AHA Moments

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AHA Moments

We've all had them, surely: when suddenly those fuzzy thoughts become crystal-clear or those dead ends open up and spring to life! Likewise, we've needed one but it didn't materialize. We have an assignment to write, but nothing happens, the blank page stares back at us or we fill it and then delete it as rubbish, even though when we're just fooling around, we produce pages of flawless, inspired composition as fast as we can type or scribble!

So is there any way to prompt AHAs deliberately? It's doubtful, although sometimes what may help is to divert thinking from the problem totally, letting the subconscious go to work on it. My Dad used to "sleep on it" and he'd wake up in the morning with a solution all worked out. Being deliberately non-deliberate has pregnant possibilities! Trying to not try merits real consideration.

In fact, perhaps that's a valid way of being: relaxed, unhurried, open to inspiration. In some martial arts disciplines, it's a cultivated way of being because it allows the entire body to perform as antenna for input and instantaneous response to it, bypassing wasted time and ponderous processes of the brain, having to accept, interpret, explore choices, decide and then respond to a stimulus - if, in truth, it's not already too late! Long before all that, the wisdom of the body and subconscious mind would have responded effectively and we'd have been happily sipping refreshment, with our challenge subdued and our triumph a-blossom!

So do the cerebral operations the brain can and must perform have potential for a less up-tight, more effortless, effective regular procedure, leading to more AHA moments in one's experience? Could one count on getting AHA good results more often and when most needed? Well, why not?

One might actually presume that it's all "up there", efficiently set up, just waiting an opportunity to blossom. The mind is, after all, simply a more elaborate "other sense" which evolved and with areas of expertise and well-designed application for working easily in those areas. We need not strain and try to see, to smell or to hear and there's no hesitaton in removing our hand from a hot stove or spitting out a nasty bite. The senses perform what they're designed to perform smoothly & immediately, so long as they are healthy and a stimulus for those senses is present.

So why should we need to strain to process the brain's cerebral stimulation with much anquish and frustration? Those neurons and ganglia are quite possibly just ripe to exchange their instantaneous information and do their interactive processing among themselves with a rapidity and efficiency which is innate, but is too often and sadly bottled up and blocked by grunting, groaning, effort, scowls, fear and strain! Also, there is a potential interaction of ALL the senses in the brain's higher thought process which can lubricate the process and improve its efficiency. Yet all too often, we focus so intensely on making the cerebrum do it all, we hinder its progress! Sometimes there even may be a premature resorting to the refreshment out of frustration, BEFORE results, further hindering them. We can become our own worst mental blockers. Not much reward for that!

Yet we often read that our brainpower is only minimally tapped and we may wonder why that is. Maybe being tapped is the key word, rather than being struck repeatedly with a virtual crowbar! Seems worth investigating! ;)

Learning to LET ideas and solutions develop, jell and emerge, rather than severely concentrating on problems, constricting blood flow to the brain and then demanding the brain to perform and to come up with solutions, may sound far-out, considering how many of us were schooled and taught to study, but perhaps it's far-in, just waiting to help! While we're at it, we might also try letting love develop rather than trying to find and force it!

Will allowing these desirable responses happen for us always in every situation a timely manner? Probably not, but certainly, as with the lottery, (though the odds of success for our own processes are happily much higher) - if one doesn't buy a lottery ticket, one won't EVER win the jackpot! Then there's the waiting to see, - in other words, letting it happen!



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Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

Nellie - sounds like writer's block. You are right about standing in your own way. Just pick up the pen (or sit at the keyboard) and let it happen!

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

Now was that so hard? ... :-))

Great stuff. I am pressing the "up" rate :-)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Dolores, thank you. As I said in the piece, it flows on its own! Have a tad of residual stage-fright, however, about presenting things. Not a problem, though. I very much Njoy your hubs, by the way!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Not at all difficult, De Greek! Writing was my personal "voice" and confidante, and reading, my dearest friend and mentor, for the first half of my life, actually, though I confess that it was on a more private level. Thanks for the encouragement! It's much valued.

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 6 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

You're right, aha moments happen more often when you're not TRYING to make them happen.

Nellieanna 6 years ago

Absolutely, Silver Poet! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :>

Zsuzsy Bee profile image

Zsuzsy Bee 6 years ago from Ontario/Canada

Often times I wake up in the middle of the night and the solution to problem that I've been agonizing over will show itself with one of those aha moments. Now the trick is to jot down a couple of key phases of that solution otherwise it will escape into oblivion.

great hub

kindest regards Zsuzsy

Merlin Fraser profile image

Merlin Fraser 6 years ago from Cotswold Hills

Hi Nellieanna, Glad you found time to join us on HubPages although if you spend your days in here it's not my fault OK ?

AHA Moments... Few and far between which makes them all the more wonderful when the happen I suppose.

Probably the most famous 'AHA Moment must surely be Archimedes,the ancient Greek scholar, whose shout of "Eureka!" came as his bare backside hit the cold(or too hot) bath water.

I also agree with Zsuzsy's comment, I too find myself suddenly wide awake in the middle of the night with the solution to my previous attack of brain fade.

She is also right to say, when you have your AHA do something about it right there and then.

Don't think for one tiny moment that you can go back to sleep and the thought will remain until a more respectable hour. It Won't ! and you will curse yourself.

We can easily make up for lost sleep but a lost AHA is gone forever.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Zsuzsy Bee and Merlin! Oh, Yes! You're so right about capturing the inspiration/solution/invention or whatever it is right THEN when it comes into your consciousness - and right you are that it will NOT leave footprints or a trail otherwise! In fact - even if it comes to you while wide awake and doing something else, you'd better snag iit then or it will vanish from the Terran plane as swiftly as it came! And I don't believe this is just only a result of the accummulation of birthdays! LOL. Thanks to you both for the delightful additions to the hub.

And Andy - I may have to pin the blame on you for this fascinating mushrooming new interest! Who else, pray tell? - LOL. But if so, you'd have to also get the credit for it, so it will be a wash-out. Hugs.

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 6 years ago from India

Have you noticed that AHA moments often come at the most awkward times? :D

Merlin Fraser profile image

Merlin Fraser 6 years ago from Cotswold Hills

Oh Yes !

Like the phone rininging when you're sitting on the throne!and just like AHA moments the caller always withold their number and never call back !

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Oh - yes! AHAs are mixed blessings at times! I'm chuckling at the visual, Merlin! And what a scowl you would get! My solutions, though - I take both cell and wireless land phones in there with me - as well as just outside the shower when in that cubicle! hehe! (then, though -it's doubly maddening when it's a telemarketer or crank caller!! ;) Sigh - nothings' perfect, right?)

