The Great Personality of his times H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan

Nizam Vii Gives Britain $500,000

H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan

H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan
H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan
H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan
H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan

Banknotes of Hyderabad (before 1953)

@ Chow-Mohalla Palace
@ Chow-Mohalla Palace
@ Chow-Mohalla Palace
@ Chow-Mohalla Palace
@ Chow-Mohalla Palace
@ Chow-Mohalla Palace
Falaknuma Palace
Falaknuma Palace
Hajis Departing from Nampally Rlwy station
Hajis Departing from Nampally Rlwy station
High Court Of Hyderabad
High Court Of Hyderabad
Inside View of ChowMohalla Palace
Inside View of ChowMohalla Palace
Inside View of ChowMohalla Palace
Inside View of ChowMohalla Palace
Moazzam Jahi Market
Moazzam Jahi Market
Nizam`s Personal Elephant
Nizam`s Personal Elephant

The Great Personality Of His Times H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan

Osman Ali Khan Bahadur Fateh Jung (April 8, 1886 - February 24, 1967) , His Exalted Highness (the British conferred this upon him), also named Fath Jang Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan Asif Jah VII, was the last Nizam (or Ruler) of the PRINCELY STATE of HYDERABAD in southern India. He ruled Hyderabad between 1911 and 1948, when it was merged with the dominion of India. During his days as Nizam, he was reputed to be the richest man in the world, even featuring on the cover of TIME magazine, portrayed as such.

Personal life

H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan was born in Hyderabad on April 5, 1886 at Purani Haveli in Hyderabad city, the second son of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan (Asaf Jah VI), Nizam of Hyderabad, by his first wife Amat-uz-Zahrunnisa Begum. The death of his elder brother in 1887 rendered H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan the heir apparent of Hyderabad. Great attention was paid to his education, and eminent scholars were engaged to teach H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan English, Urdu and Persian. He was also tutored in Islamic studies by Hafiz Anwarullah Faruqi of the Jami`ah Nizamiyyah of Hyderabad.

On April 14, 1906, H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan married Dulhan Pasha Begum, daughter of Nawab Jahangir Jung. She was the first of his seven wives and the mother of at least the two eldest of his sons. Their eldest son, Azam Jah, was married to Durru Shehvar, daughter of Abdul Mejid ll the last caliph and sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Although he was one of the richest men in the world with his brother Nawab Sakawath Jung Bahadur, the Nizam led a very simple life. His lifestyle was frugal, and many stories about his parsimony have become apocryphal in Hyderabad. He would use the 185-carat JACOB DIAMOND as a paperweight.

Ruler of Hyderabad

A cover story by TIME in February 22, 1937 called the Nizam the Richest man in the world.

H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan acceeded as Nizam of Hyderabad upon the death of his father in 1911. The state of Hyderabad was the largest of all princely states in pre-independence India. With an area of 86,000 square miles (223,000 kmĀ²), it was roughly the size of UK and SCOTLAND together. It's ruler, who was the highest-ranking prince in all of British India, was entitled to a 21-gun salute, held the unique title of "Nizam" and was styled "His Exalted Highness," a distinction reserved for him alone.

H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan was the absolute ruler of this principality. In some accounts, he is held to have been a benevolent ruler who patronized education, science and development. Indeed, compared to his predecessors, H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan`s 37-year rule witnessed progress: electricity, railways, roads and airways were developed, the Nizamsagar lake in Hyderabad city was excavated and some irrigation projects on the Tungabhadra river were undertaken. Nearly all the major public buildings in Hyderabad city, such as the Osmania General Hospital, Andhra Pradesh High Court, Asafiya Library now called as State Central Library, Town Hall now called as Assembly Hall, Jubilee Hall, Hyderabad Museum now called as State Museum and other buildings were built during his rule. Up to 11% of the Nizam's budget was spent on education: Osmania University was founded, schools and colleges (and even a "Department for Translation") was set up. Primary education was made compulsory and provided free to poor sections of society. However, the Nizam (as also his predecessors) have been criticised for largely ignoring the native languages of the areas ruled by them, and according primacy to Urdu, a language popularly associated with Muslim culture in India. H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan donated generously to many worthy institutions in India and abroad, recipients of his largesse included educational institutions such as the Jamia Nizamia, the Dar-Ul-Uloom Deoband and the Banaras Hindu University.

