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What is is one of the best education sites that I have used for my daughter. Almost everyday my daughter asks me if she can get on and play. What she doesn't realize is that all the playing is actually educating her. There is a wide variety of topics and ways of learning. She colors, is read to, counts, recognizes numbers and letters, and is beginning to grasp reading and addition. My daughter is 4 years old and making great progress.

What is unique about this site is all it offers. For each activity completed, there is a reward of tickets. And with these tickets, one may purchase pets, furniture, hamsters, clothes, and a variety of decorations. My daughter enjoys spending her tickets as much as earning them. And this gives me the opportunity to show her subtraction as well. Commercial

Award winning site is an award winning educational site. One of the most prestigious awards that has won is the Parents' Choice Gold Award. This award is is determined by a committee of educators, scientist, kids, parents, librarians, and performing artists. It is a very prestigious award that is attempting to "identify the very best products for children of different ages and backgrounds, and of varied skill and interest levels".

The process is not short and short-cuts are not allowed in reviewing products. The Parents' Choice Award is an award that is for the parents and educators and offers no review or assistance to the reviewed. Which is part of the key to its success in helping parents and educators.

Curriculum for all ages

The curriculum is varied depending on how you want to teach your child. The step-by-step learning path has six different levels, and you may skip lessons or back track as needed. Each level has between 40 and 60 lessons that cover reading, math, social studies, art, colors, etc.

We use both the independent learning and the guided learning methods. The guided learning has a preset order to lesson which helps your child with organization and goal orientation. This is more of a stimulation to a classroom setting in some regards. And the independent learning lets the child choose which activities to do. My daughter enjoys the farm a great deal and selecting the activities that she does there. And of course, no matter what she chooses; she learns something new each time.

The organization that the standard learning method has is a great utility and to layer that with the independent learning method it shows children that seeking knowledge on their own is can be fun and exciting. This reinforcement is one of the key elements that I appreciate about the system. offers FREE trial

There is a 30 day free trial for This is a great benefit for people who are unsure if this is good for their child. Give it a try for free and participate with your child. By using I started teaching my daughter how to use a laptop and gaining basic computer skills. does charge a monthly fee after the free trial. And I can appreciate this because there are no ads on the site. This keeps my child learning and prevents them from being distracted by promotions and advertising of other sites. For everything that offers, it is worth much more than the $8.00 or $9.00 monthly fee. I highly recommend it to everyone, and my relatives now use it with their children as well.

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Deborah Wehlage 4 years ago

They say it is easy to cancel your acct. after the free trial of I CAN NOT FIND THE AREA TO CANCEL MY ACCT. I WANT IT CANCELED!!!!!!!! Thank you

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

I have never tried to cancel If you do not want to continue looking around on the site then I would simply log onto the "Contact Customer Support" which is a live online messenger and ask them how to do this.

Keri 4 years ago

My kids have done quite well with this program. It use to be on disc if I remember correctly. Very interesting info and well written.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

I like the whole set-up that they have. One of the school counselors told me that it was on cd too.

maria 4 years ago

I didn't even get the free trial I got charged right away I mean I like this site for my child but I wish I would've known that I was going to be charged so I would gone to deposit the money.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

That does stink. I am sorry to hear that happened to you.

vivi 4 years ago

I need to cancel my ABC acct. How can I do that?

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

There is a tab under parent options. I imagine you could call them as well.

Faleesha 4 years ago

Its stupid! They do not respond to you and there is no link connected to the cancellation policy. It's a terrible scam!

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

I am not sure why it is hard for people to find the cancel option. If you log into your parent account it is under the cancellation option. There is a button to cancel. My daughter loves ABC Mouse and I can see many areas that have helped her and given another method to learn.

Lily hoang 4 years ago

There is no such cancellation option in parent account!

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

I looked at it before I posted. It is there, if people wanted they could also contact their credit card company.

DRooney 4 years ago

I was having the same problem... cancelling my account. But finally was able to do it. Log into your ABCMouse account, and on the bottom of the home page, select PARENTS. It will prompt you to enter your password. Once you are in the Parent Portal, on the left, under Parent Links, click My Account. At the very bottom of your account page, will be a link for Cancellation Policy. Click there and follow the instructions to cancel your account. You should be good... Good luck.

Vicki 4 years ago

Yes - as stated above click the link in the my account area that says cancellation policy - answer the questions about why you are leaving and click the continue button and this is how you cancel. Took me awhile to find it as well...

ADRIANA 4 years ago


CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

You can cancel it via your parent account or real time chat with their customer service from a google search but I have never tried to call them sorry. 4 years ago

I'm looking fora number to cancel my account also. Not happy with it.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

Okay, I think that ABC Mouse has some great features, but my daughter has been doing many other lessons for learning. I just cancelled my account because we have used ABC Mouse once in two months.