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

block -- it is ok sometimes to experience this. i learned a lot form this hub of yours, happy brain stimulating and HUGS, maita

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Thanks, Maita - what a lovely name for a lovely person! I'm pleased to have your comments! Of course it's OK - heck - it's inevitable! haha - No way to prevent it from cropping up at times. The secret is to not make it "at home" and I think we do that sometimes. We turn an incidental block into a chronic condition! Silly, huh?

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 6 years ago from Florida

When I have been blocked (and I have been lately) I get so scared! That blocks me more. Someone told me there is nothing wrong with being blocked, a very wise soul such as yourself, as a matter of fact. Reading this brought that home, and I am putting away my virtual crowbar, thank you. AHA!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Faybe Bay! How nice to have you visit this, my very first hub - and to have you leave such good comments. I hadn't visited it myself in quite awhile! Just re-read it - and doggone, it's pretty good, despite its low hub rating! lol

No crowbars needed!

This morning I was pondering as I usually do while fixing breakfast fruit or whatever "tooly" chore is in progress and I was thinking, almost speaking as to someone, "Why demand what can only be honest if spontaneious, and then criticize and rant if the response doesn't sound genuine?" And often people do just that! In fact - as in getting an inspiration for a hub - we "demand" it of ourselves instead of allowing it to emerge of its own volition - when it's really "there".

The results are so differnt, we almost can't believe it came from our same brain! And perhaps it really doesn't - LOL. Whatever "inspiration" is is probably not an output of the gray matter. That stuff is just useful to get it organized!

So - I guess the timing to read this again was written in the stars. I'm pleased that you called my attention to it and that you're a new friend!

Dallas 6 years ago

Perhaps "wisdom" is recognizing the "AHA" moment. Then have the capabilities and desire to build on the moment... You are a wise person reflecting years of learning and doing...

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Absolutely necessary to recognize the AHA moments. They don't insist or keep pounding on the door. Sometimes they merely pass like a wisp of "something" one seems to sense and need to pursue - and then - Voila! It can be clear - may just lead to a deeper quest. But how right you are. One must meet them more than half-way. Constantly there are surely AHAs going on around us we don't notice! Probably answers to even the "deepest" quandaries are just standing around waiting to be noticed!

Thanks for bringing up that very valid and important point!

Thanks for the nice compliment too!

raisingme profile image

raisingme 6 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

I enjoyed reading this hub - I love aha moments and even the aduh moments. I find that asking oneself or another intelligent questions is a great way to get intelligent, aha, answers. So is keeping one's mood level on the positive side of the split! Thank you for writing this. I'll be visiting your other hubs as well. I'm intrigued!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Thank you, rasingme!! I suppose it's self-evident that this was my very-first-ever hub! I love to write but honestly didn't expect to write here! Merlin was a friend from elsewhere (he's an accomplished writer!) and he mentioned that he'd joined and thought I might enjoy it too. So I joined, fully intending to just be his fan (as I'd been in a non-official capacity elsewhere). Then I wrote this and was hooked on writing hubs!

Aha moments have "hit" me all my life. "Trying to" moments have proven universally evasive with only the most ho-hum, non-productive results for me.

Fortunately - you're so right about getting fruitful ideas started - talking to or reading others who have keen minds and flair for creative thought -- and being upbeat in one's own attitudes all help them flow and feel "at home" visiting one's mind.

I look forward to reading more of your hubs - just read the oone about what they don't tell young mothers and I loved it! You put such wit and wisdom into it! I'm definitely a fan!

Gerg profile image

Gerg 6 years ago from California

Nellieanna: I think you're discovering something similar to what I have - when you stop trying to force, and rest in the moment, or sleep on a thought, your mind taps into solutions (aka "aha" moments). There's the term "monkey mind" used in eastern religions pertaining to the busy mind-chatter we tend to have when we have too much going on. When we rest mentally, those patient solutions often seem to present themselves. Glad you've tapped into hubpages to explore your creative energy!


Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Gerg - I must apologize for misspelling your name on a comment to one of your hubs. I may have to call out the age card. (except I've been half-blind all my life!) You may get that misspelling a lot - but normally I am more observant! :)

Yes - exactly. Our conscious mind gets too up-tight and thinks it can THINK up solutions, when they're already "in there" - just more in our subconscious mind or at-the-ready from the intelligence of all our beings. I like the term "monkey mind" - because it's exactly what our conscious mind seems to do - chatter endlessly without allowing all the being to work on a problem.

I'm glad I came to Hubpages too! Thank you!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Yes the aha moments does come unexpectedly and when we get out of the way, it can happen more often than not. This morning, after a wonderful meditation, I was sitting in the throne room when a AHA moment came. So I am smiling here as I was drawn to your hub thereafter! What a joy!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Ripplemaker - what a nice coincidence! Yes - those moments are always lurking within us, but too often focus is elsewhere and they're simply unnoticed. If only folks would learn to relax and hear their own creativity churning and yearning for expression. I honestly think it's the practical meaning of "let go and let God" - because all we can really know of that power is within ourselves when we allow it expression. Whatever one's views about religion, we all experience that inner dwelling of our own beings, built into our systems - and can experience it at any time by letting go and allowing it to emerge.

Thanks for a lovely comment!

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

I love these AHA - moments! And I have to calm down to let them happen, too. We're just soooo very busy and all the time - and miss these moments. But yes, when I stop and let go - they come and keep coming. Why is it so hard to stop and let go? Cultural training?

Rated way up of course and much more. So glad to have you here on hub pages - because you write such thorough (informative) comments. Yay!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

It's surely a case of almost equal-priority needs. We need to let go, but at the same time we're being called on to deliver immediately. We find we can't always stop & let go ro see what comes to us. The boss or the screaming infant won't wait! LOL So we learn to push for answers & solutions in those high-priority moments We can easily begin to neglect or even seem to lose some of our inborn ability to "tap into" the universal solutions that almost seem to be floating around eager & just waiting for a creative soul to pause a moment to grab some of them!

But it's an inborn capabiility so it can be restored. Perhaps by clearing out some non-priority stuff, we can keep it on tap more easily accessed, ever ready to serve up solutions in the "fire drill" kinds of challenge situations! Making a place for it in one's ways & means department and using it helps make it more the automatic "natural" reasponse. A mere moment of quietly pushing out the panic button and giving the field to the other response to operate may be all that's needed!


