A Search For A Nursery School For My Son in Bacolod City|A Mom's Concern in Preschool and tuition fees

My son is 2 year-and 8-month-old already and I am searching for a nursery school that he could go to here in Bacolod City, Philippines. I have asked friends about their ideas on this and they have suggested some nursery schools which I would like to check out. I would like to enroll him in June but I want to search as early as February in order to decide and evaluate constructively. I am searching for the one school that would be accessible, reliable and reasonable in terms of tuition fees.

One of my friends told me that some major institution here have tuition fees that equals to a college tuition fees which I think is unreasonable enough to think that your student is just in nursery.

I am very anxious about how my child be able to cope up with nursery school and also very excited about it. Just imagine your little one going to school for the first time it feels like you are the one nervous and panicky.

Is he ready? I want to know, although I introduce him to the school idea by showing him the little students who pass by our house to go to school, telling him he will soon be going to school too. I always end up telling stories to him about the activities he might do in school, like singing, drawing, dancing and the classmates he will meet and that stuff. He would listen to my stories and he seem excited about it too. I told him I will buy him coloring books, school bags; like the one he sees the kids bring at school, pencils, school shoes and more. Although he seem interested with these stuff, I am worried still.

Can a 3 year old be ready for nursery school?

I heard that there are studies that 2-3 year-old should not be in school yet because most of the children that go to school at this age tends to have lack of interest in schooling later on compared to others who went to school in ages 4-5. They said that at this age 2-3 year-old is still a stage of a child that he still have to explore and play.

While I also read somewhere that early learning gives children the best start in life. Through learning and playing with other children in a safe and structured environment, they’ll have a head start when they begin school.

I am torn between this two theories.

I have gathered some information about a few institutions that may be a possible school for my son. These are the one's that are near my workplace and also have good reputation:

  • L'ecole

♥Address: #2 Tapulangan, Capitolville, Bacolod City.

♥Telephone Numbers:(034) 434-9020 or (034) 434-2155

♥(Update) For Nursery: 3 years old by June

♥Fees: P4,600 Upon enrollment and P2,160 monthly for 9 months.

  • Bacolod Montessori Learning Center

♥Location: # 3 17th Ochoa Street, Villamonte, Bacolod City.

♥Telephone Numbers: (034) 434-1878

♥(Update) Fees for nursery: P40,000 total tuition if paid in cash (full) less 10%. P6,000 upon enrollment and P2,250 monthly.

  • For Kids Only Learning Center

♥Location:# 17 Ilang-ilang, Capitolville, Bacolod City (Capital), Negros Occidental

♥Telephone Numbers:(034) 435-2632

  • The Woodbridge Academy of Bacolod

    ♥Location: #5 23rd Street, Bacolod City

    ♥Telephone Numbers: (034) 433-38-51

♥Location: Lacson Street, Bacolod City

♥Telephone Number: (034) 441-0686

  • Happy Tots

♥Location: Celine Homes Subdivision/Glendale Homes, Granada

♥Telephone Number: (034) 7046544

♥Fees: (For nursery only) 1000 upon enrollment, 500 for miscellaneous expenses, 1,500 for the books, 500 per month.

So far, I have only check out a few. I will update this list and add more information especially the fees.

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mhai 5 years ago

I'm glad you time to search this school and go for L'ecole it is a nice school as well quality education... How nice is their tuition fee...How I wish my son will be in that school so affordable... Compare here in Cebu that rate is for private daycare fees.. Thank you so much for that information!!!!

Mel 5 years ago

Very useful info. I hope you can update the tuition fees of other schools as well..

Net 5 years ago

Thanks for the info. It's a big help for me...

arnel 5 years ago

is there any website for l'ecole? so that we can brows the school? or any email add to contact them?


Daisy 5 years ago

Hi! Im also in search of a good preschool for my son. May I know which school you enrolled him to? And any feedback? So far Im considering, A Child's Place, For Kids Only and Bright Kids. Thanks!

