A John F. Kennedy Quiz

This Saturday marks the 51st anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. JFK was known as a charismatic American leader and drew admirers from across partisan lines. Today he is remembered by many as one of the most courageous leaders this country has ever produced.

The following quiz will test your knowledge of President John F. Kennedy. To participate is easy: take a sheet of paper and pencil or pen. Number your paper 1-16. Scroll down to the Questions section and read #1, then select an answer from the four choices provided. Proceed throughout the Questions section this way, then check your choices in the Answers section. Scoring: each correctly answered Question 1 through 15 is worth 10 points. Answer to #16 -the Bonus Question- is worth 100 points, making for a potential 200 final score.

Have fun and good luck!


1.Where was John F. Kennedy born?

A. Berlin, New Hampshire

B. Brookline, Massachusetts

C. The District of Columbia

D. Memphis, Tennessee

2. Kennedy’s middle name was what?

A. Franklin

B. Fitzgerald

C. Francis

D. Felicity

3. What romantic designation is often given to the JFK administration?

A. Avalon

B. Éirinn

C. Camelot

D. Tír na nÓg

4. JFK’s maternal grandfather, John Francis "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, served as the mayor of what major American city?

A. Boston, Massachusetts

B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

C. New York City, NY

D. Nome, Alaska

5. JFK became a highly-decorated serviceman during what war?

A. The Vietnam Conflict

B. The Korean Conflict


D. The Spanish-American War

6. Which of JFK’s brothers had their father groomed to beome the first Catholic President of the United States?

A. Joe, Jr.

B. Robert

C. Edward, aka “Ted”

D. None of them

7. JFK married what beautiful New York state socialite?

A. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

B. Jacqueline Ann Harper

C. Jacqueline Bisset

D. Jacqueline Jackson

8. JFK and his wife had how many children together?

A. three

B. four

C. five

D. None

9. Numerically, JFK is which U.S. President?

A. 32nd

B. 35th


D. 50th

10. JFK’s sister, Patricia, was married to what member of Hollywood’s original Rat Pack?

A. Frank Sinatra

B. Peter Lawford

C. Humphrey Bogart

D. Sammy Davis, Jr.

11. JFK was known for his numerous extra-martial affairs. According to Jackie Kennedy biographer, Christopher Anderson, which of the President’s girlfriends had the gall to call Jackie and claim she was going to replace her as the First Lady?

A. Marilyn Monroe

B. Angie Dickinson

C. Gene Tierney

D. Claudia “Ladybird” Johnson

12. JFK ran against what Republican nominee in the 1960 Presidential election?

A. Dwight D. Eisenhower

B. Adlai Stevenson

C. Richard Nixon

D.Ronald Reagan

13. JFK appointed his brother Robert (Bobby) to what position in his administration?

A. U.S. Attorney General

B. Commissioner of the IRS

C. U.S. Ambassador to Rome

D. Director of the FBI

14. JFK was assassinated November 22, 1963 in what Texas city?

A. Dallas

B. Houston

C. Austin

D. Fort Worth

15. During the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962, Americans prepared for a possible nuclear war. What led to this historic event?

A. A Cuban Ambassador was charged with the wire-tapping of White House phone lines.

B. American spy pilots photographed evidence that the Soviets were building a nuclear missile site in Cuba

C. Cuba arrested a New York mob boss they claimed was bringing sub-standard olive oil into the country.

D. Cuba demanded the U.S. to deport entertainer, Dezi Arnaz

16. *BONUS* Over the decades, numerous conspiracy theories have surrounded JFK’s assassination. Historians and theorists have pointed to several well-known individuals, whom they say all had motives that may have compelled them to orchestrate JFK's death. In a public opinion poll taken in 2003 this person was voted the least likely to have been involved in a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy:

A. Jimmy Hoffa (labor union leader)

B. Lyndon B. Johnson (JFK’s successor)

C. Jackie Kennedy (JFK's wife)

D. Fidel Castro (Cuban revolutionary/Prime Minister/President)

E. J. Edgar Hoover (first director of the FBI)

F. Carlos Marcello (American Mob boss)

G. Walt Disney (cartoon and film magnate)

Scroll below photo to find correct Answers


1. B. Brookline, Massachusetts

2. B. Fitzgerald

3. C. Camelot

4. A. Boston, Massachusetts


6. A. Joe, Jr.

7. A. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

8. B. four

9. B. 35th

10. B. Peter Lawford

11. A. Marilyn Monroe

12. C. Richard Nixon

13. A. U.S. Attorney General

14. A. Dallas

15. B. American spy pilots photographed evidence that the Soviets were building a nuclear missile site in Cuba

16.*BONUS* C. Jackie Kennedy

This Hub quiz ©November 18, 2014 by Beth Perry

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Comments 12 comments

billybuc profile image

billybuc 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

100% thank you very much. :) Fun quiz...those of us who were alive during those days remember this stuff. :) Thanks for the quiz, Beth.

bethperry profile image

bethperry 2 years ago from Tennesee Author

billybuc, you're very welcome! I think JFK was a remarkable leader :)

FitnezzJim profile image

FitnezzJim 2 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

(mumble) I missed four of those questions. I wonder what might have been if he had not been shot in Dallas. It was the decade of assassinations. Malcom X, JFK, MLK, and Bobby Kennedy all died that decade. The world would be a different place had they had lived.

bethperry profile image

bethperry 2 years ago from Tennesee Author

FitnezzJim, you're sure right about that.

Thanks for taking the quiz and your score was good!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

beth....Yikes! A Pop quiz. Fortunately, we boomers know this stuff like the back of our hand.....I scored 100% What's our prize?? UP+++ this was fun.

bethperry profile image

bethperry 2 years ago from Tennesee Author

fpherj48, congrats on the perfect score!!

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 2 years ago from Minnesota

Fun and educational quiz. Even though I was born in 1963, I have such admiration for John F Kennedy (well, except for cheating on his wife). I can't believe Marilyn Monroe had the audacity to say that to the first lady. I bet that ended that affair! Well, then again, maybe not.

bethperry profile image

bethperry 2 years ago from Tennesee Author

Minnetonka Twin, my feelings exactly! Thanks much for reading and commenting.

travmaj profile image

travmaj 2 years ago from australia

Well i didn't fare too badly from down under - hmmm remember the era well. And what an era it was. I agree with Minnetonka Twin - much admiration but some reservations.

bethperry profile image

bethperry 2 years ago from Tennesee Author

travmaj, that's great :) Thank you for dropping in and taking the quiz!

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Got them all but one or two. I remember the 22nd very well. It was on a Friday, and I was 21.

bethperry profile image

bethperry 2 years ago from Tennesee Author

Will, great score!

Wow. My parents have often talked about that day; and they remember exactly what they were doing when first hearing the news. It definitely was one of those tragic historical moments that get burnt to folks' memory :(

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