Thanks for the nice comments - I appreciate you too!

suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

Hello Nellianna Mam-I think this is for the creative writers, for people like us its simply an effort,so aha always.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Well - I don't want to disagree, but I think it's especially helpful for writers who may have a "block" to writing which requires effort to get on past it.

That is exactly when relaxing the tension of the effort and letting the mind focus on something else can releasle the tension & allow the thoughts to again flow more easily.

Please don't give up on this idea, Suny! Remembmer, there's nothing to lose by looking into it if one is "in a bind" anyway! :-)

Thanks for mentioning this, though. Presents a chance to acknowledge that there are times when we all get "stuck" and must work through it in one way or the other!

suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

Now Neliianna Mam ,thats me in those 'people like us' and you are such a 'creative' one who shall always be an inspiration for trying to do some thing creative ,I think what ever you see or read must be giving you some ideas to create some thing,so those 'aha always' is for me, for you it has to come,I hope you understand my point.Thank you.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Yes, of course I understand your point very clearly. And perhaps my perspective is limited, but everyone's perspective is subjective. We know what we know, right? And certainly many things inspire me to pursue an idea. The AHA is just a way of accessing all sources of ideas without the resistance of tension. That's all.

Your best efforts seem to me to flow freely from your impressions of the beauty around you and the good feelings they bring you. Those come to you without trying, I think. If you have set out to write about a particular subject, it may feel like it takes effort which doesn't just come so easily. The results are still informative and valuable, but they are less unique than those you write from your heart. Sometimes we need to write about a subject that takes more effort. It's OK. But the real fun of writing are those spontaneous tmes when we can't keep ourselves from writing it! It feels good to us and that comes through to the readers. You do that quite often!!

suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

If I know it right than for creative writers like you the ideas come like a flash,like a sudden lightning in the sky, when you get enlightened and scribe them,no?now Nellianna mam I can not imagine more than that.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Sometimes that happens. Not always. And many times when I'm doing something else - cooking or whatever, I'll be "writing" in my mind - and many of those writings are lost to prosperity because they exhaust themselves and are forgotten by the time I get to where I can actually write them. Even if I make a few notes to remind myself later, the notes are stale and lifeless. But one thing it shows is that ideas are always happening and can be tapped into. We'd probably be amazed how similar it is for us to have and capture the ideas we have, Suny. Also remember that everyone has his or her own style and special perspective. I can't possibly write with the wit and humor of someone like De Greek or Pam Roberson. I have to write like Nellieanna. Maybe someone else can't write like I do. But that's what is interesting! Each of us has a special perspective and background, as well as our own "slant" on events and ideas. If we were all alike, how boring that would be!! Of course our own thing seems more everyday to us ourselves. But to someone else, it's like magic!

I just read your hub about the trip through those gorgeous mountains, the beautiful city of Shimla, nestled there which was once the summer capital of India with its charm and uniqueness. YOU brought all that to life and it's now part of what I "have". I'd never even heard of it before you brought it to life! It was a wonderful trip!

By the way - there was once a tiny railroad refueling station//town for the steam engines, located not far from my west Texas ranch & it is still called Shumla, though it's now deserted!

suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

Yes Nellianna Mam I know about the place called Shumla,thanks to google and perhaps thats the reason I have not put a coma in my heading 'One of the best Shimla' because the google has listed many Shimla in the list.Mam my wife' name is Sumi.Regards from both of us.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

You're resourceful to have learned about our Shumla! I understand that it is named for a special kind of rock or geological formation in its area, which is close to the Rio Grande River and Pecos Rivers, both in deep rugged canyons.

I remembered that you had mentioned your wife's name is Sumi when I accidentally had mistyped your name Sumy. That's why I mentioned i this time, knowing it was her name and seeing her in the picture in the lovely blue sari! :-)

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

I like to call them Eureka moments - in hindsight thought they are so freakin' obvious sometimes :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Oh, that IS the truth, Billy! But when needed most, hindsight isn't in sight! LOL.

profile image

SilverGenes 6 years ago

This is very similar to what I do when I've misplaced something (which is more and more these days). I know that my mind has the location file in there somewhere but by taking a hacksaw to the filing cabinet is just going to result in files all over the floor and a big mess. Instead, I relax and empty all thought. Then I just follow without thinking and voila! The missing item is found - works almost every time! In fact, I can even "see" the item in my mind's eye. I wonder what would happen if we let this work more often :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

SG - it would help us more often! LOL. And it would also save on a lot of wrinkle cream and blood pressure meds!

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago

This is going to be one of my favorite hubs.I enjoy AHA moments that I sometimes I feel I am talking to someone they feel so powerful and enlightning.I just let them happen and enjoy what I can remember.I love that these moments are so different than anything else in life I have experienced.I like to think of them as Well-La moments. When they appear they are telling you now notice me.Well it is now or never.I like to think of La on the musical scale.La just has geat energy and it sounds wonderful too.Thanks for another enjoyable and very knowledgable hub.I hope that some day we can all share those AHA moments in life to live better than we thought possible.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

Dream On - you describe AHA moments so perfectly! They are unlike any other life experiences for sure. Interesting about La on the musical scale. It really is different. I'd never thought about that before. The tongue even sort of pauses over it as one recites the scale names.

This was my very first hub which I sat down and wrote for hubs without ever having specifically written about the subject before, though I'd thought about it a lot. I'm so pleased that you found it, read it and like it!! Sometimes I feel like clearing out early hubs that don't get much traffic but then I don't really want to. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I always think of the physical reaction to just getting such a moment - hitting one's forehead with the heel of one's palm. LOL.

You're right when you mention enjoying what you can remember, because it seems they're so fleeting that if we don't run try to write it down immediately, it's gone as swiftly as it came!