Events of 1947/48

India gained its independence in 1947. At the same time, the country was partitioned on communal lines and Pakistan was carved out as a Muslim nation. The princely states were left free to make whatever arrangement they wished with either India or Pakistan. While virtually every other state acceded unto one or the other of the two countries shortly after independence, the Nizam sought to gain recognition for Hyderabad as an independent constitutional monarchy within the British Commonwealth. This proposal was rejected unambiguously by the British government. The Nizam then resolved upon exploring the possibility of independence. Towards this end, he kept up open negotiations with the government of India regarding the modalities of a future relationship while opening covert negotiations with Pakistan on a similar vein. He also concurrently encouraged the activities of the Razakars, a Volunteer Muslim organization that was opposed to any agreement with the government of India.

Finally, under the political leadership of prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Home Minister of India, India launched a Police Action(code-named "Operation Polo") in September 1948 to forcibly acquire and merge the state of Hyderabad into the Dominion of India. The Police Action achieved success within a matter of days. Hyderabad ceased to exist as a sovereign political entity and became a state within the Union of India. After these events, the Nizam was appointed "Rajpramukh" (constitutional, figurehead Governor) of the state by the government of India. He continued in this office until 1956, when the state was dismembered pursuant to the linguistic reorganization of states. It's territory is now distributed between the Indian states of Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

H.E.H.Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam, died on Friday, February 24, 1967. It was the end of a princely era. His funeral procession was one of the largest in Indian history, a testimony to his popularity. His Exalted Highness had willed that he be buried in the Judi Mosque that faced his fabulous residence, that is, the King Kothi palace is his final resting place.

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HEH. Mir Osman Ali Khan reviewing the troops march from the royal box
HEH. Mir Osman Ali Khan reviewing the troops march from the royal box
Nizam`s Guards Buckle
Nizam`s Guards Buckle
Aerial View Of Begumpet Airport @ Hyderabad built during Nizam VII period.
Aerial View Of Begumpet Airport @ Hyderabad built during Nizam VII period.

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Divya 9 years ago

Prince you are encouraging us to go through the history of Hyderabad.

shahid 9 years ago

former rulers were great .Hyderabad is a lovely cityu and has lots of historical sites to see.Among them palaces of the Nizam(CHOWMAHALLA PALACE)...........Its fantastic.

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 9 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

Thankx for the comment Shahid.

khudrath ali khan 9 years ago

exceptional ruler with a heart of gold,very compassionate of his subjects and the polity at large

Mujeeb Yar Jung  9 years ago

Please read the book "The Last Nizam' authored by John Zubrzycki to get true picture of Osman. I am too old to read but my dear and lovely wife read it to me. I have my interview in it.

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 9 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

Mr. Khudrath Ali Khan, Mr. Mujeeb Yar Jung thankx for the comments made.

Prince. M.A.A.K

Mr. Azam Ali Khan 9 years ago

We belong to the mighty house of Roshan-ud-dowla. Khudrath Ali Khan is my nephew and Mr. Mujeeb Yar jung is Khudrath Ali Khan's esteemed father-in-law. We are all proud to belong to this family of Mir Osman Ali Khan. Good job Prince MAAK.

ifraz unnisa khan 8 years ago

its a lovely summary of an esteemed ruler who i am proud to call my great grandfather. thanks prince makk for writing it. it shall endeavour all of us to go through the history of the late ruler who once ruled my hometown, his priceless kingdom hyderabad. thank you once again. we are his legacy but the origin is he. legacy is just a trait which lives on with very few traces of royal blood.

Satish Kumar Agarwal 8 years ago

Great website. A great king who called Hindu and Muslim his two eyes. But alas, his "legacy" has become a myth with no person of his calibre to carry the load. Every person of his family should strive to become "him" and just not live on the arrogance of his fame. Birth is a chance not a choice. Feeling "royal" because you belong to a great ruler's family is prehistoric and extremely ignorant. Becoming like him and then saying I did what my ancestor king did is a sign of virtue. Legacy is not a trait and it never lives on. Can you tell me any descedent alive of Alexander the Great ? Its just giving satisfaction to your inner self and builds an abstract self esteem. This is useless to you and the society. Work hard and make the world change with what you are but not with the family who you had a "chance" to be born in.

Ramesh Reddy, Retd IAS 8 years ago

Well said, Mr. Agarwal. Prince MAAK kudos to your great work. Comments by Nizam family members are very informative. Nizam Dora (as we use to and still call) has done a lot to Hyderabad state. He was a great administrator and an icon of development. He was very far sighted. He gave a lot of jagirs to our ancestors. My father was a Desmukh. It is sad to see how this great person's "legacy" could not be carried on by any person from his vast family after him. None are associated with any developmental project since 1947. Tell them to work hard you will not see a soul, tell them there are few jewels belonging to this noble king found in a safe, they will flock like hungry jackals to tear apart each other. My personal gratitude and thanks to this great soul and may his soul rest in peace.

