Amazon Office and School Supplies - Shipped Fast to APO FPO DPO Addresses


If you can't figure out the complicated GSA Catalog for your DODDS school or business supplies, maybe that's because you don't need the catalog.

Amazon ships office supplies and generally anything you need for your elementary or high school curriculum - and they ship fast. Same thing for your base child development and youth programs.

Amazon has a huge selection:

  • Those huge rolls of paper that weigh 50 pounds or so (gotta keep the stuff you order under USPS 70-pound rule, aye)? Yep, Amazon has them and gets them in the mail the same day you order.
  • Toner? Oh, yeah. Amazon's search engine makes finding toner super easy - because you can type in either the printer model number or the toner model number - and it takes you right to it. Just make sure you select an authentic brand - for example, take a look at the Amazon product description before you buy toner to make sure it's the real-deal Hewlett-Packard (HP) product - the refill stuff doesn't work.
  • Copy machine and printer paper, too, but watch the prices - because they tend to fluctuate.
  • Label makers, for you poor guys and gals working in mailrooms.
  • Envelopes . Index Cards . Photo Paper . Erasers & Correction . Highlighters . Markers . Calculators . Computer Bags . Shredders . Voice Recorders . Binders . Drawer Organizers . Self-Stick Notes (stickies, in layman terms) . Address Labels . Bubble Wrap . Business Envelopes . Glue . Moving Boxes (time to PCS again) . Tape . Calendars . Bulletin Boards (go for the under-108-inches-total-USPS-measurement if you need it fast; otherwise up-to-130-inches-total-USPS-measurement is OK, although it may take 30 or so days to arrive) . ditto on the sizes for Dry Erase Boards . Laminators . and a whole lot more.
  • Basically, Amazon has anything you need for your school or base office supply programs.

Amazon is also the source supplier for many homeschooling programs, so check out their Homeschooling Books and Resources for Education section, too.

So. If you need your stuff yesterday, Amazon has warehouses located near major airport hubs on both coasts, and place your items on a fast plane to Korea, Kosovo, Japan, Germany, Iraq or Afghanistan - rather than a "slow boat to China."

Another popular DODDS and MWR supplier is, of course, Discount School Supply - as they also offer strategically positioned warehouses in the United States, enabling them to ship fast overseas much the same way that Amazon does.

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