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago

When I think of people removing their hubs from the hub pages I get a sick feeling in my stomach.I have not figured the secrets of linking and back linking to bring more traffic.The thought of missing a wonderful story you have taken your time to write.Just because you found it of little use to other hubbers.Well I love that they take up no space and no maintenance ever.I told myself if one person reads one of my hubs it was worth writing.Sometimes I think having a few friends is greater than having too many.My days are busy and I want to write to all the hubbers I have gotten to know and love so much and my work takes me away from that.So I try to create more Aha moments in my mind that trigger all kinds of stories I want to write.I have to choose between writing or commenting.I choose to write more. Thinking I will loose my creative edge.Truth is I love anything that makes me think.I was one of those kids in school who always asked why?Always more curious about why than getting great grades or being the best.I wanted to just listen to people talk and really listen to what they are saying and how I feel about what they are saying.Compared to how they feel.Why we think different?Who is right and who is wrong?Should I think more like them or them more like me.I use to just write down one liners people would say.Sometimes it would just be the way people would say hello. HI, How are you, How are ya, What's up, What's cooking, What's new, Hey, Hey you,I could go on and on just from one word.Then I could go on about my thoughts.Then ask people why they say what they said.I was so surprised so many people never cared about the same thoughts I was thinking.I couldn't explain why I wanted to know.What I would learn from this new knowledge I learned.Some people just thought I was silly and wasting my time and theirs.I often wondered how could that be.The only bad question is the one question never asked.Someone told me that and I didn't know who?So I began to keep my writings to myself and talk less in public about my opinions and thoughts.Some friends even thought my thoughts were not normal because no other people I knew at the time were thinking thoughts like these.I just took it as they don't understand my passion and neither do I.In time it will reveal itself.I just have to be patient.I look at it as a gift.I could go on and on but I just wanted to share another AHA moment with you.Sending my thoughts and dreams over the miles.Have sweet dreams.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

EXACTLY! For most of my life I've written (and expressed myself through other creative forms) without ANY effort or even intention to publicize it. What's odd to me is having my stuff published! And then to have it be appreciated is really something!! As you say - just writing it is satisfying & if anyone else happens to enjoy it really is gratifying.

I create & maintain my extensive webpages, 150 pages or so growing over the past 13 years, but have never promoted my site for "hits". In fact I've preferred that it be read by people upon personal recommendation or seeking out. It's too personal to be "hit" upon by "traffic"! That's honestly how I've felt about it from day one.

Now that -(again as you say)- there are special hubbers I know & love whom I like to please with my hubs, it's gratifying when it happens but I wouldn't want anyone to feel obligated to try to appreciate what I write nor do I write with the objective of pleasing them in mind. I can only write what pours forth & likewise, I know they can only like what they honestly respond to. I much prefer it that way.

Yes! A few good friends are better than a crowd of merely polite acquaintances, not that they're mutually exclusive or that one can't have more than a few good friends. When I think of the lovely people & variety of people I've met, there are very few I wouldn't love to have as real friends. I guess my idea of heaven is to have unlimited time for unlimited friends!

But yes - when one's mortal days are filled & there are imperatives to attend to, there probably isn't even enough time available to do real justice with unlimited deeper friendships. And I'm a firm believer that one must first be one's own friend & love oneself before one can be a real friend to & really love others, & that takes some private time with oneself, as well. Otherwise, if one isn't truly one's own friend, then there remains an inner dissatisfaction which inevitably expresses itself in a kind of grasping others for what's missing, which can eventually choke the flow of love. I guess in other words - it's a matter of being ready to give freely to others rather than desperately needing to find one's fulfillment in them. Anyway, though - we are all in between somewhere - we do need but it must not overshadow what & how much we bring to it, ready to give.

We're similar in that we are writing even when we comment! :-) I sort of let my conscience be my guide when it comes to choosing where to apply my time. But others' writings are often AHA triggers to inspire comments one might not otherwise have thought to sit down & write so that it's an even exchange in a way as one responds!

Yes - I love thinking too! Someone once told me that I "think too much"!! Imagine! I couldn't imagine NOT thinking!! If I'm awake, I'm thinking. Not obsessively - it's just a way of being. LOL. I did learn how to turn it off to sleep, though. And the way you describe yourself in school is so similar! I never worked for the grades, prize or the recognition - if those came, it was ok - but I just wanted all the journey! Without the steps to "get there" - it's not worth going!

I must admit that I tended early on to think "they" must be more right than I, but I finally figured out that each of us is VALID in & for ourself, even when diametrically different from each other & no human being has the full set of "keys to the kingdom", so to speak.

But, yes - the most amazing difference to me is with those who don't prefer to THINK! To me thinking includes but surpassed curiosity. Asking why brings on delving more deeply into the matter, thinking abiyt ut with originality, thinking "radially" like spokes of a wheel radiating from out of the new information, expanding and exploring it in many directions. And one may or may not find others interested in those developments. It's OK. It depends on where they are on the continuum. When one does find the "kindred mind" - it's not only an AHA - but also a VOILA!

I just happened to remember something about my sister Harriet. She told me that one of her dates said, "Harriet, I've heard of people being able to look at two sides of a thing but you look at multiple sides of everything!" :-)

Oh, yes - I've experienced feelings & thoughts others thought bizarre, - enough that I preferred keeping them to myself. Perhaps they were/are bizarre. So? ;-> One advantage in becoming - ahem - older - is that it no longer matters too much how well or even if others receive oneself & one's ideas. RESPONSES are much more significant than reactions, in fact. To be correctly perceived requires someone to honestly comprehend & respond- even when or if they're not in agreement. It feels really good, though it's rare.

Others' reactions (which are often merely reflections of their own states of being than truly hearing what one has tried to express) become more incidental to one's own quest as one finds a sort of "place in the sun" which just IS and isn't dependent on approval, agreement, acceptance or even interaction - though it benefits from accurate perception & response.

But lack of perception is usually that people who may seem indifferent, I've figured out, is not their indifference to me but that they're absorbed in their own quests, perhaps at a different point on the continuum of development. It's OK - it's a "no-fault" situation. I wouldn't have them neglect what they are into, & I so much prefer responses to be spontaneous & real rather than dutiful.

But I find that writers in general are more open, receptive & truly interested in others' ideas than the average person. Perhaps there is something about writing which already is more advanced in processes of forming bridges - of words - to reach out, even if it's done in the utmost privacy with only slight intention of sharing with or seeking others. Somehow it's an expression of oneself "on the line", isn't it? When it's put into words in a semi-permanent form - it's already reaching forth & out of oneself, offering to others if only tentatively.

I appreciate your thoughts which are by no means silly or wasteful!! You're brilliant! Hugs & many thanks for being YOU!

Christopher Price profile image

Christopher Price 6 years ago from Vermont, USA

Nellieanna, what serendipity to stumble upon your first hub this morning, after the pleasant exchanges we have shared the past couple of days.

Your essay and the ensuing comments are wonderful and oh so true.

Do you think God was just floating around 16 billion years ago, listening to his version of the "monkey mind", when he suddenly thought "I know...I'll create something!" and here we are?

