A level Economies 2010 Paper discussion

University of Cambridge A level Economies Paper 2 was conducted today 2nd of June 2010

Most of the student claming that the paper was easy they had no difficulty in attempting section A most difficult question according to students was question 4

Section A

What is weight? [2]

what have lead to change in the weight of alchole and transport? [4]

Compare the inflation rate of both countries? [4]

what is inflation? [2]

should a country desire a interest rate around 3 %? [6]

Section B

Question 2

[a] Why are some goods Produced more than the society desires? [8]

[b]Are parks and National defense public goods? [12]

Question 4

[a]Explain with the aid of demand diagram how consumer surplus is determined? [8]

[b]Explain with the aid of diagrams does {i} indirect taxes {II} maximum price benefit consumers?

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