Ganesh Iyer 8 years ago

Too pleased to know about the past of our Indian history. Sadly though it is currently run by mean minded politicians who may not be having the slightest knowledge of the history of their own state. Indian govt which is democratic is the worst i can see that being an Indian who has travelled to few countries. Democracy is misused to the utmost in our country. Also, the Indian govt has done little to preserve the heritage... instead it has sold out most of the ornaments n important treasurable items to foreigners to see monetary benefits. Nor is India trying to preserve historic monuments or buildings. Only becoz it was built during ancient times it is still standing on its own. Shame on Indian govt who are not capable to protect such a great legacy. It is upto the current generation to think wisely before casting their votes. i would say its better to boycott voting unless a new system is formed which can help the growth of our nation.

Ramesh Reddy, Retd. IAS 8 years ago

Ganesh, you seem to get too emotional with this issue of ornaments, monuments, legacy etc. Please be advised that Nizam was a great ruler but his legacy has been reduced to ashes not by the Indian government but by his own family himself. Not a single member of his family is their to this date tto be compared to his even shoes. They are extremely selfish, opportunistic, money minded. They have sold the land illegaly to get quick money. When you yourself go and spit on your legacy what interest will the governement have ? Blaming the Government is stupid. Try to put your own house in order first. Why are you advising to boycott the polls ? Just for the sake of ornaments, monuments ...thats so childish. The politicians are mean minded, but the family is evil minded and is mainly responsible for destroying the legacy of this great ruler. There is no link with preserving legacy and growth of nation. Ganesh , you are confused. Think about those road side Dargahs. It is so difficult to demolish in roadside widening. Because there so many people actively involved. The monuments are the way they are, because first of all Nizam's family has not that of an education to appreciate the "legacy". They are illiterates, backward and very lazy. Now do not blame the government for that. Atleast, I will advise them to go and buy education from many of those commerical educational instiutions which are available nationwide and then form a forum and speak up. 8 years ago

please let us know about the earlier nizams from the first nizam himself

Rev. Joseph Stanley  8 years ago

Prince MAAK has done an outstanding job. The comments are well taken. Unfortunately, let me inform the readers regarding the unfortunate death of Nawab Mujeeb Yar Jung in April 208. May God rest his soul in peace. The discussions started out by in a healthy note but have urned somewhat ugly. Ramesh Reddy seems to be an extremely ignorant person. He seems to be the likes of that wild human eating gorilla which Pundit Nehru and Gandhiji kept as a pet. He was let loose before Operation Polo to curb and kill remaining muslims who were left over in Hyderabad after most left to Pakistan. Instead he created a havoc killing many innocent muslims, hindus like Ramesh Reddy called him Iron Man. He should have ben the named a hybrid man ( cross between a human female and male gorrilla).Stop this idiotic dung slinging on Nizam's family and indirectly on Muslims. If Hindus like you have been fair and honest at heart, Pakistan would not have been ever formed. Because of your evil intentions great leaders like Jinnah took the step. The recent Gujrat kiings are nothing but because of the progeny of this hybrid man.

George Matthew, Gudivada, AP 8 years ago

Boycott hanging the Bald Vallabh killer Patel's pictures in Hyderabad, India. He was a muslim hater. He was the Hitler with his "Kazi" camps where he would kill muslims systematically. He use to call mulsims as Kazees. His illegal progeny from animals is the current CM of Gujrat (cross between Patel's grandmother and a male bull dog)

Zaffar 8 years ago

Unfortunate events after 47/48 are really pathetic; the downfall of the mighty dynasty; the shifting of power; above all killing of innocent muslims and forcefull seizure of their assets; especially from nawabs of hyderabad. Indian congress led by Mr. Nehru is the mastermind behind all these acticities happened in Hyderabad deccan. Despite being an IAS Mr. Reddy is not truthfull in his comments; his comments are absolute biased; this is not about religion; this is about power. Nehru family was absolute power hungry family and they remain so till this day.

Mr. Reddy the land which are talking was for them; they have all their rights to sell whosoever they want; however people like are not able to digest this. You being an IAS should know more about the democracy.