I find that the genesis of my AHA moments are less the result of something bursting forth from nothing as it is the pausing of the Osterizer of my mind and allowing the cream to rise to the top. So many pieces of a puzzle swirling about; with less agitation and cacophony things seem to slip together and fall into place.


Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

I'd written an extensive reply but somehow hit a wrong button (still getting used to my first ever Mac) and "poof" - it was gone. Mostly I was rambling and contradicting myself anyway. Perhaps you'll understand if I attempt a reply later. I do dearly love your description of your AHA moments - both what they're not and what they may be, though perhaps the seeming differences aren't mutually exclusive. I want to respond to your question for me, as I was doing when it poofed.

Thanks for visiting here and prompting me to re-read this early effort of mine!

Christopher Price profile image

Christopher Price 6 years ago from Vermont, USA


I would wait as long as it took just to receive a nod of acknowledgment from you. A response would be dandy whenever you find it handy.


Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS Author

During my absence, I managed to totally ruin the Dell laptop which i was using in conjunction with the new Mac, while getting used to its ways and needing some tried and true software limited to PCs for my new hub "Remembering The Red Shoes" which uses a lot of illustrations I'm not yet adept at getting out of the Mac - and spilling water on me, the couch and the PC, and then tripping and falling in my rush to get everything dry.

Possibly if I'd inverted the laptop immediately, it would still be alive. I was so soaked, though - I rushed to change out of the dripping clothes first, after quickly putting a towel on top of the laptop where I saw water standing.

I'm happy to report that my right shoulder, which I landed on when I tripped is almost back to normal. I'm nothing if not totally thankful, because I could have busted my head on the corner of the piano bench so near where I landed - or other major injuries. All I can say is that my good health practices did me in good stead. Normally my good balance and careful route planning would have spared me the tumble, but there were so many priories demanding at once!

Part of what my reply to your question was - was that I try not to too seriously second-guess God or activities thereof. I have a very foolproof simple 4-word personal faith: "There is no problem." What that means is that whatever or whoever God is, if indeed in control of everything, whatever happens is in good hands. And if it's all wishful thinking - no problem either - when it's over, it would be over. That seems highly unlikely, though, since everything one IS able to be aware of makes little sense if "this is all there is". For one thing, what is "this" in the sentence? Since what it is in any one life is short-lived and yet there are many other "this's" going on - in past, present and future - it's already not quite all there is!

So my thought is that we can wonder and ponder all we like, so long as we don't fix our "belief" too firmly on one theoretical conclusion. And my thought is that it's no big deal IF we were equipped with the perceptors to perceive what-all it is. But we're equipped for this span of existence - to see, hear, feel, smell and ponder this and to try to project out from here as far as we can, at which point we have little choice but to fit it in with our abilities to perceive which we do have - back to planet Earth. It's ok, so long as we have grasped the more enlightened awareness that we are limited but that what or who is in charge, if that's the case, - is not limited. Whether or not this means we're being taken care of - beyond the privilege and miracle of LIFE and all our very good equipment of perception and experiencing it - is among the things we'll have to wait to see if and when we arise to another level of being and seeing. Do I think we will? Seems likely, given the way what we do know about works. But not necessarily in ANY capacity which we are equipped to fathom. Therefore I try to limit my efforts to seriously project too much.

But I've toyed with the possibilities that this entity we think of as God may have become excruciatingly bored with perfection - it's so sterile, static, lacking in surprise and color. After all - perfect means nothing more is needed - indeed - nothing more really exists. But how boring if the perfect one has awareness, which might have somehow happened - or perhaps it had to be. Perfect may not be able to create itself without awareness.

Anyway - what better way to stir up a little activity than to manufacture some imperfection, something unknown and surprising - and then let it develop and see what happens. That would be a great relief from tiresome perfection and static nothingness! Voila! What's next? well - perhaps merely to pluck off a little vial of energy & cast it out of perfection to flounder and float and find something to do, somewhere to BE. And if that scenario - or many other possible ones occurred - well, as they say - the rest is history. Er or is it astronomy or quantum physics? Maybe just whatever one learns in kindergarten? Aha - perhaps the Egyptian sun-worshippers had a clue? Ahkneton was onto something? Or was it perhaps some other enlightened human's explanation? Oh dear - there I go, having only my Earthly references to apply. But - it's ok. There is no problem!! We shall see what we shall see - or not.

Smile. Now, don't you wish you hadn't asked?

