A Distant Close Encounter

The Sighting

Hi everyone, I believe in UFO's, and have always looked to the sky, and have watched every show that has anything to do with the universe, aliens, UFO's, and other fun shows like that.  I was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska from 1973/75, it was a beautiful summer day in July 75, the sun during that time stays up 24 hours a day, and was sitting just above the mountain as it circles around the horizon.  I was a heavy truck driver, driving a 45 passenger bus for the children on post (lifer brats), and had just made my first stop, when I saw something zip in from out of no where, coming in from the right hand side, incredibly fast, then slowing almost instantly to a leisure pace.

The craft slowly moved along like a small plane, the parents (officers wife's, officer's, and enlisted wife's) were waiting for their children to get off the bus, and noticed that I was not greeting them, and that the kids were glued to their seats with eyes wide open, that is when the parents saw what we were watching. The craft slowly moved above the mountain range that surrounds half of the base, flying toward the sun, that was also just above the mountain range (where it stays all summer). 

The Craft

The craft was silver/metallic, flat on the bottom, with a right angle side, and a dome top, as it moved toward the sun it reflected sun with a bright silver color, all of a sudden the craft started slowly turning up on it's side, until it was showing that it was completely round.  The bottom of the craft did not shine in the bright sunshine, which was strange, then it suddenly dipped down, and zipped out the in the same place it entered the atmosphere, at a rate of speed that would have killed any human (you know, scraping them off the wall from the course change & speed). 

The craft was so fast when it left, you would not have the time to snap your finger, the people, the kids, and the people waiting for the bus to move were in a daze (including me).  There was no sound from the craft, no sonic boom, nothing, and there was no sound from the people, not from the kids, no one said a word, we just looked at each other.  The kids got off the bus without saying a word, I mean no one said anything (you know like wow, or did you see that, or can you believe what just happened) nothing at all. That was the quietest bus run I had with those brats, they just sit there in their seats, quiet, got off at their stop without saying hi, by, or anything. 

The Actual Craft Sighting

We Are Not Alone

I did not tell anyone about the event until I was out of the service, and then only told my family and closest friends, who looked at me like I was out of my mind, but they could tell that I was not lying to them. So remember to look to the skies, and know We Are Not Alone. All of the photos except for the Actual Craft Sighting are from the Internet, and are used for information purposes only.

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Nanette Ray 5 years ago

I was there when this took place. They told everyone to go into their houses and close the doors and for all children to come inside. My dad was Station at Elmendorf Air Force Base and I wanted to go and see this ship that was sited up in the mountains. This is so true and now I know when I told my friends about it I said it was in 1973...You have made my day. Thanks.x

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