been killed by the BP oil spill meaning the oil contamination has already impacted ALL food chains in the Gulf to some degree. Saving the dolphins is impossible because they will only surface and go to land when they are dying making any rescue attempt impossible.

By some estimates, there are 2-300 dolphins in the Gulf and if the BP oil spill has already impacted all food chains (and we are still many weeks away from a fix, assuming no hurricanes) scientists fear that parts of the Gulf may simply become devoid of life-a dead zone. If the spill continues, it is possible that much of the Gulf may become dead for many years to come-simply look no further than the Alaskan oil spill eons ago.

If you are unfamiliar with the Book of Revelations, or disbelieve it, simply know that one of several signs that the end is approaching (several years) is that it states seas or oceans will become dead at the hand of mankind and all the attempts to reverse it will fail.

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janiek13 6 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

Nothing is more efficient than human beings at destruction.

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