Mel 4 years ago

What are the fees in A Child's Place?

Daisy 4 years ago

Hi Mel, lemme share some info Ive gathered. For their summer class, tuition for the month of May is P3200. For SY 2012-2013, 10700 for rsvn and this includes the materials and misc I think, and this will reserve a spot for your kid for the incoming school year. When we went there, their nursery and kinder class is almost full and that was only last Feb. Im planning to enroll my son for 2012-2013 SY for their pre nursery class. So far, of the 4 schools I went to, it was A Child's Place that I heard positive feedbacks and we were accomodated well when we went there as well.

Kat 4 years ago

Hi thanks for the infos. Im also enrolling my child in nursery for sy 2012-13. Im thinking of creative begginers. What do you think guys?

Daisy 4 years ago

Sorry Kat, I only inquired on the schools I mentioned above plus Woodbridge.

Kat 4 years ago

I already enrolled my duaghter for summer class at woodbridge. Thmx for the help.

mai 4 years ago

hi daisy, my son is 3 years old..and one of the school i'm considering is a childs place..heard some positive feedbacks about it..when i visited them before holy week there are still slots for the pre-nursery but didn't reserve yet. i inquired again yesterday and they are full already. i'm on the waiting list. i'm hoping they will add another section/class for the pre-nursery since they only accommodate 15 kids/section.

ROGIE 4 years ago

Hi there! I'm a father of a 3 year old boy. I don't really know about the fees/payments. But, let's say I enrol my kid in Bacolod Montessori Learning Center, do I only have to pay P6,000 upon enrollment and P2,250 monthly? no more "hidden charges" which I have to pay on top of the 2,250 monthly???

Daisy 4 years ago

@Mai-Uh-oh! that's too bad, actually I haven't enrolled my son in their June class yet, we have to test first if he's interested before we enrol him. Summer class ko pa lang siya naenrol. And this will start this Wednesday. Hopefully all goes well. :)

AnxiousMom73 4 years ago

i'm planning to enroll my son for kinder school this coming June. now I can't decide between the two schools namely, Bacolod Montessori Learning Center and L'Ecole. Can I ask for some suggestions which of the two is better? thanks for your help

Daisy 4 years ago

Due to the transpo issue going to A Child's Place, we decided not to enroll my son for this incoming SY 2012-2013. Sad for me coz my son loves ACP so much and I feel that Im depriving him of his happiness in a way. He loves his teachers and got some friends already. Might enroll him in BTTHS, they opened their pre nursery for this SY. I hope my son will enjoy it as he did in ACP.

@AnxiousMom-I went to Bacolod Montesorri Learning Center and what I didn't like is that the division of their classrooms. Since it was just an old house converted into a preschool, the other class can hear and can see what the other class is doing and I think in these scenario, my son can get distracted easily. I haven't been to L'ecole though. I suggest you go into each school and check the facilities yourself. When I select a school, my first priority aside from the teaching method is proximity to our house. If in ACP, my child would take 3 rides going there and this may easily exhaust him. OK lang for summer magtaxi everyday kasi 1 month lang. Too pricey if 1 SY. :) D kayang hatid sundo because both hubby and I are working.

Archiducator 4 years ago

Hi there to all... considering the rising cost of education that I would like to invite you to check our school, The Achievers PreSchool (TAPS)

located in Barangay Bata, Bacolod City with contact no. 7070193. Look for Ms. Tina.

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/welcomeback/requests/#!/theachievers.preschool

Moomy 3 4 years ago

Hi there,

Have you heard of SJI Explorers Pre School? It's the specialty preschool of Hua Mingh. It's a Canadian/Chinese preschool now. I think it's the best Negros could offer with Canadian Teachers, interactive technology, international programs and very nice rooms & facilities. Check this out: www.sjiexplorers.com.ph or check them on Facebook.