Moreover being an IAS you are culprit in letting in thriving the so called commercial education institutes; since you are bribed by the so called institutes for giving them license; you are to be blamed and not who goes and buy them. So please Mr. Reddy please do some soul soothing job; instead of taking bribes.

anonymous 8 years ago

the site has taken unfortunately a very ugly toll. you should be here to commend the historic king not abuse each other on grounds of race AND creed. please let this site remain an educative info, on history of hyd.let it not portray your feelings and HIGH emotions regarding the so political scenario.AND contiuning for all your so knowledge about the nizam's family there is still prince khudrath ali khan bearing the torch high with establishing schools and colleges ,and also providing a fund for poor girls and boys towards free education.thus blaming the entire family is not just at all. INSTEAD OF ABUSING OTHERS FIRST THINK BACK WHAT U HAVE DONE FOR YOUR SOCIETY.

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 8 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

As`Salaam Alaikum,

Everyone is welcome to post their views on this page, and I request all the readers to comment on the subject instead of abusing others.

Abusive comments will be deleted.

Prince. M.A.A.K

The Mighty House of Roshan-ud-dowla 8 years ago

Thanks MAAK for stopping this tirade against us by this corrupt IAS officer. "Anonymous" has rightly said Mr. Khudrath Nawab is doing an exceptional job by establishing the engineering college in collaberation with his uncles Ahmed Ali Khan and Azam Ali Khan and cousins Moazzam Ali Khan, Karamath Ali Khan and Dilshad Jah (who comprise the Asifia Trust). Asifia was inspired by our vision to form on the lines of Osmania University. The college is established in Ibrahimpatnam on the land donated by Ahmed Ali Khan Saheb. The furniture of the college is donated by Moazam Ali Khan. The Asifia trust has appointed Khudrath Ali Khan as a caretaker for a period of 10 years. The Asifia trust plans to open a Medical College besides its Harrow School campus on the land currently leased out to the caretaker Khudrath Nawab for his residential purposes. It is worthwhile comparing the simplicity of last Nizam with Late Mujeeb Yar Jung. The last Nizam inspite of all wealth lived in a small room in King Kothi. Late Mujeeb Yar Jung inspite of owning the whole land housing the Harrow school and the residential permises of the caretaker, use to live in a tiny cottage with his wife. He spend his life reading books and looking out for his enstranged daughter to show up on his footsteps.

anonymous 8 years ago

Get your facts right Mr. Mighty House of Roshan-ud Daula. Asifia Trust was started and is solely owned and run by Khudrath Ali Khan and he has no partners whatsoever in his campaign to keep up the good work of his Grand father Mir Osman Ali Khan.

The whole entire Nizam's family knows this. It looks like you have very little knowledge about the family and their assets. So, please do not express wrong comments extensively with little and wrong information.

Not 'so Mighty' Roshan-ud-dowla 8 years ago

A great article being overrun by false information & certain 'megalomaniacs'. Here we are talking about the Great Nizam & suddenly the 'Mighty House' of Roshan-ud Daula appears. Who are they and what has made them so Mighty? Distorted facts are best left aside. Maybe the Mighty House would publish their legacy on a different page for comment. Please keep the 'Mighty' House in order and stop living in 'Coockoo Land'. Comments regarding the great personality, The Nizam is appreciated from those in the know.

Not 'so Mighty' Roshan-ud-dowla 8 years ago

Lets not all forget the great job by Prince MAAK in highlighting the above article.

anonymous 8 years ago

very well addressed Mr.Not "so Mighty" Roshan-ud-dowla.

Mighty house of Roshan-ud-dowla 8 years ago

(an article from TIME 1959) The Nizam's DaughterOf the Nizam of Hyderabad it can be truly said that he is the man who has everything. In his 72 years, he ruled a state of 18 million people, bossed a brilliantly uniformed army of 22,000 men, had a fortune estimated at $2 billion. In his sprawling King Kothi palace, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and lesser gems are stored in $3 steel trunks fastened with "English-made padlocks."

He has had an eye for women ever since his teens, when his doting mother began giving him beautiful girls as birthday presents. As a devout Moslem, he had four legal wives as well as 42 zenana companions, who have all the benefits and privileges of marriage except legality. With the help of legal wives, begums, concubines and birthday presents, the Nizam has sired more than 50 children.

The Favorite. Some 20 years ago, the Nizam met the love of his life—a dancing girl named Leila who became one of his begums, has since presented him with five sons and two daughters. Last week, in the familiar role of father of the bride, the Nizam presided over the wedding of Mash-Hadi, the 19-year-old eldest daughter of Favorite Leila.

Like many another wealthy man, the Nizam keeps his billions because he is careful of his pennies. He decreed that the wedding was to be a simple family affair and did not illuminate the walls of his palace with the multicolored electric lights that are a feature even of middle class Indian weddings. The bridegroom, Nawab Mahmood Jung, who comes of an aristocratic Hyderabad family that ranks just below the Nizam, drove up to the palace in a 100-car motorcade, wearing a cloth-of-gold coat and a sun-sparkling necklace of diamonds and emeralds. His face was delicately veiled by strings of orange blossoms and arum lilies specially flown in from Bangalore, 300 miles away.

