Why Choose Accredited Online College Classes?

Many students are starting to choose online college over traditional colleges for a variety of reasons. Let's take a look at a few of the reasons an online education is more able to provide more students a better opportunity to get their bachelors, masters, or specialized degrees.


One of the reasons many college students drop out of college, or never begin in the first place, is because they can't get to classes on the specific dates and times set by the school of their choice.

Whether it is because of family or job requirements, they simply cannot physically get to the classes they need, especially those that are only held mornings or evenings but not both each semester.

Online college classes offer a flexible schedule - you can attend classes whenever you have the time to get online!

Introvert Friendly Learning

I could go on with the other common reasons for online learning, but I thought I would point out one of the best ones for myself personally. Being an introvert, the idea of sitting in a large classroom and interacting with a lot of other students is daunting, at the very least.

With online learning, I can study my coursework without the other social obligations of a traditional university setting.  This means I am more likely to absorb the information a lot easier.

What Types of Online Degrees Are Available?

You can gain almost any type of degree online these days. Anything from associates to bachelors to masters, or specialized degrees, such as a MBA. Some programs you can do online are not limited to but include:

  • A NCATE accredited online teaching degree for licensure and masters programs.
  • CCNE accredited online nursing bachelors and masters degree programs
  • Information technology bachelors and masters degree programs
  • Online business degree bachelors and masters degree programs
But the possibilities are endless.  If you live in an area where the local college does not provide the degree program you want, you can be sure that there is an accredited online university that does have it, which means you don't have to relocate to get the education you need!

Downloading a College Degree

NBC Nightly News did a report on July 17, 2009 about getting an online degree with Western Governors University, one of the only fully accredited online colleges twelve years ago.

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wordsscriber profile image

wordsscriber 6 years ago from California

Kikolani, Online learning is another option for getting a degree while working with your individual shedule. Good information.

wineTokyo 6 years ago

very very nice article, here in japan also there are many American college now need to be carefully checkout accreditation.

Ktona 6 years ago

Great job.Thanks for your post.It’s very useful for me. Thanks a lot.

beginner 6 years ago

I would bet, that we will attain for a days when people will be valued by capabilities and personal skills, not an title papers of education with uncertain value …

cmellon86 profile image

cmellon86 5 years ago

Excellent article, great reasons to go for online education.

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tionnewatkins 5 years ago

This is much more helpful than the last version I saw, thanks for editing!

agent007 profile image

agent007 5 years ago from Florida

Wow I didn't know this about online learning. Thanks for the info!

ecamper23 profile image

ecamper23 5 years ago

These are all great points, flexibility is something that a lot of single parents or those who work full time jobs need.

mandymoreno81 profile image

mandymoreno81 5 years ago

I'm a bit of an introvert so it's a more comfortable learning environment for me.

bdouble28 profile image

bdouble28 5 years ago

I have some friends whose grandchildren are introverts and this helps them learn in an environment they can get accustomed to.

davidjjamess 5 years ago

I know most of this stuff but its nice to have it all laid out in one place for reference.

cheap essay uk 5 years ago

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