To cancel:

Log into Parent account

Go to My Account

At bottom where it says Cancellation Policy

Follow the buttons to cancel and you are finished. 4 years ago

having trouble w/ site. does any1 by chance have their #?

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 4 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

Their site has a direct chat option.

mbishop 3 years ago

which i would have known they charge you right away. i did not get my free trail. really pissed.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 3 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

Sorry to hear that happened to you.

Vi 3 years ago

I wanted to cancel our subscription because my daughter is not using anymore and i have a hard time logging in..I don't know why but it don't wanna accept my email and my password. I can't imagine that it is too easy to put your info and your credit card no.but when you need to cancel your account,they don't reply.I tried to cancel my account 3 months ago and still charging on my bank. I tried to do it again over the phone but it's all prompt voice telling you how to cancel your acct.Is there anyway that you can talk to a live operator in this site? Because I think I need to call the bank now and tell them to blocked all the transaction from It is ashemed because i even tell to the other parents how can their child learned but i forgot to tell them how hard to cancel your subscription.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 3 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

My daughter has been caught up in school and not using ABC Mouse. I did cancel it. I do not remember trying for a free 30 day trial - so I do not have a responds to those who are trying to use it.

But canceling my account was very easy for me. It took a total of probably 3 minutes. By looking at comments, it appears that the customer service has gone downhill from when I did talk to them. But I only needed to call them once before. The canceling problems seem to be people just complaining for whatever reason. There are step by step directions on how to cancel and all you need to do is follow the directions to do this. And all I did was do a search for canceling my account. Nothing hard in that.

@ Vi the whole reply wasn't to you, just going off a little because I get so many comments by people who do not take a minute or two to actually look - but take five minutes to complain.

Kevin 3 years ago

Can anyone tell me a number to contact customer service? I have tried to do it through the site, and haven't gotten a response.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 3 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

I do not have their phone number anymore, but this link may help you.

mom of 6 3 years ago

I did cancel my account but was charged $79 for the year & it states that it is not refundable. I've sent several emails asking for a refund or reactivation of my account since I've paid the the whole year. Haven't heard back. I see advertisements on TV on channel 8, on Sprout & I think on some other large networks. I find it odd that doesn't have a way to contact anyone about billing issues other than just emailing. That is strange. As it stands now, if I do not receive a full refund or if that will not reactivate the account as I've paid for the year & today is just the first day of it, they do have a FB account. I will contact them from there & make sure people know what they are all about.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 3 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

I had no problems cancelling my account. I am sorry that others do have issues, I hope they are resolved quickly and easily.

HeatherK 3 years ago

From my experience I'd stay away from them. I cancelled my membership (which was paid month-to-month) two months ago. Few days back they charged my card for a full year! Haven't even been on the site for two months. I sent them a complaint in customer service when I found I could indeed log into my inactive account and they replied that they could see I'd reactivated my account (remember I haven't been on the website) and could print a receipt (useful since I wasn't on the website). They told me I was free to cancel but they don't give refunds. Needless to say I disputed the charge with my credit card and they're working on it now. I don't understand why people put up with these unauthorized charges every month. CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND DISPUTE THE CHARGE!!!! I also can't believe there is a company that does this! I don't think I've ever heard of a company that gets away with charging for a service people have cancelled. If such a case is brought to their attention they should bend over backwards to fix it! If they charge me when they aren't supposed to I'm fighting tooth and nail to get my money back! I was questioning the educational quality of this site before cancelling and now I see the whole thing as a scam. It entertains the kids but it didn't teach mine a thing!

After you cancel, call your credit card and ask them to block any future charges from them, you never know when they'll hit you up for $80!

Amy 3 years ago

I got charged multiple times with in 15 days. I can't seem to contact anyone. There is no "live chat".

Yolonda Crowe 3 years ago

I have cancel this service last month but you are still taking money out my account please stop.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 3 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

You would need to talk with ABC Mouse. I would say it depends on the billing cycle if you were charged or not a last time, but I am in no way taking money out of your account.

BigBoy 3 years ago

Sounds like a scam and this lady's in on it.

CJ Andrews profile image

CJ Andrews 3 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio Author

1. I wouldn't say it was a scam.

2. This lady is a guy.

3. They pay me nothing - I did pay them for the use of their site for about 1.5 years. I also canceled my account with no issues.

letty 2 years ago

800-633-3331 that's the phone number to abcmouse costumer service

Dinah 10 months ago

I did mail you last time and i told you once again its been a while im not using ABCMOUSE and i have unsubcribe for a while but why still taking money from my account.

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