Makaw 4 years ago


Early development program for your child is very significant at his age. At eight months, your child has a thousand trillion nerve connections which means your son is very much capable of learning. I can see that you are a very concerned mom and it would be our pleasure to share with the you the latest technology in early development program. Educational technologies bring about the passion for reading and an intimate bonding time with kids as they learn from their 1st teacher, YOU and their 1st school, HOME. You may contact us at 457.2773 or 0948.877.2442 for a presentation. Thank you very much.

Mel 4 years ago

Hi there! Have you got info on other pre-schools' fees? Any idea on the fees of BTTHS, CSA-B, UNO-R,EBM and For Kids Only? Will enroll my kids in June of 2013...can someone help? I live outside Bacolod..

Daisy 4 years ago

Hi Mel,

My son's currently enrolled in BTTHS for prenursery. tuition is 30k for the entire schoolyear. Uniform and school supply is not included. There are only 9 students in their class and 2 teachers, one for English and one for Chinese.

Mel 4 years ago

Where is Bright Kids Pre-School located?

worried mom 3 years ago

hi everyone! my son will turn 5 on december this year, and he's doing great in kinder 2/prep (he's 2nd in class). however, i heard that the dep-ed had imposed age requirement for grade 1 students, that those who will turn 5 after october 31 won't be accepted in grade 1 next year. do you know of any school who can accept him here in bacolod despite his age?

zhanlili 3 years ago

8 10th Street, Bacolod City ung bright kids

ZEE 3 years ago


Jade 3 years ago

Great Pillars Academy is a Montessori-based preschool for 2 to 5 year old children. The educational materials and their approach are authentic Montessorian. It is located in a safe and convenient place in Uno de Mayo St., Bacolod City. Although the school is still under construction, it has received its deped permit. It is opening its doors in April, 2014.

Please call 09193918764 or 4581580 for inquiries.

Sam 3 years ago

Hi Ms. Daisy, How was it so far the learning progress of your kid in BTTHS? I am planning to enroll my niece there this coming June. I am an alumna there but no idea the current teaching effectiveness for the pre-schoolers... Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

kristine 2 years ago

i would like to ask where my kid can enroll this coming school year 2014 -2015 for preschool? his 3years old. I need some suggestion from you. For i am a first time mom. hope some reply for i am confuse right now.

lot 2 years ago

my son was enrolled in brightkids since he was 1 yr and 11 mos. from a very shy kid turn to be confident, outspoken and independent. now he is 4 and ready to go to the big school. :)

Mel 2 years ago

Hi Mommies!

Can anyone please give me an idea on what summer class can my 4 year old son take? Swimming lessons, tae kwan do? Any suggestions?

laurenban profile image

laurenban 2 years ago from The City of Smiles Author

i know Sta Fe resort have some schedules swimming lessons. i want my son to enroll on that.

JM 2 years ago

Hi! There's a newly opened preschool in Capitol Heights, its name is Great Pillars Academy. I went there in there Grand opening and open house. The school is a Montessori based with an integration of Japanese culture. My 3 years old son really liked exploring there and I am enrolling him to their swimming plus math and language package program at a very reasonable fee. They have a facebook page and a website.

cj 2 years ago


Do you have any idea how much the tuition is in bright kids preschool?


profile image

chen18 2 years ago

south hills academy - alijis

Sandy 2 years ago

does anyone know anything about SJI Explorers pre school?

kate 2 years ago

SJI Explorers Preschool is located in Ayala North Point Talisay City. Classroom is very large almost 80 sq. M. Teachers are loving & the facilities & equiptment in class is great! Facebook Page: SJI Explorers Preschool or check out SJI Ayala in Facebook.

Mar 2 years ago

Great Pillars Academy is located at 2030 Uno de Mayo St. Capitol Heights

Bacolod City. It is a Montessori based preschool where young children are not stressed to study and do lots of assignments but rather explore authentic Montessori materials and discover things that are introduced through books in conventional schools.

My son goes there and I am proud to say he is learning many things happily. He enjoys his school and has developed a good relationship with his classmates. The teachers and staff are loving and passionate. I am doing this because I hope many families will benefit what is right in education.