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago

Nellieanna You can't keep me away.The comments you post our truely exceptional.I have been busy like yourself trying to use my time wisely always letting my conscious lead the way.Today I just wanted to revisit some old hubs and go comment hopping.I don't know if it will ever catch on but it is so so much fun.You get to check out where you have been and then see a conversation and thats when it all comes back to me.I feel so special like the comment was just written.I know life must go on and you can't go back(at least to stay)but to revisit is sometimes a wonderful way to revitalize and recharge all my spirits.Some people drink to give them a shot in the right direction.I get my boost from words that go down smooth and fill my head with such wonderful feelings I still haven't learned how to describe.My body is at ease and my mind is relaxed but at the same time my emotions our dancing from word to word.I can't get enough.I lay my eyes upon your words and I am being tickled from the inside out.I could spend the day just hanging out.I feel this energy grow.This is not just ordinary energy you get to do something when you need it.This is special energy that fills my body with enthusiasm and creative power.I was hoping you could use your words and describe what you feel when you write.You take writing to the next generation.Typing in a little bit of history a lot of love with your unique flair of rolling it all together.Your pictures our captivating.Your thoughts our unconsiously kind.Your imagination is witty and every spark starts a new fire like a trail blazer going out West.I hope I didn't startle you.I came unannounced and it was kind of late.But I think some things should be said at the proper moment.That was an AHA moment for me.You are like the breeze blowing in the wind.Always refreshing and lift me up to new heights without even trying.You can be infront of me and I have never felt better.You can be behind me and you move me right along when I get stuck.When your beside me I feel giggly as if you are a new joke I heard for the first time.I new friend I have got to make that makes all my thoughts come together.I probably could go on for days but I am trying to make this short and sweet.I try to think before I write how would Nellieanna write this?What words we she use to alert all my senses.What way would she share her thoughts that when you read them you are not only motivated but darn right excited.So excited you feel like you had 7 cups of coffee and want to run a marathon.But instead you sit still looking at the pale blue computer screen infront of you and you decide right then and there another AHA moment what you want to say.The you write.You write like the Dickens.Charles Dickens that is.Then I realize I can't write like that that would be plagerism.Then I try to correct my mistakes as I go because I know Nellieanna would never have anything just slightly amiss.But after years of writing and rewriting I would never get to finish.I will never be done.I will have to sacrifice all the tricks and things I learned here this morning.I will have to write the way I write with the sheer joy of pleasure and a few humble mistakes along the way to remind everyone I am not perfect and I don't know the program that corrects all my mistakes.Because if I did I would change my thoughts and try to correct those too.I guess in the end I gotta be me.Wait a minute that is one of Nellieanna's hubs she wrote so well.I will have to footnote it and give the proper credit where it is due.I just love being someone that finds unlimited blessings that come from the heart.I can not see it but I know it is there.I feel it pump but I have no control.I guess I am a free spirit and have to say what is on my mind.As long as I don't affend anyone and help rather than hurt.I can't be all that bad.I am like a little hard candy that you can unwrap me when your ready and I will satisfy your need for something sweet.Too much of a good thing is never a good thing.So when you have the time you can unwrap me and my hopes that I will some how some way tease your sense of taste.I will satisfy your need for something different.I will excite your imagination for more.I will just be one little hard candy that maybe you forgot about me and I just fell to the floor.I could be put away in a little jar in the counter and there I will sit.Till some day when you least expect it you reach in and take me.All this time I have been enjoying the view.I hat been able to sit on your counter and here all your wonderful conversations and see all your friends come and go.I can also see when you go on the computer and you burn the midnight oil.Do you still use oil or is it electric now.That darn technology I can't keep up.Maybe you have gone solar.I have had so much fun talking with you in my mind that I took one thought at a time and thought it through and I came up with the same outcome how much I love you.I hope this finds you well and you are still an inspiration to so many.I have always said to speak with you makes my head go round and round.You have found a way to take any day and make it nice.Thinking of you and my wife sends her love too.She is the boss.She is my silent partner who owns 99.9% of my imaginary fortune.I find ways to make it she has to find ways to share it.That's the deal we have.When they say blood is thicker than water.I just know my wife keeps me on the straight and narrow.No matter how many times I go off track.Talk soon and pleasant dreams. Dream the impossible because that's where I will be dreaming on.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Wow, Dream ON - I'm so bowled over! First of all, this was the 1st - FIRST - hub I EVER published when I was definitely a green "wet-behind-the-ears" newbie here on Hubpages!! I'm just amazed you found it! I published two that day, actually. This one and "Mindset and Choice". I'd been a member several weeks and had just been observing, not really intending to post anything! I joined to help out a writer friend, not intending to really "get involved"! haha! With a little encouragement, I decided to risk it. You'd have thought I thought it would bite me! I didn't suffer from 'writer's block' in the least. Words come easily. But they were always very private, shared with few, if any, except in personal letters, casual chat rooms or social groups and on my big ole website, where I avoided being too publicized. My best stuff was buried away and unseen!

So this little hub got me in the swim of hubbing, Dream On.

I'm an unlikely candidate for HP, really. I don't care a fiddle or a fig for shaping my stuff to attract the commercial kind of readers or even for having a lot of "hits" of any sort. I have been amazed to find that people come and read my stuff, in fact - and I find it very gratifying and am delighted that it's worked well for sharing my poetry from all periods of my lengthy life. It's forced me to transcribe those from their hand-written notebooks to my computer, for one thing. I love to pretty things up, too, so it offers that opportunity, too, though it's not really the main objective of Hubpages, I'm sure!

But the BEST thing is meeting such delightful people like YOU! I just love your love of life and enthusiasm which seem to be like lava in a volcano just pushing to burst forth! You bring to your life - and share with others here - all that. I don't know how much you know about professional writing, - but you write your thoughts, feelings and experiences so that they just reach out to others' hearts and souls! You may feel the need to look up words and wish for more accurate spelling or grammar, but there is no one who can equal you when it comes to expressing & communicating how you feel, your hopes and dreams, even at times the ups and downs as they come and go in your real life. I think they threw away the proverbial mold when they made you!!

I relate to having stored writings in notebooks, file folders and boxes. Many of my poems were well-organized as I was writing them, but then I started being more hap-hazard about them, stashing them any-old-place. I'm presently trying to get my stuff better organized and keep finding more of those stashes! And I write pretty frequently now, too! I have no cellar, but upstairs. If the house caught fire - mine would be lost to posterity. So I share the awe at being able to put them online!

I'm much older than you, so there are many years captured in them, but you've been online on Hubpages longer! You have many friends here who enjoy the work you so graciously share!

We did use oil when I was a kid - at the ranch. The electricity in town was pretty primitive too! Each room had a lone light fixture in the ceiling with a chain hanging down to turn it on. Those rooms with actual light switches had two buttons sticking out to push for "On" and for "Off" -- haha.

I've felt I knew your wife almost from the first I read your hubs. I'm pleased to return her my love! She takes good care of you, I'm sure. She enjoys your "imaginary fortune" of words you caress and express! You need not be like anyone else. There is nothing about your writing needed that a little editing wouldn't fix. It's not worth YOUR attention. Anyone adept in spelling and grammar would do for that!

Hugs and thank you for a most pleasant trip down memory lane here! Hugs, my friend.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago

Nellieanna I couldn't wait to see your words cover my screen like footprints in the fresh new fallen snow.I checked back a few times last night no luck.I must of just missed you.I can feel the child inside of me begging to come out.Each day I still pinch myself to see if I am seeing the same things others see.I don't. I see beauty everywhere.I try to calm myself down and say it is just another day or at least that is what I hear so many other people say.Then I think again.No it's not.It is more special than the day before.I have more knowledge from living one more day.I have more excitement for enjoying one more day.Each of these positive forces propel me forward like a rocket into space.Each destination is so different than the one before.I am always on the look out for one more happy feeling and one more friend to share it with.This for me is a dynomite combination that blasts me every time.I mean not just a little explosion but one that shakes the whole neighborhood.I am pleased to announce everyone is still safe and not like the blasts that hurt people this is a vibration blast that can only make people happier than they were a minute ago.I listen to your typed words they make me feel proud.That you have seen my inner core without slicing me open like an apple.I will sleep with your beautiful comment under my pillow tonight.It is so nice to be thought of in such a pleasant way.I realize that no one can tell someone what to say or think.So there are many people who do not believe in the way I think.They would not only take the shirt off my back if they had the chance but probably take my bottoms too.For them I have to try to understand and sometimes there is no reasoning that makes sense.Why someone would want to live life that way.So I have decided instead of trying to change those people that don't want to be changed.I share my love with all those who think like me.In time the others will be weeded out and they will find another place to take up space.I know my life is short and each day is one say less I get to spend with all my new friends and family.I love to talk and write so maybe this is the way I live my days.Just being happy to be me.You have changed my way of thinking and I bless you for that.Sometimes no matter how hard we look we can't see the forest through the trees.I see great Redwoods and Oaks.The mighty Pines and Spruce and white Birch trees too.I love the Maples.I guess what I am trying to say is that I love them all!I don't see trees. I see living breathing wonderful nature on all four sides.I don't want to hide.I want to come and play all day.Well I know you have things to do and so many wonderful words to write.I keep your beautiful writings like masterpieces covering my walls.I can feel the excitement and the thrill of each new thought.Have peace in your heart and others will too but for me there is only one Nellieanna and that is you:>)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Hello again, dear Dream On. Thank you for another lovely tribute and peek into your abundant heart!