The bride, according to Moslem custom, waited in another room during the wedding ceremony, attired in a rose-pink silk sari heavy with gems and gold embroidery, and wearing a pearl necklace and earrings. She had been bathed in rose water, massaged with scented sandalwood oil, perfumed with attar of roses; her nails, the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet were stained with henna.

Palace of One's Own. In honor of the young couple, the happy Nizam proudly recited three Persian odes that he had composed himself. He garlanded them with flowers, after first pointing out that never before had a Nizam so bedecked a bride and groom, and in a burst of generosity made a cash grant of $21 a month to two local orphanages. The Nizam also promised to build the couple a palace next to his own, and settled on them a trust fund of undisclosed size—something he did not do for any of the five other begum daughters he has married off.

The wedding had a special meaning for another of the Nizam's offspring, Shahazadi Pasha, his eldest daughter by a legal wife. She had also been betrothed to a nawab long ago, but the Nizam abruptly canceled the wedding when he was warned by a passing holy man that he would not long survive her marriage. Shahazadi Pasha, now a 40-year-old spinster, often used to drive around Hyderabad with her father in one or another of the old cars he thriftily uses, but she is seldom seen any more.

Rizwan Nawab 8 years ago

in the year 2001 in the city of Frankfurt, in germany it was mid summer i saw in my dream, H.E.H FAATHE JUNG MIR OSMAN ALI ASAF JAH VII, there was a function in the purani haveli mosque and all da visitors of da mosque had eaten food later he MIR OSMAN ALI ASAF JAH VII came into the mosque and i invited him to the dinner (dastar) and the prediction of that dream is i would invite the royal family members towards ALLAH (SWT) & HIS RASOOL (pbuh),

so most probably every day i recite qur'an for his(MIR OSMAN ALI ASAFJAH VII) blessings ..... may allah provide him peace in the grave & after resurrection. Ameen.

i am his (MIR OSMAN ALI ASAFJAH VII) huge fan, i doesn't belong to his royal family but i belong to his dynasty.

I salute my king 8 years ago

I don't belong to his family either, but I belong to his dynasty.

Im proud we had such a great king.

Balthazar 8 years ago

By the way Ramesh Reddy's (IAS) English is so flawed., and so bad. No wonder it speaks about the quality of people selected for IAS ! Reservation will lead to such likes occupying higher positions., and thereby ruining the administration. Job for one man but Curse for Society. This is Affirmative Action. Very good.

I don't know about Roshan-ud-dowlah., but i guess., Harrows school is run by Dastagir Pasha... son of Nazeer Pasha (i had seen the lady...).. who was Ameera Begum Sahiba (Nizam VII's wife) 's daughter... i had seen Nazeer Pasha and Dastagir Pasha... at the Palace of that truly great lady., Iqbal Begum Sahiba (Wife of Nizam VII., and hence the Queen). She was so simple... a queenly woman, and a womanly queen.

Mazharies  7 years ago

As-salamu Alaikum wrwb .

I thanx to Prince MAAK who had done a great job .

Realy its great to read the history of our Nizam who is such a great person , who had look forward for the people of his dinesty.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel II 7 years ago

Wipe out this culture. It has made any humans poor, many kids orphans and many women getting abused. We need another Operation Polo

Nawab Ahmedullah Khan 7 years ago

It is so sad to read comments by Ganesh and Ramesh. You are two very biased. Nizam VII was the KING. Khudrath Ali Khan is grandson of Nizam. Do not call him by names. Baba has set up so fine schools. He is grown big in size because of tension from his wife who is instrumental in breaking his side of the family. We all love him to death. Don't call any person by names. My son runs a great site of Nizam VII and his inheritors who are legitimate children and grand children of Nizam VII and entitled to all property which is under litigation.

Qasim Rizvi - Father of Hyderabad Nation 7 years ago

We want aother Qasim Rizvi who can take out Ramesh, Ganesh, and Sardar Valabhai Patel II. Sardar Valabhai Patel was an illigetimate son from Haji Mastan's dad and a gujrati girl. Hence he acted like a smuggler.



Razakar movement is all in full force. We sacrificed cows all over Hyderabad in broad day light during Bakrid 2009. BJP can massacare muslims in Gujrat but want to protect cows but they want to go to Shehran at night and eat beef biryani. What hypocrites.