Tel. 4581580

jasmine 2 years ago

Hi fellow parents! I have a three-year-old and I am thinking about enroling her at woodbridge. A friend of mine who is a teacher at huaming said that the kids from woodbridge are intellectually more advanced than those who come from other schools. Idk, but it might mean something, right?

Do you know how much the tuition fee is at TWA?


RJ 2 years ago

Check Great Pillars Academy located at 2030 Uno de Mayo St. Capitol Heights ☎️4581580 It is a Montessori - based Preschool to offer 5 Montessori areas plus Science exploration, Color exploration

Toddlers 1.5-2 yrs old : 3,500 upon enrollment with inclusions of school uniforms, inner shoes,etc. ; monthly : 1,800

Reg. Class 3-5 yrs old 6,700 with inclusions of School Uniform, PE uniform, Inner shoes, School bag and more; monthly: 3,000

Also you can check them in fb.

Great Pillars Academy is using Montessori Methodology.

Arella 2 years ago

Hi ,is there a branch of bright kids preschool close to Bago city.

Mar 23 months ago

@ RJ: thank you for your information about Great Pillars Academy. I checked with them yesterday regarding their monthly fees. 3-4 years old is php2,500 only. It is their 5 yrs old that's 3,000 monthly. I went there with my cousin who has come from the states for a vacation and a mom of two. Her sons who are now in college and high school began their formal education at a Montessori school in California. She commended GPA for keeping Montessori method true as how it should be. We also visited some preschools in Bacolod. Some are popular and expensive, textbooks and worksheets are the main materials just like the conventional school but I have never seen my son so happy and excited to go there this Summer. If everything goes well we will enroll him to GPA in June.

The teachers and staff are very nice and warm.

worried mum 23 months ago

Hi there. Could you all please give me advice. Im currently out of the country and kids age 3 starts playschool. Our school year starts september and end in may. So my child is starting this september in playschool and after this year his going to the big school which is 1st class/grade 1, But then were thinking about moving to philippines next year... what year or class would he be in then?? As he hasn't done any nursery/kinder etc like we have back in philippines. Help.... And what school would you recommend? He will be 4 next year when he starts school it will be messed up as school in philippines starts on march should i wait till the following year??

gd 23 months ago

Hi, worried mum. :) If your child turns 4 yrs old in June next year, then he will be a kinder. Since you are presently in the states, you must be familiar with Montessori Education which basically costs a fortune but is worthy for your child to get a good foundation. Please check our school Great Pillars Academy, a Montessori-based preschool in Bacolod City located at #2030 Uno de Mayo St., Capitol Heights

Tel 4581580

jen 12 months ago

Hi there. I Am currently in surigai city, and would be transfering in bacolod city due to my husbands work. I Already looked for some preschools who are close in mandalagan area, so far only woodbridge academy is the only school who replied to my email. I know i might be exaggerating if i told you that almost fainted at the fees they have sent to me. Hahaha. My sons recent school here is only 750/mos. So i am looking for a school that is not way too expensive. Tnx.a lot

ping 12 months ago

Hi! my son is turning 2 this May. What can you advise me? planning to enroll him for a toddler class this June yet I'm afraid if he is too young for formal school. Though certainly I'm enrolling him for a summer class either ACP or Bright Kids.

Mom tin 11 months ago

Hi! I need some help I am planning to enroll my son for a summer class in prep for the upcoming school yr I'd like to ask for some suggestions. I know my child has some behavioral issues mainly attention and sitting span issues. I enrolled him last summer at bright kids but unfortunately they didn't accept my son for regular school year due to his sitting and attention span issues but this time I think he really needs to be in school considering he's 4 y.o now. I am asking for your help thank you!

Malou 10 months ago

@mom tin _ try riverside college childrens learning center

Mem 7 months ago

Try great pillars academy @momtin. Kids that age usually have short attention spans still. Gpa is a montessori school. Check it out.

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