Well, I check my "Account" page, under "Hubs" and "Comments" pretty often and try to respond to the wonderful comments people put on my hubs as soon as possible. Sometimes there may be only one or two on the latest hub I've published; other times, there may be a long list of comments and they may be on several more than one hub! I'm not sure how quickly the report of comments appears on the list, but I think it's pretty soon after someone has written them. I used to have comments notified via my e-mail, but that usually takes longer to be posted and makes replying to them a lot more complicated. I'm sorry you had to wait, but maybe that's part of the fun of something that is expected to be pleasant - - the anticipation! haha. In fact, sometimes the anticipation of something turns out to be more pleasant than the actual thing when it happens! I hope my replies don't turn out too disappointing!

I believe you when you say you are so thrilled by all of life around you. I feel that way most of the time, too. Sometimes I just look around and say out loud to myself how wonderful it is, how happy and good I feel. There's no one there to see or hear me being happy, so it's simply an expression from my heart. I do believe that good expectations tend to produce good results, but whatever the results, it is real and good to FEEL the joy and anticipation, isn't it? I guess those who haven't experienced it or set out to look for the good must consider it "unrealistic" - right? But the fact is that more often than not, they are doing the same thing IN REVERSE! - Expecting and anticipating gloomy, dismal results - and finding them to materialize, so that they think that is "the reality".

In fact, as far as human experience and perception go, it is ALL subjective! It's what we see it as being! For the most part, the 'objective' facts are impersonal, just performing their own functions. Those gorgeous trees? They're busy trying to make green leaves full of chlorophyll to reach toward the sun and gather up its energy to sustain their lives, thrusting their roots into the earth seeking the water and minerals they need in order to they can make the flowers, seeds or nuts it takes to produce trees for the future! They are not "trying" to please human pleasure, arouse appreciation, inspire poetry or to satisfy our needs! THAT is all OUR department - to see and take it in, to care enough to feel the joy of life we are beholding, to bask in the shade of those leaves and make jelly of the fruits or pecan pies of the nuts. The trees don't PLAN on how they'll be beheld or what other creature may find sustenance from their efforts or nest-sites in their limbs! Squirrels will bury the nuts for their own purposes, but that also "plants" another tree perhaps. Birds will enjoy the protection of the branches - and they are doing their own thing, as well, rather than doing it to please us. Again - it is our job to behold and to BE pleased. If we fail to do it - the birds will go on singing and being without so much as a blink.

There are ample nuts to feel squirrels, humans and still make more trees, if we don't get greedy and commercialize too much. That happens, too. It's ok except when those with only vision enough to see the profit in the trees decides to cut them down faster than they can possibly regenerate. Then along come laws to try to protect them, and all that goes with that kind of situation. Probably if more folks enjoyed the entire process of life unfolding we could dispense with a lot of expensive laws and regulations and the bureaucracy to enforce them! As a bonus, we would be in better harmony with our lovely earth and its other creatures.

But if the other happens, that's part of how it IS, so be it. It is still always an individual CHOICE, as to how one wants to perceive and interpret all that is going on externally. We're like little processing plants, taking in what our senses bring to us, and seeing what to make of it all. I CHOOSE to see it "realistically" as good! I call myself a realistic optimist and an optimistic realist. No need to pretend, but it is ALL a matter of how a person chooses to see things and to internalize them! There is no other way of taking in what goes on outside ourselves but as we are able to perceive it - and respond accordingly.

I agree with you - WHY oh why do so many people seem to prefer to see it as all gloomy. In fact, I'd been toying with the idea of writing a hub called "Why Choose Gloom?" haha But, then, again - why even choose to write about it when there are so many beautiful things I could be writing about with the same effort and time? Like this letter to you, for instance! :-)

I try to be sensible and avoid obvious pitfalls, but I don't live in fear and dread. Better to do what I CAN to avert bad stuff - for myself and others as much as possible - than to sit around cringing and bad-mouthing the causes of it, - often when it's not even happening but its probability is just being fed by people's negative assumptions and expectations! All that makes "we, the people" easy to manipulate and lead however by those who have figured out how to do so! People fall for either exaggerated fear-mongering or exaggerated "something for nothing" promises and seek unearned pleasures for which they've not developed a capacity to appreciate if or when they "get" them. Fear, I guess, provides the fuel for it. Meanwhile they turn to criticizing people who can gracefully find pleasure in the simplest things and radiate joy all around to reassure themselves that they are 'right' and optimists are 'wrong'! That is still part of the fear which they allow to control their perceptions of "how it is".

Well, my "religion", if you can call it that, can be summed up in 4 words which occurred to me when I was most lucid: 'THERE IS NO PROBLEM!' Why? Because, just like the oak trees and the peach trees, we will do what we are designed to do (or fight doing it) while ultimately the power of it all - whatever that power really IS - will pervade. There really is no problem! Once that truth is realized, we can approach our daily "problems" as challenges to strengthen and refine us, to purify and nurture us to produce good fruit.

Dream On produces Dream On fruit. Nellieanna produces Nellieanna fruit. Each person is producing either the healthiest fruit of themselves, trying to - or trying not to.

I think that the example and demonstration each of us CAN be and do is the best possible "sermon" or lesson we can pull off. :-) No one can really change anyone else, but we do influence others within our little realms - for the better or the worse, depending on what we have cultivated inside ourselves to shine through; and depending on the readiness and the fertility of the heart & soul "soil" of others around us. That's it.

Anyway - I didn't set out to ramble on and on - but it's part of who I am and what I "DO".. haha. Like I said, I don't suffer from "writer's block" - or hardly any other kind of "blocks", to be truthful. As you say - it's the child within who just demands to come forth and to BE, if one will let it.