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 7 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

As`Salaam Alaikum every1,

Mr.Sardar Vallabhai Patel II, It is so sad to hear tht ur DHOKLA brothers cnt mk their woody stnd fr a lng tym, I think, this is da reason Y ur wmn run to othrs, ur wmn hvn`t been abused in pst bt Hydis hlpd thm to fulfl their desires.

And your OPERATION POLO... oops.... wht a PITY... R U ppl dare to do tht?


HEH Ahmedullah Khan, Nizam IX 7 years ago

Thanks, MAAK for snapping this dhokla. I am the original NIZAM IX. I will come to power as soon as my uncle dies who is breathing his las few breaths in Turkey. Khudrath Manzil, Azam Manzil will all be consolidated in to the grand

RAZAKAR PALACE which will be built by a turkish architect.

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 7 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

Janaab Ahmed Ullah Khan Saahab, m descendant of Samsam Jung, Samsam Ud Doula, Samsam Ul Mulk (I)

You don`t have the authority to write H.E.H, even our Prince cannot write H.E.H. You sounds like a Bogus Nizamiite.

M.P 7 years ago

hi all,

It is gr8 2 know in this busy world so many peoples hv so much time 2 dicuss on past and on such topics which in not usefull 2 anyone in any ways.. I kindly request all of the active persons and specially Mr. Khudrath ali khan so divert there attention on sum usefull topics which can help mankind in FUTURE rather then preasing what our fore fathers hv done..... Hope my suggestion will b taken in a positive way.... tace care

Khudrath Ali Khan 7 years ago

Don't you dare M.P (Madhya Pradesh, "Beechwala") who lives behind High Court, to come and dictate me. I will praise my forefathers. I am the only known successful person of the current Nizamite era. My daughters are doctors and engineers and all are settled in UK, USA, Australia. I own Harrow School, Asifia Engineering college. Dare to come and challenge me. I will give a fitting reply. King Kothi shakes with fear when I walk or make a noise. MLAs and MPs come to seek my blessings. DO NOT EVER PROVOKE me. I am a sleeping Lion of The Nizamite Kingdom of Hyderabad State.

HEH Ahmedullah Khan, Nizam IX 7 years ago

Prince MAAK please believe me. I am the real Nizam IX waiting to be crowned. I know Baba has a lot of power

but he is next in line. So I am Nizam IX and Khudrath Ali

Khan will be Nizam X.

naseer 7 years ago

aswk to all my great hyderabad people .. we should feel great allways as we are born in hyderabad and hyderabad is great with nizams

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 7 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

Janaab Sadr`Uddin Jhaveri Saahab, jo jaisa hai usey waise hi rehne do, Koi bhi doodh ka dhula hua nahi hai. Sahebzadas ka share achche se haz`m kar jaate hain (I will disclose their names in my next post).

Prince Mukarram Jah is SLEEPING. (Peeche kya chal raha hai kuch patha hi nahi)

Janaab Sadruddin Jhaveri, Hyderabad 7 years ago

Prince MAAK, I apologize for my previous tirade against the Sahebzadas. I am a very close confidiant of Mukarram Jah. This fight among family has taken a very ugly turn. Mujeeb Yar Jung, the epitome of education did not speak to his eldest son-in-law until his last breath. It was a very sorry state of affairs. His second wife is now is fighting for her house. Her Excellency Mrs Meheboobunnisa Begum is in a pathetic state. Please help her. Nawab Azam Ali Khan has lended some support. Also, Ahmedullah has done some charity.

Can you please urge Nawab Khurath Ali Khan to atleast have her own piece of land and house and not to throw her out. There was a big bungling with jewellery of Nizam. Some people who established schools, engineering coleges benefited quite a bit. Some are starving for food in the once Mighty house of Roshan-ud-dowla. Khudrath Ali Khan is migrating to Australia

in 2010 after selling his property to Meena Bazaar owners for good. I hope he atleast gives some money to this downtroden lot. MAAK do not misunderstand me. I like your website and respect the Nizam.

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 7 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

As far as I know Mr. Sadruddin Jhaveri died 4 or 5 years ago, and I am sure soul cannot post messages, It would be nice if people do not hide their identity or post msgs wid others identity. PRINCE M.A.A.K

Janaab Ansari 7 years ago

Sadruddin Jhaveri dead but his principles of life lives one. People disguise to be safe. MAAK, can you reveal your identity.

Prince Maak profile image

Prince Maak 7 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY Author

say, Prince MAAK

Mohammed Asif Arif 6 years ago

Ifraz Unnisa Khan, Azam Ali Khan, Ahmedullah Khan I would like to communicate with you. well my email address is and my mobile no is 0097150-7920512. I am a hyderabadi living in abu dhabi. I am also on the facebook if you want to add me then I would honestly appreciate it.


zenift 6 years ago

Thanks, Prince Maak



R.SANJAY 6 years ago


One of the greatest dynasties to have ruled under whom prosperity and growth were predominant while peace and harmony prevailed among its people with different faiths and religions.