I assure you, we do NOT see the same things others see - or should I say - we do not see them the same ways: nor do they see the same things each other see. Perception is almost 99.99% subjective and so - individual! And we have no way of knowing whether we share some perceptions with others except by the deeper sense of recognition of similarities in their "fruits" and our own. However, I believe that the "universe" probably recognizes every one of them & hopes that there may be a prevalence of those full of life and joy. Its survival may depend on it, after all!

Well, I fell asleep here on the den couch soon after I had my supper last night, and awoke a couple of hours ago. It was hot - I'd turned off the A/C and hadn't yet opened the windows. So I got up and opened them - and it was still rather muggy. I did a few chores I'd missed doing, then quicker than a blink, the forecast "front" came through and down my thermometer went f

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago

Nellieanna As I wake up and start a new day my eyes aren't even opened and I feel my first impression the sweet joy of your hub.You are like a row of Easter Lillies blooming so vibrant and alive.I once again just see your beauty that comes so natural as a squirrel jumping from tree to tree.You may have done this a thousand times before but a little different and the variation makes it more dangerous but more challanging.I just love to watch and appreciate your technique and style.You take on life and it's many challanges.For your years are a good example of the ground that you have covered.Other people for different reasons have chosen a different path which lead them to their sad states or one not as fruitful as yours.I try to learn from others who add to the joys I already see and appreciate.I am a strong believer that each day should be used as if this was the only day we have.So many people just live it like it was nothing but a series of endless roads that lead to nowhere.I find it such a waste.These are very bright and talented individuals with so many opportunities at their finger tips.They instead want to complain and curse and bring the world around them down.You have taught me it is not how much you say but how you say it that is much more important.I sometimes want to sit quietly and let my ideas stir and not say a thing.I let them build inside of me.I am like an english muffin slowly browning on all my edges.Then I get pushed down for the second time making sure I am just the way I like it and then the good part comes when I pop up when ready.Then when I have seen it all there is more.I get covered with any variety of jellies that enhance my flavor.Sometimes peanut butter or both for a unique taste.Then when I think there is nothing else to add the best was yet to come.I get eaten bite by bite and until next time when the whole process starts all over again.There is wonderful day outside and I am going for a walk.To bring nature close to my heart and feel life that influences me often and guides me to the freshness and superb beauty.Thanx again for one line or three but I just want you to know every word you say is special to me.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Thank you. I'm honored. There will be fewer words, probably. You know how it is, with various responsibilities and chores snapping at your heels! I'd much prefer to be writing, but sometimes I must tear myself away.

I am thrilled that you feel your being with such sensitivity. I feel sure that it is your most natural way which may at times become obscured by just the kind of other stuff as I'm saying I feel snapping at my heels at times. In my life, when they happened in my past, I let them consume me. I'm someone who "gives myself" to whatever I'm doing. And there are things one "must do", which I mentioned at the beginning here. But I no longer am consumed, no matter how deeply I get involved and plunge into a project - and I do plunge deeply! :-) But that is good! Being involved without losing oneself totally to the mundane stuff is so good. One gets to reshape even that into a better shape and form.

I love your metaphor of being the English muffin, toasted to just the right brownness (I like it browner rather than pale, too), buttered and jellied - and made ready for being eaten with life's teeth and palate, to be converted into energy and vitality, only to repeat as each wave of life and living proceeds.

Your plan to be out and enjoying the day sounds good. We had quite a storm in the night last night, as I mentioned in the previous letter. So the day was cooler longer than the days have been much of this month so far. Even now, normally the apex of a day's summer heat-up, it's "only" 94. More storms are likely during the early night tonight. I spent the morning today working on the mess I call my office, paying blls and tracking down my user name & password for a site I now find I need to access in the administration of my late husband's estate. Seems I'd had an identity there at some past point so I couldn't access it without those keys for entry, of which I have no record. Finally talked with a nice customer service rep who found some information I didn't have and was able to find my "identity" - haha. But there are still facts about it, once in there, which I must track down before I can do what I am responsible for doing.

Meanwhile, just whacking away at a mammoth task of sorting "stuff" accumulated from his and my lifetimes and many other contributors keeps me busy. With the heat, I need to time some of this during cooler hours. I enjoy that area of living and "paying my dues", though. It feels good to take care of challenges and see them working smoothly. It's the balance and ballast for the soaring creative activity which is always such a joy and propellant! I am both "right brained" and "left brained", I'm told, so there is a need to produce the fruits of both sides, the practical-analytical and at the creative-artistic. It took me a long while to understand these strong forces within myself. They can seem to be "at war" with each other if one doesn't really understand the why and how of each and their pushes to be in charge. But if they are both present in one's being, each must be given the reins at times, even though the other hemisphere of the brain may resist giving them up! hehe. So I've learned to satisfy each and feel little conflict, and certainly not needing to feel I must apologize for being myself.

Also I know that as my life is now, for the most part - "if it is to be, it is up to me". If the roof leaks or the breaker trips, I'm the one to tend to it. If there's to be a meal, I'm the one to fix - and eat - it. Etc, etc. etc. You know - the everyday vicissitudes of living. My mother called them 'the tiresome details of living'. haha. But her example taught me how to take care of those without giving up all one's more uplifting and personally fulfilling activities and projects. We just have to work out a pattern that accommodates all our variables! If I could, I'd probably just write, play and enjoy music, read, design things, enjoy the whole sense of being - alive and me. I can't quite pull that off, so I make the TDLs also serve to enrich and fulfill that aliveness and me-ness. It's really better, I think! :-)

And as you say so beautifully, allowing nature itself to touch and guide you to reach out and find the wondrousness of your being and richness of earth's beauty. It is so good!

Didge profile image

Didge 4 years ago from Southern England

Impressive hub Nellieanna! Good post.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 4 years ago from TEXAS Author

Thank you, Didge! I'm amazed that you found it! It was only the first-ever hub I published, as soon as I summoned my courage, right after I joined over 2 years ago! But it is and always has been an interesting phenomenon, how things just "come to" one as they do. It has to be one of the most difficult things to describe to anyone who doesn't experience them! Often people's brains get in the way of their inspiration! :-)

I notice you've published some very useful hubs. The one on building your own wooden boat caught my eye. My late husband always intended to do that. Well, at least the two of us designed and built a charming ranch cabin all ourselves!

I'm very pleased you visited here today!

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