How I wish we were all there back in those times.

Afzal ali khan 6 years ago

Hi Dastagir. how ru? i cant belive u hv become such a dacoit. Omg. God bless u and show u the right path !!

Javid Ali 6 years ago

I am trying to communicate with Mir Moazzam Ali from King koti, If you see this message please contact me @ my email address. Thans javid

Mahmoud nawaz jung and ali nawaz jung 5 years ago

he also in hyderabad royal family he is one of arcitakcher the name o gande pate and ali sagar daam






The Great Personalitie The Time of His : Nawab Mahmoud Nawaz Jang, Jagirdar Landlord (Bhoongir- A.P) His Son - Nawab Shamsuddin Khan, Jagirdar Land Lord (Bhoongir-A.P) He Married To D/O Capt. Bhaman Jang Bahadour, Ruqaiya Begum Her Belongs To Royal Family, His Childrens Six Sons And Four Daughters All This Family Members Living In Hyderabad. Nawab Sahabuddin Khan - Nawab Ali Mohd Khan - Nawab Muneeruddin Khan - Nawab Lateefuddin Khan -Nawab Waheeduddin Khan – Nawab Saleemuddin Khan - Mahmouda Begum – Moin Begum - Hussaini Begum - Fareeda Begum - Etc –Mention All The Names

Main Royal Family. Blessing May Allah.


Its really worthy to mention that hyderabad was a place of birth to a great administrators who belong to Successors of the asafjah Dynasty and the greatness and prowess of the last nizam, Osman ali khan is known throughout the world. one important point to be mentioned here in the blogs is that any ruler owns property of people only when he is working as a ruler because the public property is gained through the labour of people by acquiring it in the form of tax.Leadership in the form of a ruler or governing body is essential for smooth regulatory processes in society.Therefore a ruler cannot assume to be owner of public assets for his private interests as if taking them to be its not correct to call the entire lands or properties in hyderabad to be belonging to Nizam or satavahana rulers or as such.......because a king or an administrator is a person meant only for leadership of the region but not for property acquisition

Sujatha Surepally 4 years ago

Princemaak ji,

Thanks for sharing the great legacy of Nizam. We are all proud of being born in this place and associated with the Nizam's rule. No other rulers had great vision for people, their welfare as nizams had. The history is been manipulated and Nizams and muslims were shown as villains as its written by non Muslims and who do not belong to the great dynasty. I wish more true historical stories must come out for the future generation. thank you.

A.V.V.S. Sastry, Godavari Khani 4 years ago

Mallikarjuna Sharma Garu you are so right. We are Vishnuvite Brahamins. At home we do not even eat Onions. While living in

hostel during my PG course, one of my Goud friends introduced

me to this Kalyani Biryani. Since then I am addicted. No body knows

at home. I go to Barkas at night and eat 4 plate of Kalyani. I know

its prohibited to kill cows, but Sharma Garu please taste Kalyani. It is

so good. Also, I heard fried cow liver tastes so good and so does fried

cow rib chops. I love to eat cow eyes and cow tongue in my Nihari.

I just love each part of cow except the cow urine nad cow dung which my mother and wife can have it for puja.

Vivek Chary, Machilipatnam 4 years ago

Sastry Garu is right. Do not drink GOW MUTRAM (cow's urine), drink

cow's paya and tongue nihari. I came from Machilipatnam to this great Hyderabad (land of sahebulu). Muslims are referred to as Turkish or in Telugu Torakarloo by Telangana Hindus because of fair color and very good features. Cows needs to be slaughtered and eaten. There are laws against killing humans too but In Gujrat, cow friendly Modi slaughtered many humans. Gadaffi and Saddam slaughtered too and so is Assad in Syria now. Get to point. Just marwarees please give those shiny cows you do puja for us to slaughter. Though I am a Shiviite, I love cow meat. I loved steaks while in US. I am back in Andhra and every dinner we have cow meat and we get cow meat from a seller in Governerpet,Vijayawada.

sahil 4 years ago

Can any one telll me the name of osman ali khan's sister nd daughter's name??? plzz its urgent...

kazim nawaz jung 3 years ago

Main choor hu...

rose 3 years ago

very nice write up.

profile image

Najaf Ali Khan 3 years ago

I’m the rascal of 3rd order. I have always robbed all the personal case files of Nizam Family & Nizam Trust from the office and have leaked them in Delhi Ministry Offices. Now all the family cases are stuck and I’m loving it.

explorerhyderaba profile image

explorerhyderaba 3 years ago from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Prince MAAK has done an outstanding job. Its really strange that the gov of India did not find any other place to build roads in Hyderabad but had to demolish the antiques. And coming to the point of education you don't buy it. If you did so its a crime. Knowledge is not what you know but its what you keep in implementation. And the king did that in the state of Hyderabad. Osmania university, osmania med coll, HPS, etc. When do you think all these were built? I have evidence showing they built powerstations near temples. For whom are those ? Begumpet airport tough forgotten today has served world war 1 and 2. When was that built? All the important buildingins in Hyderabad today. I am a resident of Hyderabad my self. Great work prince.

Zainu baba 3 years ago

Wanna share sumthing abt one of the son in law of nizam 7th mr kazim nawaz jung. He was choor he robbed all the jewells, articals, attars, furnitire, carpets, silver articals, sherwani buttons, even walking sticks of nizam 7th. He was a big time daku. And now his daughter is enjoying with that wealth and says his father was such a gud man even he looted khurshid jah... He was such a haramzada.

princess Afsha 3 years ago

ur wrong zainu baba, Nawab Kazim Nawaz Jung bahadur was my nanajaan and he was not choor. Mind ur laungage u can anybody on this issue. I will really apriciate if anyone can put light on my nanajaan's life i m very much sure khudrath uncle and many peoples will spell the truth abt Nawab Kazim nawaz jung. Please b frank in ur comments.

dilshad jah 2 years ago

See afsha first n formost thing kazim nawaz jung cant be ur nana because his daughter rasheed don't hv any children ur one of there servents daughter. Now coming to kazim nawaz jung he was not only big time chor but also womenizer if u don't agree to this then i ll post few pic of Ali pasha with maid servents of his house i came to know recently one among them pass away few months back. And yes there is no second thought about he was a chor. I advise u to be away from this site otherwise we will not have any regreats saying the facts about you, ur so called parents, and ali pasha chor. First go and try to know the rite facts abt him in ur family then come. Ha give me ur e mail id so that i can send u kazim nawaz jungs A rated pics in which he is sharing bed and chairs with other females like nurses and maids. Hope i hv been frank

Suresh 2 years ago

Mir osman Ali khan had 8 wives and 200 concubines. They were treated and kept in Zenana as animals. They didn't have life of their own. Nizam was a maniac and took opium to keep his virility high. His daughter was not married due to belief that her father would die if she married. Such was horrible private life of Nizams

princess Afshaa 2 years ago

Mr dilshad, don't spread rumors about my nana i know very well about my nana whole family respect my nana Ali Pasha and he never done any such thing what ur saying. So mind ur laungage.. One more thing i came to know about u mr dilshad ur big time cheat and blackmailer so dare u mess with me

sirajunnisa 2 years ago

Nawab kazim nawaz jung ali pasha was a womenizer and afshaa ur not a daughter of rasheedunissa u can undergo by DNA test also, act according ur age don't try to mess with truth and which family ur talking about u don't belongs to any nobel family ur parents specially ur father is a servent in osman cottage hussain. And what do u know about ali pasha? do u think the wealth u people are enjoying is hard earn no baby its been looted by kazim nawaz jung. He was a cetified chor..

Afzal Nawab 2 years ago

Any thoughts on Khudrath Uncle ? Khudrath Ali Khan son of Nawab Zahoor Jung. He is a very nice, truthful, religious person who speaks less and has done a lot for family. Khudrath Uncle is a Lawyer from Osmania Law College and a great English Literary Figure. He is not involved in any dispute and runs his college quitely. He has been given dual citizenships of USA and UK. He will move soon one of those countries for good and you will all miss a gem. Please let him settle our issues before he leaves for good. Khudrath Uncle the only fair, honest, religious person in our royal family.

Dastagir 2 years ago

Who are you Mr Afzal? And how can you say i have dual citizenship?

Pasha 2 years ago

For above 2 comments i shall write LOL or ROFL :-):-):-)

Dr.Syed Ahmed Owais. 2 years ago

Lovely Article on H.E.H Osman Ali Khan.

I have never been to hyderabad nor i kew about H.E.H, but article likes these tells us the history of our ancesters.

Now I am aware of Htyderabad and its Nizam from where my parenst and grand parents belongs.

Many thanks Prince.

shabbir 23 months ago

the great king never sow in history and presence only and only

Fath Jang Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan (Asif Jah VII)

LATHAPRIYA 11 months ago

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